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The Shaping of Stars.(Social/open)

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The Shaping of Stars.(Social/open) Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 6:09 pm

Yet again in her travels. Miriko used it as a means to explore and learn new things. Thus in her many ways of repeating and doing things she might have ended up in other areas either not remembering she had been there before or just not caring she had been there already and was ready to go back.

Alistair and Miriko was casually chatting away talking about a few normal happening in life, in this matter it seemed to be talking about getting art supplies in the future. Talking about their poor travels in preparing to go on this trip, but at least in the end she had plenty of pencils and paper to draw so she could by. Thus their walk was if anything about a standard in the day and life of Miriko since she had not many things on her mind, then again not many things where interesting as well.


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Having landed within Minstrel. After meeting with a little fairy and a strange man that had a bit of a slick tongue. Jikan was on her way again. Having left the landing dick with Mia on her shoulder and Maxx on her side. It was, some interaction and experience to say the least. But by far nit the worst or most boring experience.

What a way to come back home. Well. At least things were still peaceful so far. Either way it was time to see how life in the motherland was doing with this whole? Invaders from another dimensional counter part realm was going. Fiore was in a mess of a turmoil after all with shocking events happening to well known players on the board left and right.

This type of chaos would just be the type of thing some people in the low and middle class would enjoy to see as a show, and many of the many wealthy hands long to twist as a game. Oh did Jikan expect such a thing, but couldn't help but worry about the common people. And her family. Her blood family even with how distant she was.

Along this walk and check one people, lost in thought she practically bumped into Miriko and Alistair. Her cheeks turning a deep red as she looked up from her fallen position. Arms waving in a jumbled panic movement. '"WwwwhawhachuxhuyouMigaMimi do doing he a wa here!?!?". She panic and off guarded was she that she split half her words in her native tongue and half in Firoian.

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Long term wandering was something that Saturn felt was necessary to learn the lay of the land; with memories of various other places coming to head he was left with the sensation that he should go somewhere other than the frozen mountains of iceberg; the keen and lovely scenery of Joya or the powerful country of Bosco. Each one of them tickled his mind in ways he couldn’t explain and it honestly hurt him a little bit to think about.

So rather than go to each location to spurn the memories further he instead decided to head to a country he had never heard of in any way shape or form past the little travel brochure that he happened across with the caravan he had been traveling with for a short time.


He was curious about the song of the land there, the song of the people and ultimately the sort of individuals that would call this place their home. His confusion and cluelessness leading him along through the long days and nights. But he mostly avoided the cities or the towns that he saw. Not doing super well with them due to the sheer amount of people he was inevitably forced to go into what amounted to a town. Maybe a city?

He wanted to see what sort of information he could gleam from talking to the people here now that he was fully into the country itself. But. He’d pause and cock his head; the positively massive demi-god stood a good head shoulders and chest above most people and he was left for the most part to his own devices yet… here he was hearing a song of confusion and that of one of creativity.

Curiouser and curiouser he’d lean around that of a building. Golden eyes cracking and a soft ‘la’ rolling through his tongue in native speak. Something that was rarely uttered on earthland. Sounding more akin to a musical note than anything else.

The confusion and startled song came from a woman with fiery red hair.

The song of creativity came from a mild mannered looking woman.

There was also a third somewhat passive yet protective song coming from the large creature next to the mild mannered woman. Interest peaked and he’d step out fully from behind the building. How did that greeting go again? Raising his hand slowly and giving it a soft wave; the pads on his finger tips glowing softly in the light of the day. No words were spoken but a mild wave was given; the motion itself was gentle and the smile he kept ever present on his face was calm yet kind.

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There was a fun and in some manner good amount if innocent bliss with in the mind of Miriko while their generally conversation moved on. But she was then moving into what all that could consider picking up and drawing in minstrel since they had to settle into just pencil and paper drawing, not that she minded at all. But then got bumped into by Jikan and her merry bundle of other beings at that time.

Looking at what bump into her so to say out of wonder she would gaze at Jikan for a moment."Oh? some one sneaking up on me this time?"She had to joke about it.in some manner at least Miriko seemed in a bit of a better mood and she was pretty normal at this time. Rather then Jikan's look of red. Almost could be mixed up with her hair at least in her mind."I think you need to relax however, because you surely aren't yourself."it must be werid to have the kind of be the opposites for once in their lives than against Miriko was not all of the time a bundle of nerves she was still able to be normal.

But alas Miriko sight was more interesting in not only something taller than her in which was a bit uncommon but seemingly far more bestial in nature but friendly. Miriko enjoyed these kind of things because well. She drew ideas form them."Oh? aren't you an interesting being. I do wonder if you are able to comprehend language."Miriko meant this in a nice way only because she did not know many thing but seemed more than delighted to talk to Saturn. Hoping he would speak back in some manner to her. But friendly as always.

Alistair seemed to just watch with interesting but seemed not worried at this time, But was find just doing what he was doing at this time.


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Bewildered was an understatement. Embarrassed. Well. That was a whole other thing. That was a word that held more weight to Jikan right now than any mortal world that existed on Earthland. By the gods. She had flaied and fallened down right on her butt. And then mumble and jumbled her words unable to control what language her brain was thinking. IN FRONT OF MIRIKO!!

Not a day full day of being home within Minstrel. Not even  isolated and by themselves either. In a town. No. A budding city. And a stranger was here waving hello as well. An awkward reaction to the sight or an amused twist to Jikan's actions.

"No, n- noo. I was walking im thoughts. Since I am back home after so long there is so..so much on my mind", Jikan said with a stutter, her fiery hair falling to cover the right side of her voice as she practically squeaked whispered her words out.

"I I I I I", she started before jumping i to the air growing redder. Finding it all much too much for her. "I'm sorrrrrrry", was all that could be heard as Jikan sped away. Breaking out in an immediate run to get far far away from everyone as she could.


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The motions and songs of the various people in front of him had Saturn for the most part in rapture of trying to understand them. His smile widened a bit as he could tell that the songs of the two that weren’t in an actual tizzy seemed rather accepting. He’d cock his head to one side as she spoke; fiorian was still frankly new to him and any other language was still in the same boat. But given that he had spent a lot of time around some natural speakers the large demi-god gave another ‘la’.

However the fiery haired woman practically ran off and left him blinking; he could feel the confused emotions in them and would stand there for a moment. Was running after someone like that wise when you didn’t know them? No. Probably not; though worry creased his brow for a moment before slowly turning his head to Mimi and Alistair. His voice was soft; sing song even. Laced with mana and magical energy that caused the very earth to rumble in a soft endeared pleasure.

Can. Know. Can’t….

There was a pause as complex words didn’t quite sit well with him; more so that he wasn’t sure how to put them into song or speak them well enough. Complex emotions were hard to convey and with a huff he’d pull out some parchment; his eyes were closed anyways so it was probably strange to see him move so naturally without looking. But he was listening to things around him so that was probably why.

Pouring his emotions of curiosity, friendliness and the soft subtle hints of wonder into the parchment. Forcing runes to slowly warp into place the large demi god would offer it to mimi and Alistair. He was clearly curious about them, seeming apologetic for his inability to firmly grasp words and speak them towards them all. He’d take one hand and spread it on his chest before speaking from the ‘heart’.


Much like with ashley he was at least capable of introducing himself; but this time it was easier for someone else that he wasn’t already laced in an area and pumping out mana left and right wouldn’t be wise in a city setting. At least from what he had been told before…


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It seemed one would leave quickly. While Miriko interested in the fact that the being seemed to be harmless seemed to continue on with her interest after a few parting words."Sorry for what?..wait what is going on."Jikan seemed to be gone and even if she wanted to be slightly worried it was something she would check into later."I should...check on her later." She did sound worried for a moment.

But it was talking broken but talking, It gave her ideas."Saturn is that what you wish to be called? Well welcome."Miriko was hoping they were not overloaded with information. But Alistair seemed not worried so not much else seemed to be of worry at that time.

Miriko would continue talking while she was drawing on her sheet of paper it seemed effortlessly done while she was talking. She had an idea she was drawing at this time while talking."I am Mimi."She would mention that so they had something to call her in return.


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He didn’t particularly understand the jumble of emotions from the red haired one that ran away. Leaving him mostly standing there in confusion. The two talked ever so briefly; or at least there was some kind of communication. He seemed out of sorts and hearing that ‘worry’ in Mimi’s voice earned a tilt of the head.

He understood somewhat the languages of this land; many of them foreign to him. Fiorian was the one that he understood the best but he wasn’t in fiore right now. So to hear that at all was at least a boon of sorts. The golden demi-god nodded his head at the question.

They wished to be called Mimi? Saturn pondered this and would take a few moments; formulating the name in his head. The emotions that were attached and relevant at the moment. A pure statement of self along with a curious twist somewhere deep. His inflection of the name was laced with mana like he was talking out of his soul rather than just with his mouth.


Like a parrot he repeated that name; two names that he knew properly now. Both belong to female humans. Though comparatively mimi seemed to have more magical essence or at least bearing than Ashley did. Perhaps it was due to their ways of life? Other things? Maybe there was a different sense of growth.

...Yes. Saturn.

His eyes slowly eased to alistair and he’d tilt his head slowly to one side. The large cat like creature hadn’t spoken. But he could feel them just as acutely as he could mimi or the flustered red head from earlier. How did that one word go… Translating things in his head was difficult due to the excess of information he was privy to at all times. It was easier to communicate in your head honestly. Or by runes on paper. Tapping his temple with a finger the demi-god had a moment and then nodded his head. It was a simple single word; one that he had been privy to hearing when walking by certain areas. He knew it was related to the felines so he hoped that the larger one wouldn’t be insulted when he asked.

.....C-.... Cat?


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These experiences where in some manner always worth it to Miriko she in some manner learned many things from seeing how things worked different from other beings, in design and ideas. Miriko was most likely one of the better ones to meet otherly world beings that where harmless. Then again it also helped Miriko over all was just the easy to get along type.

The she look over at Alistair. "Alistair."She simply mentioned also followed up by Alistair himself."yup, Alistair."It seemed pretty simple to leave it at that. With her vested interest of how this was going she seemed to be looking into what else she could do or say.

So much so Miriko stopped drawing for a moment."Hmm.."So she had a different idea. She would walk over to Alistair open up one of her bags. digging through it and pulling out a new drawing book and a pencil. She then walked over to the giant being and then offered both to them.

The picking up her first drawing book and pencil she then turned herself so her page was facing Saturn, even with her back turned there was a chance this could work."Mimic my actions if you can."Miriko started by drawing a slightly curved line on the paper.


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A soft earflick as the two spoke; reassuring the name of the cat. Alistair. Mimi. Information that quickly was absorbed, locked away and assigned. His eyes cracking a little bit to look between the two. He seemed to understand; he seemed to know what they meant. However he’d cock his head to one side as the human woman took something out of their bags on the large cat.

Being offered the drawing book and pencil; Saturn couldn’t help but take a moment to look at what he was being handed. His hands were enormous compared to mimi’s and even more so the items that she handed him were needed to be taken in a delicate manner else he’d break them no doubt. His head tilted to one side and he saw what she was doing.

It took him a moment but he’d piece it together; she minted to show or teach him something. So he’d go along with it, cracking open the book and following her motions; he could tell that she was trying to help him. It was the song of her being along with many other bits of music. A symphony of a tale that he was curious about her start. Maybe when he could actually talk properly he could interact with people on a better level.

He’d have to lean to see exactly what she was doing, he might have towered over her but it’d be rude to look straight down over her right? People liked their space didn’t they? He was pretty sure of that with the way everyone kept on stepping away from him when he walked around cities.


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In some manner it was interesting for all three people in this matter. Alistair was confused on how this could work because in some manner this being could not talk entirely right away was trying but for what reason it seemed interesting to him. Then again their was value to starting to try and talk over all just seeing it yet.

Miriko on the other hand, was starting to draw something. slowly but surely the shape when followed correctly was the shape of a star then as Miriko continue drawing it was from one of the corner of the pages it made a basic, faceless being that was shaped of a woman looking like she was reaching to the stars and with in the star was seeming Miriko reflecting the being she saw now, Saturn like he was reaching through the star. Whatever it meant Miriko was unsure but it was just the idea she had at the time but when the picture was finish surely she hoped Saturn could enjoy her moment of creativity that she had to express at this time.

Miriko was determine to get this to work, it was now her goal with in this moment.

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