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Cannibal Lecter- B rank Quest

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Naryuu stepped out of the gates of Era, his mind focused on the task ahead. He had accepted a job from a middle man, to find a man's daughter who had gone missing in the woods outside of the city. He knew that this would be a challenging task, but he was determined to complete it and prove his worth as a powerful and capable mage.

As he walked, he put on his Beakface, the yellow bird-like plague doctor mask that covered his face and added to the mysteriousness of his appearance. He adjusted his sword at his side, making sure that it was secure and ready for battle.

He went over the potential gameplan in his mind, considering the various possibilities of what might have happened to the missing girl. He knew that the woods were home to many dangerous creatures, and that he would have to be prepared for anything. None the less who was one who embraced the darkness and felt comfort of the night.It was an advantage that he had over most others.

Naryuu knew that the key to success in this mission would be careful planning and strategy. He would have to use all of his knowledge and skills to outsmart his enemies and rescue the girl. He was determined to succeed, not just for the reward but for the satisfaction of saving a life.

As he walked deeper into the woods, Naryuu kept his senses on high alert, ready for any challenge that might come his way. He was confident in his abilities, and he knew that with his determination and skill, he would be able to find the missing girl and bring her safely back home.

Naryuu had been deep in the woods for an hour, his eyes scanning the dense foliage for any sign of the missing girl. He had been following a faint trail, but it had grown increasingly difficult to discern as the trees and underbrush thickened. He was determined to find the girl, but he knew that time was of the essence, and he couldn't afford to waste any more of it.

As he searched, he came across a small clearing. In the center of the clearing, he saw a hankerchief lying on the ground. It was a plain white cloth, but it was embroidered with the initials "S.H" in the corner. Naryuu remembered from the briefing that the missing girl's name was Sarah, and her initials were "S.H.". This was a promising lead, and he knew that he had to investigate further.

As he looked closer, he noticed burn marks on the ground around the hankerchief. The marks were small, but they were definitely the result of a fire. Naryuu's heart quickened as he realized that this could be a sign that the girl was still alive. He remembered the quest giver mentioning that she had a small portable fire starter with her. He also noticed that the burn marks seemed to be leading in a specific direction, deeper into the woods.

Naryuu knew that he had to follow this lead. He picked up the hankerchief and carefully followed the burn marks, his heart pounding with excitement and a sense of urgency. He knew that he was getting closer to finding the missing girl, and he was determined to bring her home safely.



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Naryuu heard voices approaching and darted behind a tree, remaining hidden from view. He listened carefully as the voices drew closer. He needed to gather as much potential  information as possible. As he listened, he realized that the voices belonged to two Rune Knights. He knew that the middleman had warned him about the potential corruption of the Rune Knights and that they may have information about the missing girl.

He heard one of the Rune Knight saying "I can't believe we have to deal with that monster again, it's been months since we've had any peace." The other replied "Yeah, I heard he's been active again, preying on travelers outside of Era. It's a good thing we have increased patrols, hopefully, we can catch him this time." The two guards stopped in there tracks and broke out in uncontrollable laughter. Naryuu himself smiled thinking just how sick these guys were. He had a deep love for dark humor after all.

Naryuu's mind raced as he realized that the monster they were speaking of could be the key to finding the missing girl. He formulated a plan in his mind, deciding to gather more information about this monster and its whereabouts. He listened carefully as the Rune Knights continued to talk, gathering details about the monster's MO, the area it frequents, and any other information that could be useful.

As the Rune Knights' conversation came to an end, Naryuu emerged from his hiding spot and turned around to confront them. The two knights, surprised by his sudden appearance, cowered in fear as Naryuu approached them."Hey now I want to laugh too." With a fit of laughter Naryuu stopped in his tracks as they all stared at each other. " You scared us man!" One of them shouted but Naryuu ignored it.

Dashing forward he moved .4m behind the two. They were stuck and blinded by the onrushing speed as he spun around using the swing to pull his blade free. A straight cleave through both of their necks as they fell to the ground. Flicking the blood off his blade he ran off in the direction that the two goons mentioned. If anything his target would hopefully take the bait or he would be alerted to his presence. With the help of the beakcloak Naryuu softly jumped 5m into the air.

Landing on a tree branch  Naryuu quickly made his way through the woods.  He started to realize that possibly the target was a user of fire magic. Could explain the burn marks or be linked to them. Something to keep in mind to prevent him from being caught off guard for the most part.

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Admist is traveling through the trees a bright light was the first thing to catch his attention. Landing heavily on a branch went bent from the impact he looked to see a fireball upon him deciding to lean and fall forward. The fireball singed and engulfed the branch as he slowly descended from above. His hand had already shifted to the handle of his blade drawing it as a cloaked figured appeared above him. Reaching to snap at his throat Naryuu swatted and kicked the figure away with a grunt.

He pressed of the stomach of the figure to fix himself upright in position. Both slid to a halt facing each other as Naryuu fixed his posture to stand tall and relaxed pointing his blade towards the figure with a smirk."I wonder are you what i'm looking for." A maniacal laugh roared from the masked person who took of his hood revealing a evil looking man with blood smeared on his face. This person was incredibly dead looking with bandages covering their face it seemed as well as their limbs. No matter Naryuu thought sticking his hand out and turning it as if twisting a knob.
However the cloaked man was faster creating a small magic circle and shooting out dart of flame which grazed Naryuu's cheek.

Disrupting his spell casting Naryuu met the man to close the distance especially with his blade as he came in with a reaching diagonal slash. Naryuu wouldn't let up however and would reach with his other hand after flipping the blade by turning his wrist and going for a second strike. The first was initially dodged but since Naryuu stepped in for the second he wasn't able to dodge fully as he smiled. The effect should have taken effect as Naryuu lunged to his left 12m away. The man was disoriented as now he finished his summoning ritual.

Twisting the knob to an invisible door a magic circle appeared next to him as a 1.5m sized wolf burst out from a torrent of flames. "Hold him." With a sudden command Gluttony chomped on the man's knee and clawed at him as the man screamed in agony. "I wonder if your victims did the same. Oh how the mighty fall." A tinge of sarcasm as memories flashed of his family's fall in Iceberg. No matter he thought before getting close to decapitate the man.

Releasing Gluttony Naryuu cracked his shoulder before folding the man's head inside of his cloak and tying it together. It took a while to return to the meeting place but he did so with a quickness dropping the head to the ground before the man once found. " Cannibal so nothing left of the missing person it seems." Kicking the head the broker sighed before reaching for a package with payment tossing it to Naryuu. Opening its contents and counting the money he tucked it into his armor before making his leave.

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