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Outlaw Hero [Yuurei]

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Outlaw Hero [Yuurei] Empty Thu Feb 02, 2023 11:50 am


The smell of the sea as she sat on the docks. Her black eyes were marbles of onyx as they mirrored the sea itself. The moon yearned for her as the water did, her brothers watching her the only way they could. Her feet dipped in the waters she motioned her legs back and forth playfully. Daily in Joya, she could hear screaming, fighting, and the Samurai doing what they wished as the Daimyos allowed them to do what they wanted as long as it didn't upset the Shogun herself. She clenched her hands against the wooden plank as she wanted to do something right at this moment, but she couldn't let herself be noticed.

They were successful in killing Quillareine, her human self. So much corruption in this current time in Joya. Ohta, her fluff companion, kept watch as they could read the excellent and bad mana within meters. She could at least keep her paranoia at a lower level. Softly, she yawned and turned her head to look at Ohta. They gazed at each other and nodded as if they could read each other's thoughts. She turned to look at the moon and water once more before sliding her feet out of the water and now into her bamboo sandals. Once she got up, she organized her sweatshirt and dusted off any particles on her legs from sitting.

"Alright, let's go find something to do, shall we?" she muttered in Joyan. Her red cross eyes dimmed in light as she wanted to hide her uniqueness from these civilians. No need to scare. "Of course, Mistress, maybe we can go get a bite to eat?~" they purred and floated around her. They started walking on the side docks and finally saw where today would lead.


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Yuurei had been to Joya a few times, but he had never truly explored the place like that. He figured that today, he would take the time to do just that. He was thinking about what to do and the one place that intrigued him the most in this place was Yaezu Port. This place had a lot of people who were doing their best to live through the day. He figured that he would be able to do something for the people here.

The Seraphim and the Exceed had made their way to the port, but not empty-handed. They had decided to give to the people here. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt like a piece of him was here. It didn’t make sense because he was a Fiorian and his place was within the forest with his people. It was weird, yet confusing, but there was nothing he could do to change what he was doing.

“So, you decided that today was the time to step away from the guild Yuu?” Renji asked waiting for an answer as the two were walking.

He shook his head as he looked at Renji and then in front of him again.

“I mean I don’t see why not? I can do whatever I have to back at the guild later. Everything will be alright. I’m known for helping people, so I chose to do this for the people in Joya.” He said to Renji.

Renji wouldn’t argue with him and he just shrugged at it as he kept it moving.

It was then people around him would look at him. They weren’t sure what this man was doing here, but they knew who he was. It was confusing and they wondered what he could be doing.

It was then that Renji would shake his head and he would open the bag and a huge table would come out of it. He would smile as he would open his school bag and his own pocket dimension to bring out a bunch of food.

“Everyone line up! There is food here for those who are hungry, and I will also help you with something that could keep you going for a while. It is the best I can for an outsider like me.” He said as the people would gather like the stock as they were hungry and wondered what he had to offer them.


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Her tired eyes wandered for several moments to see where they could go. A resturant sounded amazing, but she didn't feel like grabbing too much attention by stopped by. If she was in her Quillareine appearance, many people would attempt to hide and spoil her as she was loved here, unlike her 'father'. As the cities past Head Shrine Maiden and war hero she had a 40-year history here. "Do you smell that?!", Ohta cheered as they flew around Mishiko's head. The constant twirling was giving her a headache, so she lifted her hand, "Ohta, enough, let us go see where the smell is coming from." They nodded and slowly floated next to their mistress.

She heard someone calling out to everyone, a voice that sounded familiar to her. From a corner she peeked and saw that it was Yuurei. What was he doing here? She squinted, Was he here to take Joya away from me? No, seems he's here to help the people. Of course he is, she chuckled and thought. She left the corner and Ohta gently flew with. She walked to the side so the people in need could get to the food. People stayed out of Mishiko's way out of knowing something. She gave her usual doll-face gaze towards Yuurei and their companion who was similar to Kaito's. Her eyes drifted to them and back to Yuurei, "It's nice to see you again, Yuurei,", she turned now to look at the people in line. "They needed this..." she muttered sadly as she was in pain that she couldn't do anything, nothing that caught attention in Joya.

"M-Mistress, I'm starving,~" Ohta purred and floated around on their heavenly cloud. Her hand rubbed her face and sighed, "These are for the people who need it, Ohta, we'll get something on our way out," she promised which saddened the fluffball. They understood of course.


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Yuurei was giving out meals, and other stuff that could help them for a small time. He didn’t have a permanent solution to assisting them to have a different lifestyle, but he was not the leader of this country. Still, one thing he knew he could do was to provide what he could. The people would think of him while h was doing this, his smile was pure and genuine as they would move along.

Renji made sure that nobody tried to skip the line or cause trouble with those on the line. It was then Yuurei’s eyes would meet with someone who was familiar. He blinked a few times as he looked at her, his face changed in curiosity until he smiled as he knew who she was. He would listen to her words and then he would notice the floating creature with her. It was adorable to see and he could see that it wanted food.

“Mishiko I can’t believe that you’re here. It’s nice to see you again.” He said as he kept serving those in front of him.

“How have you been? We should catch up after I finish up here.” He said as he wondered if they were busy or okay with that.

Yuurei would continue serving the people here as he was happy to help. They were excited, thankful, and happy that he was doing it. His movements were as swift as they could be as he was going through the line of people quickly and without a problem.


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She waited patiently while the people came and left with food. Her arms folded and gave a small smile for Yuurei as he spoke to her. Ohta was floating about on their cloud to watch everyone and thing. His curiosity made her smile but didn't show it. "Been alright, always busy, but I can make time for you," she looked at the people and then back at him. "The least I could do for taking care of my pe-, the people here and as a newly friend," she chuckled darkly as she looked at all of them. She knew most of these people, but they don't know her as the current her.

Just hold on for a little longer...

She couldn't believe the Kami wanted to hold her a wedding when Joya was in this state. Was she the only one wanting to do something about the current Shogun? At least the Kami agreed to let her do it. Her attention went back to Yuurei and offered, "I can help if you want," she smiles, "Or I can have my servantly friends help," she added to the offer. She just didn't want to stand around and do nothing.


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Yuurei would look at her as she had brought up the option to help. He would look at her as if he was giving people what they needed and what they wanted as well. He would take a momentary stop as he rubbed his chin to see how she interacted with the people here. He didn’t know that she was from here, but he figured she might be related to this place if she was hanging around.

“I think helping me out would be a fine choice. If you want both of you can join me and Renji. It would make this go much quicker than it is, and we can continue chatting.” He said to Mishiko as he would continue serving the people here.

Renji was moving around as he would hand out food to the community as he heard Yuurei chatting it up with a woman he had never seen before.

The Seraphim would look at her with a huge smile on his face. He figured he would make conversation with her.

“So, what brings you to Joya?” He asked, curious to hear her answer.


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She took out her key and summoned a 6'8 man with glasses and sly smirk, and a beautiful woman who is 6'2. Her long black hair waves down her back as she wears a black crop top and army pants. The man is wearing a white and black suit with a red spider lily on the chest pocket. "Yes, mistress?", they bowed and synced their voice. "Please, take some food and serve it to the people in need," she gave a light smile as they nodded. They started to go down line as Mishiko took some as well with the help of Ohta. As she was helping, she listened to Yuurei, "This is actually my home City, where I was raised," she was trying to be quiet about it, but thankfully the City people were too busy getting food than listening to her words.

"I came here to visit and find somethings," she chuckled while passing to the next person. Her head turned to look at him, "So why here out of all places?", she wondered how he turned up here.


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Yuurei would see Mishiko take out a key and he would look at it. It was different than the keys that he had in his pockets, and it would seem like there were more of them for him to get in the future. He would rub his chin as he was intrigued by it. When he saw that she had summoned two people, they would seem to be the help, and he wondered if he truly wanted that. He would shrug it off as it was not something to think about right now.

He was about to say that she needed to also help out but would remain quiet when he saw her grab some stuff as well.

He chuckled as he would hear this was her home. He would nod as he found that surprising and yet understood that. He would hand a few more things to the people here, and she would ask him a question, one which he expected.

“Interesting, I wouldn’t have known. The reason why I’m doing this for the people here is because I just found out not too long ago I’m half Joyan. It seems like my father is from here, so I figured I would check it out more than I’ve done in the past.” He said pausing for a second.

“Then I heard about this section of the city and wanted to help them. I’ve always done my part to help others. I’ve been doing it since I was a weak nobody, outcasted by his own kind.” He said graciously with a smile on his face.


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To find out about one's heritage late must be painful as she knew how it felt. It gave that exciting feeling to finally know a piece of you, you never knew about, but also sad due to the what if's. After she was done helping with the food, she had her full attention on Yuurei. "I feel that, but a different turn," she started and thought for a moment. Her eyes meeting with Yuurei's, "I've done my fair share of trying to find where I came from, so I feel you," she chuckled softly with a small smile, lost in thought. She led a lonely road and she felt like after the time at the Winter igloo's with Jin, they became separated, and he was leading his own road as she was on her own. At least she had Akuko and Ragnar.

Her mind shook as she listened to Yuurei, "The Shogun smited these people down to poverty, some of these people were Samurai's, healers and happy proud people, but the years of their ruling have drained them spiritually and all they have left is hope to survive," she sighed sadly. "The sad truth is...," she stopped herself as she cornered her eyes to see some guards. "Let us finish this, mm?~", she questioned with a fake smile, as she felt boiling hate within for the current Samurai's that belong to the Daimyo's and Shogun. Mishiko turned to grab more food and continued to help.


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Yuurei would hear her and he would smile as if it was similar, yet different for him. He spent his life in constant rage for revenge. It consumed him to the point he wasn’t sure if he could change how he reacted to those who harm his friends. It was surprising to find out who he was, but that was something that happened because of his journey for revenge.

He kept serving the people within this area as they were almost done. While doing this, he would continue to hear her words as she had not finished speaking. She explained the situation to Yuurei, and he was happy that she had shared it with him. He could feel the malice from her, and it would seem like she was not pleased with this outcome.

“I see, well I may be a bit too late, but I don’t mind helping them now.” He said this as he would speed things up.

Renji would see that they were conversing and moving things along. Renji would quicken his pace. It wouldn’t take long, but they would hand everyone everything they could here. When he saw that this was done, he would fold his table and clear things out before putting everything into his pocket dimension.

“I think that was fantastic and good work. What do you say, Mishiko? Do you want to grab something to eat with a man like me?” He asked her with a huge smile on his face.

He was around food for quite some time, so he was definitely hungry to enjoy the delicacy of Joya.


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She was happy to hear that he was willing to help these people. People needed to be set free and be given the life they deserve for their hard work. The ones that were above them all deserved to be set down and punished for their crimes. The way he asked his next question, she didn't expect. Her head turned to her servants and waved her hand, "You're free to leave," she told them in her calm tone. They nodded immediately and disappeared. Ohta hid behind Mishiko as they looked at Yuurei and their companion. "A man like you? To me, you are you, so I see no reason to say no," she gave a small smile to him.

"Plus, I'd like to talk about something with you while we eat, if you don't mind," she started to walk beside him and gestured for him to show the way, wherever he wanted to eat. She knew many places here, but maybe he had a place he liked so far. Mishiko was unsure how things have gone so far when it came to the food business. Was it worse due to the lack of shipping goods since the Shogun disallowed businesses from other Countries? Her eyes wandered to make sure the Samurai guards weren't on her case.


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Yuurei would watch the servants leave this plane of existence. He knew what had happened as they had returned to their own world. He had someone similar who had done the same thing. He would have a smile as she was fine with going out to eat with him. It would seem like a conversation was incoming, which he expected nothing less.

“Of course, we can talk about almost anything. So you don’t have to hold back.” He said to her.

It was then she would give him the option to lead them. To be honest, he wanted to cook for them but decided that would take too long. It would be left for another day if there was ever another day after today. He would take the lead as he did scout the place beforehand. There was a spot within the Port, he had seen that it was popular even amongst the locals. It would seem like the price varied, but they welcome all.

He figured that would be the spot and he would take them to the spot. When they got there, they would see people exiting and when they looked inside they could see a lot of people sitting down and eating. They came from all over Joya, only a small number being those who lived around the Yaezu Port.

He would enter the spot, opening the door for Mishiko, and once she stepped in, he would pick a table for them to eat in. The Seraphim would look at the menu, and when his eyes saw what he wanted, he would put the menu down.

“I’ll be getting Chicken Katsu, and a side of sake.” He said out loud.

Renji would smile as he knew what he wanted.

“I want a combination of sushi and milk is fine.” He said out loud waiting for something to happen.


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She followed Yuurei as her eyes wandered with anxiety as she had to constantly worry about if they will find her or not. She could smell the sweet sea life as they got closer to the place Yuurei decided to take her to. He seemed quite the gentleman as he opened the door for her. Stepping in, she bowed her head, "Thank you," she whispered softly as her black eyes mirrored the inside. It was the same as always and she wondered if the couple was still running this business, or at least their offspring. Once they sat down, she was given a menu and looked at it. Few seconds later, she put down her menu and looked up at the waiter, "I'll take some Spicy Karē, extra chicken and some sayuri sake," she calmly spoke in her ghostly voice. They nodded and left.

Her attention went to Yuurei and Renji, "I wish to talk about the state of Joya and all, but first perhaps we should get to know each other better. Seeing that we're running into each other more often," she tilted her head with a doll-like expression that was expressionless. "Do you have any questions for me? Or are you the type to get right to business?", she lastly wondered.


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Yuurei would respond to her thank you with a welcome as they sat down. They were getting their orders ready, and while this was happening, his attention would turn to Mishiko. She would get straight down to business, which wasn’t surprised about. He was fine with speaking to her about anything she wanted to know. He had always been open about himself, and he was a genuinely nice person.

“I’m fine with getting to know each other more. We’ve already experienced life and death situations, so this isn’t something surprising.” He said to her with a smile on his face.

He would hear her asking him if he had any questions for her. He would rub his chin as he was thinking about it.

“So, from what I gathered since the last time I saw you, it seems like you are part of a dark guild. Still, the dark guild hasn’t done anything, so I figured I would ask you about it. Of course, from what I’ve learned just because you’re in a dark guild doesn’t truly mean you’re a bad person.” He said to her as he wondered how she would react to what he said.


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Her eyes gazed away while keeping her head straight. She wondered how much she should reveal about her life as Quillareine since that was her. In that life she was doing a lot. Sure, not as much as Yuurei doing good, but when it came to Joya, she was a menace to the law. To the poor and medium class, she was a hero, but now she was a god people worshipped without knowing she was here. She was here to do exactly what her title states, death, war and to collect the souls. Perhaps a little madness within those things. "I suppose you're right, everything I've done has been in shadow, or clearly has nothing to do with Fiore so it wouldn't be as known as let's say... what you've done or our friend, Kaito. Even Erebus is an example when it comes to dark or bad for Fiore. Depends on the perspective." she kept her doll-like expression and ghostly, calm, tone.

"Joya is where I've been busy as I have big plans that I tend to take," she was sure others around her were listening, but it wasn't out of being nosy, or them planning to turn her in. It was because they've waited for the day that their Country will change, that someone will finally save them. The Final Day where they will no longer have to fear if they will taste their last meal, take their last breath of freedom or worse, feel the pain of torture and abuse that is used by the higher status eternally. Secretly, they listen so they can prepare for the Final Day when the Goddess of War and one of Justice will finally assist the citizens.


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Yuurei was relaxed; it didn’t bother him what she had done. He protected the innocent, the weak, and the people of Fiore. His main protection would be the North and the elves that were his people. He wouldn’t allow anybody to hinder that and that was for sure.

He wanted to hear her though as it would be an exciting conversation. The Seraphim had never spoken to someone from the opposite side of things. He would nod understanding what she was saying. He smirk when it seemed like they did have a mutual friend. Kaito also knew of her, but the name Erebus made him brush his hair back. That was a dark guild with a lot of history; their guild leader, Jin was a paladin with powers that were to be feared of. An annoying fight that would be, Yuurei legit had to take him out before he could heal himself.

And from what he learned there were Paladins that could heal and at the same time harm their enemies with the same spell. That wouldn’t be good if Jin could do the same thing that was for sure.

“Ah, yes, Erebus. He is someone I have my eyes on. I heard he helped the escapee, Jikan from their cell. So, I figured I would pay them a visit eventually.” He said to Mishiko.

He didn’t mind if she gave that information up, or left it as is. Still, he was interested to hear what she was going to do in Joya. He wasn’t a native here, but his father was, and he wasn’t sure how his father would feel if this place burned, or family that he didn’t know perished.

“Interesting; do you plan to destroy this place? I hope not, because I just found out I’m Joyan and wanted to explore parts of my roots. I’ve always had the urge to learn about the world and knowing that Joya is where my father comes from, I can’t help but want to learn.” He said to Mishiko.


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Her onyx eyes with red X's gazed at Yuurei as he talked about Erebus. Erebus was alright, but one that was not a friend, but Jin had ties with him and even more now that he was the Guild Master. That guild had history, sure, but they used to mean something; they fought wars that freed people, but now? There are secret organizations that did slavery right under the King's nose. But, away from that subject, "I'm sure if you know Erebus, then you know things about Jin..." she chuckled softly with a faltered smile.

The subject was brought up again, and she shook her head, "Not quite. As you somewhat saw, I have no intention to harm the innocent people in the ports or those who have nothing to do with the Shogun's way." Ohta made a map pop up out of nowhere from their pocket dimension. Mishiko pointed at the map as if it was the map of Joya itself. "I know the Shogun personally and tend to throw her off the mountain - literally. The people here have been treated like dirt, some lower than dirt that is purchasable to be used in any way the higher class wishes. Knowing that I am proof itself as Kaito can tell you about my slavery past when I was human," she started and then spawned pawns that she was gesturing for one to be her side and the other, the Shogun's side.

"I know the Shogun will let her army and cult go first when the war approaches. She knows I'm after her, and I plan on leading the war to rid the corrupted side and Ayame herself. Unfortunately, I'm just seeing if anyone wishes to join the war to protect everyone. Who has lost their daughters, sons, and family to the Royals and Nobles of Joya? Rather it's by being forced to sell them, watching them be harmed in ways one can only hope never to witness. Truthfully... people are dying every day, be it all if they don't starve to death first," she spoke and tried to keep calm; this subject was sensitive for the Goddess as it made her so angry and annoyed she wanted to tear up. Her eyes were getting watery at this subject.

She made it all disappear, "Look, Yuurei..." she looked straight at him with a frown, "I know I'm seen as a dark mage in Fiore, but to these people who need people, I'm not. I'm just dark towards those who I feel deserve it - like the ones who enslave, Joya's higher class, and Shogun who allowed and promoted all this," she shook her head at the thought, "And it's not only Joyans, but they also get shipments from other Countries who slave trade," she saw her food now arrive as does everyone else's. She bowed her head to them as they did back. Everyone around them looked sad. Some were sad at the truth as they were part of the ones being harmed by it all. Others were hyped and, deep inside, wanted to speak up to help but were afraid to.

"So Yuurei, the question is, are you interested in participating?" she offered her hand.


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Yuurei would smile when she mentioned Jin. That was the current guild of Eternal Nightmare. Before him, it was a woman that had gone by the name of Nana. He wasn’t sure what was happening in that guild, but he figured it was something dark if they were changing guild masters often.

“Only from what I’ve heard when it comes to him and the guild. A man who went from Blue Pegasus to Eternal Nightmare to follow a madman. Still, moving on from that I guess.” He said as he would listen to her talk about the Shogun.

He would listen without interrupting her. It would seem like she had a lot to say and it would seem like she was reborn in something more than just human. Kaito might not have known that this happened to her, but they seemed to have known each other. That was interesting as he was also reborn twice already. It would seem like she was offering to ask him to help her in her cause to free Joya.

He would lean back on his chair as he was thinking about his answer. It would seem like the Shogun wasn’t a good person and they had done a lot of bad things. He would scratch the side of his head and the brushed his hair back. He didn’t leave anything that she had said go untouched. Instead. He would let out all the air from him as he would look at her. His expression is as serious as he could get.

“I don’t know much about my history just yet. I was planning on going to Chishi soon and see if I can dig up history from the Starlight Family. Still, I have a feeling that it won’t be a happy story. It seems like my father didn’t want to talk about them, but that we were renowned blacksmiths within Joya.” He said this as the people heard the name Starlight and started whispering.

They knew of them but weren’t sure if Yuurei was truly related to them. Still, only someone crazy, or naïve would go around calling them one.

“I don’t like what is currently going on within Joya. It annoys me to know that such a beautiful place and people can be treated like this. I hate that for any place. I do feel like I have a right to fight for these people.” He paused for a second.

“My answer right now, is yes I will participate in taking down the current Shogun as of now. The thing is if I learn about my family and know if they are by the side of the Shogun, then depending on how they are my choice might change and I will stay out of it completely. Are you fine with that Mishiko?” He asked her.

Yuurei didn’t know about what the Shogun had done to his family just yet. They were slaughtered, when they were no longer needed in Joya. He was only alive because his father had lived and made it to Fiore. Almost dead and saved by a royal elf and Yuurei’s mother.

His food had gotten there a while ago and he had bowed slightly to the person who brought the food. Yuurei would take his chopsticks and he would dig in as he was hungry. He wondered what she would say or react to what he had said.



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She listened to him silently, making sure she got every detail that came from his lips. Her eyes searched his from her own X-rated pupils that were searching for things. Things she could not say aloud. She was happy that he agreed about not liking how this Country is being ran and therefore, he wanted to join in. She nodded and retraced her hand back to herself. "It does, and I'm glad we agree to make this Country become the Phoenix, reborn into something anew that these people deserve," she took a deep breather as she smelled the lovely aroma of the food. "Let us dig in,~" she closed her eyes and secretly thanks for the food and the service of these people. She may be a god, Demi to some, but she feels as if that if it weren't for the people, what point would there be for them?

She slowly started to use her chop sticks to mix the chicken she had with the sauce, and the main course. She slowly took it to her mouth and her eyes closed to enjoy the savory taste. She loved food, but she knew what will happen if she indulges into it all. One day, she'll be able to indulge into a great deep sleep once this war is over and things are in order.


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Yuurei would smile at her as she was glad that he was willing to help. He looked at the people here, and honestly, even if he had people from his family alive, he would have them leave this place before the battle began. Still, honestly, he couldn’t wait for battle. With it, meant that there would be change within Joya and possibly for the better. The Seraphim was indeed happy that their food had arrived as he was enjoying the taste that moved through his mouth every time he chewed.

Renji would take his meal and he would dig in as well. He would look at everyone with a smile on his face as he enjoyed his meal.

Yuurei would swallow his food after chewing through as he looked at Mishiko.

“Do you have any time when you plan on doing this?” He asked curious to hear what she had to say.

He would continue eating as he waited for an answer.


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She was enjoying the peace, the conversation as her onyx eyes occasionally looked into his interesting ones. Listening to his question, she gave it some thought. "I still have preparations and other people to talk to. I give it a month to three months at most," she answered honestly. She was hoping this wasn't going to bite her back, but she will have to trust solely on him at the moment. Taking another bite slowly she lowered her gaze. Where will this go from here on out? Will he stay an ally or a friend or will they go their separate ways after this is finished, the war.

She understood humans didn't stay friends or allies once the usefulness of someone or a group no longer applied. She was anxious on that part. She worried about losing people, about being used and wondered if maybe that's how she should view things. Maybe she should be the one to use and leave them behind before they do that to her. Her thoughts were getting to her, her darkened heart was speaking back and telling her lies, but mentally she could not tell if her heart was lying or not. What if she was everybody's fool.


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Yuurei would hear her as he was enjoying his food. His eyes met theirs as they were talking. He could see that she was interesting, but he wondered if she would continue the evil path after this was over. The Seraphim thought about extending her an offer, but he was ninety-nine percent sure she would say no to it. He would shake his head when he thought about the situation as he knew it could be something he would ask her later on.

Still, he would have one month to three months to prepare as well. That was good to hear, and he was fine with that. He figured they would do one thing at a time, and his offer would come at the end of all of this.

Renji stood out of the conversation as he was finishing up his meal.

Yuurei was noticing that his food was coming to an end soon, but he figured he would continue chatting with her.

“That is good to hear. It gives me time to prepare myself. If it is a war, then that means I got to make sure that I’m at my very best.” He said to Mishiko.

He would look at what he had left and then look over at her.

“Why are you considered a bad person in Fiore?” He would ask her specifically.

He knew her guild was a dark guild, and that she was their leader, but what did she do to deserve such a title and what did the others do as well? This was something on his mind and he was wondering if she would be able to explain it to him.

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