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Purifier Magic [Jikan custom magic]

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Name: Purifier Magic

Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire

Category: Single

Quantity: Limited

Description: A magic style developed by Hunters and exorcists with powerful, diverse elemental affinities, Purifier Magic draws upon three out of the main natural elements. By shaping the elements of Earthland, they can turn them into formidable weapons against threats not of this world, making this a powerful magic style to wield against extraplanar beings such as Demons and Seraphims, as well as those endowed by their foreign mana, causing the land, the air and even the warmth around them to turn against these invaders, attacking their very spirit.


  • The user must be capable of casting Offensive Type Spells.

  • The user may not acquire enhancements that grant any additional elements, or use any other abilities that change the elements of their spells.


  • The user may create spells of either of their three elements, or any combination of two out of three of those elements.
  • The User's Offensive Spells deal one rank higher damage against the following races: Seraphim, Nephilim, Daemon and Demon. This stacks with Spell Overcharge type enhancements, but doesn't double the damage an additional time, instead, it doubles only the base damage of the spell (Example: an overcharged S-rank spell deals 2S rank damage, and 3S rank damage with this effect).


Purifier Magic [Jikan custom magic] Empty Sat Feb 04, 2023 2:52 pm

@Jikan may claim this magic by exchanging a Legendary Custom Creation ticket.

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