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Trial; but did you die? [SL][Akuko]

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Trial; but did you die? [SL][Akuko] Empty Thu Jan 26, 2023 7:49 pm


All of them were looking towards where the marks were leading. "I suppose we should go to the lake, no?" she sighed softly and looked with her dark eyes. She began to walk and felt the cold wind against her face. She ignored any gazes from anyone as she stepped over broken pieces of housing that was in her way. The two men were not sure what to say as they felt shame over not telling her the truth. Mishiko didn't really think about them though, her mind was only on the fact that this thing that was causing this could be a real drag. Maybe it could be exciting even as it could make things difficult.

Once they had their thirty-minute walk of silence, she finally saw the marks gone and led to the water. There were clothes at the shore though. She slowly treaded carefully to the shore to look at them, the details and sure enough they were the same as that woman's. "It seems our crier for help was actually someone crying for attention," she muttered and squeezed the clothes. "Quite shame that the woman who cried for attention isn't even here to get it. I wondered what caused her to do all of that, perhaps someone rejected her?", she spoke out loud. She shrugged and smirked callously. The water behind here started to bubble ...



Trial; but did you die? [SL][Akuko] Empty Fri Jan 27, 2023 8:07 am

In some manner these kind of things were not entirely of her normal to see if anything at least the part of the gods becoming an overwhelming force taking over the realms of people to get them go to do things because they were bored, interesting in some manner also overpowering at times. To Akuko she stopped making jokes and such almost like it in some manneri t might have just been enough to keep her quiet for long periods of time and she seemed jaded to wanting to make jokes or she normal longer wanted to do it because it was just her thinking things out.

Why did she seemed so quiet about these things, better yet Akuko her self had to wonder why she wanted to care but almost did not at all."Hm.. is that so?"She did not seemed to actually question it but if anything almost curious what all was going to happen here.

In some manner it almost felt like Akuko was seeing something that she had done before, Or that this was some part of another persons life and she was witnessing a story far different from her and had yet too notice. Either way the loud mouth was quiet at this time and seemed more interested to watch and listen with Mishiko at this time. Thinking over a few things at this time. in some manner how she did not overly enjoy it the means of being forced here still but came to terms with it.


Trial; but did you die? [SL][Akuko] Shenhe10

Trial; but did you die? [SL][Akuko] Empty Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:30 am


Mishiko was rather making fun of the woman or creature, whatever it may be she did not care. She was here to destroy the trickery that was placed on the town. She turned to look fully towards the water as the woman emerges out of the water. Her skin was more milky green than sea weed water. "Hmph," Mishiko muttered as she got out her hand and had it towards the woman. "So nice for you to come back as your true self. Did it scare them away?", she teased. "Shut up..." she muttered. "You have no idea what it's like to be me... to be shunned because of what you were born as, or into..." she ghostly spoke.

Mishiko's eyes turned cold and smile was non-existent. "Maybe not exactly you, but you haven't been in anyone else's shoes either. Nor did you give the town a chance. Auto rejection became malice towards all humanity, right?" she questioned. The woman pointed towards Mishiko and her group as a ton of undead come out of the water. "Shame really..." she heard Ayako as he walked beside Mishiko. His hand twitched and at the palm of his hand, the water started to rise and the undead was unable to move. "W-what is this?" she started to squirm, but to no avail she could not move nor could the others. "I control all water, pretty easily as you can see," he chuckled and a lazy smirk as his rested towards the woman. "Don't return here and perhaps try else where. Not all is about beauty on the outside, and I've had to forgive more horrible things before and vice versa," he explained in his elegant-like tone. Her head dropped down and now looked as if she was lifeless, "Is she...?" Akio questioned. Ayako let go of the water and slowly she sunk back into the water while stepping backwards.

Her eyes looked at Akuko and then the others as she turned towards the town. "I guess since that's over, we should see if she stopped turning these people into zombies?", she sighed drastically and walked towards the town.



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Over all it seemed some what settled but Akuko was curious how one control bodies of undead from water? was it from bodies left in the water then become controllable? But observing how another person who reflected the same worries as Akuko just more aggressively and outwardly. It was interesting and in some manner understand how rejection could be taken. It all mattered on how the person took it. For once Akuko did not think to empathize with whom was causing the problems even if she had the means too. After all she was here because of other reasons over all.

Freedom and the free will to do all you wish in life was something considered far more important into."Or learn what other things they might have been lingering around."She just seemed to finally mention and spoke after a while. For some reason Akuko just had a funny feeling this was not all that would be done most likely. But she was a paranoid that way and she could admit it when asked about it. Then well what else was she to do but follow along and she did not mind at all. The thought of forcefully making and controlling undead lingered in the mind.



Trial; but did you die? [SL][Akuko] Shenhe10

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She felt like there was not much battle when it came to finding out who the culprit was. All of them decided to go back into town and go around to see if people were back to normal. Akuko wanted to see if perhaps there was more to this as she stopped and thought about it. The woman was the obvious culprit, but how did the people in the village get plagued anyways? Her eyes wandered as they walked closer to the village. Ayako stopped for a moment and gazed towards a direction. Mishiko noticed and tilted her head, "Did you find something...?" she wondered curiously as she walked towards the direction he was looking. Her eyes wandered to see what he was looking at or could be feeling. Soon enough she gazed at a well and saw a small child running for it to get a bucket of water. Soon enough after she drank it the child started to form.

"We need to purify the water, Akio and Ayako, both of you need to use your elemental abilities to block the water from the passage the waves are going and make a new connection to another body of water while this one becomes clean," she waves her hand in the air as both of them agree to listen. Her blackened eyes gazed at Akuko, "Can you find and get the remaining villagers out of the village and to the neighboring one?", she questioned her friend. Soon enough, Mishiko had to do what she was trained to do long ago as her human version, a cleansing ritual.


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These kind of trips made Akuko think many things and consider so may things with in her life that left her feeling uncomfortable, Death was one of them even if it was bound to happen and catch up to her eventually even. She could not help but think about uncomfortable death was when she was walking it's path. Dead bodies she could some what be dealt with however only slightly. In some manner the fear of just being in that eternal lake of just black water floating whatever way while feeling like you where not going anywhere it was haunting in it's own way.

After thinking and gazing upon her mind about floating all ways and no way at the same time, it was an experience that some one should almost never want to experience, Should never want too either it was a state of being everywhere and no where at the same time that scary to a person who never experienced death for some one was expected to meet the ferryman or be at a gate. It was vastly different.

With that Akuko finally snapped back to reality with the situation she was asked too. She had long been lost in her mind and needed to get better at that."Oh yes, Let me go do that." It was a simple request that Akuko seemed to sneak away into the shadows as she normally did to do exactly that with, She would be nice about it because when something was actually a serious matter. Gather people could be pretty simple even if she was a bit off she was pretty polite about it. As long as these people where safe it kind of important, But she was also working through hating Joya over all and moving on from it.



Trial; but did you die? [SL][Akuko] Shenhe10

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Rather or not Akuko did as she kindly asked in her own way, she decided to hurry up with her own task at hand. She sighed softly and commanded her weapon to appear. It was her scythe and funny enough it was her Shrine weapon. All Shrine Goddesses' weapon were different. She calmly breathed and as she started her dance in front of the water, her attire magically changed like some magical girl in a typical anime. She swung in a delicate and elegant manner. Slowly and carefully she jangled the bell of cleansing as it cleansed the water and spirits that were bad. Even after the culprit gave up, the bad spirits that hung around her still were existing. Her black eyes could see them all as they danced around her aura. She was death, so she was their escort to the underworld and away from the innocent people. After they were done, soon they had a portal out.





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Akuko never really could explain in the end how she got these people, But she made sure to actually be really nice and friendly. putting aside the guise and jokes of the trickster. The only thing out of place really was her hair and outfit but she actually make it work by being honest. She was actually being a well mannered honest and nice woman. None of that daemonic charm she would use on other other people. In some manner Akuko impressed herself with being able to do this, But would not remark anything about it unless needed too But she got the people where they needed to be.

But after that Akuko was not entirely sure where she would go next. But she needed to do something that was not focusing on what she was thinking about being in places here in Joya and what life she left behind. She thought she was happy to be free from here. But at the same time it was because Joya was not how she wanted the world around her to be.

And she hated it even more she thought of it to realize, It was not the land she hated but the actions of it's people. It was almost like it mentally poisoned her. Was this also her doing? or was this the altering of what made her different from life's events? Or was this the mixing of a daemon she had taken to live also effecting her mind. In which made Akuko think, she could be better. She would just have to attempt to be better. At least control her bitterness better because she felt like maybe she could learn a bit better as well. Over all she had to think was this Akuko entirely or was this an altered Akuko?

It was a good thing to ponder over while she kept herself quietly tucked away while the shine maidens did their job. But for now, until she was called for again Akuko might not really be out right seen until she wanted to be, having to deal with her own struggles and thoughts about it. Maybe she did not hate Joya just the things she saw it's people do when she had just wanted to have had her life be that peaceful way she remember it being at somepoint when she was just friends with the only other child in the village and they had nothing to worry about. Long before training to be a fighter and dying. But maybe Akuko was just being a spoiled brat about her problems too, It could many things.



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Trial; but did you die? [SL][Akuko] Shenhe10

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