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Just How Far Does One Go?(Open.)

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Just How Far Does One Go?(Open.) Empty Wed Feb 15, 2023 9:48 pm

And with that Averie headed off to do some of her normal things as she would go do. It was one of her almost considered go to locations for the entire matter of how many things had taken place here, She had to figure out a way in that turned out rather peaceful and with out worry.

But as always she travelled alone to these places because she needed to do these things by herself, She was a bit picky that way yes but it was just how she was. But she seemed as prepared as ever to be here.

Looking around from where she arrived from Averie had to ponder. Where to go first and what all she was entirely looking for. Her normal habits might seem insulting if she was gonna go find the ones who have passed one or churches as she did not know what the people of Bosco was like.

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