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Pest Control Pt. 31 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were planning their next adventure. They decided that it was best to get another job taking out pests that could be found all throughout Orchidia. It wasn’t the hardest job to do anymore now that Yuurei had that circlet, but it was still a tedious job to try and convince the rats to leave. Of course, they were hoping that would be the job that they would get today. In the meantime, Yuurei was doing his job as a guild master. He was filing paperwork and making sure that everything within the mountains was doing well. It was then he would get the knock he had been waiting for to happen. With a smile on his face, he would lean back on the chair.

“Come on in.” He would say this as he would wait for the door to open.

It was then the door would open and he would smile to see who he expected to be behind the door.



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Yuurei would look at him as he walked through the door and to Yuurei. He would hand him the letter and the Seraphim would spin around his chair as he was looking through it. He would read through it without a problem and he would smile because it was what they were hoping for. He would get off his seat and he would stretch his arms into the air. He would yawn a bit as he was doing this and he would look over to Renji who would open his eyes to look at him.

Renji would get up from where he was and he would walk over to Yuurei. It was then he would climb on the man’s shoulder and he was perfectly mounted and ready to be on their way.

Yuurei would look at Renji and then he would look at the window. They would be taking their transportation by air again.



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Yuurei would open the window and he would step forward, and when he did that his cape would go around him as it was not going to be left around. It was then that the cape would keep them from falling and they were flying around. He had pushed forward as he was making sure that he would get to Orchidia without any delays. He moved around freely as if nobody had stopped him. While he did that Renji would think about what to say about what they were doing today.

“So, are we going to be doing jobs on our own still, Yuurei?” He asked him waiting to see what he would say.

“No, I think it’s time to help anybody within the guild. We can also just relax and just socialize with others. It would give us the opportunity to get to know others.” He said to Renji as they were moving closer to Orchidia.



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It was soon, they would see the city from above and they would start to descend without hesitating. When they got to the ground and landed safely, people would look at them as if they had caught them off guard. He would wave at them as they would greet him and would continue with what they were doing. The Seraphim would move through the city without a problem as he was heading to his destination. He was going to clear out an entire building, which was nothing new to him and he would approach the housing district.

Renji would climb off his shoulder and onto the ground. He would walk by Yuurei as he didn’t want to get lazy and then become fat. They would move around the place as they were looking for the building that they were going to be taking care of today.

They moved around and they would see someone just standing in front of a building.



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At first, it looked like they lived there, but then Yuurei could tell from the looks of things that nobody had lived in that building for quite some time. He would approach the building and the man waiting would look at them. They would stare at each other for a few seconds and then the man would step forward with a smile on his face.

“Oh it’s Yuurei and his friendly partner Renji. I’m glad you two could make it today. I kind of need your help with clearing this building. I’m assuming you received my letter?” He asked him as he wasn’t sure if this was a coincidence.

Yuurei would smile at him and he would nod as if it was the reason why he was there.

“Yeah, we’re here to get rid of the rats in your building, so you don’t have to worry about explaining that to us. I just need you to do something for me.” He said to his client.



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His client would look at him and he would nod as if he was fine with doing what Yuurei needed him to do.

“Yeah sure, let me know what you need me to do and I will go and do it.” He said to him as Yuurei would have a smirk on his face.

“While I’m in there I need you to go and get someone who can professionally cover a hole no matter the size. You think you can do that?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

His client would look at him and he would nod as he understood the assignment. It was then Yuurei would look at Renji and the two of them would make their way to the building. They would open the entrance and they would enter the place to deal with this mess. The two of them would move around the place as they were trying to figure out where the rats were on the first floor.

Yuurei would find them quickly and he would move in that direction.



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Yuurei would make it to where the rats were and while doing that he would put on the Rat King’s Circlet on his head. When he did that he would be able to hear their words and he chuckled as they were planning to figure out what to eat today.

Yuurei would clear his throat and he would start talking to them to get their attention.

“I need you guys to leave this place, please. I was asked to exterminate you guys, but I would rather have you leave instead. Could you guys do that please?” He asked them.

They were surprised that he could talk to them and they would look at each other. They were about to say no to Yuurei, but the Seraphim would show his true transformation to the rats alongside his equipment on him.

When they saw this they would pause what they were about to do and had admitted defeat before it happened. They would just leave and make their way to the hole in the wall that was on the first floor.



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Yuurei would follow them as he was escorting them and made sure that they weren’t trying to fool him. When he saw them leave, he now knew where the hole was located and where he needed to go when this was all said and done. The Seraphim would stay in this form and he would make his way to the second floor. Renji would stay behind as he was picking up anything of value that was here.

The hunter would make his way to the second floor. When he got to the second floor he would see that there were rats by the entrance. He would look at them and it would seem like they were having a staring contest.

He explained the situation to them before anything could happen, and they would look at each other as they could catch the scent of the others on the lower floor. They would listen to him and they would make their way down the stairs and out of the building.



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While he did that, Renji avoided the rats that were coming downstairs and once he was clear he would make his way through to the second floor. He would collect everything he could there while Yuurei had gone to the next floor. The two of them were doing their job independently and it was working. They kept going through the building as they knew this was simple to do. While he moved around and onto the third form it would seem like the rats there were a bit more stubborn. The Seraphim had to transform into a stronger version of his powers, which would shake fear into all of them.

They understood now and they would leave the place without a problem. Renji was doing his job avoiding them and he was collecting a lot of things for their client. The two of them knew it wouldn’t take too long to finish all of this, so they continued to push through it.



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Yuurei would go up to the last two floors and there he would speak to the rats there. He would use his final transformation to get his point across to them, and they would hear him out. When he explained everything, they would leave the place and they all rushed down to the first floor. Yuurei would follow the final group and he would see to it that they had left fully. Once he had seen that they were gone he would sign with relief. He made sure that he didn’t sense any more rats in this place, and once that was done he would start looking for something. It wouldn’t take long, but he would find something to cover the hole and he would do that with ease.

He would put it in front of the hole and now he was waiting for Renji to get down here before he made his leave for their client.



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It wouldn’t take too long of a wait, but Renji would make it to the first floor. When he got there, he would see that Yuurei was waiting for him. He would rub the back of his head a bit embarrassed by this. Still, there was nothing he could do to change what had happened. The two of them would make their way out of the building and there they would see that their client was waiting for them.

The two of them would walk to him and he had someone with him. Yuurei would acknowledge him and he would explain where to find the hole. The man would go on his way as he looked at his client. Renji would hand him the stuff he found and it was then that the client would be super happy. He would hand Yuurei his reward a bit extra for the find. The Seraphim would take his reward and he would be on his way back home.

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