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Tanuki Ishi

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Name: Tanuki Ishi

Age: March 24th, x767

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Enca

Ethnicity, Mother: Sin

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: In the center of his chest, on the sternum

Face: Hua Cheng | Heaven's Official Blessing


Height: 6'2

Weight: 172lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Amber, though appear red in proper light conditions

Overall: Tanuki is a tall, lithe man with long black hair, dark amber eyes, and whose general appearance varies depending on his mental state and how well he has been capable of taking care of himself. He'll either be dressed in fine traditional Sin clothing, most often red maple in color, or half naked, with very little in between. He has fair skin, and a deep soothing voice (though this sometimes can sound more chaotic or sporadic depending on his mental state.) There are times when he's been known to wear an eyepatch, though he sees perfectly well from both eyes.

Extra: Crimson red butterfly on his upper right outer bicep


Personality: Tanuki suffers from a mental illness known as paranoid schizophrenia, which opens him up to a massive influx of auditory and visual hallucinations. The voices that he hears are many, and varied, and can drastically affect his moods. With a likely trove of other underlying issues, either caused directly or fueled by this overarching constant mental stimulation, his moods can often swing quickly and suddenly depending on the stimuli which surrounds him. There are those who can develop a close relationship with Tanuki and can help him navigate these mental whirlwinds, but he's often left to his own vices and gets caught up in the changes.

While the mental illness can be stirred up or triggered by anything or nothing, references to things which are connotated with powerful emotion (likes, dislikes, fears, motivations) can also serve as triggers, depending on the manner in which they are brought up and his previous mental state. The reaction will not necessarily bring an immediate, visceral, or any apparent change to how he is expressing himself- he has lived and grown with this illness and thus has adapted to it fairly well. When triggered, however, what will occur immediately is a change in the tone of a majority of the "louder" voices he sees. The breakdown of how the trigger affects these voices are as follows. On rare occasions, rather than the voices being randomized in this way, they can take on an intentional tone- This will often be for plot purposes, but can also be used when metagaming from an RP partner is heavily suspected. Essentially, this is a for-fun system, not an ironclad rule, so do not abuse it.

1-18: Sadness
19-37: Happiness
38-56: Anger
57-70: Surprise
71-85: Fear
86-100: Disgust

  • Natures: Bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, flowers, animals, the sea, the sky; anything in nature, Tanuki finds a sense of appreciation for. The open, free expression of nature, and how everything just looks to work, is something he greatly enjoys.
  • Alone (or Near-Alone) Time: External stimuli is unpredictable and can cause rapid changes in the voices which Tanuki is exposed to on a consistent basis. When given the opportunity to isolate, or to surround himself with only a few trusted individuals, he feels more peaceful.

  • Sudden Heightened Stimulation: Not just seeing some people, or hearing some talking or some yelling, but the consistent stream of new and changing things can sometimes cause a reaction from Tanuki- Primarily, and especially, when such stimulation comes suddenly.
  • Mental Manipulation: For someone who has spent their life trying desperately to discern the difference between agreed perceived reality, and his mentally generated reality, Tanuki has his hands full separating the two. When others take advantage of this, knowingly or otherwise, and mess with his mind or psyche, he does not take kindly to that.

  • Conquer Reality: This means something different to everyone, and to him every time you ask. What is reality, and what does conquering it entail? Is it a violent takeover of the external world, an establishment of his dominion over the internal strife, or the ability to strike a balance between the two? Maybe something else entirely? It is a forever moving motivation, one he can never reach and therefore will always drive him.

  • Losing Himself: The first most terrifying part of a mental illness is learning that you have it, at least for Tanuki. There wasn't a relief in finally being able to understand how different he was, or to be able to describe it, but a dreadful feeling of "Why am I like this?" The second scariest thing is the idea that, after learning, he could still potentially lose himself into the abyss. If that happens, despite the knowledge of his illness, it'd mean he was truly lost.
  • Claustrophobia: Being locked in a tight, limited space is awful for Tanuki. It feels as though reality, the voices, the images- Everything just locked into this one, limited, confined space with him.


Strength: 31

Speed: 31

Constitution: 125

Endurance: 125

Intelligence: 264


Magic Name: Totally Normal Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: None

Magic Description: This is totally normal magic. It does things that are totally normal with magic, using the arcane element. What does totally normal mean? Well, it creates totally normal and mundane things- But out of arcane. Arcane normalcy if you will. Need a light? Totally Normal Lightbulb. What's it do? It makes a totally normal lightbulb, which is lit without any batteries or electrical source. You know, now that it's described, I guess that's not that normal?

Need to hit someone? Totally Normal (arcane) Hammer. Stab? Totally Normal (arcane) Pointy Thing. Completely overwhelm your opponents with the relative mundanity of normalcy.


History: Imagine, if you will, what it was like to be a child again. A time so distant that you cannot truly perceive it as it were, untainted by the life you've now lived. Yet there was a time when everything made sense, but nothing was built with the logic of the world. Things simply were, and until someone other than yourself offered feedback on the perception, it seemed right. You didn't necessarily know right or wrong, or how the world worked, only how you perceived it. It was only due to outside interference that you felt confusion and doubt; Severe reactions which had never had to be dealt with before, and forced a reckoning with your own internal creation.

Now imagine that no amount of education or being told the "right" answer could actually change your reality? The voices and monsters weren't imaginary- Not in the way that others understood it. They could tell you how the world was supposed to be, but they didn't know that your world was valid too. It was real, in its own way. It could not be taught or negotiated away, and as one of the rare few who were born with this rather than developing it later in life, it was all you knew. Your truth would never quite align with the worlds, and the two sides of reality would be locked in a sometimes bitter struggle for who was more right.

And sometimes, the monsters won.

Tanuki grew up as a child who had to go through a different type of struggle than nearly anyone else. Reality for him was always teetering on a knives edge, and while he had better and worse days, he never had a single moment without the duality of the worlds. His parents loved him dearly, but they could never understand his life. As a young man, barely sixteen, he ran away from his home in Sin. It was not due to abuse, nor lack of nurture, but rather that the voices had won out temporarily. Long enough to change everything. With just some spare money, and half of his wardrobe shoved into a pack, he made his way to Fiore, where he's lived since.

Lucky enough to be blessed with good genetics, making him strong and magically inclined almost effortlessly, he was able to make a living as a mage. He didn't consider himself evil, and his understanding of "Dark Guilds" was so vague that he just assumed that's what they were. He couldn't see himself in a Light Guild, as his illness would eventually get him removed. And so, to this day, he remains an unaffiliated mage.

Reference: Jove Augustus, gosh what a swell guy, honestly he just makes everything he touches better.

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Azure Fenic

Hi Jove/Tanuki just one thing I need to do before setting ya free

-Just include a base magic as it's required for you to have one. 
-Bump once done

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Azure Fenic

Congrats you character is approved

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