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Destruction of the Bandits? (Kaito/Brone)

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 Destruction of the Bandits? (Kaito/Brone) Empty Wed Jan 25, 2023 5:33 pm


With the vampires gone, and in the Erwyr Settlement things, were finally slowing down. It also meant that the group could finally go to Ansem’s castle and finish taking the vampire who started Yuurei’s pain. That was good as it was what he wanted. His mind was focused, but the thrill of fighting was done and the pain he was feeling would start to resonate throughout his body. He still didn’t know why, but there was a devil within him. He was truly cursed as his right hand was bandaged up for all eternity, his right eye changed for the better and now something was dwelling within him that he had no control over. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he would fight it for as long as he could.

Still, now with the vampires cleared, the people who were hiding would slowly come out of the woodwork. They had noticed that Yuurei, Kaito, and Brone were the ones that were within the village. It also meant that they were the ones that had saved them from total death. They had a lot of dead to mourn, but the only thing they could do was be happy that they were alive. The people who died today did so to make sure that they got to hide in time. It was sad, but they knew that the vampires weren’t done just yet. One of the people from the village had started moving to Yuurei.

The berserker was in pain the entire time and he was moving his arm a bit and he was stretching a bit. His body was still fueled with anger for what had happened to Kailani. It was then he would turn to look at the person approaching him and he would stay silent as it looked like they wanted to say something.

“Yuurei, sir. The village had seen a bunch of vampires separate from this group and were heading to Erling Peak. It seems like they wanted the fortresses that the bandits call their home. I don’t know which one they had gone to, but you head there if you are trying to kill all the vampires.” he said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would hear these words and he would bow slightly as he was glad to hear this from him. He would look at Brone and Kaito with a serious look behind his helmet.

“We make our way to the Peaks and hopefully find the vampires that are headed over there.” He said to them as he would start running off.

He would move through the forest as the trees wouldn’t get in his way, and when he got to his next destination, the search would begin. The first few fortresses would be empty, and not with bandits, but vampires. The bandits were still there, but since they knew who Yuurei was, when they saw the man peek in and then walked away, they would think of it as a sign from god. Still, where could they be, he would hope to find them soon.


#2Brone Heavyaxe 

 Destruction of the Bandits? (Kaito/Brone) Empty Wed Jan 25, 2023 8:31 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had rushed to Yuurei's side as he saw his friend had collapsed. A false alarm he had guessed when Yuurei had gotten back to his feet. The battle with the vampire raiders had ended so all had fallen silent in the night and the transformations had subsided. The dwarf didn't expect the nephilim would have any sort of trouble, so to hear him cry out that way worried him. Seeing how determined Yuurei was to move on, Brone didn't bother to as him about what happened.

As Yuurei spoke to the informant who had just arrived, Brone had whistled in order to summon Geri; the wolf soon arrived. As he mounted up, he looked over to Kaito to make sure the dragon slayer was alright. His hands seem to have shaken just slightly, but he noticed. There was true concern for his friends; for they were getting ever so closer to Ansem like they did last time. Even though they had gotten much stronger and could comb through the lackies like fodder, the battle with the vampire lord they had experienced had nearly killed them, especially Yuurei.

"Yuurei left" Huginn's voice snapped Brone out of his memories. The ravens were perched on the dwarf's shoulders, waiting for him to ride off.

'Lets go then" Brone said and Geri ran after Yuurei while the ravens flew by his side.

"It won't be the same as last time" Muninn said, for he knew the dwarf was lost in his memories, concerned about the upcoming battle. Brone didn't say anything, too worried and he didn't want to make any sort of promise, nor did he want to say anything pessimistic, so he simply smiled in Muninn's direction.

Brone knew the raven was right, things have changed amongst the group; they were much stronger with new spells, weapons and transformations. Not only that, but they had Kaito, a new player in the game that Ansem had not faced and the dwarf was confident of the red-hair's power. Things were indeed different this time. He had the confidences before, along side the anger of what happened to Kailani, but seeing Yuurei collapse that way had worried him and brought him back to the memory of when he laid dying in the snow after Ansem had left.

"It won't happen again" he said to himself as he sped off into the night after Yuurei.

Eventually, Brone had escaped the thick of the forest and reached the mountainous peeks where ruins and structures were waiting for them. They did what they could and searched through the ruins, but silence greeted them. After the first two, Brone began to hope a vampire ambush would happen so that they could get it over with.

"Patience" Huginn said, and though the raven was right, Brone grunted in irritation at being told to be patient and aggravation that the vampires weren't spotted yet. His fists clenched the reins as he continued to ride, following Yuurei and hoping Kaito was following either by flight or with his Here-and-There magic.


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 Destruction of the Bandits? (Kaito/Brone) Empty Thu Jan 26, 2023 2:51 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito having also run over to check on Yuurei and seeing he is fine was relieved to see it as he looked around he could see people starting to poke their heads out as this was probably odd to them as three people had just shown up at the same time to protect the place or at least that is the thought that had gone through Kaito’s head as there had just been an attempted slaughter of this place yet the people still approached them and spoke to them so Kaito guessed he had misjudged the fact that they would probably distrust them. He heard the villager speak to Yuurei and he realized they were not afraid of them as they knew Yuurei, Kaito sees Yuurei seeming restless like something else was gnawing at him, Kaito wonders if that thing he saw had anything to do with what Yuurei was feeling right now or if he had only been seeing things from battle fatigue, he knows asking the man would yield little results.

Kaito hears the villager speak of the vampires and the movement that they seemed to be making and he guessed it was time to search out and protect those they should probably be running out of those very places themselves in their spare time. "So we need to save bad guys while fighting bad guys now, this trip just keeps getting stranger and stranger." to think that Kaito had only been in the north to visit his brother and his family and ended up on the backside of a long tiring adventure and he isn't sure how all of this is going to shake out but he knows that he is going to have to keep an eye on Yuurei and support him if this all goes side ways. Kaito knows if this all goes sideways and this ends up in some kind of fight to the death vs some huge monster Kaito will make sure that Yuurei and Brone survive it even if that means that he himself would perish in exchange as he knows the world needs these two in it.

Kaito follows behind them Revy still stalking behind him even though Kaito had tried to keep her safe but he knows that she is not one to just back down and go home but he liked that about her as she was devoted and it meant that she was going to be with him through the thick and the thing though that makes Kaito wonder if Renji was also looming around or if he had listened to Yuurei and stayed put some where unlike his own head strong exceed that was a die hard companion and was not going to just listen to an order she doesn't see as right.

Kaito looked around as they wandered out of the forest and he looked up toward the mountains and he wonders if dwarves would live in this area or not as this looked like a well protected area or if the bandits had run them off as well, but it was their job to save the bandits here today from the vampires when really it would make more sense to Kaito to just let the vampires kill off the bandits or the bandits kill off the vampires themselves but in this moment Yuurei wasn't probably gonna let that happen so he figures that he is going to have to help them even if Kaito was not inclined to be helping them as bandits have a very bad reputation in this area anyways but they were indeed going toward them one by one Kaito keeping himself semi-ready but not enough to set off a group of bandits that where in that moment feeling froggy or trigger happy.


 Destruction of the Bandits? (Kaito/Brone) Empty Thu Jan 26, 2023 8:52 am

On his trip to Erling Peak, he had taken in what his friends asked. He would take his helmet off and he would smile at them.

“I’m fine. I’m not sure what that was, but it seems to have failed its attempt to possess me.” He said to them as he would go back to his serious facial expression.

Yuurei would put the helmet back on as they were still looking. The fortress and ruins they would head to would show no signs of vampires. It was interesting, but they had to keep searching. The Nephilim wasn’t going to allow them to escape and he was going to let Ansem know that he was coming for him. He had attacked his guild, harmed the people of the north, and killed his beloved friend. It was a straw that he was not going to back from.

He knew the guys would see that it was foolish to save the bandits, but that wasn’t what he was doing. He just wanted to kill the vampires and if it meant that some of the bandits would live then so be it. His thoughts were overloading, so he shook his head as he looked on ahead. It was something he would keep doing until he heard screaming and fighting off from the distance. It would bring him to stop and he could hear the sound of weapons clashing, and magic being upon the battlefield.

Yuurei had a smirk on his face as it seemed they had found what they were looking for. The berserker would run in that direction, the noise getting louder and his body shaking more. He wasn’t sure if it was excitement or exhaustion, but he shrugged it off as he kept moving. The Nephilim would close the distance and there he would see the bandits there getting slaughtered.

They seemed to have been doing their best, but it seemed like the vampires that were there, were too strong. He would shake his head as he looked around to see if he could find the leader of this group. He would find him as it would seem like he was untouchable and Yuurei could only shake his head.

“I will…” He stumbled forward as he shook his head as he chuckled.

It seemed like the last fight he had, did a number on him. He would crack his neck as he looked over to Kaito.

“Do you think you can handle him Kaito? I’m not at a hundred percent right now.” He said to his friend as he pointed at the vampire he was talking about.

He would look over to Brone and then look over to the minions fighting the bandits.

“Let’s take them out. If the bandits attack you don’t hold back.” He said to Brone as he would do his best to regain his composure.

He knew with the vampire minions, he wouldn’t have to be at full capacity to take them on, but could he continue on with this battle with Ansem without taking the break they needed? He wasn’t sure, but he would try.


#5Brone Heavyaxe 

 Destruction of the Bandits? (Kaito/Brone) Empty Fri Jan 27, 2023 4:59 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
The night seemed to have gone on forever. Since they began their trek across the land to defeat the vampires, it was one battle after another. Brone was glad that he and his companions had the stamina to get this quest done. The amount of vampires they had faced were brought down like fodder, but the vast amount worried the dwarf, knowing that they were all servants of Ansem who waited for them in his damn castle like he did last time.

"What makes you think that he would be within a castle-like mansion like before?" Muninn asked.

"Narcissists usually keep to such living environments; he has no reason to give up on his castle" Huginn pointed out.

Didn't matter to Brone whether Ansem was within his castle or in a cardboard box, for he and his friends intended to defeat him this time for sure. But even with his confidence, the dwarf felt the shiver as he remembered the utter defeat they had suffered last time.

Eventually the group closed in an a fortressed where the sound of battle rang into the air. Yuurei's movement changed and sped off. Brone reacted the same way; he snapped the reigns, pushing Geri's speed. Finally after covering a great distance, they had found the next nest of vampires.

"Seems vampires are engaged in a battle with the local bandits" Huginn had went ahead to scout the skirmish before returning to report to the dwarf.

"Are you going to be rescuing bandits for a change?" Muninn joked.

"If they don't get caught by my return swing, then I suppose so" Brone scoffed. He was intending on swinging his mighty weapons wildly and didn't care if the bandits were caught in the crossfire.

When Brone finally arrived at the courtyard of the fortress remains to see a large battle royal, the dwarf dismounted and allowed Geri to run off, avoiding the battle and the raven took to the sky like before. One of the vampires was about to sink his teeth into a poor bandit but was interrupted by Brone's golden axe which slammed into the side of his head and sent him flying, releasing the bandit from his clutches.

"Thanks" the bandit had faced his savior with relief upon his face, but realizing he was in the presence of the well known white haired dwarf donning golden armor and a golden axe, he knew that victory was nowhere in his future, the situation simply got more complicated.

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 Destruction of the Bandits? (Kaito/Brone) Empty Today at 12:44 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito looked around and he didn't really see the point in them fighting to save the bandits from their incoming doom. Kaito knows that they are not all bad but in this world the darkness doesn't choose which one is more deserving of death and corruption if they are good or not but Kaito guessed he had very little choice in this matter and he can hear someone as well as well as feel them watching him and he then hears Yuurei asking if he will handle the man and then Kaito sees them as they had a very strange aura as well as a smirk on their face and their eyes looking like they were laser focused on Kaito and he wonders where this guy came from and why the fuck he is staring at Kaito. Kaito agrees that he will take on the man that was looking at him to one on one combat.

The man and Kaito go off to the inner parts of the fortress to fight it out. "Well well Look at you, You must be Kaito~ I can sense a wonderful curse inside of you, How about you let me have it so I can put that to better use." The man runs at Kaito while transforming and he is using black and white claws and Kaito dodges back away from them and he used his Shield to defend against the slashes of the claws that hit him and he measures his steps as this vampire seemed to hit with two different types of element and force as he can feel them against the shield which is not giving but they attacks are strong then a claw comes slashing through the shield and Kaito pulls his head back just in time for the slash to miss hitting him across the face and he sees a trail of white behind the slash.

"Seems your curse and equipment are stronger than my blessing that is a really odd thing to see." Kaito fires a beam of arcane energy at the vampire that starts laughing as he slashed it with the black claw and the spell seemed to just go flat into the ground and Kaito realized that his shield was getting heavier the more the black claw had hit it and now Kaito sees the gimmick that the vampire was using as the white claws seemed to make things lighter while the black made it heavier and the white ones went through armor as the black was seemly more damage to the armor.

Kaito bashed his shield into the vampire then made some space between them and he knows that he needs to make sure that this fight doesn't take too long and that he can end this without his guts on the floor as this vampire was not normal as their power and magic seemed bother pretty and foul at the same time and he doesn't want to risk don't something that can not be repaired or changed.


 Destruction of the Bandits? (Kaito/Brone) Empty Today at 2:24 pm

Yuurei would watch as his friends would go into the battle without hesitating. He was happy to see that they were ready to fight with him at any given movement. Now he was going to take care of the vampires in this place while Kaito handle the most annoying one of them all. He would rush into the battlefield and he would appear between the vampires and the bandits. The group would stop their fighting as they all looked at Yuurei. They didn’t expect this to happen, but that was when Yuurei kicked one of the vampire’s heads off.

It would be sent flying and both the vampires and the bandits were shocked to see this happening. The bandits didn’t know if Yuurei was going to attack them as well, but when they saw him turn his back on them, they would sigh with relief. He would just look at the vampires as they rushed straight to him as they saw a new foe had appeared. They knew that this man was scarier than any other thing here. He would see them coming for him and he would step back and he would start dodging the attacks of the vampires that were after him.

He would get close to the bandits now, and as much as they knew they could try and stab him from behind, they chose not to. They didn’t want to fight the vampires here as they had seemed to be a big problem if they lose Yuurei. The Nephilim would have a smirk on his face as he would see another vampire coming straight for him. Yuurei would step his foot forward and he would push the vampire’s leg back causing him to lose balance.

It was then that he would pull the vampire’s arm he would lift him up with his arm and then he would slam the vampire onto the ground. The impact would cause the ground to crack and the floor to crumble a bit. The vampire couldn’t do anything as he was crushed and flattened just from the slam on the ground.

The vampires would see this and they would jump back from the sheer power of Yuurei. He would shake his head because he was not at full strength right now. The berserker had been injured and was exhausted from the constant fighting. He would straighten himself though as he looked at the vampires here and he would shake his head before he started running to them.

They would see this and their eyes widened as they didn’t expect him to rush to them. They were nervous for a bit before they started running to him. Yuurei would spin around to avoid one of the vampires and he would have his hand stretched out as he would backhand another vampire on the head and their head would fall off from the impact. He would stop spinning as he would look at the group of vampires that were shaking on their feet.


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