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Halls Where Paths Get Laid.(Open/Social.)

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Halls Where Paths Get Laid.(Open/Social.) Empty Mon Jan 16, 2023 1:01 pm

Oh how fitting for Elise to be sighted in a long time in Fiore in a church in Orchidia. It would not be shocking once anyone really got a grasp on what Elise was doing. Then again as always being a lady out in the night. But as the night when she was active when no one for the most part was around Elise would be doing her some what normal things to prepared for what would be to come.

Sitting outside on a park bench Elise set down a book on her lap, flipping a few other pages, She then pull out a pen from her sleeve and started filling in the pages on it. It seemed Elise was here in Orchidia for a reason and was searching for something or some one while she was here, Since it was fitting for a nun to be a church it was one of the better covers, Elise also being out at night meant she was just in the perfect setting for this matter. Then while dealing with one of her vices she simply pull out a smoke left it sitting in her mouth then with a free hand got a hidden match on her to lite it. Elise would casually smoke while she was writing more things into her note book, it was all in minstrel and well. She expected nothing. Everything here was quiet for the most part but the normal things that move in the night that was mostly animals.

But this was the way she worked, it was how she liked it. one could be curious if some one would be interesting in talking to Elise would be brave enough to venture out in the night while she was awake, Trying to find her during the day was pointless.

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito in hot pursuit off something that goes bump in the night for a woman feeling like she was being watched at night from her window. Kaito chased the creature into the court yard of the church before he caught it in a binding spell and he Knocked it out with a chop to the back of the creatures neck. Kaito's eyes were glowing grey as he was using his mana vision to keep sight of the creature so it could not lose him in the dark and he looks around and he sees a someone else so he walked toward them dragging the knocked out creature behind him as he gets closer to her. "Hello? Do you know of anymore of these creatures that might be around here?" He asks in case there was a group of them and if she had seen or heard anymore of them that might have went past her.


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Elise seemed to never answer this question, rather she got up from where she was sitting. Stared at him right in the eyes and looked upon what he dragged over. This man might be powerful and Elise in some manner picked up that he was. But he was a poor monster hunter and it showed. But Elise's look not only was completely deadpan but also like she was containing herself quite well.

Elise would take this creature from Kaito forcefully, some what with that was gentle enough to not seem to hurt Kaito. Then snapped it's neck rather then leaving it alive. These kind of things is what got amateurs killed, leaving things alive."Fou d'homme pour laisser souffle à un monstre."She said right away, It was in minstrel and even if Elise does know Fiorian she had no reason to use it and did not care too.

Translated to English for posting.:

Then just in case Elise then held on to the dead creature's shoulder put her foot into it's back and pulled up as hard as she could to hear more cracking, it was overkill completely and they both knew it. While continuing to not answer his question. She said to him."Ne les laissez pas en vie."She said and well waited to see what he would say. As she continued to smoke and seemed not to be trying to do the polite thing and make sure the smoke did not go near the other person she just seemed to stare at Kaito to see what he would say.

Translated words spoke above:

Elise was something different, contrast to Kaito. Keeping a body was not ideal so she just kicked it away from them both. Something told Elise in her mind this person would not leave right away. So she had to feeling there was a bit more to come talking to him or well thinking he did not understand her.

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito watches how the woman took the creature and what the woman did and he guessed she must be a hunter as they are extra careful about these things and it sounds like she is warning him and he moves his hand and the book appears in his hand and it glows and he can understand her. "Sorry in the north intelligent creatures are more rampant than in the east in Dahlia where they are more wild. He was probably a transformed monster not a born one. Killing him probably wasn't needed but I am not sure of his past so you may have made the right call." He shrugged as he was not sure if the creature was a killer or just a random peeping tom that was just in the mood, but he had no grounds to really judge a hunter.

He put his hand out toward her as he made a portal that kept the smoke away from himself. "Hello my name is Kaito and I serve from the guild Fairy Tail who may I ask am I having the honor of meeting in you?" He was trying to be a little more professional as this woman seems pretty no non-sense and he had no want to offend her or step on her toes as he was not of the hunter domain just a clumsy spellsword that mostly bumbles his way through fights with these kinds of things.


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This almost seemed like it was entirely pointless, Also in some manner Elise had no intention of letting her guard down. This all seemed to horribly done any hunter worth their salt would not be so casual unless they had reason too."Intelligent ou pas, en laisser un vivre peut coûter plusieurs vies."She said while she continue take inhales from her smoke and studied Kaito to see if she could pick up on something amiss. Everything seemed normal so he seemed like a normal person, Elise however would just continue being herself. It was just Elise having to continue on to mention."Pas de surveillance, pas de pitié
Some would have to think if this woman has an off switch for her job or she was just too in deep to not care as she did now.


She even had to continue on from that first part."Un laissé en vie pourrait tuer quelqu'un qui n'est pas préparé ou assez puissant pour le combattre."She would go on to mention. Then let out a sigh because she was annoyed. most people would be worried about being too harsh but Elise was a different story."Do you realize how dangerous that is you git?"She then flick the smoke she had away because she was done it only to pull out another one and start smoking all over again. Knowing very well she had not answered his question of if she knew where more were or not, That might be contained in her book or still in her mind.


But shocking she seemed to be able to speak fiorian but could not hide sounding minstrel at all. But she was speaking fiorian for the moment. But even if she seemed upset and almost like she was judging some one she had yet to leave and almost like she was trying to learn something.

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Kaito Todaro
"Like I said I know not more than I know in this moment as I stated I will trust in you knowing the right choice." Kaito was nearly just completely unfazed by the woman and how she was acting Kaito had met a lot of strange people with their own strange quirks and he was not going to judge the hunter for hers as the guy was a creep at least not sure if he was anything else or if he was deeper into something like kidnapping and he was looking for prey to kidnap or if he was just simply a perv that caught feelings and was trying to work himself up to doing something about it.

Kaito looked at the nun again and he blinked. Revy comes out and is going to try her luck with the woman and she takes a deep breath. "It seems like she is ignoring you Kaito, ma'am what is your name and can we do anything for you? " Revy raised her hand up toward the woman to try and gain a hand shake or something from the lady.


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How it seemed he had yield enough for Elise to almost want to calm down, But this was not her normal nature she was still a bit annoyed was best placed the word."Wait?...some one who admits fault."seemingly broken her string of bitterly placed insults and madden words to someone picking up that maybe it was not all needing to berate some one. Much like the nun was use too from various experiences in life towards other people who might have done this."Fine I will settle down then."Elise was quick to anger but she seemed to come to her sense some what quickly.

But they wanted to help they now had to give Elise answers."Who are either of you and why are you roaming about so late at night?"She quested it like a normal night watch person would.Even if it still had the mix of minstrel it, it was still good enough to be understood."How many creatures have you hunted to night?"That was more of a personal question form Elise so she can keep track of something with in her notes for later. Lastly she asked."Why is my name important?"a bit out of place but Elise was not the most friendly woman to be seen even at night time.

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Kaito Todaro
"I of course will admit fault as I am not perfect and am still learning every day." He bows his head to the woman as he is showing her respect as she was indeed giving some of her time to him and he was not unhumble as the woman might have saved him in a later line of events that might have gotten him killed if he had not killed the werewolf like creature.

"I am Kaito Todaro and I am under the Fairy Tail banner. I am out this late as there was a report of a creep and monster of the night looming around someone's home. This would be the second creature the first was a vampire which I killed without hesitating as it was actively attacking someone." He removes his mask and puts back his hood reveling his face and one of his eyes is glowing red and purple the other is just red, he figured that he didn't really need to hide his face from her as she was seemingly on the right side of the law here.

Revy looked up to the woman and she smiled. "I am Revy this mans companion and his back up, I am also of Fairy Tail." She rubbed her chin at the woman requesting a reason to be asking for her name and Kaito spoke up before Revy could speak up.

"I wish to know your name so I may respectfully address you instead of insulting you and your work by referring to you as "Hey you." "That woman" "It was them" I guess maybe that doesn't make sense... But I still wish to be able to name you instead of referring to you so informally. " Kaito rubs the back of his head as he was just being honest and he would be fine if she still rejected to give her name because it was her right to not let the weirdo dimensional mage that was stalking the night to have her name. He looked at the woman with a smile as he was glad he had met someone that was so dedicated to her craft that she would show him the proper way to handle this kind of thing and she had done it so nearly effortlessly as well which was very impressive.


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Maybe just once in her life Elise changing her mind towards how things were working around her. Some one was trying to do better at this time. Mentally it could almost break Elise for a moment, But she was still some what judging because it was normal for her."Well, It is interesting to see this happening..."Elise seemed to just go back to smoking whatever she was smoking at the time and seemed to slowly start moving on most likely she was slow about it because of how unexpected it was for her to witness it at this time.

When he took off the mask it seemed to a bit more relaxed right now about it."Kaito huh?"as she ponder that loudly almost like she heard that name somewhere before but did not remember at this time but seemed uninterested in trying to remember at this time. Either that would be to his benefit or determent for later."I did not know there was a vampire here...but Vampires at this time might be just a bit out of league depending on how powerful it is."The fact she mentioned how strong shows maybe Elise was picky because she valued her life and kept that into account for her means of work habits.

But Elise seemed to stare upon Revvy with her normal almost brash and harsh stare."Fairy Tail out here? Last I heard they where a bunch of drunks."She sounding like she was judging an entire guild off of it. But she was going off of what she heard."But I am just learning many things as I am use to a different kind of life and nation."But she seemed to want to trust him, Not saying she entirely did or mentioning she was wanting too either. It was something she was unsure was a piece she wanted to play.

When she heard his reason for knowing her name she seemed to respect it strongly for the reason sole alone."You would not be the only person who would have in my case, Minstrel is a different kind of life compared to Fiore."So the things Kaito might wanna avoid saying she was already use too."Elise."She mentioned that and seemed to leave it at that. Kaito knew her name now it seemed to have some kind of progress.

Then Elise found her notebook and seemed to give them both a chance to dive into her work if it helped him just as much as it could help to share."I have been tracking a few things since I got here in Orchidia, Just yet the time to deal with it."Elise than flipped a few pages and started writing all of her notes in fiore. She was sharing them.

Indepth was details, where to find, what they could, signs of where they could be in the area, weather or not it was confirmed they it was what she thought it was, Weather or not she had made contract with them. Only leaving out what when she was working and was not working. Since Kaito did not need to know that."Here. This might help you.only stick to these pages and read nothing else."She did not say please or anything but made it simple stick to all of the info in fiorian.

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito rubbed his chin and he thought about how strong he would say that the vampire would have been. "Well if I was ranking them from lord to lower I would say it was a higher level vampire like two levels below a lord." He sounded confident in that answer that he had given there as he was not sure if that was the right answer or not as the vampires as indeed strong but for sure not on the upper tiers he could see in his head.

He rubbed the back on his head and he smiles at her. "Well most of them are sorta that way, I live a more straight edge life style so I don't drink or smoke, so I am probably more of a boring one of them as I am not partying and drinking till I hit the floor then go and make trouble on my way home." He waves his hand to her to not worry about it as that was indeed the black mark the guild currently wore which he guessed was not the worse thing to have on the guilds name.

He hears the woman's name and he puts it into his memory so he will know it the next time that they come across another. "That is a good name for you I think, has a good sound and a good ring." He was glad that the woman could trust him with the info that was her name even if she more or less threw it out to him with a blank expression and like it was a passing word that he had caught before the word was fully gone.

He watched the woman wondering what she was doing now was there more she was willing to show him or was she trying to take down notes about him, Elise seemed to not leave him to wonder for long as she showed him the book and it seemed she had transcribed her notes to a written form that she knew he could read so that she could share knowledge with him.  "Yes I promise to stick to only  what you are showing me on the pages as I need to keep in the good graces of you." He looks over the things written there and he looked up from the book and he opens portals to the places that she had written down so that they could look and not be seen by the creatures if there were any of them there.

"It looks like there are some traces of them having been there, they are probably out on a hunt from this den." Kaito points at the far left one that was clearly lived in and that looked like there are shreds and bones in the view of where the portal was. "If you want you can put your head through to see if there are any behind to guard the place just try to stay on guard alright?" Kaito was ready to react in case anything was to grab hold of her if she did look through the portal.


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Well it was good enough for Elise it just means something she could not handle was dealt with herself."Then I guess it is one less worry for me to have to consider dealing with later."And with that Elise was not going to talk about the vampire anymore unless it became important."If it's already gone other work is to be done."Elise was stick to mostly likely things with how she already planned them to be.

Kaito was the boring one indeed, But still useful for what she wanted to do. But she was not hiding anything so not much all was hidden given all of the things she had been gathering so far Kaito could kind of guess that Elise was going to be in Fiore for a while."Well consider my habits even if sinful I guess i can not ask you how the wine is and if it might compare to minstrel wine."She felt like it would be left at that. But that was omitting that at one point she had actually encounter his guild master as a stranger in her travels to the north while she was in the east at one point.

Before she agreed to it or not she simply asked."How far out form the city and how long do you think this will take?"She asked most likely seeing if it worked with her plan. She was seeing if it work either better or worst for her plans. Nothing rude about it just making sure it worked."I am always out at night, So it being nighttime is nothing special at all to me."It might be a good thing to mention that, save Kaito trying to find her during the day time and she was sleep and no where in sight.

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito rubbed his chin and he thought about how fast and far they were from where they were standing now. "well they are closer from right to left, so I would say walking 30, 40-50, around the same and the last is a bit father out so an hour maybe. I also heard a rumor about the sleeping calamity guild leader harboring atleast one werewolf child." he is unsure what she will do with this knowledge or if she will even tell him why she wanted to know it, but he figures if she wants him to know she will tell him and maybe tell him not to cross her path again till she says he can. He has to admit he admires this woman for how she is.

"Anything else you would like to ask?" he reached into a dimensional storage and pulls out an unopened bottle of the guildmasters best wines. "If you want to try and tell me which is better her home made wine or a fancy one from there I guess that would be good to learn." he will not be surprised if she turned down the offer as she seemed more careful than to trust a random man that was offering a wine to her even through he doesn’t drink, he just supports his guildmasters dreams and buys one once in awhile to support her he doesn’t tell her he does it but he wants to keep up her numbers a bit.


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It seemed there was some interesting things here after all."Well I know some things, but I did not know about that guild or what their guild master is harboring."It seemed to drive her interesting, Taking her book back and turning a few pages. writing that note in minstrel among her other things to do. It seems to be already a fair long list going off of how many misntrel words where on these pages. Some parts even having numbers and times. It was still however a lot of information."Has the...werewolf child hurt anyone yet?"This piece would be important.

Because if the werewolf child is harmless no point in going after them yet, It would not be fully worth the time and effort. But she had a question."Why are you so interested in helping me?"Elise had to ask because she assume no one else would be really interested in helping her over all given how she was.

As for wine and teaching some one she seemed not that interested in teaching."A person acquires a taste of me...for me..it was just simple to do and as much as a sin it is....I can admit I have a drinking problem."Elise seemed to know very well she was a flawed human being and was not hiding it. She had a drinking problem and was just hinting at it, Elise seemed to be a woman with a lot of struggles mentally and seemed to take it slightly out on people around her.

But if there was something to be taken from Elise she was not going to pass her vices on to other people and spread it."I might not know you well enough...but don't ever smoke or drink...take it as honest advice from me."Elise seemed for even just a moment being a emphatic person like she had it in her. It was like she disliked her habits but only dealt with them as she was just use to it.

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Kaito Todaro
"I am unsure if it has hurt anyone as of yet just know Sleeping Calamity is a dark guild up here in the north." He rubs the back of his head as he was just offering the woman a rumor that he had heard as he can not be one hundred percent sure that there was even a werewolf child as it was a rumor for a reason.

He looked at her when she asked him why he was interested in helping her and he tilts his head. "To be honest I like to help but I am often trouble myself. You are clearly adamant about your work and I respect that even if I can only help a little I still would like to help you as much as I can and you will allow me too." He was unsure if this was the answer the woman was hoping to hear or not but it was his honest answer as he respects her and the way that she is carrying herself. He is thankful for her time and the effort that she is putting in to protecting those that need it and her, even if she may say different later.

"Is there anything I can do to help you with that problem?" He takes his cloak off of his shoulders which reveals his bandaged arms and he wonders what he could really do to help her or what he could give her to help her to break the habits if she wanted to break it.

"I trust you and I will not pick them up." He smiles at her as she was looking out for him as well and he knows it was probably just to give him some extra warning about picking up the bad habits that she had but he needs to make sure that he takes care of himself as well instead of just taking everything onto himself.


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It was good enough to note that and it seemed okay to just leave it at that."I will have to look into it later, But I don't assume ill see much if it's a child still."She mentioned because it was not worth trying to go out in the day time for a child when she hated it the most. if it was a child and not hurting anyone it was worth it to leave it at this time."if i hear of an attack. Then maybe ill look into it."It seemed like a fair choice.

With that admission Elise did not seem to show much emotion to it."Even the greatest of helpers, Have their flaws."Elise mentioned. It seemed if anything there was not judgment from Elise at all at this time. unless Kaito was really looking for it."Unless this is a confess and you are seeking some kind of forgiveness?"Elise had to ask because in some manner it was still her duty in some manner for it so she said it more out of habit rather then expecting him to do it.

But if he said he won't. She had no reason to think other wise."It is a good money drainer and you don't feel much better after either of them."Elise mentioned pondering why she had these habits maybe filling an empty emotional void in her life.

#16Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He looked at the woman who spoke of forgiveness he is unsure if he has done anything that might be the cause of needing forgiveness. "Not sure if I am really worth forgiveness nor can I say I think in the end of it all I would really deserve it but I am gonna keep living my life the way I see fit as I can’t really expect to regret every step I take or have taken when in that moment they were the right step to me." Kaito readjusts his tied back hair as it had come a bit loose and it had gotten longer and he should probably get it cut a bit shorter again once he finds some down time.

He hears her calling smoking and drinking good jewel drains and he laughs a little at her saying that as she is most definitely correct that they would be jewel drains, more so massive holes in one’s pocket depending the amount and the rarity of the item in which they buy to consume or use. "You seem to be well versed in this matter, thanks for the warning."

Revy wonders what this woman likes or dislikes though she figured that if she asked this woman may call her nosy and a pain in the ass or might just straight up walk off but she figures she should ask just to know who she and Kaito are dealing with. "May I ask what you like to eat or things you like?"  She is not expecting a lot here as this woman does not seem like the type to just give up personal info to strangers but they aren’t really one hundred percent strangers now but this is just really a first step in the right way to get to know here a bit more.


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Even if it was actually the opposite in case, Elise had no reason to judge or look into if it was a lie from Kaito, Also might help she really did not care either. Unless it was actually her job and she had a reason for it she had not a care."It is generally questionable if seeking forgiveness actually does anything to help the person rather then a means to pour out their guilt for a questionable amount of time."Elise said so casually, you think a person of faith might have been viewing it different than how she would have, Maybe there was many more reasons for Elise to have her mind set from how many things she had seen in her life as a nun or the years before it.

Between her own addictions and seeing others at their lows with the habits they have in life and wanting help she just sighed."Well versed....or just well versed with regret both are ways to consider it."This was not her being unhappy with helping some one, more unhappy with not being able to follow what she was telling others to consider, knowing full well she was walking contradiction of her advice.

She wound entertain this at least once."Food....is a hard thing for me to enjoy...only not much is able to be ate during these times. I generally have to force myself out into the day time to get decent food."Elise mentioned to start with it was not an outright answer but she was getting to one."Generally i tend to buy cheeses or things that can be stored for a long time."Could ponder if Elise also was generally as she was because she doesn't eat the greatest quality of food.

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito hears what she said and he rubs his chin and he thinks about it. "I guess you have a point I might simply be over thinking it." He walked over and he slowly kneeled as to not make a sudden move and cause her hunting instincts to kick in and maybe get him attacked by her. "Is forgiveness really worth seeking in the end then?" kaito picks up a small flower that was on the ground and he wondered how it had gotten there. "I guess one needs to do things abnormal to feel regrets even if the roads are paved with it." he sits back on the ground and he wonders what Revy was getting at by asking the woman that.

Revy blinks as this woman speaks of struggling and only really eating cheeses and other foods that last awhile and stay fresh for longer which seems like a very unbalanced diet for a woman of her line of work. "Mind if Kaito cooks you something some time? What he makes can be your choice so you don’t have to go out?" Revy thinks this woman will very muchly not take this offer up as she seemed very guarded and not one to be cooked for.


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Kaito asking such a question, Elise almost did not seem to answer at all. Given maybe it was almost not her place to consider an answer for it. Or maybe it was just her thinking about her answer and what it could be."Forgiveness is what you make of it...you seek it out and believe you are forgiven when it is achieved to you verbally."Elise was taking more of the literal route for this matter rather then trying to explain in a manner of faith. But also left it at."It is also what one makes of it when achieved."It seemed to make no sense but maybe there was a point, Why seek it out when you do you either still seek it or never achieve that final missing piece to follow it.

But Elise found Revvy's request odd. One she had yet to ever need to consider before. Maybe considering how Elise was none have ever offered before, it left her puzzled enough that she was quiet for a minute."I am not deserving of such things."It was not a yes or a no, could even consider it neither."I am doing my job and nothing else. No soul owes me these things."It was a typical Nun or Priest answer. They will thus answer things like that when given a chance too.

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