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Ruby Rogers [NYNM]

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Mia Monet


Name: Ruby Rogers

Age: X769

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Huntress

Race: Human

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Inner Left Hip, Black

Face: "Miss" Sarah Fortune – League of Legends


Height: 6'1"/ 186cm

Weight: 153lbs/ 69kg

Hair: Ruby Red

Eyes: Emerald Green


A tall and slender woman with radiant red hair, Ruby Rogers is a woman with a fine figure and favours fashion that shows this off. Having a rather narrow and delicate looking face, Miss Rogers has irises that are bright and speak of both her self-confidence and sharp wit, being blue with just a dash of green which the right light can emphasize, whilst her overall facial structure is pleasingly fox-like. Sporting lips that are naturally rosy even without being coloured, this crimson coquette has a noticeable pout that only seems to add to her model-like good looks.

Fair of complexion but not quite so much that it might become off-putting, Miss Rogers has the kind of complexion that can make her look like quite the vamp, and knows how to play this up perfectly. Tending to be more subtle in her choices of makeup as a sign of her maturity, she rarely wears heavy eyeshadow though frames her eyes with eye liner and the effect of long and dark lashes, she plays up her innate good looks rather well and as such highlights her cheekbones and sometimes if she feels she needs it her plump pout.

Sporting long, crimson hair that she tends to wear loosely most often, her fiery mane is a little wavy and are long enough to reach her back, and styled with long bangs which she usually sweeps over to hang over one side of her face or sometimes more messily over her eye. Often using dyes to really emphasize the Ruby red tone of her hair though not too disheartened when these fade and she shows more of warm amber tone, there is often a slightly dishevelled and wild air about her image, which matches that untamed flame tone she takes to her hair. Not confined in her style however and happy to mix it up and wear her hair in different manners if the occasions calls for it, while she appreciates the freedom of loose hair Ruby ties her hair when she needs to in simple tails for exercise or perhaps in buns or knots if she wishes to wear it elegantly for a special occasion.

A girl who is down to earth and perhaps a scant tomboyish, Ruby tends to be the sort who wears pants more often than she does a skirt or dress, though that is not to say she wouldn't wear either of those if the mood struck her. Possessing more vanity than one might have guessed and usually opting for tight clothing to demonstrate this, not only does she know she looks good but she also tends to enjoy the ego boost of having someone note her appearance, and honestly finds it quite the thrill to note how she can make people around her flustered with her image, and delights in picking up on physical and mental clues as to this fact.

The pride that Miss Rogers has in her appearance also making her rather daring when she puts the effort in, so to speak, when she chooses to glam herself up she tends to enjoy trendy and revealing clothing in one way or another, wearing short skirts or even plunging necklines, and tends to show some shamelessness in how she enjoys calling attention to her fine physique. Piercing her ears and naval, she often wears hoop earrings in the former which lurch from those flowing red locks in gold or silver, though depending on her outfit might prefer to wear gems that match her eyes or diamonds that dazzle, and she also possesses a fondness for high heels which only further emphasize her height and long legs either in shoe or more commonly boot form.

Extra: Ear, Navel and Tongue Piercings



Perhaps the priority that this woman places on her enjoyment the most obvious thing about her, it is rare that Ruby Rogers isn't thinking about how she might pass her time in a pleasurable fashion, or scheming on how to enable herself to do so. A big time party girl with a pronounced fondness for good company and better drinks, she is quite affable in her manner generally and seems to find it rather easy to charm the average man or woman, often through her fondness for sharing her hedonistic mantra with them in one way or another.

Unlikely to be the sort who is dabbing her brow due to the build up of sweat on it from labour, while Ruby would probably prefer one use terms like 'efficient' or 'delegating, the truth would be closer to calling her lazy and opportunistic. Eager to make as much as she could while doing as little as possible, she tends not to go in all that much for doing a lot of grafting and would likely complain if she were forced to, and vastly prefers using surreptitious means to doing an honest days work.

Seeming to have a sharp mind and a good sense of humour, Miss Rogers is free spirited and flexible in her thinking, and often seems to be the type of person who is toying with a joke or picking up on some form of irony. More intelligent than she seems though seeming to think it shrewd to mask that fact, she can act in abstract fashions and comes up with plans quickly and easily, though not so often wholesomely.

Hardly the type who thinks herself above a spot of manipulation or bare faced lying to get what she desires, no matter the situation Ruby is usually seen working an angle from it in order to get ahead, and as such is just as happy deceiving people with omission and absent observation as she is the specificity of what she says. Cool in her countenance and offering little in the way of tells when she bluffs, it can be difficult for most to know when she is telling the truth, and there are times when even she might surprise herself with honesty as well.

Shameless in her bearing but also imaginative and on occasion ambitious, despite being pragmatic and often dismissive of ideals she is also clever enough to see truths that certain folk overlook, and happy to gamble in order to win big. Not the sort who would wave away the promise of a great treasure or lost legend simply because the unlucky many have lacked the fortune to find it, she would consider an enduring story as evidence of some truth in a tale even if not the whole of it, and understands perfectly how powerful surprise can be as well. Sometimes, it's the unlikeliness of an event that makes it happen, right?

The type who can tend to talk a lot and perhaps too much in some peoples estimation, Miss Rogers tends not to be the type who prefers her lessons to come with a side order of pain and suffering, and as such tends to be flexible and more accommodating when it comes to her pursuit of her goals. Liking her head being very much attached to her shoulders, while she is always angling to make the best for herself of a bad situation should that be a compromise or an act of cowardice to save her skin then so be it, with the girl considering the chance to see another day unharmed a very generous reward in most situations. Though, that doesn’t mean she won't aim to settle scores, when she is in a position to.

Not wholly as heartless as she might appear however, while Ruby might find it easy to be callous around strangers she has a harder time when she lets herself grow close to people, and sometimes laments the way in which certain figures can seem to get under her skin. Disliking feeling judged by the people she cares about and not quite the lone wolf she might have people believe, she hasn’t quite seemed to shake off the feeling of connection that can develop with people, and can be prompted to acting more decently because of it.

Able to show at least some staying power in the right kind of circumstance, while she is slipshod and easily discouraged most of the time, there can be moments when Miss Rogers gets enough of a bee in her bonnet that she can be more dogged, and even surprisingly so. Resolute enough when a cause seems worthwhile, she might show more backbone when pressed against the wall or needing to step up for the sake of someone she cares about, though often these moments prove short lived.

  • Easy Profit: Always on hand to make a buck for minimum effort, in her book the easier the better, though she's willing to be more flexible for generous reward.
  • Family?: Possessing a soft spot for her lost matriarch, there might be moments when love might overpower her other instincts. Probably.

  • Cages: Prizing her freedom, few things would terrify Ruby more than losing that, not even clowns.
  • Loss: Feeling the sting of loss early in her life, one of the reasons that Ruby tends to keep herself distanced from others is the enduring heartache she feels, and she loathes the idea of going through that again.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 121

Speed: 121

Constitution: 88

Endurance: 61

Intelligence: 61


Magic Name: Boiling Sea

Magic Element: Water/Fire

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Elemental Magic

Magic Description: A magic that combines the contradictory elements of water and fire into a harmonious union, Ruby specializes in moisture and heat, either in the form of fluid attacks that scald one or through the use of steam and vapour. Seeming to exploit the best of both worlds for a devastating union, she uses the pressure provided by the heat to up both the offensive and defensive potential of her attacks, as well as buff herself or exploit it for supplementary purposes.



A girl who started in life in a far different position than she is now, in more than one meaning of the world to boot, not only was this girl born and raised far away from decks and black flags in a palace, but she also isn't even from the Earthland dimension. Born in another universe under a different name, the girl that would come to be known as Ruby Rogers was the princess of an island kingdom, the second born daughter and niece of the land's prominent and impressive admiral. Not that she really seemed to care all that much for her status, that was.

In fact coming to hate the position she found herself in for the simple burden of expectation and the presence of a strict and stuffy father, she seemed to take after her mother very much, and in her youth that meant that she was a rampant tomboy who was far happier scurrying across the gardens or throwing herself in the ocean than she was being forced into stifling dresses and expected to attend functions. Rambunctious and hot spirited, Ruby pulled the children of local lords and visiting dignitaries into her hijinks or even got into fights with them, and seemed to show that she was about as much suited for the palace as was a stray dog.

Isolated by this fact due to how her mother had seemed to pass while birthing her, she never had a close relationship with her brother, but it seemed that her uncle would step in to fill the void instead. Fostering a strong bond with the man because of this, it was he who she saw as far more of a father to her than the abominable 'bio dad', even if she didn't get to see him as much as she would like because of how his work as admiral of the fleet called him back to the sea so frequently.

The two of them thick as thieves in fact when he was home, Ruby would badger him to play with her, and he would never fail to oblige. Taking to stick fighting in the garden or taken out on a small ship, he shared not only his own passions with her but those of her mother as well, and was happy to point out how similar they were. Revealing that the woman had been exactly the same when they were children, he spoke of how they had played games like this and then grown up to sail the oceans to seek their fortune, and seemed to inspire the lass to do the same when she was old enough.

By contrast the connection which she had with her father seeming a torrid one, it was difficult even on the best of days since the man always had far too much time to chide and criticize her, and far too little to show her he loved her. Seeming to be consumed with ensuring his dynasty, their little island had always been on the brink of being absorbed into neighbouring lands through war or alliance, and he fought hard to ensure that his people and his kingship remained intact. Noble perhaps in this way, ultimately it left him with little time nor interest in mischief, or time to indulge that of his daughter.

The gulf between them only seeming to widen all the more as Ruby entered her teenage years, the growing turmoil meant that her uncle was busy defending their waters more and more often, and meant that the relationship between man and daughter only grew more and more fraught, to the point that eventually it broke completely. Dad seeming to become obsessed with marrying the lass off, Ruby was already against such a notion since she had always planned to sail the seas as a swashbuckler, and ever more so when she saw the candidates.

Sickened when she was treated like a prize pony to be leered at by old men and trotted about by meek and drooling boys, time and again she upstaged and embarrassed their guests with her antics, and got into more and more arguments with father because of it. One heated example finding the feisty femme being told that she would put up with his rules and decisions so long as she lived beneath his roof, she begged her uncle when he was home to take her away with him and leave the place, but he refused. Not because of he didn't love her or couldn't defy the king mind, but rather because he felt she was still safer at home, and so at the tender age of sixteen she snuck from her room and set out to the sea to find a new life for herself alone.

Bring with her treasures and pretty dresses to trade when she reached the port of a neighbouring land, unfortunately for a girl alone on the sea she was easy prey for a pirate ship that came across her, and all too soon were her belongings and she herself being hauled onto deck for yet another group of leering faces. This time, however, she had no reason not to do something about them.

Perhaps some underestimating the ability of a pretty teen girl and regretting that fact as she wrestled a sword away from one of the bunch to defend herself, through skills taught to her by her uncle and force of will the fox could through five crewmen who tried to subdue her, until the captain called a halt to her effort. Expecting to face the man himself and perhaps a little daunted by that fact, to her surprise he seemed to laugh instead and say that she had balls enough to be one of them, so offered her a choice; join their crew, or take her chances with the sharks.

This moment seeming to be the start of a beautiful friendship, after accepting the former choice she found herself taken under his wing, and in time mentored to be her own woman. Arriving in port as a pirate, after finding a flyer appealing for her return to Valerica the lass changed her name to something she felt was a bit more suited to her status, and opted to remould herself to fit her new profession.

Using potions to change her hair colour to disguise herself, or as much as one can with a mane like flame, she was tempted to do the same with her eyes, but the green reminded her of her matriarch too much to discard it. A softy that way, emerald eyes and a mixture of memories were all she kept from her childhood, and the rest she seemed to discard in favour of embracing her new profession, to which she showed a fast talent.

Possessing a talent for magic which put her a cut above the average blade swinging brigand, Miss Rogers soon worked spellcraft into her arsenal under the tutelage of her new teacher, and combined it with a sharp and savvy wit which he seemed just as amused to hone. Paying dividends before long as well, not only did she prove that she could be just as much of an asset in a fight as her fellows, but ever more so out of it as well. Educated and quick thinking, she learned quickly from the crew when it came to gambling and gambits, and her pretty face didn't hurt either.

One particular little con she came up with exploiting her youth and good looks to help them land their prizes more easily, Ruby would set out in a rowboat with her usual breeches and boots eschewed in favour of something more akin to what she had grown up with, and convince merchant ships and even the odd patrol vessel that she was a lone survivor of a disaster that had swallowed the rest of her ship. Taken aboard because of that glittering green gaze and the promise of a hefty reward from daddy, once she was safely a cuckoo in the nest she would signal for her crew, and quickly overwhelm said craft after ensuring that the powder for their cannons was useless.

Able to use this to take some craft without even a shot spent, though ploys like this and others the lass matured immensely and seemed to move from an excitable youngster to someone with charm and a dry sense of humour, and the respect and appreciation of the fellows with whom she sailed. However, that wasn't to say all the days were good ones, mind. Parting company with her mentor when the man lost a leg in a fierce battle with a rival when Ruby was nineteen, he retired from the sea because of his injuries and instead took to running a bar, and in doing so seemed to see his crew splinter into various operations.

Offered the chance to join some of her seniors but feeling that she was more than due her own command, even her former mentor had to admit that a lot of their success in the previous years was down to Miss Rogers in one way or another, and encouraged her to seek her own path because of that. Taking up her own ship and crew and doing well for the next year or so, things seemed to be smooth sailing for the most part, at least until the girl found herself with an unplanned family reunion, and the heartache which came with that.

In hindsight likely found surprised with how she had managed to evade her uncle for so long after leaving, growing overconfidence and an element of laxness seemed to see her ship blindsided by the attack of the most feared pirate hunter in the waters, and before Ruby knew what was going on she found herself crossing blades with a face she knew. Unfortunately, it seemed that the feeling was not mutual.

The years and efforts she had taken toward disguising herself seeming to rob the man of the chance to recognise her as they began to cross blades, Ruby found herself forced to fight for her life against a foe far better than her, and whom she had no intention of killing either. Sad then, that she did just that.

Unsure of exactly how it happened but knowing that some combination of chaos and muscle memory saw her striking out to protect herself from his assault, to her horror she realized that he had seemed to recognise those green eyes and drop his guard because of that, and allow her to plunge her blade into his heart through reflex. Adrenaline and instinct seeming to take over and the girl realizing that she had ran her uncle through, and worse, had to watch the life drain from him because of that. It was the worst moment of her life, and yet, for everyone around her it was her greatest achievement.

That very deed seeming to turn the tide in the battle and provide Ruby's crew the chance to escape, her uncle's crew were left stunned and the lass took advantage of that to run away, not only from the fight but the horrible thing she had done. Yet, in a way it felt like she could not escape it.

Hailed as a hero by her fellow pirates for ridding the world of a blight that had plagued them for years, there seemed no end to the folk who wanted to pat her back and buy her a drink because of it, with none seeming to have even the slightest grasp on the fact that such a moment had the opposite effect. Toasted as a living legend as her homeland mourned a great loss, she couldn't even go home and offer her condolences because of the guilt and consequences, and so was forced to find solace in any way she could.

Exploiting those free drinks to drown her sorrows and learning to live that awful lie, even if she struggled to accept it, she became the most talked about name upon the waters, with some hailing her as the advent of a pirate queen. Not that she cared all that much for talk now, instead seeming to want anything to drive her mind away from the loss her mother had suffered and the memory of what she had done, and so booze and company seemed the best thing for her.

Left with no choice but to continue on with her life on the high seas all the same, as Ruby grew in rank and renown, she began to come into conflict and contact with the others of her world, and developed something of an unusual connection with a pretty thing who dominated a land of flowers. This woman a conqueror who seemed to have endless avarice for the world around her, she not only wanted all the riches in the land but the idolization of the masses, among which the buccaneering brigand came to be counted.

Seeming to begin a flirtation between them when they crossed swords in the southern seas, neither was able to deny an attraction to one another, and developed an on/off romance as a result. This self styled empress seeming to crave the conquest of a woman who flew free like herself while Ruby forced to acknowledge there was plenty to plunder about her looks and the vault, they found themselves battling each other one day and bedding the next, though usually with the cheeky seafarer making off the next morning with prize enough to fund her next few ventures.

It almost seeming that even her gorgeous greediness planned such a thing out, or at least had enough to hardly notice the loss when her lover made off with whatever she could carry, their relationship was something of a whirlwind thanks to the heat of the spark between them. It seeming that there was an undeniable feeling of connection but the flighty nature of the fiery haired femme making her abhor the feeling of being possessed by another, the evenings held so much promise but the mornings after seemed soured with discord. Yet, they could never quite break the habit, it seemed.

This fact meaning that she was actually enjoyed quite the spicy evening when something strange occurred, when Ruby woke up naked in a strange new land she had to think that she had drank far too much of the strong stuff her lover had offered her, or had finally proved the woman enough she had sank a blade in her heart. Able to secure something to cover herself up before the sun rose and too many had the pleasure of seeing her stripped to her birthday suit, for more than a day she kept expecting to wake up from the odd dream she found herself in, but ultimately came to accept that what had happened was in fact real.

Piecing together the fact that she had seemed to somehow appear in a new location, and not just any one, she realized that she was in what could only be described as an alternate version of the world she knew, with it came the realization that there was a whole world of plunder and wonder waiting for her, and ever more so possibility. Oh how sweet that was, at least for a little while.

Having little more than a hot minute to set out across the seas under a new banner before she found a horribly familiar sight waiting for her, though she rallied a crew to explore and plunder the southern seas she found this new land had an old guardian, and one she could not fight again. Frozen in place at the sight of the ship and sails she knew as her uncle's, her mind went blank and all she could do was suggest surrender to her fellows, who most assuredly had no inclination of facing the music for their crimes.

For that reason finding herself the victim of a mutiny that saw her thrown into the ocean by her crewmates as they exchanged fire and then scarpered, as luck would have it the commander of the craft seemed to assume she was a captive who escaped them and dragged her from the sea personally, before offering a smile and a kind word to her. Unable to do much other than cry, however and wrap her arms around him, much to his confusion, he was astounded to find a girl with eyes that reminded him of his sister clinging to him for dear life and slowly seemed to coax the truth from her.

Left unable to lie to him after all she had been through, she admitted everything to him. Where she was from, who she was, her real name, and worst of all what she had done. Ruby thought that she would definitely face the noose for that one, and was frankly surprised when she was met with sympathy for all she had been through, and an apology as well.

It a strange thing really for a man you had killed to offer that, at first it felt like she would have preferred it if he had hated her, condemned her, ran his sword through her like she had him. Instead however, all he did was offer his condolences and ask for her forgiveness that she hadn't been saved sooner, and admit that if the man she had known has half the one he was he would have been happy when he died. Happy to know that his beloved niece was alive and well, even if he would not be.

Stunned by this information, her 'uncle' left her to process things and even brought her back to his homeland as well, while she weighed up what to do next. Taken around as his guest, and even getting the chance to see that while weakened her mother was still alive in this world as well, she had no idea what to do going forward but once again she was offered a choice by a man who had saved her life, and a kinder one this time; go back home to where she had come from, or stay and pursue the opportunity that she had been given here.

Opting for the latter largely because she loathed the idea of going back to where she was celebrated for killing her uncle, while the man offered her a place on his crew, ultimately she couldn't accept that either. Appreciating his efforts but still unable to stop herself thinking about what she had done with such a haunting reminder, she knew she needed some space to move on from the issue, and so she was given another option.

Told that his 'other' niece was a mage in something called a Guild in what was the same land as that the empress she had taken as a lover came from, Ruby's uncle suggested seeking her out for work, since she had talent as a fighter and spellcrafter. Taking her across the ocean in fact to send her there, with little idea of what to do next she surmised that having a 'sister' she could sponge off a bit couldn't be the worst thing in the world while she found her feet again, and so she agreed to such a suggestion. I mean, worst case scenario they don't get along and she nabs another ship, right?

Reference: Still Alisa, even after all these years~

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