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Always Something At the Market.(Social.)

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Always Something At the Market.(Social.) Empty Thu Feb 02, 2023 4:44 pm

Something Nasira did not mind, that while she was close to other places in the west that she might not have seen right away, When she had time off of doing a few things she had been doing there was time to go off and explore things like she was doing now. Not that she had a solid plan to start with.

Astera's markets always had something thus being here she was already looking for things to consider buying. So walking around the market was a pretty good day off for her, Nothing really like spending a bit of time off by shopping and never knowing what your entirely looking for at the time. Then again it was winter time so what else was there really here then other things that might cover for the lack of the objects from the sea. She did not mind this as her mind was on what the port city had at the time.


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Anything and everything was the promise of Astera’s market. Port cities were rich with trade from local and faraway destinations, and today was no different. Even as her leviat dipped into a headlong dive from the clouds above the city all the daemon could think about was the weight of money in her hands. The irony of ‘jewels’ being a paper based currency was not lost on her, but there was something satisfying about having a thick roll of bills to hold onto. The howling of the wind and the pressure threatening to rip her off from her mount only served to widen her already cocksure smile.

The serpentine beast raced down towards the city’s marketplace like a spear thrown from a vindictive god; its course was straight and true. As if partaking in the exhilaration of its rider it finally announced itself with a roar that reverberated between the buildings so narrowly placed together. At the last second it pulled up sharply to avoid a collision, kicking up harsh gusts with its wings from the sudden deceleration. Deep rumbles and clicks echoed from its throat as the leviat settled into a coiled up posture to rest merely a dozen feet above the market rooftops. Its serpentine eyes regarded the people in the streets below it with something akin to a restrained tolerance.

The daemon chuckled to herself through her smiling teeth as she jumped to the nearest rooftop. She seemed either ignorant or uncaring of the commotion her entrance caused; perhaps it was a little bit of both. Her mind was still occupied with riches as she hopped down to a lower roof, and then finally to the ground.

“Don’t spoil your appetite,” was all she said to the floating monster above as she started to scour the marketplace for something, or someone.


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There was something about not really thinking of too much then have your attention brought over to the sounds of something out of the normal at the time. It was between looking over at the various things at the market even thinking about how fresh some of the things around her where and how nice it might be to bring them to the place she was staying at currently to cook up something to eat rather then just always sitting at places and ordering food made to just quickly be put out and did not have much value and healthy balance put into it. But Nasira was just picky that way.

But looking upon what just seemingly showed up and the person that dropped off from it, Nasira assume so far it was a mount and their owner. Surely there was something better to place them than just well randomly about a city. While everyone else stared Nasira let out a sigh and walked over with her slightly accented Fiorian language spoken."Are you sure there was not a better place for them?"She had to ask because it was just how she was, why stare when you could just ask about it. Sure it did leave a hint of Deserito in her speaking but she was actually talking to this careless thinking and acting woman. At least the day was not boring now.


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In Decima’s experience civilians were usually cowed into a quiet terror by the mere presence of her pet. Yet, amid the admittedly softened background noises she heard footsteps other than her own, and headed towards her no less. The daemon’s crimson eyes flicked towards the bold individual. Decima’s stare was indifferent at first, but then gave in slightly to curiosity the longer she stared. Enough so, that she herself stopped where she was as the green haired human, Nasira of Desierto, came closer.

For as long as she could remember Decima had an uncannily perceptive gaze, and she was intrigued by what she was seeing so far. The rhetorical question thrown her way earned an audible smirk.

“I could have him wait in the harbor; leviats do enjoy their swimming. They don’t enjoy being crowded, though.” The daemon chuckled to herself as her hands rested upon her hips. “Breaking all those merchant ships into splinters would fix that problem wouldn’t it? Or if you got a better idea, bring it up with him yourself?”

Her hands moved in front of herself, palms touching as if in prayer, before slowly separating. A simple looking cylindrical handle floated between her hands, crafted from darkness itself. Decima took it in one hand and pointed it to the side, where the element it was formed from quickly stretched upon command into a long bullwhip. She grinned as she snapped the whip, making its tail lash out at the ground in front of Nasira to produce its signature sharp cracking sound.

The leviat responded almost instantly, shifting in its coiled posture to stare down at the two. With no clear instructions from its master it snaked its head down from its perch to investigate. A hiss echoed between the buildings as the monster’s head came to rest above Decima, leering down at the other strange woman.


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It seemed her answer was met with sass, Nasira almost seemed to be prepared for. Even if she might not seem like it at first some what these things where expected."If you assuming no matter what you did not train your mount to behave themselves."She said in return because she was prepared to say things she could to just deal with the problem. But what she mention would not be anything for combat or fighting. Entirely something different because Nasira worked differently. Like how things needed to be handle lawfully in it's own way, Coming to that in mind.

So she would say it."And with their option if your beast causes damage anywhere, I will be prepared to write a well detailed report to the Rune Knights about how you look like, What they look like and what damage were the results."Nasira was not bluffing at all she was more than prepared to do any of this, For it would just be the right thing to do. She was planning on signing up to be one of them eventually anyway, Why not just kill to birds with one stone to say, It made sense to her.

Then she just waited to see what would happen."Choice is yours prefer you did not scare the public or break their things."It was a pretty good play from her hand of things he could do. But she did not have that many things she could do over all. So she would play hard to start with with matter.


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A lecture is what Decima was rewarded with for trying to be dramatic and intimidating. The daemon's expression was earnestly unsure as she pondered over the strange 'threat' that had been leveled against herself, like a gun ready to fire. 'A cork gun perhaps,' was what her thoughts finally came up with. It was an utterly ridiculous idea that Decima should feel threatened by Nasira running off to tattle on her to a rune knight, and she had to wonder if the possibility of Decima catching Nasira before she could snitch ever crossed the Desiertian's mind. The whip made of shadows dissipated as Decima's hands returned to her hips. She said nothing at first as she leaned forward slightly, pointed staring at and inspecting the other woman's attire.

"You claim the choice is mine, but you're clearly trying to force a decision towards a particular outcome. Bold already, to speak like that to a complete stranger. Even bolder to do so without a weapon on hand..."

Decima's own tone was patient. She did not have a weapon either, but still felt confident in her standing against this stubborn woman. Straightening her posture she gave a thoughtful hum before expanding on her answer.

"Let's entertain the idea that I chose the 'screw you' option for a minute, and had my pet run wild. Destruction reigns, and perhaps even some lives are lost." At that point Decima walked forward without any hint of fear in her body language. She maintained eye contact, almost excitedly so as if expecting an entertaining answer from this thought experiment. She stopped walking when the two women were almost standing toe-to-toe with each other. "If I were to go that far, what makes you think I'd let you run off to the rune boys to identify me?"


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Sure this lady was right. But Nasira was more than willing to call their bluff even if she stood no chance at all if things where turned against her. She was woman with just a bit of fire magic. Nothing too special. But she would continue her bluff because at this point she is far too in deep to back out."I mean it is your choice because your are the one that chose to park here. I am sure the people of this city would have told you some where else safe for your mount."Rather than worry about, it was better to point out with logical or reason that in fact most likely people here where more then likely able to do just that.

But part of her had a feeling this would be pointless and fall upon deaf ears."Nothing, But don't think I would not try anyway...I might not seem like much but I can still run."She was honestly hoping this might make the situation defuse but she also had one other thing to mention to her as well. After all if they going off of if she did not stand a chance.

"Even if you did end my life it, All it leads too is more charges against you. Everyone else here know what your mount looks like and what you look like. Won't take long for the Rune Knights to find you sticking out loud a sore thumb just struck by the hammer."Yeah it was all points in her favour but Nasira was standing her ground because she was not the type to back down she considered this a challenge and she would win in some way. But Nasira would flex her own bravado but keeping her back straight, crossing her arms and staring right at this woman waiting.


Always Something At the Market.(Social.) Empty Fri Mar 10, 2023 7:45 am

The self righteous drivel spilling out from the Desiertian's lips did indeed fall upon deaf ears. As brazen as her entrance was into Astera was this really how Decima would be spending her first five minutes here? Truthfully, she had beaten people up for far less than a long winded parking lecture before. She continued to meet the human's gaze, still somewhat entertained by the absurdity of their standoff, and the other woman's admittance that she might lose an open conflict between themselves. Despite all that, it was the threat of being arrested and persecuted by the law that had the daemon cackling next. She didn't even bother to contain the sudden shift in mood. Both arms raised to fold themselves across her chest as she freely took a few long moments to continue her loud outburst.

"Oh no!" she exclaimed in feigned fear, "not the courts and their laws! Anything but that!" Decima let the last of her chuckles play out for a few more seconds before easing her expression into an arrogant smile. If she had any respect for this country's laws they wouldn't be having this conversation to begin with. The daemon continued, although her tone was losing its patience for this conversation quickly.

"A mortal parasite is no king of mine. What do you take me for, a human?"

Always Something At the Market.(Social.) SZbquwC

The sound of a man clearing his throat echoed from behind his metal mask. The robed figure stood a respectable distance away from the two quarreling women, but seemed unfazed by the serpentine giant hovering above them all. He was holding his hands together in front of himself so the sleeves of his robe concealed them. His clothes hid the details of his stature, but his mask at least came near the red headed daemon's eye level. If Decima sounded impatient, this man's snappy words revealed he was in an even shorter temperament.

"I take you for a professional that understands what discretion is!" There was a loud huff as the man sighed. The mask then turned towards Nasira, regarding the tanned woman for a moment. "Keep harassing my worker and I'll report you for disturbing the peace myself! Both of you stop making a scene!"


Always Something At the Market.(Social.) Empty Tue Mar 14, 2023 8:36 am

His co-worker? Oh this was a situation Nasira herself did not expect if anything Narisa did not know this man at all. Nothing having expected this at all. But they said both of them to stop making a scene in which Nasira seemed to stare at him confused by the state of the situation."You are serious aren't you?"She understood she was not a rune knight and in some manner she wanted to be stronger to have the power to be a rune knight and wanted to join when she was a bit more stronger but if anything if people are that simple it was almost baffling to start with.

You could even see the confused look on her face for a moment."So wait....im trying to help and your going to tell me i am disturbing the peace?...." Nasira then look at the woman and her companion mount and seemed to just cross her arms and wait."Alright I'll stop, but you need will need to stop her however."Nasira complied right away and well waited to see what the result of her agreeing with him. Narisa almost seemed spiteful but she was actually just doing what she was told, Stop causing a problem.

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