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Saving the Settlement (Kaito/Brone)

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Saving the Settlement (Kaito/Brone) Empty Tue Jan 17, 2023 1:25 pm

Yuurei was moving quickly throughout the outskirts of the North. He was moving and making his way to the Worth Woodsea. He didn’t have time to enjoy the scenery or anything like that. The people in that settlement’s lives were in jeopardy. He didn’t want to be responsible for that, but he knew that was exactly how he would feel. When he entered the forest, he would make sure that the forest knew that Brone was with him.

The trees would feel his concern and already knew why he had stepped foot here. They would guide the group moving through the forest straight to the settlement. It was a smooth trip and when he got there, he slid on the ground as he was making sure to come to a stop. He would look at the entrance of the village and he would see the guards were dead. He would look inside the village, and his eyes widen when he saw the people who were lying on the ground.

Yuurei was enraged with this as these people didn’t deserve this. Who were they bothering, affecting in this world? It pissed him off, and these vampires truly didn’t care about people’s lives.

“First, they took Kailani, and now they seem to keep taking. I can’t stand them.” He said out loud.

He felt something inside of him, it was yearning to come out, but he wasn’t sure what it was. The Nephilim would move around the place as Renji would look around shaking his head at the results he saw.

“The way they kill, I’m starting to feel that Nimbus isn’t alive. What are you going to do Yuurei?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

“I’m going to do what I’ve been doing this entire time. I’m going to kill them all.” He said to Renji.

He paced around trying to see if he could find any survivors, but instead, he found a vampire. This was what he wanted, and he would rush straight to the vampire. Still, before he got close enough someone would crash straight to the ground in front of him.

Yuurei would jump back as the being attacked him. He would look at him and it would seem like the man looked like an angelic being, but he could tell from his aura he was a vampire.

“Oh the head vampire showed up so soon.” He said as he got into a fighting position ready to fight.

“It seems Yuurei and his friends are here. That means the high-ranking vampires that were sent out to the cities have fallen. Stupid fools, that is why they were always to me.” He said as he looked at Yuurei and would swing his scythe around before getting into a fighting stance.

When he spoke a bunch of vampires would start creeping out of places as they were excited to see more potential victims.

“More people who’s existence end today.” He said ready for this.


#2Brone Heavyaxe 

Saving the Settlement (Kaito/Brone) Empty Wed Jan 18, 2023 8:21 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe wasn't fast enough to keep up with Yuurei on foot, so he had mounted Geri his tempest wolf, but even the wolf had some trouble with following the nephilim.

"Yuurei's angry" Muninn said as he flew along side the dwarf.

"I don't blame 'em" Brone sighed as he leaned low onto Geri as the wolf darted through the trees, keeping clear of the briars, jumping over tree roots and ducking away from low hanging branches. Even with Geri's keen nose, it was difficult to keep track of the moving nephilim in the dark, but fortunately, Brone's darkvision kept him on track. This whole situation had darkened the mood of the team; Brone was always a raging short dwarf and Kaito seems to tap into some kind of primal rage when his draconic scales show, but Yuurei was always the one smiling, keeping the mood up between the three of them, but now it seem the light was dimming.

"The entrance of the village is a mass grave" Huginn, the other raven, flew in from up ahead, joining his brother.

"And the vampires?" the dwarf asked, his heart sank as he thought about the lives that were lost.

"I only spotted one, so they won't know you'll arrive".

The dwarf nodded, though they were too late to save those who had fallen, the three heroes would have the advantage of a surprise attack. Eventually they reached the gates to see the ground was littered with the dead. The dwarf swallowed, not expected the mass grave to be this bad. Yuurei's mood seem to have worsen and Brone couldn't figure out what to say to help him. At this point the only remedy for his friend was to let him take his anger out on the enemy. As Brone dismounted, they spotted a single vampire nearby. The dwarf was going to let Yuurei handle the sanguine-monster, but the sudden appearance of a scythe wielding vampire put him on guard.

For the moment, this seem to be a simple fight, but vampires began to fade in from the darkness around. Brone gave Huginn an irritated look to which the raven said "My eyes aren't good enough to spot creatures of the night... during the night". Brone didn't have time for the raven's smart remark, the situation was bad and needed to be handled quickly so they can all move forward.

Brone gestured to Geri and the wolf ran away into the woods while the ravens flew to the sky. The dwarf drew forth his golden axe and green axe into his main hands and his two new spears appeared into his secondary hands. He noticed some vampires had changed expressions when they noticed his extra arms, so he scoffed at them, "Like what ye see?" he said as he twirled his axes in his hands. The vampires began to slowly move about, adjusting their numbers to decide who was going to target whom.


#3Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito followed behind Yuurei as it seemed the forest bent to his will as if it was leading them which Kaito thought was were as he had only known Yuurei to be a light mage and nature beats that out so maybe it was a nature feeding on the light and giving him a favor in return? Kaito starts smelling blood as they had neared where the settlement was it was faint like their was only a little bit of it and it smelled semi-fresh which meant it couldn't be more than two hours old. That probably meant that the vampires must have already finished off the place, Kaito wondered if they were already far too late as he doesn't hear or sense any fighting and he sees Yuurei take off into the place after seeing the dead guards Kaito guessed that he wasn't wrong if that was his reaction Brone seemed to have this birds gaining intel for him, seems Kaito is not going to be very helpful in this but Kaito can sense a building blood lust and he is unsure if it was coming from Yuurei or if it was coming from someone or something else.

Kaito slightly moved his hand his sword appearing in his open right hand, Kaito was not going to risk having something get the jump on them and he was going to be ready to deal with it and take them down and he was going to keep trying to help Yuurei and Brone get their revenge as he feels that he is a decently sized reason as he had stopped checking in with Lani and he had not looked into why she had stopped answering but he let his dislike of Blue Pegasus to get in the way when he should have known that she wouldn't have just stopped answering him and he tapped the side of his head and he looked around with his mana vision for if he can see anyone besides Yuurei, Brone and himself as maybe some of the vampires might be here still and they were gonna have to be fully ready for them as they would be wise to avoid getting ambushed her as this fight seems to be going on for far too long as this means this might be a tactic to wear they down before they make it to the final boss so to say.

Kaito stays on his toes as he heard some thing hit some where in the village and Kaito heads that way to try to figure out what it was as it seemed to come from the way that Yuurei had gone which couldn't mean anything good for them if they were to ignore it so Kaito made sure to have some speed in his step to make sure something or someone handed Ambushed Yuurei when they had their guard down because they were displeased by the state of the settlement and Kaito needed to make sure that they didn't all get cut off from the others.


Saving the Settlement (Kaito/Brone) Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 5:04 pm

Yuurei would crack his neck and he would rush straight to the vampire. He didn’t hesitate and he didn’t care about the others. The one in front of him was his prime target. He had possibly ordered the rest of the minions to attack the people here. He was the one who was going to die by his hands. He would throw three jabs at the vampire. The right left and ended it with his right, but each of them had missed the vampire as he had to move around to avoid the attacks. Then, Yuurei would see the vampire swinging his scythe straight at him.

He would dodge, but barely as he could feel a wound opening up from his chest. The man had the ability to pierce through his armor. That wasn’t good, and Finn pushed forward as he would swing a few more times. The Nephilim dodged each time, and he would be nipped by the blade each time. This guy was fast, and he was going to have to use his transformation if he wanted to avoid the continuation of him being harmed.

Finn could see something happening with the man in front o him. He could feel something shifting, and it would soon that Yuurei would sprout his wings from his back and one of his eye colors would change. He would look at Finn and he would dodge his attack this time. Finn would shoot out dark magic, but Yuurei would switch his Yin Gauntlet for his Midas Gauntlet and he would negate the attack.

“Show me the power that took out my brethren.” He said to Yuurei as he would start to form as well

He would grow two different types of wings on his body, and Yuurei could tell he was a vampire, but what were the horns for? It was different and it would seem like he was much more than a vampire.

“Don’t hold back.” He said as he would swing his scythe straight at Yuurei.

The Nephilim would dodge the attack without a problem, and he would swing get in close to attack Finn in his chest. The devil vampire would see this, and he would take himself to the air. Yuurei would see this, and he would follow behind him. He would get close to him, and he would swing his left hand at Finn before the being had dodged the attack. Yuurei would snap his right arm straight at him and it would stretch and reach the man.

His eyes widen as he didn’t know this guy could do this, and he would be hit by the attack. He would be pushed back and he would laugh as this was exciting.

“So, you’re a freak as well. Show me more!” He shouted as he regained his composure and he would get ready for more.


#5Brone Heavyaxe 

Saving the Settlement (Kaito/Brone) Empty Fri Jan 20, 2023 6:40 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone walked towards a gathered group of vampires who seem to be focused on him while Yuurei and Kaito were already making their moves. The dwarf then came to a stop when he was in the center of the vampire swarm who ended up slowly flanking around him. Though he was the 'monkey in the middle', he had a look of confidence on his face. His golden armor was cracked and falling to pieces, but he was sure of himself that with his newfound ability.

For a few seconds, the swarm of vampires circled around the dwarf silently while the sound of combat came from Yuurei's direction. Brone eyed a few vampires and gave slight gestures such as a nod and a slight movement from either of his weapons, encouraging them to make the first move... if they dared.

Eventually the silence was broken when three of the vampires darted at him; two at his sides and one at his back. They relied on their sharpen claws and enhanced strength, but it wasn't enough for Brone who deflected the claws with his axe and countered by jabbing the spears into the flanking vampires at his sides. The third had assumed because he was attacking from the blind-spot, he would have the advantage, but Brone had developed a 6th sense when he mastered his skills with his axes, so he was able to duck out of the way from a horizontal kick and ended up slamming his golden axe into the chest and sending him flying back while the two other vampires stumbled back from being pierced.

"Tougher than ye thought, huh?" the dwarf smirked to which the surrounding vampires hissed. A bigger handful of vampires rushed him to try and overpower him, but with his four arms and his awareness of his surroundings, it was proving difficult to land a hit on him. Several vampires were countered and hit, few were sent flying. Eventually a few vampires managed to land hits upon the dwarf's armor which had chipped away, but those successful hits were at the cost of their lives as the dwarf ended up lopping off their heads and sending them rolling away.

"I shall drink you're blood-!" one of the vampires taunted, but before she could even finish the threat, she was slammed against the floor by the flat side of the golden axe as Brone said "Hush yerself" before continuing his whirling of weapons.

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#6Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito shrugs and shakes his head as it seemed once again they were heading into battle and he feels that this might just be nearing the end of they are sending someone that is giving Yuurei a bit of a run for his money. Kaito drew his weapon and he started in on the creatures as they had once again shown themselves in the north which means they still had a lot to do and there was no need to wait anymore as there was no point in him holding back while he was taking them on cause he was fully sick of fighting vampires as you would think they would have like werewolves as slaves or something to fight as well instead of just waves of shitty no named pretty much faceless vampires and he just upper cuts everyone that comes near him so he can draw the fights out as he feels it is just a waste to have them all die in one hit so he had to draw it out and make this all mean something. "You would think that they would learn some new tricks or to bring a bigger gun with them but they just keep sending fodder out and gaining nothing."

Kaito yawns as he keeps fighting and making the fanged monsters clack their teeth and chip their fangs as he was not looking to get bit as he already has enough problems with being cursed why would he want to risk getting turned into one of these weak pieces of shit that were wasting his time and his energy as there was no real fight to them as they get put down like small defenseless animals that had not yet grown their fangs and claws to even climb out of what ever dark mud puddle they were found half hatched in. Kaito knows vampires don't hatch from eggs but it hits his humor to call them hatchlings in his head as they are not going to be able to really top him unless they really try hard to do so, but Kaito does not see that happening anytime in the near future and there was so much that he still had to do and to see but that doesn't mean anything was going to make it easier for them as Kaito is forever getting stronger and be ready to fully tip the scales on this idiot who is sending these lack luster enemies as there had to be more things that the vampire lords have than just these wannabe scrubs that aren't probably even strong enough to scare his niece or nephew, and they are only like two years old at the most as this was like some cheap thrill as there was never going to be much they can do.

Kaito cuts one vampires head off and he smirks at the others that are now backing up as he jumps at them and clashing weapons like a man processed by some kind of dark spirit that wished to spread death and murder.


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Finn would look at Yuurei and the Nephilim would snap his arm back in place and he would look at Finn before he rushed straight to him. The two of them would clash as Finn would see that this man was a true brawler. The two of them would separate from their class and would get together again. They would try to harm each other, but all they were doing was chipping away at their weapon. The berserker would just have a smirk on his face as he stepped back and then he would see Finn moving toward him.

The Vampire was strong, different, and unique. He would swing the scythe at Yuurei and he would dodge the weapon or so he thought. He would be wounded by the weapon once again, which brought him to be a bit angry. He had transformed and gotten stronger, yet this man was able to keep up with him. This was interesting and for some reason, he could only get excited. He didn’t know what it was and even though he was angry about what they did. He couldn’t help but want to destroy the vampire.

Yuurei would crack his neck and he would just look at Finn. He would get into a fighting stance and that was when he pushed forward. He was getting better at fighting this monstrous being. He would see the scythe and it would be swung at him, but Yuurei would make sure to dodge it without a problem. The blade would barely miss him, and Yuurei would punch at him. He would finally land another hit and it would see Finn moving away from him and he would be in pain. He would chuckle when he felt this as it would seem like this man was something else.

“Do you really think you can beat Ansem? I would like to see that, but I don’t think I make it through this fight do I?” He said to Yuurei as he looked at him.

The Nephilim would smirk on his face as this vampire knew that he would lose. Still, even through all of that, Yuurei knew his strength, and this was going to continue. Finn basically was going to put him through the wringer before he even got to Ansem. He would crack his neck as he knew that if he couldn’t beat Finn in this form, then he wouldn’t be able to fight Ansem in his full transformation.

Finn would rush straight to Yuurei and he would swing his scythe. The Nephilim would dodge it and he would swing his leg, and then combo it with a punch. Finn would dodge the attacks and he would see that throughout this battle, the Nephilim were becoming stronger. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he knew that this man was insane. Their fight was going to be magnificent, and it truly made him sad thinking about it. He would swing his scythe once again, but he would barely hit Yuurei as the two of them gained distance.

“You’re a pain in the ass, why do you follow someone like Ansem, if you’re this strong?” he asked him.


#8Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The cluster of vampires continue to swarm the dwarf, trying to focus on overwhelming him so he would make a mistake. Such a tactic was useful back in Brone's early adventure days, he could recall facing off against the first flock of monsters sent by Ansem. Said creatures were mindless and didn't have the strength these current vampires had, but through the years and training, the dwarf had developed his fighting skills and obtained advantages that made such swarm tactics easy to deal with; his full awareness of his immediate surroundings and the two extra arms made light of the vampires.

As a few try to speed blitz their dwarven enemy, others try to flank him. Brone would have each of his four arms bat away the vampires and if there were more, his skills to hit multiple enemies were learned early in his adventuring time. But eventually, the vampires managed to cluster close enough so that onlookers could barely even see the shorter creature; they finally overtook him... or so they thought.

Activating the innate magical spell within the golden axe, Brone summoned forth a tornado that sliced up a good number of the vampires and pushed them all back from him. The whipping wind had vanished as quickly as it had been conjured and in the center was Brone. Though such a counter would have earned a lot of boasting from the dwarf, he wasn't in the laughing mood. His feelings were still trying to regulate themselves as he didn't get to properly mourn for his late friend Kailani.

The vampires took a moment to gather themselves, though as they looked upon Brone, they unanimously agreed that because of the lack of updated information on the enemies, they needed to play different as planned. So one of the vampires used a magical spell to conjure a giant bat who quickly made it's move. Brone was indeed taken by surprise by this sudden action, so he wasn't quick enough to defend in time. But as the bat used his feet to grab onto the dwarf's shoulders and tried to fly away with him, it realized the short creature wasn't budging. Brone then brought up both his axes and sliced off the legs of the bat which then flew away screeching into the night.

From the corner of Brone's sight, he spotted a magical circle glowing. Turning his attention to it, he noticed a ball of fire heading in his direction. Given the size of the spell, he wouldn't be able to dodge it, but with the green axe, Spellcleaver, he was able to fully negate the spell by simply connecting the blade to the incoming heat.

"The dwarf is an annoyance" one of the vampires hissed in aggrevation.

"Mah aunt said the same thing about me" Brone joked, though his tone wasn't as light hearted as it normally was when he would jest, but he was trying to keep him mind off his sorrows.

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#9Kaito Todaro 

Saving the Settlement (Kaito/Brone) Empty Mon Jan 23, 2023 12:19 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito kept fighting and making sure that he wasn't caught off a step as he danced this dangerous dance with the vampires that could end up with him dead or turned and that was a scary thing to most but to Kaito he knows he can't fail and failure would just mean that he would need to find two cures and that he was never going to even find one so at that point he might as well just let himself be killed or be come some kind of vampire overlord and raise his own army of vampires to take over some country that was doomed anyways but he figures that is probably a pipe dream cause Yuurei would probably kill him or stop him before then. Kaito focus' his force into palm strikes that are sending the vampires he is hitting toppling over and he makes shorter work of the others that had come toward them and he was not going to stop.

Kaito runs and does a flip over some vampires as he slices and dices into the vampires as he flew over them and he watched as they sprayed like a fine mist and that was art for a cruel artist to enjoy as if running your finger along the edge of a paint brush with paint on it to cause it to splatter Kaito swings his sword to the side and a line of blood splatters off and onto the ground and Kaito was not going to stop there as he turned and he rushed toward the dark beasts that fouled the area and he was not going to allow them to see him sweat or to be afraid of this group in the least bit as he had much to do and many things to see or fight. Kaito was not like he use to be where it mattered the lives that came at him as he couldn't stop himself seeing them killing Lani now and that was something that he needed to purge and to not allow these creatures to survive any of this any more freedom than they have taken is unacceptable.

Kaito runs in on them and he swipes his blade through their bellies and he watched as they panicked and held their stomachs as their dark light faded from their eyes as they saw what the face of a monster looked like as the last thing that they saw was Kaito and his mask as the man was on a rampage and they needed to stop him as he was not stopping no matter how much they begged for their lives from Kaito but he was not even flinching anymore there was no more hesitating his blade lobs off pieces and Kaito doesn't look like he is even taken aback one bit as he was cutting them to pieces as if he was taking some kind of sick enjoyment in cutting them down and he was just going to keep chopping the bits off that wouldn't kill them first then go for the deeper and deadlier cuts that they were dreading that would finish them off.


Saving the Settlement (Kaito/Brone) Empty Mon Jan 23, 2023 5:20 pm

Finn would shake his head when he heard Yuurei’s words. He couldn’t believe that this young man was so strong. It was harsh and he could only be scared of what he could become if he was left alive.

“I’m still breathing because of Ansem. If it wasn’t for him then I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. Still, today might be my last day, so entertain me Yuurei. If you don’t stop me then you don't get the chance to save your parents.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim heard this and he would bare his fangs at him. Of course, Finn wouldn’t be able to see that, but he would move forward. Yuurei would swing his fist at Finn and he would miss the attack as the vampire would dodge it. He was nervous about Yuurei’s attack because each one that landed placed him at death’s door. He would see the opportunity to strike at him and he would move his scythe. Yuurei would feel the blade scraping him and he would grunt from the pain.

He would move away from Finn and he would shake his head. This monster could have been great in his guild. Still, his allegiance was to the wrong person. He would feel his blood dripping from certain areas, and he would shake it off. His focus was on the person he was fighting right now. He would take him out, and he would rest a bit. That was the plan and he would get into a fighting stance as he looked at Finn while they were in the air.

Finn would move toward Yuurei and he would swing his scythe at the young man. The Nephilim would see this and he would dodge the attack and he would move forward once the blade was no longer around him. He launched a kick straight at Finn, and the Devil dodged the attack as his eyes widened when he saw this. He would step back and he felt how fierce that attack was.

“You can’t dodge me forever, I will let you know that.” He said to Finn as he pushed forward into the sky.

The two of them would move through the sky, dodging each other’s attack. The two moved around quickly as they were trying to land their attacks. They would land a few as they would be wounded by each other. Yuurei’s punches were so fierce that the blows would be able to wound Finn if it wasn’t a direct punch.

The blade from the vampire would hurt a lot and he hated that this scythe was a problem he needed to handle. Finn couldn’t believe this man was still standing, but if this man lived through Ansem’s attack before, he could understand why. Yuurei was impressed with Finn, and he would give him the end that he deserved even if he was the enemy.

Renji would watch all of this as he was impressed with Yuurei. He wondered what else he could do, but he knew that his being wounded just show how strong his opponent was.


#11Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The dwarf was proving too difficult to handle in melee range and any spells thrown at him would just be negated. Bubba, the flannel-wearing vampire grew too impatient, "No, Ah ain' gonna be beaten by no one jus' because half their legs went to their arms!" he then put his arms around the trunk of a nearby tree and put all his strength into lifting the entire tree, uprooting it entirely.

"You seeing what I'm saying?" Muginn asked as he flew high into the sky overheard.

"I may not see well in the dark, but Yuurei is a whole damn lantern" Huginn adjusted his eyesight and cawed when he spotted what Muginn was talking about, "These vampires are starting to lose their sense."

Meanwhile, back on the ground, Bubba began to turn on his heel, beginning his swing. The tree was turned sideways, sweeping along the battlefield. Many of the vampires within the perimeter jumped out of the way as the tree's trunk was making it's way to the dwarf. Though Brone was getting pelted by constant attacks, his immediate awareness kept him on his toes, so as the vampires that were in close combat with him had pulled away, the dwarf turned back and met the tree with the black axe that had switched places with the golden axe in a split second.

The tree was then shattered into splitters and firewood. Bubba and Brone locked eyes with one another, "Ah'm gonna rip yer head off!" the vampire with the trucker hat yelled.

"That's mah line!" Brone's accent began to slip out as he got a bit irritated that the opposing vampire had stolen a line he intended on using this specific fight.

The two began to ran towards one another. But despite the two wanted to have a one-on-one fight, the other vampires decided to continue with the unfair assault by piling onto the running dwarf; at first it was proving difficult to slow him down, but after six vampires managed to latch onto the dwarf, he was finally brought to a standstill, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't push him to the ground.

"Hold'em!" Bubba yelled as he clenched his fist, getting closer.

"Well then hurry your slow self!" One of the female vampires yelled as she tightened her grip around the dwarf's neck, though it was proving difficult given how thick the dwarf's neck was.

The golden spear then pulsated magical power as it's innate magical ability activated. The dwarf threw off the entire vampire dogpile, sending them flying back while his body suddenly grew massive. Bubba suddenly came to stop, though his sudden change in velocity wasn't soon enough as he was now standing before an eleven foot tall creature.

Surprised, Bubba didn't know what to do before Brone, the large lion-dwarf swung his black axe and slammed the flat of the blade against the head of the trucker vampire and sending him flying to the side, dead before he could hit the floor. The surrounding vampires realized the situation got a whole lot worse.
Brone declining Bubba's request:

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515 | 1,915

#12Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito is trying not to fall on the back foot as the vampires are trying to regroup to fight him, Kaito needs to keep himself going forward as he fights the vampires and he listens to Brone in the distance and he wonders what is even going on as this group of vampires seem like they are nothing and knocking through them is just far easier then it use to be. He wonders what and why it is that he can do this, he wished that he knew how he was so strong now almost like there had been some training session that allowed him to grow far stronger and he was just cutting them down and taking on the grunts like he was some kind of noted hunter of the undead when he was just an idiot with a sword and a powerful punch that seems to shatter their bones like they were made of some kind of brittle glass when he was not even trying to do it.

Kaito just looked around as this was seeming not to be the case that this was a bad fight in anyway just that there were a lot of things that were starting to seem out of place as he was not going to really fully understand it and he thinks maybe he should be fighting stronger enemies and this was not really worthy of his fighting level. He keeps thinking that he can tear out some of the others throats and not really have to think about it but this wasn’t for himself it was for the woman that was murdered by them for some sick game of one upping Yuurei that Kaito doesn’t fully understand by he knows that the woman was not deserving of the death that she got and that these creatures need to be murdered for what they had done.

He is feeling himself getting more angry as he swings his sword and knocks the other vampires around him and he keeps trying to not let his guard down even if these people were far weaker than him, he was not one for caring as they spray blood as they fall over. Kaito blasts vampires with arcane beams and he laughs and he was not going to hold back anymore and he will just keep going and he keeps just punching them. Kaito flips and starts doing tricks and not really taking the fight seriously as he danced on the heads of the vampires with kicks and hits. He keeps working himself hard but not letting his self hit the ground as he seemed to be showing off slightly as this had sort of became a game in a way as he was not in danger of them as their numbers were lowering and they were more scrambling to try and even pin him down with their attacks as they mostly just gracefully fell out and missed their attacks as Kaito kept moving and trying to tear them apart as they were trying majorly hard to stop him and failing.


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The two of them would continue with their fight. It seemed like it would never end as the two of them were flying around the air. They were clashing their weapons with each other as it would seem like things were coming to an end. The Nephilim knew what he had to do and it would probably catch the man off guard. While dodging his attacks and seeing his own attack being dodged, Yuurei decided to do something else. He would move around as he followed Finn. The vampire was trying to see how he could turn it around or hurt him more for Ansem’s sake, but he couldn’t think of anything.

He would see that Yuurei was following him and he figured that he could catch the man off guard right now. While they were flying around, Finn would turn almost immediately and he would swing his scythe at Yuurei. The young man would see this coming and he expected as much. His necklace had also sensed the danger, which meant he knew it was coming. He would move his left hand at this point, and he would throw everything into that punch. The two would clash for a second, but Finn’s scythe would start to shatter.

The vampire saw this and he was surprised about this. He didn’t think that would happen to his weapon. He would look at Yuurei and he would try to move back as he let go of the weapon at hand. Of course, Yuurei figured that would be the case and he would stretch his arm in front of him as he would reach the vampire who ran from him. His hand would collide with the man’s chest and it would pierce right through it. Finn was surprised that this had happened, but he could see that the fight was lost. He felt the blood on his chest, and he could feel the grip on his dead heart.

It was then Yuurei would pull it out and he would look at him as the two of them would stare into each other’s eyes. It was then Yuurei would see the devil that was within the vampire would finally leave the body of the dying vampire. It was then the devil would find its way around before it tried to enter Yuurei’s body succeeding. The Nephilim was screaming from the pain of the being entering his body, but he would fight against it. This wasn’t going too well. It was then it would come to an end, the devil couldn’t take over, but for some reason found itself staying within Yuurei’s body.

The young man would see Finn’s body fall to the ground and once it hit the ground it would disperse into nothing. The little vampires that were left were surprised that Finn had lost, they would become nervous about what was going on. Yuurei would land on the ground, and he would let go of his transformation. He was done with fighting right now and he could feel his wounds and knew that he needed healing magic to treat them all if he wanted to fight Ansem. One thing had gone through his mind and it was what had entered him.


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Brone Heavyaxe
There was a moment of pause as the platoon of vampires just stood there ground and stared at the giant who no longer resembled a mere dwarf, but a monster; eleven feet, feline features with a large white mane, and four arms. The vampires hesitated, wondering how to go about this fight. Some of them tried to prompt one another to make the first move, but either fear or caution kept any of them from making the wrong move.

"We'll play defensive until we find openings, so no making unnecessary moves" one of the vampires ordered as the others agreed, neither of them taking their eyes off of Brone's new form.

As for Brone himself, he stood in the center of the surrounding platoon. He felt stronger, more alive. He took the moment to register everything as he looked down at his feline body, realizing this was caused by the golden spear he had picked up, clearly a magical transformation. Satisfying now that he too had a transformation just like Yuurei and Kato. Looking out at the vampires, his eyes scanning the perimeter slowly, this point of view was different for him, as he was the one looking down at all of them.

His breath was visible to everyone as the temperature in the area had dropped ever since Brone began fighting; his blue helmet still emitting the cold aura, slowing the vampires, but not the dwarf himself. His large furry hands clenched and unclenched, feeling out the handles of his weapons. He thought about how he would continue the fight and understood he had the upper hand to the point he didn't need to rely too heavily on tactic, meaning he could go berserk.

The black axe in Brone's hand had vanished and was instantly replaced by the golden axe of Beowulf. He then raised the axe in the air and all the vampires watched, hesitating and wondering what he was up to. Brone had a thought, wondering even with his newfound strength, how far could he push it. He then yelled out with a mighty lion's roar which activated the golden axe's spell which enveloped him in cyan aura, further pushing his strengthen; his mane stood up on ends and his muscles bulked up even more.

"Crap" one of the vampires said, taking a step back.

"Don't falter!" another vampire, who was more confident, cried out, trying to make sure his friends didn't break formation; he was one of the few that still had hope that the dangerous trio that Ansem had told them about can be taken down. Fear couldn't overtake them, so the vampire rushed forward to make the first move. He planned on doing a hit-and-run, landing a single attack and rushing out of there in order to minimize the damage the group has been taking. When he closed the distance, he delivered a punch into one of Brone's thick arms from the side; but the dwarf didn't move. Actually, the dwarf didn't even turn his head to face the vampire, but simply looked at him from the corner of his eyes.

The vampire jumped back and began to run away. At first the surrounding vampires wondered if their attacks did any kind of damage anymore since the dwarf seem to ignore the hit, but something startled them. As the vampire was already several meters away, Brone launched himself to him and closed the gap almost instantly; the large beast was much faster than before and certainly faster than the vampire. Before the confident vampire could even react, he was diced to pieces by the axes. The remaining vampires scurried, realizing they couldn't win. Brone destroyed a few more before he could hear the scream of Yuurei which brought him back from his adrenaline high.

Yuurei fell, no longer in his angelic form. So Brone ignored the vampires, allowing them to escape while he ran to his friend's side.

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito kept fighting and trying not to get himself wiped out but he knows that the vampires are truly losing this fight and there was really nothing that they can do about it as it was completely out of their control as Kaito was not going to allow them to get away with this and all the other troubles they can caused as this was but only one problem they had caused but now Kaito needed to make sure that they got wiped out before they could cause anyone else any more problems, he looks at the vampires that had now pretty much given up and were backing up as they saw that their leader had fallen and Kaito sees something wrong with Yuurei like something that looked like a ghost but more scary he wonders if Brone had been able to see it or if it was one of the phantoms that could only be seen with the deaths eye he and Yuurei possessed. Kaito fired off a few more beams into some fleeing vampires as he hurried over to Yuurei to make sure that he was okay and wasn't like possessed by the thing that had flown into the man. "You okay Yuurei?" Kaito moved his own arm and his mask reappeared on his own face and he hoped their leader had not just been taken from them here as they were going to need him once they got closer to the final fight.
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