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Tainted Spirit [Ashley & Lotus | C-Rank]

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Tainted Spirit [Ashley & Lotus | C-Rank] Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 5:12 pm

Lotus was enjoying a pleasant dream filled with ice-cream and shiny things when suddenly a familiar voice echoed all around her

It was the voice of the spirit they met at the river, the one that gave her the strange visions. The scenery of the dream changed, flashing back to the night they found the blue light at the river. The sky darkened and trees spread out around them. Before they saw them again. The blue spirit vaguely humanoid in appearance and about the size of a child.

"It's time. . .The river. . .Come. . .Danger."

The dreamscape twisted, distorted. The darkness came rushing in devouring everything and Lotus woke with a start. Breathing heavily she tried to orient herself, just a dream. Just a dream.
She clung desperately to her sister, relieved she had convinced Ashley to share a bed tonight. She did not want to be alone right now. That dream felt wrong, almost too real. Lotus gently shook Ashley trying to wake them. She needed her. Needed Ash to tell her everything was ok.

"Ashley~ Wake up please."

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Tainted Spirit [Ashley & Lotus | C-Rank] Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 8:54 pm

Ashley waved a hand, grumbling, strongly disliking when people interrupted their sleep. They released a small growl, clenching their eyes closed, tugging at their blankets to pull them up over them better as they began to stir from their slumber. There was a chill in the air. It was too early for this. They forced a single eye open to look towards the window, but no light streamed through. Far too early.

Yet Lotus didn't stop, the incessant shaking eventually caused Ashley to finally relent.

"What Lotus?" They grumbled, clearly irritated, their ears flattened, as they sat up, glaring at their younger sister.  As they noticed her expression, Ashley's eyes widened, their own expression quickly softening into that of one filled with concern.

"What happened?" They cooed gently now, their entire demeanour shifting as they wrapped their arms around little Lotus, pulling her close, gently stroking her soft, blonde hair. Doing all they could to calm her down.



Tainted Spirit [Ashley & Lotus | C-Rank] Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 11:58 pm

Lotus visibly flinched back when their sister snapped at them. She knew Ashley didn't like to be woken. Yet she had done it anyway and upset her. Over what? A weird dream? Lotus couldn't bring herself to say anything.

Under Ashley's gentle ministrations she could finally begin to calm down. Yes this is what she needed. The physical touch that reminded her and reassured her that her sister was here with her and loved her dearly. Soon she finally calmed down enough to trying telling Ash why she was upset.

"I had a dream. . a strange dream. You remember the spirit we found at the river? It was there again, in my head. Talking to me. It wants me, us, to go the river again. I don't think it was just a normal dream. It felt, wrong. Cold. Scary."

Lotus clung to her sister, her only emotional anchor in this world. She couldn't comprehend how she could live without them.

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