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Sunshine and Flowers. (Esperia.)

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Sunshine and Flowers. (Esperia.) Empty Fri Feb 03, 2023 4:30 am

Maybe it was better for Maple to be here, It in some manner might make her able to deal with the vast different way she seems to actually end up being like during winter maybe it helps.

At least Maple was a simple woman to please for Esperia who just happen to find this lady in the wood and she just seemed to stick around her. Only around because she was not told to just go and leave them alone. Maple was happy about this. Not because she was lonely but because she just felt the need to make sure of a few things for people.

With in the Aina Forest, Maple was just getting up. Time between the morning and just before the afternoon. What time it was Maple could not tell you as she never really took time into account for her things, she was either away or a sleep. Coming out of the tent she made up with magic and stretch out and yawning Maple seemed almost in her normal mood like everything was normal in her life. With a bit of a happy smile. The Stellan Half elf then dived back into her tent quickly.

For some one else was in here and she was about to bug them, But they would deal with a Half Elf just landed on top them and started cuddling them even more even seemed having to deal with Maple either seeinf if they where okay or she was trying to spark some morning activity and seeing if whom was with her was still a sleep at that time.


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For a Demon things like sleep or nourishment from traditional meals were unnecessary. Some of them might partake in it out of old habits, or simply because they enjoyed doing it. In Esperia's case it was the former. Sleep was not something she disliked, because it made her feel somewhat at ease, and frequently she found herself enjoying the comfort of dreams. Perhaps it was for that reason she had still been resting in that state, for even when she partook in the act of sleeping, she never truly let her guard down, not allowed her conciousness to slip away entirely into the world of dreams. Perhaps daydreaming was more like it. Outside the lively chirps of birds and the distant rustling of critters could be heard, but Esperia knew it was harmless, they wouldn't dare to threaten a demon. It was however another source of movement that she had not anticipated. Although she had accepted Maple's request to share the same tent, a suggestion she was fine with considering she was secretly still struggling with the feeling of loneliness, but she had certainly not anticipated what would follow the next morning.

A light weight suddenly pounced on top of her, the sensation of these pillowy breasts pushing down against her as Maple seemed to partake in a joyous cuddling session, Esperia slowly opened one eye, as she gazed at the half elf. "Good morning to you as well Maple~" Esperia chimed playfully in return as she tried her utmost to sound playful rather than lecherous, which was a bit hard for a succubus like her.

Hands gently wrapped around Maple's waist as she hummed softly. "It seems you're being quite energetic so early in the morning~ Not that I dislike that~" Esperia's lips curved up into a smile as she gazed at the half elf, once more feeling that sensation of loneliness and longing resurface. Surely it was fine to let Maple fill that void that was left... "Anything you have in mind~ Or is snuggling the morning ritual of today?"


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If there was some one to attempt to deal with the void of emotions it might have been Maple she often did leave herself trapped easily by falling in love pretty quickly with other people but she was already a fairly strange half elf herself."I had some ideas. I was worried you where going to just want to sleep for longer so I figured I would take a dive into starting it."Maple mentioned casually it seemed Esperia holding on to her as she did only seemed to bring a bit of a spring to the half elf's bright emotions to even brighter.

But with that Maple seemed to put both of her arms behind Esperia's head much like one would use their own arms as a pillow. Just well Esperia had Maple's soft feeling arms and since Maple was the one who was rushing all of this stuff give her nature she seemed to give Esperia a few kisses on her right cheek. Continuing while she spoke Stellan to her."We could nap for a bit longer...go fishing, swimming we have options."Maple seemed to have plans no matter where she was."Go deer petting?"She was comming up with more? but these where nature things.

Then she would just get up and leave the nature made tent."Take your time I am going to go bath in the lake."She said that as her normal attire made of leaves, bark or whatever else at the time was gone already and she was already in the buff heading into the water with out a second thought. Maple was something different. A half elf long departed and left numb to the world and it's politics at the time. It was either a blessing refreshing feeling or the opposite all mattered on some one felt about it her.


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Esperia merely smiled, not wanting to worry Maple by telling her that sleep was not something she actually needed to do as a demon. The feeling of the half elf's soft skin, alongside the gentle kisses made her close her eyes for a moment, basking in its innocent warmth. The ideas that Maple voiced were all so pure and innocent that she couldn't help but chuckle at the thought whether a deer would actually come to be pet when faced with a demon like her.

Deciding to finally get up shortly after Maple left the tent and moved toward the lake Esperia was content to watch from the shore for a bit. The innocent and oblivious to the harsh reality of the world they were in nature that Maple showed was refreshing and endearing, it made her almost instinctively desire to protect that. Even if there was another part of her that desired something else. Of course, it would do her no good to let Maple play all by herself, so Esperia decided to climb onto her feet, allowing her own Joyan inspired garb to slide down her figure as she waded into the water after Maple. But this time she would take the initiative. Allowing her bat-like wings to emerge from her back the succubus gently hovered closer to Maple and leaned forwards, a tender kiss on the Stellan half-elf her lips being made as she leaned back and hummed softly. "Consider that our good morning greeting~"

Indeed, for now she would suppress the other longings her demonic side brought with it.


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Over all it seemed what Maple wanted to happen, was starting to happen. upon the lips meeting Maple seem to only just hug Esperia and continue that affection given to her. A few more kisses in return and then Maple just seemed pretty standard at this point."Oh finally chose to stay awake, not that I minded in the end. I would have found other things to do." With that hug it seeme Maple was not letting go of her embrace for the moment she seemed content lingering in the water."Well what do you think? this entirely your fancy or something else you would like to do after a small bath?"Maple had suggested a few things but she still seemed willing to find more to do.

But Maple maybe was not done yet."But still finally good morning to you."Even while she was floating there with Esperia. With her hug moving into a cuddle with her arms around Esperia's waist and casually floating."Have you eaten anything yet?"Maple seemed to ask as she always did, Part of Maple's devotation to a person is always checking upon a person to see if they had done things they needed too. But Maple's endearing why was just her tightly embracing Esperia the kind of stuff she should know was tempting but seemed to be more of her sign of love for a person."Or do I need to go catch a deer to pet before anything else?"If anything Maple might be more determine for that then Esperia might be. But at least it was more for Esperia then herself for if it was Maple's choice she might have just been sleeping still. Because part of her was still in winter more in which was lazy for the most part also at times possessive


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Esperia smiled briefly at the comment about her waking up. It wasn't that she had been sleeping persay, rather she had been taking the peaceful moment to spend some time thinking about the events that had transpired after her death. She was now a demon, but even then she was still Esperia, and that wouldn't change. No, she couldn't forget her origins, the events that had ultimately led to this moment. Yet when she was asked about what she wanted Esperia hummed playfully in response. "While I like bathing with such lovely companionship, I do think that taking a bath the entire day is a bit too much~"

Yet when talking about meals and the deer petting Esperia couldn't help but snicker softly. "My dear~ Did you forget that I'm a Succubus? Most wildlife would run at a glimpse of my presence. Not to mention, the things I call a meal are the essence of a person's soul~ Sure, I can restrain myself and make it so that it isn't lethal, but I'm not going to enjoy a delicious meal without your permission~"

She playfully trailed a hand along the small of the Stellan elf her back as she finished with a grin. "But you're more than welcome to try to catch a deer~ I'm curious how fast it will run away upon seeing me~"


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She could agree with about staying too long."That was not my entire plan anyway, just wash the dirt off maybe make sure I smell nice and continue what I'm doing."Maple had yet to choose what kind of smell she was going to leave herself smelling at that time. But after a few more kisses would let go of Esperia go to shore and thus bloom an outfit for her to wear. Just about her normal long long flowing summer dress style like dress, in a typical light forest green, Just with some blue blossoms from some flowers around the straps around her chest. If and when Esperia was out of the water, Maple smelled like lavender and orange blossom. akin to the smells of Stella she was use to smelling when she visited towns when she was around there.

But before she went off completely to go do what she was intending she splash a bit of water."Take your time, smile and enjoy the nature around you."Maple was never teasing too horribly or intentionally if anything she was more well intended then most people to see some one actually be happy. As for the eating part."So that still does not answer my question to you, Have you eaten anything yet or not?"Yes this woman cared even if it almost seem like she did not understand, she just kind of spoke and phrased things differently."I am not expecting you to eat the deer, I am making sure you still eat to live you know."Then she started off by doing a few jumping jacks and stretching, after about 10 jumping jacks and completely stretching out her body she then casually skipped over to a tree.

Then she simply touched that tree closest to Esperia and tent set up here. In reality Maple did not know if these forest had deer or not, But she the sound of Maple moving through trees was like the sound of rushing wind going by your head. It would take a total of ten minutes but Maple did just sudden pop out of a tree with a fawn. A female one Maple seemed to have found it sleeping and had it in her arms and slightly under her bus some what it was still sleeping hoe Maple achieved this was a good question but maybe it was best not to ask. Whispering for a moment."Come here, quickly and pet it. So I can return it before the mother returns."It was risky but it was how Maple was.


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Esperia shook her head gently in response, still mildly amused at the direction this conversation was going. "No~ I have yet to consume a meal." Of course, it wasn't like she needed to consume souls on a daily basis like humans needed to consume food. If anything, the consumption of souls was more a necessity for maintaining and growing her power, rather than a need for survival. Certainly, souls were delicious but that was an entirely different matter. Wading her way out of the lake she allowed the water to continue dripping off her body, not possessing the same type of cloth-creation magic Maple had. However, the moment Maple touched the nearby tree and seemingly communed with the forest, the moment she returned with a deer Esperia couldn't help but blink in bewilderment. So she was being literal about the deer petting. She smiled softly at the thought, slowly approaching it while trying her utmost to keep her demonic presence suppressed. Finally she lightly raised a hand, petting the deer tenderly and gently moved her hand back. "You should return her to her mother, I'm sure she is being missed~" After which Esperia waited for Maple to return. She had plenty of questions in mind for her, but for the time being was content to wait till she returned.

"Since you're so worried about me eating~ Does that mean you're volunteering? I wouldn't mind enjoying a little nibble~"


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There was a joy about this moment happening. But over all maybe it just showed that there was always more to Maple then just a pretty hippy in the woods. But some how petting the deer seemed to not have it wake up most likely because Maple was gentle and in some manner Esperia just made it work and thus quietly after mentioning to bring it back to where she found it Maple seemed to shrug her shoulders."Okay be right back."With that it was already like Maple had left quickly the same way she had moved around normally with in the trees.

It was pretty quick after all she had an answer on other things she wanted to know. Maple knowing very little about how she works but still would learn anyway."How long do you generally need to between feedings?"which was also a fair question because she did not know about it was good to keep track of since she was good and some things for that moment.

As for the offer of if she was still well easily thought about."If you really need something to eat, Then by all means eat. I trust you will keep me alive."It was almost naive but it was just how Maple was.


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A momentary pause followed as Esperia considered Maple's suggestion. "In general I only need to feed to maintain my strength. However, I do enjoy the flavor~" Esperia chimed with a soft hum after which she took a step closer to Maple, a hand gently wrapping around Maple's waist and pulled her in closer. "Of course I'll be ensuring to keep you healthy~" A soft smile linger on her lips as she leaned in to tenderly kiss Maple's lips, allowing her to stir the essence within Maple's body, draining her soul bit by bit after which she leaned back. "Don't worry~ I only consumed a tiny bit, just enough that you might feel a bit lethargic tonight, but I'll make sure you're back to normal before I get back to work~"

Esperia smiled warmly at Maple after which she turned her gaze back at the lake. "You're an odd one~ Most would be distrustful or wary of demons. They aren't exactly known for being kind or benevolent beings, you know? Even the kindness of a demon is usually done with ulterior motives in mind."

She sighed, a soft chuckle following as she spoke. "Then again, it is that kindness that makes me want to protect you, it's been a long time since I seen such innocence in this world. It would sadden me to see it twisted and corrupted by these with evil intentions~" She stretched for a moment, her wings expanding to their full length as she allowed her wings to beat lightly and dry off the remaining water, after which she started putting on her clothes again. "But to answer your earlier question: Demons feed out of either desire for power, or the desire for the sensation of draining, it's not like they require traditional consumption like mortals do."

She smiled warmly and turned toward Maple once more. "Although in my case, this drain was less of a meal and more a... Let's call it an exchange of emotions? It's hard to explain~ But basically, know that you should be careful offering yourself so readily to a demon~"

She closed her eyes for a moment and let her feelings calm down a little. "Lest I'd have to start hunting down one of my kin for hurting you in the future~"


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It felt almost like an entire non-answer. But wanted more of a time frame entirely of how many day one needed until it was a worry. Maple did not know but she would find out she had her ways."Oh yes? but how many days do you need to wait before your power start risk being weaken?"She was getting an answer she would make sure she would."Or am I not going to get answer?"Maple was starting to wonder if she needed to use some kind of womanly charming means on her to get that answer.

It seemed as most people might have fear such a thing happening, Maple either clueless nor scared because she was just happy to keep some one company seemed to oddly enjoy herself. Maybe it was just her firm emotional attachment to some one like Esperia that made this easy for her to be okay with or trust her."Maybe I am just odd, Not that I ever had to think about it. It is just how I see things in life."But she seemed to smile with the affection given to her even if it made her feel a bit funny afterwards.

With during the kiss her hips seems to wiggle slightly with joy with the affection give to her to her. Very much seemingly as a partner Maple was very much a give and get the same in return type when she could be. But maybe now Maple was starting to get it slightly."I am sure I am more than safe around over all then most people I assume Esperia...But I guess I am some strange woman in the wood skipping around naked is a bit weird here."Maple not thinking about how she was also at times near the backyards of people house and their might be people who think some one different of her.

It was all wrapping up to maybe having Maple connected it all to her mind"Oh I see. Here I just seem to love you for who you are and how you seem to enjoy me being around."it was childish in some manner and innocent in others ways. But maybe that was just how Maple was use to things being back in her home in Stella. Maybe life would be different here but she had yet to fully adjust yet entirely.

Then well but another kiss in this exchange afterwards from Maple resting her head on Esperia shoulder for a moment."Are all of you kin truly that horrible?"It was question she felt was good to ask. But maybe the aspect of winter was hinting in, she was going for what attention she could because she was being a bit greedy.


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Esperia's smile wavered for a moment, a hint of sadness perhaps visible in it as she seemed more apologetic at the question. "I'm afraid that malicious demons are usually the norm my dear. These who do possess some semblance of kindness or good in their hearts, are usually demons whose origin can be traced back to condemned souls that didn't forget that they were once human as well."

Of course, she know all too well that these words might worry Maple, so she gently trailed a hand along the small of the Stellan half-elf's back. "Not that I was condemned or anything~ I was simply forced into a reincarnation cycle as a demon. So while I might have the body and powers of a demon, my origin and sense of self is still similar to the Esperia I was in the past."

She seemingly had an idea of sorts, recalling the woman's fondness for the outdoors and tales she pondered for a moment. "Say Maple~ Do you like stories about legends and myths? In my time as a mortal I often adored searching other countries for such tales and finding out more about them. There is one in particular that I got involved in after my return from the abyss as a Demon Queen~"


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Even then if it was saddening at least to Esperia that was the case it seemed Maple did not seemed bothered by such reality."Huh is that so?"Maple on the other hand seemed not bothered at all with such a reality. With Esperia being a bit sad she seemed to join along with the huddle of hugging with her arms around Esperia entirely."No biggy, I will just trust you then."It seemed to just be Maple being herself. The kisses on the cheeky might just show that it seemed to not bother her at all.

Then because she was use to being in her winter mood despite being in the summer heat."Besides I only need one in my life anyway....and only one."It sounded possessive, not normally most likely things to pick up on that Maple might change with the season eventually and be a bit different eventually. "I doubt, I will meet any other demons anyway."Then she seemed to just continue being content with just being where they where now.

But for that idea of a story it left Maple interested."Oh stories are always fun."if anything Maple always liked stories that was just how she was, she enjoyed stories it often seemed to be ways to get her to learn some things.


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The gentle kisses that followed helped put her mind at ease, especially when Maple said that she would just trust her then. However, the words that followed were a bit of a surprise. Indeed, some might say they sounded possessive, but to Esperia it was endearing, and in a way nostalgic. It reminded her of a memory. Of how after her return from the abyss she had searched and searched, but there was not a trace to be found of Priscilla and Hasani. It was almost as if they didn't want to be found. That painful experience was accompanied by the whispers of her inner demon that reminded her of the fact that trusting someone was the same thing as relying on them. That it was a weakness others could exploit. A weakness they didn't need... Then why? Why was her mind thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea? To trust Maple and allow her feelings a free reign. Was it merely because of the hopeless romantic she had been as a mortal?

She suddenly leaned in, a more passionate kiss than before following as she tried to gently topple Maple back into the nature-made tent and while she allowed her fingers to gently dance along the half-elf's skin she started to speak. "Then I shall indulge and make certain that you'll never need someone else in your life~"

Another kiss followed as she smiled gently at Maple. "Indeed~ stories are often filled with lots of exciting memories~ But right now I get the feeling I want to make some memories with you first instead~"


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It might not seem like Maple had that focus on the moment, But she had things she had wanted to do with one person, But also she was promised a story and she was curious."There is plenty of time for making memories you know."She said acting like whatever she said did not do anything to effect things over all. But it seemed Esperia had other things on her mind at this time and she did not mind at all.

But it was also followed up with."Keep in mind, I am just use to not needing some one...I am where i am naturally...I just desire to be with a partner because even if the nature is nice..there is nice feeling of human touch."She said most likely because Maple might not have a lot of people who really tried to had results of people being around her all that often. Maple seemed like a refreshing and lovely. But most some one else might not think about the reality of how Maple must have been use to be alone for most of her life and having no one.

But in the end for the moment Maple seemed almost unhappy for the moment."Wait....so I don't get a story? hmph."She pouted slightly about it because she really wanted to hear a story but alas maybe it was just not time yet.


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