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D-Rank: All Fired up (Tempris/Ikanbi)

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Tempris stood outside the gate in a modified uniform. It had the traditional outfit but it was long black sleeves with a nun headpiece. Though instead of a white band, she had a gold one with the rune knight arch embroider. She also had her necklace around her neck and her halo above her head. The rest of her equipment was stored inside of the accessory as she had no need to equip it now. To be honest, she doubted she needed it for something of this level. In truth the real reason she was doing such childish problem was simply to see what a certain person would do. It was a test. However the first step of completing a test was showing up. So now the girl awaited for the sinner in her cousin's guild to show up. That was not to say that Tempris really had her hopes up.


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Ikanbi darted through the trees quickly, making her way back towards the church with the aid of her god spirit. She waltzed about and darted and effortlessly leaped into the trees with Nico attached at her side. The small feline had been napping but now was the time for action and Ikanbi had stirred her awake gently, "come on now little one," she had said. She stirred about lazily at first but Nico did come around and eventually after a bit of a stretch and a snack the two of them were off to find Tempris and begin their holy conquest.

What a conquest it would be, she knew it already, there was an aura to Tempris, a vibe, a nature, a beauty, a spirit, something Ikanbi could see as clear as day. She'd seen the posters by now, done some research, it turned out Tempris had quite the renown, they were wanted, but, not by the authorities. No, the evil guilds, the dark denizens, they spoke of terror, and Tempris was a curse to their name. A reverse bounty, one on her head, by the dark denizens of the underworld.

It ounded like exactly the type of person Ikanbi should be working with. At least that's what Sia and Kuva had said about it when she'd communed with them over dinner several nights before. Ikanbi landed I front of the church, Nico in her stride, hopping down from Ikanbi's pocket and marking herself known with a silent purr.

Where was Tempris?


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"Oh, you made it. I was getting worry. Maybe another sinner sought to test their faith with their own heretical desires." A smile creeped onto the girl's mouth, as she started to imagine various situations that would give her the excuse to let loose. Briefly closing her eyes, she managed to pull herself out of her bright and 'warm' fantasies to return her attention onto her sinful partner.

"Alright not page," Her voice grew louder, "Some unimportant rich sinner has some plan to blah blah blah, building beacons blah blah blah, make sure nothing goes wrong. Very typical boring page stuff." She was not too thrilled about this but given the 'wealth' of the client, the knights really wanted it to go well. Tempris pushed opened the gate and then turned to Ikanbi, "So are you ready for the most... exciting... mission ever?" She had no smile, filled her words with that conflicting tone.


D-Rank: All Fired up (Tempris/Ikanbi) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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The God soul within Ikanbi purred and then roared at the sight of Tempris. Ikanbi could feel herself drawn to the nephilim anytime they were in each other's vicinity. They see things differently, yet so clearly in a way that resonated with Ikanbi's sou, and the soul of Hermes too. She smiled as Tempris spoke. She wasn't really sure what the job was, but she knew it had to be important.

Just what sinners might they bump into? What purpose was there to their meeting? Something about lighting the fires. Ikanbi strolled forwards with Tempris in tow as they made their way towards the first of the beacons. She could see that a man was already there and beginning the work, but it was no matter, she would carry out her task either way. Ikanbi smiled and gave him a wave. "We are here to help!" She said proudly, though added, "though it does look like you're doing a pretty good job already!"


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It seemed seemed Ikanbi was actually happy to be on this assignment. It was a bit baffling but well, it only made this job a bit easier to do. Tempris smirked before turn to the gate. It was time to move on. As the got to the first location point, they found a sinner working on the spire pillar thing. Tempris Let the girl talk since she was so eager. Tempris herself personally didn't care. "Lets move on. The next one isn't too far from here not Page."

She started walking off into the woods making sure her partner was behind her. When the spire poked out from above the trees, the girl pointed to it. "There, I pray no heresy is brooding in the area. It would be most unfortunate." Despite her words, the girl was grinning. Her fingers took turns tapping her thumb as they eagerly awaiting any sort of conflict that allowed her to break her peace time status.

D-Rank: All Fired up (Tempris/Ikanbi) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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The odd manner in which Tempris spoke bothered Ikanbi none at all and the two of them continued their little adventure into the woods. As Tempris lead the way, Ikanbi scanned their perimeter, checking behind herself and looking about as they traveled towards the next beacon, which, when they arrived, Ikanbi was surprised to see was basically completed but was being attended to by a sleeping guard. She debated waking him up or just letting him rest internally to herself before she turned to Tempris and asked, "Hey...should we wake him up?"

Either way, they still had one more beacon to attend to, which was supposedly further up north through the woods. Ikanbi began to make her way towards the next beacon with Tempris, where they were surprised to find it almost finished but with a dead guard in tow. "That's a real shame." Ikanbi said aloud as she finished stacking the logs and lit the pyre. "I suppose we should tell someone about it."

With their work done, Ikanbi began to head back to the gate, eager to inform the guard that the task was complete, but not so eager to deliver the news that one of the guards was dead.


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"I feel as though, if we wake him up... it would break only more suffering to this world. Also, I rather not fail this assignment due to my anger." The girl let out a sigh and kept walking forward. When they reached the last beacon, there was a dead guard. Tempris covered her mouth and quickly scanned the surrounding area. There was no sign of danger nor could she feel any murderous intent. Perhaps the guard managed to scare off whatever attacked him. Fighting to once last breath was definitely something to be admired. "This man... died in the line of duty. It is unfortunate that he fell while still shackled to the chains of sin but that does not take away the will." The girl clasp her hands before summoning holy flames to cremate the body. "May your soul find Illumin free of this earthly suffering."

The mission was over. The two girls returned to the gate and reported the events.

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