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Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu

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#1Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:24 pm

Azure Fenic

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu 13edda14-f731-46bc-8007-cdf89aa5d889-griffin_1

As the informant made his way to his favorite bar to get dirty on the locals and if the timing was right some Rune Knights as well but just for today anything would do really. The bar's name was Domu only due to the fact that it was located next to the Domus Flau which was great when fighting tournaments were being held more often but from his reports, it seemed to be holding out just fine with the decline of fights.

The upper floor was more always reserved for informants and others of a similar trade as privacy was paramount most days anyway Ignis, Cygnus make sure to be on best behavior okay? he told his summons as they didn't really enjoy their contractor in such places. sitting in his booth Azure tossed his feet on the table as he adjusted his ears to the environment so he didn't miss out on anything that may be important Man this place sure is loud today, he thought closing his eyes to focus better. In the past Grayroad would bring him along with a few other companions to do this exact thing but back then a fight nearly always broke out causing them to leave.



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Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Sun Jan 29, 2023 8:07 am


Naryuu took deep breaths as he burst through the door. Fitted in his usual attire he had his armour set over top. The beakface and the beakcloak with the distinct yellow hew eye catching. His black hair making it pop even more. On the small of his back was the deafening sword fixed properly. In his hand was the coat and the bloody individual it belonged too. Naryuu tossed him on to the floor before eying the bar for the barkeep. "Hey old man!" He called nodding to the man on the floor. "I told you i'm the best summoner around and I settle my debts!" Naryuu folded his arms with a cocky smirk as the old man behind the bar threw a thumbs up. That changed to a 1 and a zero letting him know his usual would be ready in 10 minutes.

Stepping over the man's body like a rug Naryuu made a line for a table comfortably sliding the chair and removing his sheathe and blade. Sliding into the chair resting on the table. His blade at his side ever so closely within reach. A calm and relaxed face as he looked over his hands. Clenching and cracking the bones he scanned over the bar with wonder locked behind his eye. How would this long day truly end since excitement seems to follow him where ever he goes. His work in Central Fiore has made more well known at least his name. But he needed more money to get resources. Otherwise his goal would still remain at the great distance it's fixed at.

Regardless at least the taste of his stuffed salmon would calm his nerves. It was the only thing he ever out of this place. The only thing that really reminded him of home.

Naryuu Sheet

Total Stats buffs Buff's
Endurance: 12 =  (1xB-Rank)
Intelligence: 131 + 60 = 191 (40% mana reduc)
Strength: 10 =  ( 1xD-Rank)   +60 w/sword ( 1xA rank)
Speed: 14 + 60 = 74  (12.5 m/s & 25 m/s)
Constitution: 4 =  (1x A-Rank  3 Posts 2-Post CD)

Base Stats
Strength: 10
Speed: 14
Constitution: 4
Endurance: 12
Intelligence: 131
Weapon: Deafening Sword
Earrings: Jind EARRINGS +60 INT
Head: Beakface Speed +30
Body: Beakcoat Speed +30

#3Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Sun Jan 29, 2023 12:09 pm

Azure Fenic

As he listened to the people talk about their days and some of the conversations held some interesting to a point but they didn't have anything that they found to be worth making notes of to sell later. It was different being in the booth alone but it was a life that he decided to follow after all Welp guess today is going to be a slow day he thought to himself pulling out a comic that he had started just roughly a month ago. The sound of the doors bursting open slightly startled the informant as whoever this person was certainly felt like being bold today and very loud but they also made a rather odd statement about being 'The Best Summoner' something that was laughable at best. Azure lets out a small sigh and closes his book and places it on the table as he swung his legs back to the floor. 

The bar had been rather lively for the most part but with this upstart now feeding what little ego they have today was about to get a little more interesting. Making his way to the banister the summoner cleared his throat as he flicked his wrist creating his summoning circle "You are not the best kiddo." he shouted as it felt as though they had declared a challenge to any summoner within the bar.


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Naryuu rose grabbing his blade all in one motion hearing someone walk up to the banister and clear their throat. His mask allowed him to hear everything clearly within 50m after all. With a smirk Naryuu gauged the distance to be around 10m with a 4m level difference. Seeing the stranger call a magic circle behind their body with a flick of the wrist. He would turn his right hand as if twisting the air summoning directly in front of him as the man screamed something hilarious." Well I guess that means someone has to prove 'us' wrong Gluttony."

Out of the magic circle a torrent of flames appeared. A collapse and flicker of the flame dispersed leaving behind the massive black flaming wolf on the table before him. His body was loose and relaxed as people panic insured at the bar. Apparently his words pissed off a local patron. Considering the man said he wasn't obviously meant this was another summoner or maybe just a pissed off mage. Regardless he felt comfortable within current rage of the two and remained ready to react.

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#5Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Sun Jan 29, 2023 4:32 pm

Azure Fenic

Looking at the fellow summoner part of him wanted to start the fight off with someone that wouldn't mind the exercise be it a bit of work if they proved to be worth calling backup. As he watched the kid summon his mutt which seemed rather fitting given all the barking they did. The people below seemed rather on edge given that he wasn't exactly known for being the most gentle in fights, "Well let's make this quick then..." he muttered as a rift in the world formed. 

Not wanting to waste any more time with idle chatter a torrent of water rushed out, at the same time the water rushed down Azure jumped down as the water swirled below him. The demonic ectoplasm takes its form as the trusty Blob C with a wave of his hand the summon placed its summoner down and rushed at the boy and his dog tossing and breaking tables in the process. Should Blob reach the two it would simply try and punch the dog in the face and try to hold down the summon if the first hit landed. Azure would simply pull out his spear and playfully toss it between his hands waiting for them to make their play. 

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Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Tue Jan 31, 2023 7:57 am


Naryuu sees the demon-like ectoplasm take form as Blob C  rushes towards him and Gluttony. He remains calm, knowing that Gluttony is capable of handling himself in a fight not to mention the 10m distance. As the Blob C tosses and breaks tables in its path, Naryuu readies himself for the incoming attack."Void!" He set the command for the true moment. He takes a stance drawing his blade, prepared to attack against any incoming strikes. Gluttony sinks low waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The two move simultaneously together.

Naryuu saw the blob quickly rushing towards Gluttony, with no time to waste he shifted his grip on his blade ready to strike. As the blob's fist was about to connect with Gluttony, the wolf quickly dodged to the side and jumped onto the nearest table. Naryuu seized the opportunity and stabbed forward, using his  speed to close the space where Gluttony once was.Aiming for a quick thrust  through its thick  form. " Guard!" The command was given as Naryuu was striking as Gluttony shifted  to move.

Naryuu had kept his eyes beyond the blob as well seeing the spear and wondering what next. As long as he kept on the move he could keep at his pace and gauge his opponents ability.

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Potential Damage :


#7Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Tue Jan 31, 2023 7:26 pm

Azure Fenic

From what he could see Naryuu had been in fights before but a battle between two summoners was something new for Azure altogether. Not wanting to seem weak he followed behind Blob as now they all had dance partners even if it was summon versus human currently. "Blob! Dance!" he shouted as the summon swayed from side to side as it moved and nearly dodged Naryuu's attack as his fights with Yuurei had taught him a lot. Well, then I better deal with this little guy he thought to himself as he readied his spear. 

Snapping his finger the summon dashed to the left of Naryuu and picked up a table tossing it at him. At this point, everyone was more or less a few feet from one another standing at different positions. Blob would follow behind the table with left and right hooks, the few remaining people in the bar had moved to the back outside of the fight range.  

Azure would tap his spear on the ground before moving in with a lung attack on Gluttony, should the summon decide to evade the attack then he would simply back up two meters. It was rather strange having to fight a summon that wasn't his or going to contract at least but it would make for good practice. Given that the fight had only just started keeping some cards hidden would have been for the best. 

Battle Log:

Mana 3290/3350:


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Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Thu Feb 02, 2023 1:04 pm


A  smile as the blob dodged but since Naryuu already gave the command to Gluttony who jumped to where the blob was as it moved. Gluttony would jump again aiming at the table to smash through the table thrown with a paw. Swiping again with his other paw to deal S rank dmg during the blob's rush of punches. If landed Gluttony would attempt to jump once more to dodge the spear strike as the other Summoner tapped the ground before attacking.

Naryuu meanwhile waited for the moment he was behind the table and Gluttony's body. He would dash effortlessly to the ceiling 8m from the ground floor at 85 degree angle.Coming out of the dash he landed momentarily on the ceiling turning his hand as if reaching for a door knob. A magic circle appeared next to him as he summoned Pride Incarnate. It was time to take control of the pace and the setting. Close quarters chaos and control. "Crow!" Pride would swoop down in a sweeping arc to attack the summoner from behind.

Naryuu with the aid of his armor fell like a feather lagging behind with his sword raised across his body.

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Combat Log:


#9Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Fri Feb 03, 2023 7:33 pm

Azure Fenic

It was clear that this fight could go in anyone's favor if they played their cards correctly though it seemed as though one of them had let more information slip than they had probably wanted. Watching the pair work was something that he found amusing, to say the least, given the current venue So it's keep away, is it? he asked himself trying to land a hit on the summon while trying to land their punches while now having to make sure it didn't get hit as well. Using a weapon proved to be much harder than he had originally thought but it provided so much-needed exercise. Blob awaited its next set of commands 

Once the informant saw that they were able to hold two summons all his plans changed. Realizing that Naryuu uses keywords to command his summons he realized that this new command was surely an attack he dashed to the bar and jumped behind it for cover. Should this action have been stopped or interrupted he would try and use a table for cover, Naryuu was like a rather tricky fellow which made the data collection even more fun 

Azure found that this battle warranted for him to take it a bit more seriously "Gloves are off now." evaporated as they tapped the spear on the ground creating two summoning rifts manifesting one below him and the other behind him. The remaining people frightened and uncertain of their safety had started to place bets on just who would win this battle which made the informant chuckle. From the rift behind him came Cygnus who immediately took a defensive stance while the black liquid swirled around him before charging at Pride, should it catch the summon it would smash it through the wall where Azure and Cygnus would then leave out through. 


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Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Thu Feb 09, 2023 11:56 am


Naryuu dismissed Gluttony with a wave of his finger first after his target ran. Landing promptly on a chandelier he watched from 4m above the ground staring at the opposition and his summons. Pride was then assaulted before Naryuu would dismiss it as well before being slammed into the wall leaving a wisp of flames as it dispersed. His blade at his side as he simply stood and stared. Let them both recover and he could summon them later. Regardless he would outnumbered for the moment as he sat back and re thought his strategy. It seemed they were both somewhat sloppy with their weapons. That wouldn't affect much with the advantage in numbers.

Not to mention other limiting factors. But he could only make do with what he could do. He could survive until then and retake the offensive. Not to mention the strain of maintain all those Summons would take effect if he decided to keep them up and going.

WC:163 TWC:1065 Mana: 1440/1800


#11Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Sun Feb 12, 2023 2:26 pm

Azure Fenic

Not only did Naryuu manage to escape him this time they were still trapped within the bar though given how childish one of the summonses could be fixed. With the number game now in effect all the informant had to do was let his summons do their respective things to end this fight. Snapping his fingers Cygnus smashed the wall behind them and walked through it, with a smirk the informant waved at the man "Care to join me outside Sir?" he asked mockingly knowing that their options are rather limited at this current point in the fight.

Dusting himself off the informant pushed his hair back and started to feel uneasy. RK's drawback had started to kick in at this point as Azure did his best to hide the pain his body was going through but this fight was more or less already decided.  The second summons slithered its way outside the bar along with its master waiting for the boy. 

Should Naryuu actually come outside the bar Azure would be in a triangle formation with him at the top awaiting their next commands. Should he try and attack the summoner RK would attempt to counter it while Cygnus tried to disarm them. Azure would around and see that they had done some rather expensive damage to the area, part of them wanted to have the guild pay for the damages but the other half really wanted to leave it as it is. 


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RK & Cygnus

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Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Thu Feb 16, 2023 12:41 pm


Naryuu grinned like a mad man and cocked his head. It was crazy how one human could so much within a fraction of a second and respond.  "I guess i'll bite." Naryuu hopped off and  crashed through a table. He followed after the trio with no hesitation before standing in the massive hole in the wall. Naryuu immediately counted the distance with about 5m of breathing room so far from this little rag tag group. His sword never left his hand as he weighed down his options of the battle field.

Honestly he wanted to get things over with as he had places to be. Money to be made amongst other things. The situation was rather grim but that only made things more exciting. "This has been far too fun stranger. You impulsiveness to start fights turned out to make this day interesting." He would call out if allowed.

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#13Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Mon Feb 20, 2023 1:03 pm

Azure Fenic

Seeing that Naryuu came outside the informant felt it would only be polite to show them some respect as they gave up their only advantage. Bowing slightly he pretended to tip his invisible hat to the fellow summoner "My name is Azure remember when you get stronger okay." even though the fight hadn't lasted that long it provided him with some information and notes for his own tactics given that he now had a weapon. Oh wait a minute! he thought to himself quickly looking at both his current summons as it seemed as though things might have gotten out of hand. The more he looked around the more he thought of the bill that he would need to pay later given that Yuurei would more than likely see this as a learning experience.

"Say before sending you off whats your name?" he asked with a faint smile knowing that he could just as easily look for it. Azure would wait for the man to state their name before doing any type of action, should they see this as a moment to try and attack them the golem would simply block the attack and hold them in place. Azure didn't really see a point in trying to drag the fight out anymore even though it was clear that they had nothing to really prove by doing so. If Naryuu introduced themself the informant would dismiss the Black Liquid only leaving him and the golem. 

Those that remained in the bar seemed to be more relaxed than when the fight was inside even though that could change at the drop of a hat. That would only really happen if they had given in to their darker impulses which were also a possibility if things didn't go their way but the odds of that happening were rather low. "You Know this was the first fight I've had with another summoner and it was kinda fun." Azure had always wanted to fight a summoner but today just doesn't feel as though it wasn't athenitc enough to count. Raising the spear twoards the man the informant took a stance. 



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Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Fri Feb 24, 2023 4:18 pm


Naryuu couldn't help but grin devilishly. It crept up on him without control even despite his usual apathy around strangers. It was weird how comfortable one could be with a enemy ridiculous even. "I am Naryuu HanaKage Uncrowned Prince of Iceberg." He would  have returned the bow with a simple nod of his own. But then quickly snapped into a stance with his right foot forward blade held across infront of his chest. He saw as the strange liquid disappeared leaving only the golem and the man.

"I'll be honest Azure it'll be 2v1 unless you care to settle this between men. I don't expect you to give up your advantage I am not so naive.But..."

Naryuu bared down with his blade as he shifted stances. Both feet facing forward with a square base. A traditional kendo stance in its most base form. "I do not think of victory nor defeat I simply fight!" He shouted with a firm tone. His eyes,body, and mind completely focused on his opponents. He was ready to react a moment's notice this entire time but now a different aura radiated from him after his declaration. Not desperation nor hubris. It was conviction burning stronger than the pits of hell.

WC: 212 TWC: 1,427 Mana: 1440/1800

#15Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Wed Mar 01, 2023 9:47 pm

Azure Fenic

Azure was surprised to hear the uncrowned prince part of their introduction but it showed they had a goal and something to work towards unlike himself at this current time but that was something that could be fixed. The chatter of those on the street had started to get to the informant as they only muttered about their fight being a rather large inconvenience for them on what was a fine day for them. No matter the route took it would seem as though this fight was drawing to its natural close though part of him felt rather unsatisfied by this greatly for reasons unknown. 

Taken back by the suggestion the informant pointed at himself and then to his current enemy as if to say Man to man the idea of him fighting them in his current state was laughable at best given that he wasn't very good with his spear "It's a nice offer but I want to get outta here." Everyone around the two went silent as they now wanted to see the outcome of this battle, the excitement had filled the entertainment for the day though they did want to see more of their fighting style to better compare the two. 

The informant remained in the same position as he shifted his gaze to behind Naryuu "Welp Cygnus if you would?" he said snapping his finger as the Golem rushed at the man, she would throw a right straight to their chest the impact of the blow would send them flying back into the bar if they didn't do anything to prevent this from happening, should this hit land Azure and Cygnus would make their over to Naryuu and pat his head "Next time plan better." he told them jumping into the arms of his golem as they rushed back out.


Cygnus- 2,480

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Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Sun Mar 12, 2023 9:58 am


Naryuu easily followed the motion of the golem it was easy enough. Naryuu took a single step and slashed against the fist of the golem. A push back as he screamed with a heavy roar. He wasn't  able to hold out and lost the battle of strength.  A sudden block back as he spiraled through the air. A head on collision with the wall as wood and debris flew everywhere. Naryuu lay in the rubble blood pouring from his skull as his vision blurred. He heard words after feeling a pat on his head as he chuckled a deep boiling of his blood. "Till next time...... Rival...." Was all he could get out. It was almost like his body responded for him. Since his brain felt like onrushing waves.Even as his conscious faded his blade never left his hand still clenched in his palm.

WC:146  TWC: 1,573 Mana: 1440/1800

#17Azure Fenic 

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Empty Mon Mar 13, 2023 9:14 pm

Azure Fenic

Azure did feel slightly bad for Naryuu even though it was solely their own fault for boosting about their skill even though they did have a rather fun skill set it still needed to be polished but that also goes for himself as the spear was still an issue. The informant tried not to think about the repairs that we would need to pay for though if they played their cards right they could shift all the repairs onto someone else, Weird not a single Knight made their way over here even with all that rucks,  he thought to himself. 

As they made their escape from what could be called the scene of the crime Cygnus looked at her contractor briefly then back to the streets. With the battle now over something seemed to have been lit within the scholar, fighting wasn't something that they ever brought them joy in the slightest but this one seemed to have been different somehow "I think I might have actually taken a liking to that gu- no Naryuu." it wasn't every day that Azure found himself excited to encounter someone like their brand new rival.

End of Topic/Fight

Summoner Challenge [FIght w/Naryuu Code-geass-icon
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