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A Stranger in even Stranger Lands (Kon)

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#1Silver Sparrow 

A Stranger in even Stranger Lands (Kon) Empty Fri Jan 20, 2023 8:07 pm

Silver Sparrow

Silver faithfully placed his life in the hands of those beyond the realm of mortals. So, while he was indeed a stranger upon Fiore's land, the Encan Seer was confident in the universe. South Fiore was as beautiful as he could imagine, it was a complex part of the world. Lava found a home in one place, and the spirits of winter settled in another.

Asibikashi levitated behind Sparrow. Its eye-shaped center seemingly glared directly into the depths of the abyss, as if it could see what the normal eye could not. The dream catcher seemed to be fond of people. The ability to control one's fear...a frightening power for someone to have. The wintry winds raved through Sparrow's silvered locs and volcanic smoke filled the atmosphere. They stood openly. Arms stretched out beside them before taking one deep breath, and then, he began to make his way toward what he was looking for.

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The barren volcanic wastelands stretched out around the darkly clad metal man, who stalked the terrain accompanied only by the winds around him and his companions bound to him both in soul and blood upon his belt. As the guild master of the construct that hovered above him he was burdened by the responsibilities but not just the people within its walls but also those who shared his guild insignia through earthland. In these past few months the collective mind had prospered gaining members left and right from the strangest of places. Feeling on Ill intent from any he had permissed their recruitment with minimum hesitation. They were still a new guild he didn't have the luxury of refusing people purely due yo their behaviour. This wasn't the rune knights afterall the guild was not bound by the same rules and responsibility that the knights experienced. While fieros girdle was typically a land devoid of life with the arrival of the guild more were coming to the inhospitable area even so kon was somewhat surprised to see someone out in the open, particularly one who he had not meet. Always the curious type kon advanced upon them his footsteps creating echoes in his wake denoting his significant weight. A man of metal didn't have the luxury of subtlety it had seemed. Reaching to his left side, kon announced his presence through his artificial voice box still unacustom to their male voice while he had requested it was still an oddity having been a woman for so long. "Hail citizen, what brings you to Fieros Girdle, surely not the views? Perhaps you have come to meet someone in particular, a certain guild master perchance?" Laughing towards the end more than willing to make himself the butt of the joke.

#3Silver Sparrow 

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Silver Sparrow

As the Summoner began their journey, they heard the clumps and clamor of metal from behind them. Naturally, his body reacted. He spun swiftly, raising his hands in the process, prepared to strike down any daring stranger. What he saw was unexpected. A cyborg? Silver's eyes lowered, hesitant to move from the being. Its voice croaked, almost drowned by the power of technology. Guild master? the seer pondered, remembering their father's voice muttering something about.

"I see...you are a leader of one of the Fiorian organizations..." he began, not yet at ease. "On the contrary; I am here for the views. They are...divine."

"My apologies If I have intruded on your territory." The newcomer didn't want their first interaction in Fiore to be negative. Plus, this cyborg already had Sparrow intrigued. Encan natives weren't big on technology. The land, the gods, magic, and the spirits provided them with what they needed to survive.

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Opting to hesitate for the slightest of the moment, Kon swiftly realized that the man was neither an adversary nor out to directly harm him and instead proved themselves to simply be a tourist in these inhospitable lands, a civil one at that. Their description of the area being divine left kon feeling itchy all over with it being in part the reason for his transformation. Still, something he had not preferred, little at this point remained organic at this point with only his left eye which wasn't his own eye in the first place. Wishing no harm upon the traveller, Kon casually shifted his augmented limbs into his pockets and welcomed them into the fiery pits of Fieros Girdle. "They are certainly something unique at least within Fiore, there are similar oddities elsewhere within Ishgar, but Fieros Girdle has a special place in my heart." Something said in the most bittersweet manner possible given Kon's current state of being. "Now then, perhaps if you'd like to continue, may I ask your name?" They were certainly an oddity immensely powerful yet an unknown figure, truly unusual.

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Silver Sparrow

Uyabe considered themselves a great judge of character. As did their people back home, so they were quickly able to feel that this person was powerful. "I can see why." The Encan gently said. He hoped that one day, he could witness those oddities firsthand. In the meantime, perhaps this stranger could help them find a particular item. "They call me the Silver Sparrow." the trinkets on his wrist clanked as he presented his hand to the cyborg. "And this is...." The dream catcher watched in the background, slowly making its way around the duo. "Asibikaashi." If the stranger ahead took his hand, Sparrow would once more speak. "What do they call you?" Curious. The half-elf assumed that his name would be something outlandish. The story behind this man had to be an interesting one. Was he created, or was he an altered human? Were there more like him?


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Their name did little to reveal their origin, Silver Sparrow, something more closely resembling an alias than their birth name something which he could truly learn more from, where they came from, who they were in standing with the rest of society all unknowns while the other had the advantage with his own name being far-reaching for both noble and heinous acts which he had committed in the past decade. His companion's name did little to help either only revealing that they might possibly be from Stella but that was a great assumption, Kon might reside within and have lots of items from Fiore but it didn't make him from there. Rather than leaving the man's hand unoccupied, Kon took it with the same regular strength he'd provide with the average citizen. "I have many names, given to me through deeds long since forgotten, friends however call me Kon." Hoping to find answers surrounding their unusual name, The machia scanned deep within them using his augmented eyes. "Now tell me how did you come by such a name?, Silver Sparrow, it's not a title I'm familiar with."

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