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Saying Goodbye [South to East Travel]

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Saying Goodbye [South to East Travel] Empty Mon Jan 16, 2023 9:05 am

Eteri shifted the backpack across her shoulders and glanced back at Hargeon. She had already said her goodbyes this morning to Raina and a few other members of the town. It had been lovely to stay in such a beautiful dock city, but she knew her journey needed to continue. With a heavy heart, she waved goodbye to the city and set out on foot towards Magnolia, just east of Hargeon.

Traveling alone isn't something Eteri had gotten used to. Back in the enchanted forest, there was always a group of wood elves from the village. No one was truly alone in any task, so it was a hard adjustment for her.

She was looking forward to meeting her fellow guild mates and forming some relationships. Shaking her head, the young elf reminded herself that she choose this path. She left her family and friends behind to explore a life outside of hunting and village chores. She yearned for something more and shouldn't shy away from discomfort or unfamiliar experiences.

Taking in a deep breath, the young woman steeled herself and increased her relaxed walking pace. Magnolia was the next step in her journey and she couldn't wait to start!

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