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Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank)

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Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Thu Jan 26, 2023 3:25 am

The time was here the final fight the championship fight for this tournament Emil and Nasira vs The Boulder and Flow, the boulder is a very well built man that looks like he is nearly made of stone and he was a loud mouth like Emil. Flow is a woman with with long flowing hair and she was clearly a water element mage that works in combo with the man to take on the enemies from afar while the man of stone runs in head long and keeps them busy and Emil makes his way to the stage as he was more than ready to start to throw hands without even realizing that the man that stands in front of him is the weakness of his element and that this fight is going to probably take a bit longer than the other matches that they had to fight to get to this point.

As soon as the bell rings Emil is already throwing lightning charged punches at the man that is clearly coated in earth elemental magic and weakening all of the attacks that Emil is throwing and Emil is wondering why he is on the backfoot and his punches seem very weak compared to what he was usually throwing out and Emil gets a swift upper cut that sends him for a back flip landing hard on his shoulders as that punch was no joke and flow had set her sights on Nasira throwing long range water spells at the woman.


Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Sat Jan 28, 2023 2:34 pm

Another day another time. But still with the same person. Nasira did not mind doing all of this with Emil it seemed to actually be progressing things with her that she had not expected in life. But at least it meant work could continue. Sure she felt slightly sore from all of this but she was happy. Sure she was also thinking about how she could improve but things where moving quick. In some manner she was happy with the results but she really felt like after this she was gonna sleep. But work now sleep later she was use to this.

They prepared for third time around at doing this, she was prepared to fight it out to death if she needed too but started realizing she needed to be more prepared. She most likely would have to talk to Emil and say sorry for being lacked of being prepared over all for these things, but he seemed to take theses things in stride so it was something they could deal with later.

As the event started and Emil went to do things Nasira realize she was face to face with a water mage, Thus she thought quickly about it. She wound make a distraction by making a tiny fire ball from between her index finger and thumb and flick it at her at a high rate of speed. hoping it would miss but she would look. Then she followed it up with a very quick punch to the gut of this mage.



Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Mon Jan 30, 2023 2:17 am

The man runs in on Emil and is already starting to throw punches and Emil on the other hand is dodging the flurry of punches that had already sent him flying once, Emil knows that he needs to find a hole in this mans defense. Emil was jealous that Kaito probably would have floored this guy in a matter of seconds and he was struggling vs him like some kind of helpless child at the mercy of his drunken abusive father. Emil quickly shifts his footing as a punch comes across toward him and Kaito grabbed the mans arm and he flipped the man making him land flat on his back and he heard the air get knocked out of the man with rocks for brains.

Flow looks at the fire mage as she flicked a baby fire ball at her and she simply flicked a water spell back to destroy the fire spell and she laughed at the woman but in doing so she hadn't paid attention to what the other woman was doing and was soon meet with a stiff hard punch to her gut and the woman fought not dropping to her knees and she now looked pissed off at this horned freak that had dared to hit her like that and Flow swung herself around fast with a spinning kick aimed to hit Nasira in the side of her ugly head to hopefully knock some common sense into her to repay the woman for gut punching her like that with out any kind of warning.


Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Tue Jan 31, 2023 1:27 pm

It was most likely a good thing that Nasira was not the type to mock others for any reason. Anyone else with an ego would point out that one feel for a very simple and easy trick that should have been look past things."You would do well to focus and open your mind to other tactics."She said as a manner of actual honest helpful advice to them because most people where she was from these tiny tricks where always used and too simple that it was considered. At least it was all not over almost wanted to assume it was as this person did not assume some one would hit her at all.

Spinning kicks were nice, they had more style and momentum for impact. but when a person can just watch how a person spins. block it with then forearm then just threw another kick at her. in return with out any kind of fancy things added in just a straight up kick in quick reaction just to get on in. it did not annoy or displease her to see this happen. If anything should have been expected for it to happen. People where she was from fought differently compared to the people here.

But over all this was Nasira also getting comfortable and having her footing here.These where things some one long a go wanted her to get brave enough and she was starting to manage it now. These things needed to happen for progress for herself and others too.


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Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Wed Feb 01, 2023 8:25 am

Emil was doing his best to keep fighting and not let himself get taken out like he had nearly already been taken care of and he needs to make sure that this man doesn't turn and go after Nasira as she seemed to be beating the other woman pretty handily unlike himself vs this hulking man that had been tossing him around a bit as he needed to keep himself on guard as this man was his weakness and that made most of his moves far less effective which in the end puts Emil in a strange place here as he needs to protect himself but he is getting kicked around a little as the man gets back up to his feet and Emil and this man are just going back to back and blow for blow but Emil looks like he might be in the losing end of this fight.

Flow expected the other woman's kick but Nasira probably hadn't expected the kick she stopped to be a cast motion and a fissure of water fired right into Nasira's arm and into her face. Flow had blocked Nasira's kick and backed up in Case Nasira as well used a kick as a cast motion for her spells and flow thinks that Water attack might not have been strong enough to drop Nasira out right but it for sure should have dazed her and then Flow would run in and finish this off while the other woman was off her footing and dazed if that is what happened to Nasira.


Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Thu Feb 02, 2023 3:57 pm

This worked against her but Nasira always had a better idea of what to do in return with what would happen with getting the distance away from her. Its mark was left on her sure, But Nasira liked having this distance for a moment because there was always was a way back in. But when your a woman who uses fire magic to do minor actions, Nasira then just casted some fire under her feet to just propel herself right back at her to tackle her to the ground. Then would punch her in the face a few times. Hoping that would just finally disable her.

Then she would finally come to back up Emil, starting to ponder if she wasted too much time and got carried away. So she would just repeat what she just did but to go up high enough into the air ball both of her hands together and slam it upon the man head as hard as she could. To hopefully do something useful enough to keep them off of Emil or cause enough impact that it was very different to maybe keep them distracted. It was not fully thought out as she would like.

She was merely repeating in her head for it to work as she hoped, or be prepared for something to to hurt her, both where options she was prepared for in the end, But she was just getting in what she could do with some results that worked so far.


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Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Fri Feb 03, 2023 11:45 am

Emil wasn't going to go down so easily so he stood his ground as this was it this was the last stand for him if he dodged here he just showed that he wasn't worthy of fighting in these tournaments. Emil charged up his fist as much as he could and he runs right in at the man that was like a human stone boulder and as they met each throwing one last punch the other mans armored skin failed and the man was cleanly knocked out on the ground and Emil poses and laughs as this means that they had won this as it was now two on one and Emil turns and he sees the fire in Nasira's eyes and he knows that he can't interfere in her fight and he keeps himself charged in case she lost but he was not going to butt into the women's fight one on one.

Flow had not the slightest clue that the woman was charging right back at her from the watery mist that the woman's attack had mad so when the woman had come flying out of the mist her feet ablaze Flow was taken by surprise and as the woman started to ground pound her, Flow tried to protect her face and tried to punch and attack back even through she was for the most part pinned down to the ground by the fiery woman that had clearly come to win.

At the end of it all it was Emil and Nasira's hands raised to the sky being told they were the winners and they again were paid a reward for their hard work in the tournament.
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Bond in blood Pt.3 championship. (Nasira) (NQ C-Rank) Empty Sun Feb 05, 2023 8:55 am

It seems they had yet again won this event here. It would take a bit of time for Nasira to settle because she was still some what hyped up but even them she was not really all that dangerous she was just still in her mind set of being prepared. In some manner this was expected by her internally for she knew how the human mind could work when hyped enough enough for combat, Once it was all over they had to just wait until the rushing of blood settled like a tea kettle after the water had boiled completely and the steam was coming out just before the boil over.

But once that was done and the sound of winning hit her mind she seemed to only just smile for a moment and looks to see what else was going on with her it was a strange sense of being settled and calm. Was this the life and way people wanted to live all of the time? Or did each person do this for their own reasons, weather because it's needed or their ego. It seemed to have Nasira wondering. Maybe one day she needed to find this Flow person again and talk to her about how things were. Maybe give her an apology for being so rough on her, Then again some people needed that reality check.

But after making sure Emil was okay she would quietly leave with him and talk over the events and how he was doing. After all she did care about people.




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