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On To The Pews, One Found Eyes In The Dark.(Recruitment)

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On To The Pews, One Found Eyes In The Dark.(Recruitment) Empty Thu Jan 26, 2023 1:37 am

It would be one of her final "work" days at this church. It was a slow evening and she did not mind it. But still as always she had to keep her mind some what free and nor impaired while she was around this day. Well at least not yet.

She was with a clear mind to night as she figured it would be her either second last or last evening here. She had ran out of supplies she had normally had. In which was annoying to her. But the time here did not yield much either either people here did not pray all that much. Or she just as she planned never saw many of them because she was only active during the evening and she was not too worried about the stragglers that came in at the night time. It was mostly chasing away drunks and maybe every once and a while listening to people in some manner that had problems in their lives.

But sitting quietly in the pew reading away on something Elise was minding her business. Most likely being happy with how the situation turned out for her. Then finishing whatever she was sitting in the pew for. Elise got up and left the building. Looking around to see if anything was a miss at this time. It seemed pretty quiet and had nothing to worry at this time. But she was unhappy she did not have smokes or something to drink but she would live.


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Yuurei was in Orchidia City for the day; he had decided to get down there and do what he usually did, help. He had gone through the city as he was helping out with people’s daily activities. It was something he was used to doing, but he had not done it in a while. He was too busy trying to save the world and the people who inhabited it. It was a big thing for him, and it wasn’t something he wanted to be praised about. He didn’t do it alone and he had his friends with him along the ride.

It was why today, he would use his time to take care of those he cared about. He moved though Orchidia city with Renji by his side. The two would do exactly what had been mentioned earlier. It seemed like the task was long, and it would bring them to be in the city until the evening. The Seraphim would make his way through the streets of Orchidia as he was trying to figure out who else he could help out with. His movements were swift as it would seem like there weren’t many people around this area. It was then he would see someone walking around.

Their body language when they moved seemed like they were stressed and missing something. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he figured he would approach them. Renji would rush behind Yuurei so he didn’t get left behind.

“You seem stressed, is there anything I can help you with today?” He would ask the woman who looked like she could be a nun.

Still, her dark red hair and her other features screamed something else.


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Just her luck quietly pondering many things. But better yet why was something asking if she needed help at night, it was entirely something she was use to doing with out a second thought for some one else, Maybe this was just a change in pace for her. She would just have to do her best to not let her sour mood come out, But as Elise was most likely to start getting known by people being in a sour mood is hard to guess when your normally a fairly brash and rude person by nature. Surely maybe one day they would understand.

She suppose she should answer it."Oui, il y a plusieurs raisons à cela."She answered for once in her life casually, even if the hint of snark with mix in with it. But still even if she spoke Fiorian she was still answering in Minstrel mostly because she could, not because of any other reason.


She was not considering weather or not if the person speaking to her, did speak that or not, if anything she never cared."N'aide pas Je n'ai pas non plus de vin ni de cigarettes." She also added it in. Waiting to see what would happen. Was he able to understand this nun? Or was something else bound to happen at this point? It would be interesting to see what would happen.



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Yuurei would look at her as she spoke to him. He would rub the back of his head because he was certain he didn’t know how to speak that language. He only knew Fiorian, and Val'Elvarin; he had planned on learning a different language, but time never allowed him to. He was always out and about doing something for others.

The confusion on his face could be seen in her, and it would seem like she would continue talking in that language. He sighed as he didn’t expect someone from a different country to be here with just that language to speak. Maybe she just didn’t want to be bothered.

“I’m kind of sorry, but I don’t understand what you said. I mean if you want I can leave you alone. I was just trying to see if I could help you out.” He said to Elise as he would have a grand smile on his face.

Renji heard her and he would look up at her.

“You responded to him without hesitating, you know the language, so speak it. You don’t have to be rude about not wanting to talk. Tell him to leave or something, Yuurei wouldn’t bother you if you wanted him away from you.” He said to her as he was coming for her with talking to Yuurei in a different language.


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Elise wanted to almost just continue saying speaking in minstrel. But elected now to just pass on it."Yes, Because when one can understand and speak. Does not mean they are comfortable speaking it all of the time."She answered in fiorian, It was not the best Fiorian but it it was passable to be able to be understood. There was still noticeable that it was not perfect and she seemed still at times uncomfortable right away speaking fiorian. There was not really anything negative spoken about it no sarcasm, snark or bashmess in her voice."Maybe for once I was hoping some one spoke Minstrel as well."She would dropped there since maybe there was something here maybe she could continue on with, get her mind off of her addictions and work for the evening and maybe for once attempt to think about nothing heavy weighting upon her mind.

But Elise would make clear something at least to Renji."I do not mean anything rude to that, I am cautious over all as a person even if I am also only out at night time."She was seemingly scanning the area over all of the church she was the only nun or holy figure out at the evening so maybe she was just making sure things where okay and clear."I don't assume people here entirely here for a good reasons at night...there have been a few crimes I had to take from night time confesses that are....uncomfortable for the common soul."Elise was always borderline overly and maybe too cautious for people around her. But she seemed to been trying to maybe show she could be reasonable to Yuurei and Renji.

But she would try to be a bit nicer."If it makes it easier, I am Elise."She left it at that for introductions she did not mention much else about her and went."I am out of my normal vices of red wine and cigarettes, Leaving me here to go search for both things to deal with them."Elise did not sound like she was down on her luck all that much just dealing with the normal problems of addiction to drinking and smokes a common thing but still could see the problems that lay with it."If you are overly interested, I will talk while i search for the things I want...it will pass the time while i don't expect to find anything..."Elise mentioned because she never expected to find the things she wanted, most places where not meant for a people who was always out at night. Well at least no for legals things anyway she was not interested in the illegal stuff.


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Yuurei would chuckle when he heard Renji speak. He would rub the back of his head as he looked over to Elise he wanted to apologize for what his friend said even if it was the truth. Still, she was explaining things to Renji right then and there. He would shake his head because it didn’t need to go this way. The two continued to hear her and out and it seemed like she did work or volunteered at the church. Still, it seemed like she was someone who liked the bad things in life, and she was going to go look for them.

“Nice to meet you Elise and sorry about my friend being rude and straightforward. He has this thing where he needs to speak up for me because of how kind I am.” He said to her as he would look around.

“The way you speak is fine, I can understand it just fine. Now if you want to possibly find red wine and cigarettes then I guess we could head to a tavern and see if they have some for you. I guess drinking isn’t a bad thing to do at this time of day.” He said as he would start walking off in the direction of a local tavern around here.

“So, are you from Minstrel? I had someone talk to me like that from there. I should probably pick up on the language.” He said as he kept walking.

Renji would follow them as he was keeping his eye on her. He wasn’t sure if he could trust her and wasn’t sure why Yuurei would just escort her around.


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Elise could admit down the road to her own bias and judgment against people most of it not upfront, but also in some manner she was just generally a grumpy at times she tries to not be but it was like. She seemed almost find with the results anyway."I do not mind this behaviour, some manner my bad mood even if common should not be something so brash with people who are actually well intended around me."Elise mentioned before she did shake his hand, Elise even if she seemed a bit rough and rude in some manner. When she shook this mans hand she was actually generally pretty light and gentle then she could most likely actually be.

This was just more Elise maybe here compared to other places, take note that other people might not stand her normal antics even if she was expecting no one really to be roaming around at the evening times while she was most commonly out."Good maybe that makes conversations a bit easier."if she was understood a bit easier then she was improving it had not been that long since she tried to learn the language but did not feel at it's best yet.

His offer was interesting it perplexed her slightly. So she would ask just before she considered saying yes."Before I give you an answer to that, Why are you out here at night?"Elise wanted to assume simple and harmless things but she wanted to make sure since this was entirely her instinct for her to do these things."People from my homeland often boast our language being complex and pretty. But it is just pretty more than anything else."Elise mentioned that as well waiting to hear what would become by her wonder posed.


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Yuurei would shake her hand without a problem and he would see that she had a kind and gentle touch to it. It was after hearing her talk that he had forgotten that he didn’t introduce himself to her. For some strange reason, he forgot to do the one thing he did all the time. He didn’t care that he was a famous mage as it had never stopped him before.

He was about to speak, but she kept talking. She had asked him a few questions and he would chuckle a bit as those were reasonable things to ask.

“Well, let me start by saying this, but I’m sorry I never said my name. I’m Yuurei Starlight.” He said as he would give her a name to his face.

He would look at her as if he didn’t mind answering anything she wanted to ask him.

“I came from guild to come out and help with the people in Orchidia City. I basically wanted to make sure that nobody was harmed or being bothered by people who wanted to do bad things.” He said to her as he figured it was something not a lot of people would believe but it was the truth.

"If there are any other questions you need to ask me, then you can." He said with a genuine smile on his face.


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In some manner maybe Elise was talking a lot more than she could be known for normally, could be finding some one just not wanting to pray their sins away or was a daemon trying to kill her left her being a bit off at times of what to do. But he did mention his name between her rambles and it did keep her quiet. She took a moment to be sure she would be able to say so she tried anyway."Yuurei...hmm..ill get it eventually."If she had to repeat it enough times anyway, It did sound fine but she was still most likely just having some other things make her think it was hard.

A battle a mind must win over she pondered if it was the case or not."I see, might explain some of the roaming mages in the night."Elise just thought she had more work to do and more things to look into weather or not she could manage to hunt them on her own. It was a fair amount of work already piled on to the daemon she was looking into and hunting but maybe that was a worth it conversation for later.

But she seemed to entertain her interest for now it was good enough to see if it was good enough to invest her time in some manner. But none of the things she would ask would have to do with what she was out here for in which maybe might be just how she was always watching out for things she had already had in mind."What is the current amount of demons in this continent?" She was going to ask work related things. If he knew it was good if he did not no big deal to her in the as well.

And maybe a bit of a later one for her own interest with that last one. But she seemed to be looking around in general. For some places that might have lights on that might sell things, She was after all looking for smokes and wine. She could deal with one or the other as well.


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Yuurei had thought about something, she was a woman of faith, or at least he assumed that since she was helping the church out. He wondered how she would feel if he had revealed his true form to her. The question she had asked him was something he didn’t think would come up. Hell, he didn’t even think there were people actively looking for demons. He would rub his chin as he was thinking about it and then looked at her with an answer.

“I think there are about two people in this country that are demons. I wouldn’t know if there are any more than that. I know there is only one Seraphim in this country as well.” He added that last information just in case she would ask him that next.

He moved around the streets of Orchidia with Elise with him.

“What do you plan when you see those demons?” He asked her.

It wouldn’t take long, but he would see a tavern close to them. He would walk to the door and open it for Elise.


On To The Pews, One Found Eyes In The Dark.(Recruitment) Empty Today at 2:26 pm

It seemed Yuurei would actually get her interest for these things where in fact important information that she would want to know, just she kind of did not have things to keep track of it. But she would most likely remember it all later."Two demons? Makes me questions how many Daemons their are as well."Elise also sounded extremely interested  by this while they were walking. This was also Elise pushing for more answers if she got any she was find if not it would not bother her either, She was a take what she could get kind of person."Seraphim? interesting." She was starting to get invested in some manner. If these are the leads she could get. She might not need to hide in church and wait as much.

So she asked one question."Is this Seraphim a worry to the public?"If Elise was hunting demons, daemons and such she revealed that she was over seemingly hunting high beings or altered beings that might be problems to people who could not quite help themselves against them. Same could be said about mages but it seemed her focus was that part compared to mages.

Elise not scared to tell people what she will do."Judge how harmful they are to the public, Come up with a plan to possibly deal with them or ignore them. Part three if I have to and can manage kill it myself."That was Elise's job at this time, She did not know what Yuurei would make of this information.

But when they got in there Elise seemed to waste no time as she walked over and her some what thick minstrel accent talking about smokes and wine. Seeing how much of what she could get. In some manner at this time she could manage some what. There was a fair amount of supply but she did not have a lot at this time and she was use to it currently.


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Yuurei would notice the reaction that had come from Elise. It would seem like he had finally got her attention. This was good as he was trying to find some common ground with her. He would think about the daemons that were within a few and honestly he couldn’t give her a correct answer on that.

He would rub his head as his thoughts continued to build up as he could come up with an answer. While that happened she would continue speaking to him and he would listen. When she finished speaking, he watched her go onward to ask for what she wanted. He wasn’t sure if they would understand her, so he decided to go there as well.

It would seem as though she was willing to kill any higher beings that were causing trouble to the country they lived in. That was good to know and he would approach her with a smile as he looked at the bartender.

“Get her your best wine bottle and your best smokes.” He said to the man and he would notice that it was Yuurei.

He would nod as he wasn’t going to tell this guy no. Yuurei would turn to her giving her more information.

“There are quite a few Daemons running around this world, but the said could be the same for Nephilims. Whether or not they are causing havoc on our world, well we would know I would hope.” He said as he rubbed his chin a bit.

“I am not a worry to the public. I’m not even originally a Seraphim, but things happened and I somehow ascended to this.” He said as he would think about what to say about the last part.

“Interesting my guild is a monster-hunting guild, and we take jobs from every country to help further our relationship with them. If you are interested we have resources that I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to find within the church you help.” He said to her with a smirk on his face.

The bartender would come with the wine and smokes for the woman, and he would hand Yuurei his regular drink even if he didn’t ask for it.

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