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A Pleasing Tune [Ashley]

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After spending a good week fumbling about out in the wilds of the world Saturn was pleasantly surprised to see people. Though they weren’t exactly thrilled to see him for some reason. It was likely because of his massive stature and threatening magical aura. Something so intense some folks practically ran from just that and left Saturn standing there blinking owlishly and making him sigh a bit.

He had gotten the hang of waving at people from afar and them waving back; proving that he wasn’t a threat. Sure some folks flinched and his grasp on the languages they spoke were mediocre at best. They used some kind of communication that sounded like grunts and used their tongue to make sounds. It was very frustrating at the moment due to him really only understanding one's music.

He had managed to figure out what they had been saying and in his best manner he would relay that information. His style of communication however left a few of them unconscious and the large golden demi-god could only nervously wait around. Making sure they were safe until they regained consciousness.

Regular folks didn’t seem to have the capacity to handle the transfer of music to one another; so instead he’d have to fumble about using their languages. Which was all fine and dandy… if he knew how to speak them! Thankfully writing down his music was possible and they seemed to glean what he needed from them.

A large log, some rope. A length of metal that was curved with a sharp end on it. Simple supplies; all they asked was for him to help them get their carriage back in town. He didn’t even have an issue pulling it along, hell he was using one hand to deliver them to their location. Getting the goods he had requested and waving them goodbye.

Back at the creek he had ‘claimed’ Saturn set his log into the ground, wrapped the rope around the end and worked that end of metal in such a fashion to allow it to ‘stick’ some fishes in their mouths. He didn’t really feel the pang of hunger or the needed to drink and the like. But he liked how this looked from what he had seen before. Sitting on a large rock he’d cast out his rope and wait. No bait was on the end, the rope was so large it was scaring the fishes and the metal was so big that no fish would actually bite on it.

It didn’t bother him all too much, he was just relaxing and sunbathing in the afternoon drawl. Singing along with the music he could feel in the air; a very cheery nature and his voice was certainly loud enough where it rolled through the forest. A pleasing tune that further yet enforced his own emotional state.

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Ashley grumbled to themselves, trying to forget the events of the previous day, attempting everything she could to push them aside, but they returned relentlessly. That irritating man and that stupid feline that followed him, the indignity of it all. Forcing them to apologise for his mistakes. The entire situation had left them a bad taste in their mouth and a sour mood as they traversed back towards their sister.

Their mind was so preoccupied they nearly didn't notice the presence of another. A rather large 'another'. They blinked, their body tensing, taken aback by the sheer size of the... creature? They weren't entirely sure how they would describe them to someone else. They took a step back, about to try to find a way around this portion of the river as their eyes trailed over, falling on the strange log and rope contraption that looked oddly like a...

"Fishing?" Ashley's brows furrowed quizzically as they muttered to themselves, completely confused by what she was witnessing. They tilted their head, their ears perking up as they attempted to gauge the situation. Their sensitive feline features detected a strange sound, like a song. Were they singing? It was a lovely tune, although they certainly didn't recognise it. Upon further inspection, they noted their rather relaxed body language. They were simply enjoying the day, like anyone else.

A small part of her was screaming inside to just run, avoid them, it could all be a ploy, they could still be dangerous. But their overly curious nature overwhelmed their flight instincts. Their ever-hungry need to know how everything in the world ticked taking over. Slowly, carefully, quietly, they approached, trying to get a little closer. To learn more, to listen a little longer.


The sound of a twig cracking underfoot, Ashley froze, glancing down. A small muttering consisting of a variety of curses now that their stealth had been broken, their presence possibly perceived by the giant by the river.


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His softness continued throughout the approach of another; he wasn’t bothered too much by someone being so close. His senses, a scent let him smell many things in close proximity but he wasn’t really worried. There were plenty of animals in this forest and they tended to leave him alone. The massive demi-god kept on his tune; the sing song nature of which was uplifting. Or at least was an attempt. He paid ashley no mind, his attention on the fish.

He’d lean back on the rock, letting out a soft sigh. The song continued, it spun a marvelous tale and honestly it seemed like it could just keep going on forever and ever. Though the sudden cracking of a twig brought him out of his reverie and he’d blink slowly. Slowly sitting up and turning his head to where the sound had come from.

The source of this was a small, almost petite by his standards demi human feline. He didn’t know enough about females and males to really make an assumption of which they were so he’d leave that in mind for later. His smile never waivered and the fact that someone was so close made it widen slowly. He’d raise his hand in a small wave to the demi human.

The music hadn’t really stopped, he had just been singing along with it but it certainly was less prominent now that he wasn’t going along with it. His head tilted to one side and curiosity played along his features. He hadn’t said a word and the curses that were spewed from Ashley earned a quizzical headtilt like he didn’t understand. Pondering for a moment he’d motion to himself with a hand, fingers splaying across his chest and pressing firmly against the bare ‘skin’.

He didn’t seem hostile at least; but it didn’t look like he spoke very well if at all. His music rolled throughout the area and seemed to say just one simple thing; though the question was if Ashley understood the ‘power’.



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Tentatively Ashley returned the stranger's wave, raising their hand slowly, watching attentively. No signs of hostility were evident. In fact, rather it felt the opposite. Their body slowly relaxed, releasing most, but not all, of the tension that had built up in their muscles.

"Saturn...?" the feline's head tilted, momentarily, not quite sure how they had interpreted the strange sounds they made but also confused as to what the word meant. Ashley analysed their body language briefly before their eyes widened a small 'oh' escaping their lips as their brain clicked, understanding. Mimicking his movements, they'd bring their own hand across their chest.

"Ashley." They replied. It was a strange experience, it felt like a mix of trying to talk to a child and a wild animal, yet an adult all at once. They felt what tension remained within them fade, they weren't a threat, at least, not right now.

Their eyes flickered over momentarily Saturn's 'fishing pole', then back to the creature themselves. Were they aware that their contraption was far too bulky to catch anything that swam in the river? They didn't want to be rude and give unsolicited advice that wasn't wanted, but... She blinked, unsure how she would even communicate with them even if they were okay with being taught how to fish properly.


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The return of his wave made saturn actually fairly happy; his ear twitched a few times and he noted that this person was being overly cautious. He had hoped that they would let themselves relax a bit. He wasn’t about to hurt them and would likely not be able to be hurt by them. Though he wasn’t able to gauge their power too well. Perhaps the lack of their own music was what was inhibiting him? He’d rub at his chin thoughtfully, eyes cracking a bit to inspect his ‘guest’.

His ears flicked forward as he saw the motions that he had just done replied back to him. The word that she spoke didn’t make sense to him for a moment and he’d have to sit there grasping at it like straws in his hands until it stuck.


It was an unfamiliar name, unfamiliar language and unfamiliar dialect. He’d sit there for a few moments mulling it over; looking confused and he’d start as he noted that they were looking towards his fishing pole. He’d cock his head to one side, staring down at the other and then moving slightly to motion to the log. Then back to ashley. Pausing and trying to think of the best way to figure this out.


He’d dig around in his pockets; he had some parchment. No. Some rope? No again. Mixing the stuff he had with him wouldn’t make for good communication. He could write his music out on the parchment but that was limited… He’d adjust a little bit and then purse his lips in thought.

Was there a way that he could- Oh! Right! He’d pause again and then put a hand to his chest; trying to sound out words from earlier. They sounded like babble of multiple languages all overlapping at once. Like he couldn’t decide- or rather that he didn’t know that he was actually speaking all of them at once.


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Ashley tilted their head, curious about what he was looking for as he dug around, pulling out a few things. The smile never ceased, but they got a sense that it hadn't been what they had been searching for as they looked to be considering something briefly and then... the sounds.

A bombardment of languages all simultaneously 'spoken' assaulted their brain. Some of which the feline recognised, others they did not. She had managed, albeit with difficulty, to pick up a couple of the words, but not enough to garner the meaning of the message they were attempting to convey. Unconsciously took a small, cautious step back, not wishing to experience such an amalgamation of sounds again. Their ears still ringing a little.

"Afraid I didn't quite catch that..." Ashley chuckled nervously, their speech slower than it normally be. A small, perhaps futile attempt at conveying the message a little clearer. All they while they were trying desperately to put together what little pieces they had comprehended, but it was near impossible.

"Perhaps just one language this time? Fiorian would be fine. We are in Fiore after all..." They continued speaking slowly, steadily, being sure to pronounce each word as precisely as possible.


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The silence of the other one while he searched through his pockets was met with a thousand inner thanks. He wasn’t sure what he would have done if they had been impatient. Troubled maybe? His ears perked a little bit however when he realized that his array of languages and the way that they worked with one another wasn’t what the other was looking to hear. The cautious step back made his heart drop and he’d immediately cut off the words when he noticed that.

He’d scratch at his cheek, his brows furrowing a bit. His smile literally never faltered for a moment but it was quite clear that the rest of his body was that what conveyed how he was feeling. They hadn’t quite gotten what he was trying to say and the words that they spoke didn’t quite… Feel right to them either. Like the meaning of them was there and he ‘knew’ what they meant but all the same.

The way that they spoke slowly definitely did help, but the fact that he didn’t truly know the languages he spoke meant he was more like a parrot repeating the words he had heard. The one thing that he did know was that their name was Ashley. The second word that sort of clicked was ‘Fiore’. Something that the others had spoken about time and time again.

Was it a place? Was that where they were? His expression grew puzzled and he’d bring a hand thoughtfully to his chin. Like he was processing what ashley had given him. His way of communicating wasn’t going to work for everyone. The power of his ‘music’ was meant to convey emotions and various other things. Someone that truly understood it he wouldn’t have to talk at all with. But that might have meant that while he had a more ‘pure’ form of communication that it wasn’t always the best choice.

Wracking his brain for a moment the Demi-god brought his hands to his chest; he remembered how the others moved. He could hear and sense their flesh moving. It was the strangest thing with being so close to them. He’d take a slow breath; regulating it through his nostrils and then with an incredible effort he’d manage to at least say her name in Fiorian.


It sounded strained like he was trying to hold back too much and he looked a little annoyed at himself that he hadn’t managed to say more. Really he didn’t know fiorian. Was that name meant to be said in that language? He didn’t know. Running his hand along the parchment he’d infuse it with the music that he felt like sharing earlier. Pushing away the frustrations and holding it out for her. Even if she didn’t understand the symbols they would be magically induced; a tricky way of communicating for sure.

A strange sense of peace, a sense of pride, a sense of guilt, worry and ultimately confusion.


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Saturn's body language shifted. Sadness? It was difficult to tell with that every smiling face of theirs, but Ashley was beginning to pick up on the other subtleties. The heaving of their chest, the slight slouch of dejection. Clear signs that portrayed their feelings to the ever-observant informant. Reading people was one of their specialties, although they'd never had to use their abilities quite like this.

It was becoming more and more evident as time passed that this creature before her was struggling. A fight within themselves, most likely over the language barrier that was becoming quite apparent now. They didn't know how to express themselves properly. Ash felt their heart go out to them. This no doubt made things rather difficult for them.

Not only were they rather huge and no doubt terrifying to behold for most people, but they also couldn't even convey their pure intentions to people, at least not easily. Not unless someone was willing to take the time to sit and learn their body language. Ashley was simply cheating, having already studied that subject for many years under their father's tutelage.

The feline couldn't help but smile as they spoke her name. Clearly putting in a lot of effort just to get that correct. With a small chuckle, Ashley felt all the fear they'd had up until this point completely washed away. They were no longer scary, just a misunderstood gentle giant. Tentatively they reached out to take the paper. The runes written down held power, much like when they had first 'sung' their name. They smiled, a small rumbling of their chest as they stifled a laugh.

Ashley edged closer, slowly, making sure not to make any sudden movements lest they surprised the big.. 'man'? They weren't too sure, they were shirtless and rather masculine appearing, but not everyone went by what they 'looked' like. They themselves were a prime example. They took a seat next to them, before gently placing their small hand on their massive arm. Attempting to convey a sense of warmth and apologies for judging them so quickly.


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At least he wasn’t scaring this person off; at least they didn’t seem to immediately treat him like he was a scary monster. The people around here had sadness and mistrust in their hearts so blisteringly apparent it made him wonder what had happened to make it so. Ashley seemed to be different than the few merchants and farmers that he had run into. She also seemed to be easier to communicate with on some degree; maybe once he learned how to properly speak he could convey that.

Maybe if he could find a way to learn the languages of this land properly, separate the different music that each one held… It’d make living on this world a lot easier. A flick of his ear came from something that he distinctly felt from ashley. Understanding? Maybe a sameness? It was hard to tell right away.

His size and strength were something that would drive people away; his appearance maybe even more strange to others. He’d breathe out slowly through his nostrils; trying to think. A good way of handling this was inscribing the music on parchment but he’d quickly run out of room on that small pad until it was just a jumble of emotions that would be overwhelming and he didn’t want that. It’d also be a headache to clear it again and again. Saying that was something he even knew how to do right now.

The small laugh earned a quizzical head tilt from the giant; he wasn’t quite sure what was so funny but the emotion that he felt from it was genuine. Maybe it is related to them in some way? Saturn’s head tilt went further as they edged closer. He didn’t really have much of a personal bubble so they didn’t seem bothered by it. With them taking a seat and the small hand on his arm earned a slight twitch of his tail. He could feel the sense of warmth and that heartfelt apology for… something? Judgment maybe? Perhaps his size was something fearsome or there was something else to do with it.

He’d reach over slowly with his other hand to gently place it on their shoulder, trying not to overwhelm them; he could feel their emotions acutely and would do his best not to overwhelm them with his as he let his own start to sink in.

While he was content, happy even, he was also lost and confused. Something had scared him and he had run from it. He had more questions than answers and that was apparent as he looked over to his ‘fishing rod’. His grin didn’t waiver but there was a moment where he seemed even more unsure for a second and then perked up. His sense of curiosity eased out and took over from all the other prior emotions. He’d speak out slowly again; the only real word he knew at the moment. But this time… it held that inquisitive tone.


Maybe he was asking about her? Even if he couldn’t understand, in this sense of things he could maybe learn about her in some way. Or maybe she could help him? It was a gamble. Maybe she could even teach him how to separate his languages, or at the very least help him focus on the one she was speaking to him that he was barely able to understand.


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Ashley's instincts caused her to flinch as the giant hand came down upon them, but they held strong, allowing him to touch them in a similar way she had done for them. It became abundantly clear that while they were a being of few words, they were full of living, writhing emotions. The feeling of contentment was the most powerful, but the hints of sadness, loneliness and confusion hit a little too close to home. A glimpse of insight into what was ticking in that head of theirs. Feelings Ashley had also experienced many times before.

Finally, they noted, the ever so slight forlorn expression as Saturn looked at the makeshift rod before they turned to speak their name again, only this time their tone implied a question, causing a small wave of confusion for the feline.

"Me?" They asked back, pointing to themselves now, unsure exactly what they wanted to know, "Um... Hmm..." They made small sounds, thinking, wishing it was as simple as writing things down in their notebook. However, given he couldn't speak the language properly, they heavily doubted he was capable of reading it. There was, however, one thing that had been irking them. Ashley's eyes glanced over to the rod, then back to Saturn, gently giving his arm a squeeze. Reassurance.

"Wait." She chose to use the one word, hoping they might understand, before getting up and dashing away down the river until they were out of sight.


Time ticked past, until an hour later, the cat returned their form in the distance growing larger as they approached. Their arms were filled with various bags, and two fishing poles were strapped to their back. They sent Saturn a grin, not too dissimilar to his own, glad he had remained as they pointed to his rod and shook their head, placing a hand on him doing their best to convey their feelings of 'wrong, too big.' followed by 'careful', as they proceeded to hand him one of the thin poles. Hoping they understood, perhaps he would, maybe he wouldn't. Either way, they had a spare rod, although, they had planned to use that one themselves to demonstrate.

Ashley had never actually been fishing before, having viewed it as a pointless activity. However, it wasn't pointless anymore, not if helped further narrow the gap that had already begun to close between them. They rummaged through the bags, pulling out various fishing equipment. Hooks, lures, and containers filled with bait and chum until they were all placed delicately on the ground between them.

Ashley then took their own rod, attempting to demonstrate how it all worked, occasionally touching them to express a word or emotion, using simple terms so there was little to lose in translation. Once complete, they looked to Saturn, planning to assist him with his own rod. They were aware he would likely struggle with those large hands of his, so they were happy to help with the finer parts such as baiting the hook.


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He couldn’t help but notice the flinch from ashley; there was a marked key of sadness. It was hard to get over the fact that he was this big and that was the biggest worry from some people. It was a sizeable worry he figured. Maybe with all the beasts in the forest it was just natural but he hoped in the future he’d be able to alleviate that sensation or emotion from others as time passed. He could feel a swath of understanding from his music to hers and he was somewhat glad if not a little saddened that they had felt the same way in their life at some point no doubt.

He’d slowly nod his head as they pointed to themselves; the short word they spoke sounded so bloody familiar it was bugging him that he didn’t understand it. To him a lot of the cues from languages were seriously becoming a barrier for him. He’d need to figure out something later. Feeling that squeeze Saturn’s ears perked up a bit and he’d tilt his head to one side. Hearing that one word he’d furrow his brow. Watching them get up and then dash off.

He wasn’t sure what it meant; what either word meant. But with the vibes he picked up from the feline demi human he opted to remain in place. Silently watching the fishing pole he had constructed. No fish would take that metal length and no fish would come anywhere close to him. It was fine… Probably.


He chose to wait; which wasn’t hard for him. He returned to singing softly; his music carrying through the forest once more. His heart swelling with a happiness he hadn’t felt… Since his creation. It had been stapled with worry from his summoning and from the ritualists he needed to flee from. Hearing the approach of someone and feeling various sensations the Demi-god’s music teetered out and he’d turn his head to see Ashley returning. A grin on her face similar to his own and seeing her point to his rod; followed by a shake of their head. The placement of her hand followed by the emotions he felt had him pause. Taking the rod and inspecting it; like a child that had just found a stick. The contraption was very similar to what he had seen the farmers used.

Seeing the other pulling out various fishing equipment he’d look them over, puzzlement spreading along his features and he’d reach to pick up one thing after another. Inspecting them and setting them down; though he didn’t pick up the bait or chum. Wrinkling his nose a little bit as the smell wasn’t exactly enticing and he’d raise a brow before looking to Ashley.

With the other explaining to him, showing him things and the like he eventually put together what one was supposed to do. Rubbing at his chin he would go through the gentle motions she had shown him. Even so far as casting out the line and pulling it back in, though he was a little stronger than what the rod was probably intended for that didn’t mean he wasn’t being careful.

He’d struggle with putting the bait on the hook; his brow furrowing a little and he’d look to ashley for a moment. Cocking his head to one side. There was a few moments of palatable confusion and he’d hold up the hook, pointing at it with a finger. He wasn’t sure how he was to put bait on it, his hands were large enough to where just a finger would probably engulf the whole thing.


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Ashley felt a small bead of sweat drop from her face as he pointed to the hook, unable to bait it themselves as she had already predicted. It was finicky business even for someone with her petite hands, let alone for someone of his stature, but if they wanted to be successful, they needed bait in order to even feel a nibble of a fish on the other line, let alone catch one.

"I know, it's not ideal, but let me." Ashley murmured aloud, despite knowing the language gap meant he wouldn't understand the sounds she had made, as they carefully reached out, holding the hook between two fingers as they stabbed it into the bait, folding it over and stabbing again until it felt secure enough that it wouldn't just slip off once it was cast.

"Try casting now." They said, mimicking the actions to cast the line back into the water, in an attempt to convey the words, "Then wait." They used the same word as before.  He had stayed put the last time, perhaps he knew what it meant? Or at least could take a guess maybe. They didn't know but they proceeded to cast out their own line, before tossing some of the chum into the water, hoping to lure in some river fish.

Now they had to wait. They sighed. Suddenly recalling why fishing had seemed so boring to them in the past. The waiting. Having to be patient about things wasn't entirely one of their strong suits. They could be patient with people, like Lotus and now Saturn, but when it came to having to sit idly until a fish bit the line, they were not so.


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Maybe it was a bit frustrating for her having to help him out so much or maybe it was because she realized that he wouldn’t be able to put the bait on the hook himself. He’d have to perhaps figure out a way himself. He was able to use his music for all sorts of things- He’d pause. Blink and then facepalm as the other was working with the bait. He knew what he could do, maybe. It was hard to really say that it’d work and it’d take a lot of guess work maybe? A translation music or spell. Something he could develop later.

It was worth a shot.

Flicking his ears as he watched her work with the bait he quickly understood the motions. Maybe with a bit of music he could handle that too. Taking his rod back and casting it with the motions she showed his ears perked up. He waited like she had asked. Sitting there quietly and waiting. He didn’t seem to have a problem waiting like a child without concept of time.

Hearing the sigh he’d turn his head, looking down at them and pondering. Gently nudging them with a hand he’d tilt his head to one side. He looked concerned; likely wondering if something was wrong. He wasn’t sure if she was unhappy with the way things turned out or if that she was trying to figure out something all her own. With a considerable amount of effort he’d try to sort through the babble of languages in his head; wondering which one was the right one. They all sounded the same to him.


He’d dig around in his pockets with his free hand and hold out a piece of parchment. His last and offer it to ashley. Maybe she was capable of inscribing runes like he was?


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Ash looked up feeling the pair of ever-smiling eyes peering down at them. A sense of concern. They shook their head waving him off.

"Don't worry, I am just-" They started, stopping midsentence as they took the parchment, looking up at him quizzically. Did they want her to do what they had done before? They reached into their pocket, pulling out the last piece of parchment, the magical runic language that they had just instinctively understood. However, they didn't know how to use magic, not like Lotus did, and they certainly had no idea how Saturn had infused the magical runes onto it in the first place.

Was it perhaps like a magical item, one they could just pour their internal mana into? They were capable of using enchantments like that. They looked back down between the two sheets of parchment. The meaning of the previous one hadn't been direct, but rather more akin to feelings they had understood when observing them.

Did they just need to pour their feeling into the page while releasing a bit of the magical energy that they held within? It was worth a shot. They put the old, used piece aside, taking the empty one in both hands as they concentrated their mana flow into their fingertips, similar to how they used any magical implement. They focused their thoughts and feelings they were attempting to convey. I'm fine. Just impatient. But Happy.

They opened their eyes, looking down at the page... empty. They scowled, deciding perhaps it was simply because they needed to focus better. Closing their eyes they tried again. Taking a peak to see the still blank sheet between their fingers. Rage. Frustration. Anger. Suddenly a burst of several patterns erupted onto the page Their raw, unbridled feelings flowing into it. All the negative emotions they always felt just brimming under the surface of their charismatic mask.


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Saturn tilted their head; the idea of trying to brush off the worry off wasn’t lost upon him and he’d slowly nod his head. He was less concerned about her at this point; she had been honest with him thus far and he appreciated this. Seeing that she took the parchment made him smile a bit wider. He hoped that they were able to do what he could. But he wasn’t sure if they were familiar with the style of communication.

He’d cock his head to one side as he watched her study both pieces of parchment, the old one with his emotions on it still hummed with his essence. The music was singing softly still and the large demi-god adjusted a bit as he watched her with anticipation. He could see the flow of magic from the other; they had the right grasp of it but it was crude. At least to him. He could tell that they were trying to implement what they wanted to say.

He however started a little bit when the frustration blossomed and he got to see the inner sensations that the other felt. There was a look of infinite understanding from Saturn before he gently reached down to take both the parchment and ashley’s hands in a soft re-assuring squeeze. He understood the frustrations and for a moment he wondered what next he should do. The emotions he could feel from the page sat hotly between their hands and there was a softness to his touch that he could only really support others with.

He didn’t judge her at all for failing, he didn’t judge her in the slightest. He could feel all those negative feelings and it was really… He had to wonder where they came from. He didn’t push those away and would just give those hands a soft squeeze, taking his hands away from hers and the parchment.

He could have washed away the emotions on the paper but he had a better idea, he instead wiped the first parchment clean. Slowly handing it to her and his smile didn’t waiver at all; in fact it just had that supportive notion behind it.

Go on, try again. I’m here.


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Disappointment. Their ears flattened as they looked at the paper. They had technically been successful, but not in the way they had wanted. With a small sigh, they stared down at the negative feelings swirling on the page. Their true, raw feelings. Those they kept squirrelled away, hidden deep inside, behind the mask they always bore. Truth. Was that it? Did the magic Saturn used only worked if they were your true feelings? Not just those you wanted to pretend to have?

Their tail flickered. Irritation. Annoyed that they had let the mask slip. Angry at themselves for not really being the happy-go-lucky person they pretended to be. Discomfort. Embarrassed over appearing so vulnerable in front of a complete stranger who only knew their name. They were just grateful Saturn's language barrier meant he couldn't tell others about what had occurred just now.

Their negative thoughts broke away as their amethyst eyes caught sight of Saturn's hand, passing them the previous sheet. Was she supposed to try again? They looked up at his grin. Supportive of her efforts. Right. They needed to not get carried away with their failure. Dwelling on it wasn't going to change anything.

Gingerly they reached out, taking the blank sheet, releasing the one filled with their gloomy thoughts. Gripping it in both hands, they stared down at the page, taking a deep breath to steady themselves. Clearly just trying to convey any old feelings they wanted to wasn't going to work, they had to be real, raw and powerful.  They sat in contemplation for a bit, trying to think of a way to write down their feelings about the fishing, they weren't exactly 'strong' was that why it didn't work? What else could they use, something that gave them similar feelings but with more 'oomph'.

They were content to stay beside him, happy even, they were just impatient. Their ears suddenly perked up, eyes gleaming as they realised what they could do. They thought of Lotus. The feelings they felt around their sister.

Contentment. Impatience. Slight Irritation, but ultimately, Happiness.

All feelings they had for both Lotus and their current fishing endeavour. A swirling of magic erupted, the page coming alive as the runes of those feelings were written on the page. Their features softened, their tail swishing happily a small delighted purr erupting from their chest as they shot a grin up at the golden being before them, offering the page towards him.


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He could feel the disappointment in the other’s chest as though it was within his own, everything that they sang about sat in clear view. The flattening of ears while likely part of the disappointment was cute; did most of the feline nature do that? He had to wonder if his ears did that but he also knew they had a habit of standing tall. He’d tilt his head to one side.

Irritation, annoyance. Anger. Discomfort. Rapid emotions that saturn could feel within the other. He understood the fluctuation of the heart in front of him and while he didn’t know much more than their name he was still giving them the benefit of the doubt. He noted the swelling of emotions on the other paper; it would be a cruel reminder if he left it be like that. Catching it as it was left go; he could feel those emotions almost as though they were his own. They were so abundantly powerful they must have been connected deep to her heart and he’d let his brow soften in sadness.

Such a poor soul to have these bottled away…

He’d adjust a little bit on the rock and tilted his head lightly as they seemed to be thinking of what they wanted to share. Watching closely as they started to inscribe the other sheet of paper. He didn’t want her to be distracted by the powerful emotions so he made sure to wipe that first sheet with his strongest emotion present.

His Gentle nature coupled with his Contentment.

Wiped the first parchment clean but it would magically null it from further use unless he used a stronger emotion. Stashing that parchment away he’d blink a bit as he saw that swirl of magic erupt. Seeing that tail swish, the purr that he heard and that grin? He’d gently take the parchment, reading into the emotions and could feel his heart swell a little bit. The other emotions were deep down there and he knew what needed to be done regarding those.

But these are what she wanted to share, not those. Contentment from their situation, impatience at the length of time. Irritation from their prior attempt. The happiness she felt was genuine. Directed at another. He’d shift a bit and return that grin. Adjusting slightly and thinking to himself. Tapping the rock twice, pointing up at the sun with one hand and then motioning to the fishing rods. He’d repeat the motion twice more just to see if ashley understood what he meant. If not.

Well there was other things they could do other than fishing. He’d offer his hand and the parchment to her; clearly he felt that she should keep it.


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Ashley's head tilted, a little confused by the meaning behind his actions. Did he mean for them to sit on the rock and enjoy the day for what it was, the fishing wasn't as important? It was one of a couple of conclusions they came to, but definitely, the one that made the most sense. When was the last time they had taken a break to just sit, relax and enjoy the sun that shone gently from above, warming them?

A genuine, soft smile filled Ashley's features as they took a seat on the rock beside him as they were handed back the sheet, their feelings now properly conveyed. They stared down at it momentarily, memorising the emotions that coated the page. They wanted to treasure this moment, and remember it forever. They gently closed their eyes, listening to the sounds, the wind blowing gently that caused the rustling of leaves in the nearby trees. The trickling of running water from the stream beside them. The chirping of birds, crickets and other insects.

Locking them in their mind, they moved onto the scents, the sweet, smelling grass beneath them, the damp smell of the bank, and the distinctive scent of him. Warm. The scents of nature. Of ferns that grew in the nearby forest, and a slight hint of something else. Their nose twitched. Berries? Their smile grew.

Keeping those sounds and smells in place they opened their eyes again, staring up at the gentle giant before them. Amethyst eyes tracing over every part of him, that never-ending grin, his kind, smiling eyes, his pointed ears, his golden form. This moment would be kept inside their memory forever. They glanced back down at the paper in their hands, folding it delicately and slipping it into their pocket. A memento they would treasure for a long time.

This was nice. Warmth. A combination of the sun that beamed down on them, gently caressing the bare skin that their clothing did not cover along with the feeling of understanding they had shared between themselves and Saturn. It was nice. Soothing. Comforting.

The line from their rod twitched.


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Saturn watched Ashley intently, her motions. What she seemed to be processing. Was there a little bit of confusion in regards to his motions and actions? Absolutely. He felt like without a doubt that it would take a little time for their way of communicating to get a little better. He was glad that she seemed to take what he seemed to indicate as that soft genuine smile spread across her features.

Taking a seat next to him the large demi-god adjusted slightly; there was plenty of rock between the two of them and he’d recline back. Breathing out a little bit. He could feel her contemplating something; the swelling emotions within her frame sang a song of their own. The two of them sitting there in silence; but definitely enjoying the company of one another.

His motions to understand her and to record the instances of her were far different; he didn’t play off of scents but her music was very important to him. She had made ample efforts to communicate with him in this fashion and after a moment a low thrumming in his chest rolled out and his smile cracked open. A gentle song; one laced with his music started to play out.

Happiness, pure and simple, was felt through the starting phrases. Rolling into that of content, that of enjoyment. He was glad to meet her; even if they couldn’t talk in the usual way. Even if their way of communicating was crude. The time that they shared was theirs and no one else's.

The trees seemed to sway as his song continued, his music deepened. The depths of his soul laid bare for someone else to interact with. There was naught a negative emotion from him to be had; no worries. No concerns anymore. There was just the gentle reminder of the peace they had here. The lessons they learned and the song that they played together. He could feel her eyes take him in and his eyes, usually closed slowly cracked open. His song didn’t stammer at all when he let his own eyes take in her form as though seeing it right and properly.

There was a brief moment where were she to look to his face; soft golden eyes would meet hers and his song would swell a bit with the happiness of the situation. Meeting a new friend and understanding them had truly made him happier as an individual. They both reveled in the comfort of this situation that they had built together on mutual understanding.

While his song was still going the line from their joint effort twitched and his eyes slowly moved over to it. Perking up a bit the demi-god’s hands picked at it. His song was still ongoing but he was clearly excited. Maybe a little bit too excited, maybe he was a little bit too strong. There was a tug almost immediately and his motions were stronger than what were needed.


Mid ‘phrase’ saturn blinked a few times; his song paused for a brief instant and they looked down at the half rod. The other bouncing into the water and being whisked away. A small sweatbead ran down his face and he’d look at the half rod that he had, then between it. The other rod and then ashley. The line that had gone down to the spooler had also snapped leaving it frayed to a degree.

A soft sing song ‘la’ of confusion rolled out of his lips and it was so clear that he was utterly bamboozled by what just happened. A massive pair of fingers coming down to pick the line and give it a small tug. As though he was inspecting his error. He didn’t seem frustrated, just more confused at what occurred. He’d turn his head to look at Ashley; brows furrowed slightly and he looked apologetic.

He had broken something of hers and now he needed to fix it but…


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Ashley wrapped their arms around their legs, resting their head upon their knees as they closed their eyes and listened to the sounds of nature around them, enjoying the day for what it was as they had planned. Their ears began to twitch in Saturn's direction as sounds began to emit from him. Like a song of sorts that he sang, it was uplifting and simplistic, but truly beautiful.

They couldn't help but take a peak, noting he had laid back, and relaxed and other than his smile appearing a little larger than before, he didn't look dissimilar. They were about to close their eyes again and continue to listen but the way the world moved around them caught their eye. It was like the world was dancing to his song, the trees swaying, a small whirl of wind passing through like they were answering his call.

They glanced back at him as the song began to shift ever so slightly, golden eyes staring back at her own, causing a wave of warm emotions to flow over her. Their head felt a little lighter. As if all their problems had been washed away for the moment. They wanted to speak up, to thank him, for giving him a chance to just truly enjoy life for life, even if they knew this feeling wouldn't last forever, but they couldn't bring themselves to speak, not wanting to interrupt the pleasing tune.

When Saturn grew excited, Ashley's eyes flicked over to the rods. A bite! They were about to warn him that they needed to be gentle, to take it easy when reeling in the fish. However, before they could even release even a peep, it snapped.

Ashley paused for a moment, then burst out into laughter. Pure, raw, laughter. Finding it hilarious that despite everything all their work to teach him to fish had suddenly been for naught. There was no need for either of them to be upset though. It wasn't like they had an emotional attachment to the rod. They had bought it just today, purely for him. So they could enjoy something together.

"It's fine... it's fine..." They tried to wave him off, hoping he'd understand that it was okay, "We still have another." They pointed to the other rod. There had been no bite on it, but they thought perhaps this was a good chance to show him how to be gentle with it. They stood up, taking the rod, going through the motions of how to reel in a fish, slow, steady, carefully. Gently. Then tossed out the line again.


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He was relaxed, he was enjoying himself. The sun kissed his form and the wind seemed to dance along his fur. The trees swayed and the gentle sensations of other living beings warmed both he and his shared… Friend? Companion? What would you call Ashley? They had just met but he felt a connection with her that he could only explain as friendship. His song danced through the air, taking away the breath of the wild animals that came by. Staring and standing in tune with him; the song graced ashley’s ears and being first. Easing to her in such a manner as though he wished to share every little emotion that he was feeling.

He felt those Amethyst eyes on him still, his eyes met hers and his song swelled. There was happiness in his heart; happiness on his face. The sort of thing you got from sharing time with one another. He could feel her sensations keenly; she wanted to thank him. To speak to him. She would have her chance when they weren’t enraptured with the music together. If she wanted to she could, but he wouldn’t force her to. Well not that he would anyways.

His motions regarding the fishing pole were met with mirth; the laughter from the other was so pure in fashion that it made him forget the frustration he felt in regards to it. The sound of her laughter was just as crisp as his song and the large demi god beamed brightly at Ashley. She waved a little bit; dismissively it seemed. Should he not worry? There was a span of confusion that was minute and her words seemed to reach him.

He sat there processing. The words were halting, filled with raw emotion and power. Laced with magical energy it sounded like his voice made the very earth rumble in pleasure at hearing him talk.

Ashley. Not. Worry?

His intense inflection on her name also pushed forward a mix of affection, friendship and general desire of time spent. Though there was a bit of hesitance in the ‘worry’. Like he wasn’t sure the very words meaning. The other words she spoke weren’t lost to him either. But he repeated those without the inflection, without the mana, the raw emotion and power he had weren’t there like he didn’t understand what he was saying. Like a parrot repeating the words someone spoke at it.

She showed him how to be gentle, showed him how to cast the line and how to do what she had. Thinking to himself he’d hold onto the broken item and placed a hand over where it had been. Feeding mana into the rod he’d make it grow. Replacing what had been lost slowly, though it looked more natural of a length rather than crafted. Like a little tree sprouting out of nothing. He’d tilt his head a little bit, standing up and walking over to a clear spot.

Raising some dirt out of the ground and letting his essence flow into the rod he’d ‘plant’ it into the ground and watch a small tree take shape from it; as though this was something normal it seemed that he didn’t like the idea of wasting what Ashley had gotten him so he took the lemon that he had made… and made lemonade.

Turning back to her and taking a seat on the rock, staring at the water with a thoughtful expression. His head slowly turned to ashley and he’d open his eyes a little bit, breath catching in his throat and then he’d let out a small musical note. Something that was keyed towards the last song, asking her as though would she like him to continue?

His golden eyes seemed to be searching for something and he'd furrow his brow in thought.


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"Ashley not worry." Ashley was quick to wave away his concern again as they repeated back to him to ensure the message was received clearly. He was so innocent, so pure, so adorable. So very different to how they had first perceived him, a giant, a threat. They sighed softly, their immediate reaction was no doubt the same as most people, which to be fair, was understandable. People do tend to prefer to avoid possible dangers, but he certainly was in no way a danger, except maybe to the fishing rod. A rumbling from her chest as she chuckled at the thought, watching him looking at the broken rod.

What he did next though completely caught her off-guard. Ash had seen magic in many forms, but nothing quite like this. As he held the broken rod in his hand, it began to twist and contort until before them, shifting, transforming. They found themselves unable to look away, completely mesmerised until it was no longer a rod, but something more akin to an uprooted sapling. They looked on with awe as he raised some dirt a little further away, the tree taking root in the soil.

"Extraordinary...." She whispered to herself. Was this his way of returning the item back to nature? It was certainly a lot more effective than recycling. They watched the little tree for a bit, still completely flabbergasted at how effortlessly he had transformed something broken into something new. Magic truly was amazing, it was a shame she hadn't the talent for it and even if she did she was sure hers would be far more destructive rather than constructive. As was her personality.

Their ear flicked towards Saturn as he let out a small whistling sound, their focus turning to him as they nodded in response, they would love to continue listening to his tune. All day if possible. Just to relax. Work could wait. Lotus could wait. The little blonde kitten would no doubt pout and be upset for being a little later than promised, but it would be worth it. Noting Saturn's small frown, they tilted their head slightly, unsure what was on his mind. He was clearly thinking about something, contemplating in a similar fashion to themselves.

"Saturn?" They'd ask in a rather quizzical tone, trying to understand what could be on his mind.


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The longer he was around Ashley the more he understood about her; the little ticks and her emotions that she kept close to her. He wanted to get to know her more than this; there was a longing of knowledge deep in his chest and he yearned to learn about her. Hearing her speak like he had sat strangely for him; she knew well enough about her language to communicate it to him. Someone who knew nothing. His breath caught in his throat and he sat there for a moment when he was planting the tree.

The rumbling in her chest caught his attention even at this distance, like there was amusement in earlier actions. Another word spilling from her lips; under her breath which made it doubly as hard for him to understand it. He’d stare at her, his golden eyes cracked and wanting to look at hers. He could feel that desire to listen to his song grow and he felt the same way about her.

He wanted to listen to her emotions, listen to the music that were her words. He ached in a place that he didn’t know that he had before and his hand came to his chest. It was a dull ache, like someone had taken a knife and put it into his chest. Twisting it slowly. But it wasn’t a bad sensation; it was one that he felt so strongly and so passionate about he couldn’t explain it. Just what did you call it?

It was such a complex emotion that it left him befuddled. But he knew that she wished to listen to his song. But he couldn’t just idly sit here and contemplate this emotion on his own. Drawing out that earlier length of parchment, the one that needed a powerful emotion to be able to write on it. He’d stare at it for a moment. Hearing his name on her lips sat strangely with him.

Closing his eyes fully after looking at her amethyst eyes the large golden demi-god poured his mana, his song and emotions into the paper. A powerful, nearly overwhelming aura of one pure emotion; one that was without a doubt the strongest emotion he had ever felt at this point and likely wouldn’t dwindle for a long time. So intense was the sensation that it washed over the two of them and he’d slowly offer it to her.

It practically pulsed with it, a fiery sensation that often was written about, a gentle sensation that made the worlds of many worth it. But to saturn it was the first intense thing that he had felt since his arrival to this place. Inlaid in it was such an overwhelming sense of affection and love that it was hard to confuse it with anything else.



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Ashley sat, watching Saturn curiously. Something seemed 'off' at first but they couldn't tell what it was. When he reached up to his chest her brows furrowed. Was he hurt? Did he have chest pains? Did he need help? A pang of panic in her chest, concern filling their features. Wanting to reach out to him but not knowing how to assist. She couldn't even ask him directly. He wouldn't be able to answer her.

She was still worried as he pulled out the parchment. Her chest began to pound, the rush of adrenaline that spiked through her body despite there being no real danger. Anxious. Panic. It wasn't until she felt a warmth course over her that her body finally relaxed. A warmth unlike any other, but if she had to put it into words she would have said it was something akin to her father's embrace.  Similar to the feeling she got when Bradley held her. Cared for her. Protected her from the thunderous storms that left her terrified and unable to move.

But even that wasn't quite right. It was different. A different type of love. Not a love a parent had for their child. Something else. Amethyst eyes widened as realisation rushed through her. A genuine, sincere love. One that she couldn't refute. Saturn had only been completely open with his emotions, not hiding them. These were his real feelings. Then he spoke.

Her name?

Was this how he felt about her?

She felt her face heat up, a face she quickly buried in her knees. As though if he couldn't see her face, he wouldn't notice.  Wouldn't notice her flushing face. Wouldn't notice her embarrassment. Wouldn't notice the fluttering that filled her. It had started at her stomach before rising to her chest, then her head. So Warm. So fuzzy. So pleasant. She didn't feel like she deserved this. Didn't deserve his feelings of affection. Didn't deserve to feel so nice. But... she didn't want to let this feeling go.

It was so nice.


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There was a softness to him, a warmth beyond his ken. Many demi-gods and the people they came from were never this passionate, never this loving. They were often self centered and egocentric. But not saturn; his emotions were keenly there and passionate to the world. Loving and embracing every instance of the people around him. He could sense this deeper connection; even if it was a bud he wished to nurture it. He could sense the concern from Ashley, the worry. It filled his heart to the brim with a different emotion.

Anxiety, panic, something akin to worry. He could tell that was for him; that she was worried about him. He felt that dull twist in his chest; prompting one of his ears to twitch ever so slightly. He could feel the abundance of this emotion throughout his psyche and in his body. But it wasn’t simply just directed outwards in general.

It was directed fully onto her.

Seeing her reaction of burying her face into her knees the demi-god tilted his head to one side. He could feel the emotions she felt like they were keenly a part of himself. She questioned if she deserved it; like she had done something to warrant not receiving something everyone did. Infinite kindness and understanding worked its way over his features. Slowly he’d shift on the rock to put one of his massive arms around her shoulders so that he could in a lopsided way support her with a squeeze.

He didn’t ask her to reciprocate; but he allowed for a moment to let his warmth and genuine emotions shine brightly. He cared deeply even if they had only met recently. He got to see the sort of person she was and the person she was trying to be. Both of which were stunning individuals.

A moment or two passed and he’d reach down to gently rub the top of her head with a massive hand. There was no real weight beyond it other than the supportive motions he worked with. For a giant, for someone filled with so much strength there was no hate buried in there; no want to hurt. Just pure physical presence.

For her.

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