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IV. Rings of Saturn

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IV. Rings of Saturn Empty Sun Jan 15, 2023 12:13 am



Name: Rings of Saturn

Slot: Head

Type: Helmet

Class: Legendary [45]

Weight: Medium

Quantity: Custom

Element: Arcane

Durability: 2xS Rank


Description: This pair of golden halos that hover around the user's head are made of otherworldly gold. That doesn't seem to follow the regular conventions of any known metal. They are tough, durable and don't seem to inhibit the wearer in any fashion other than floating just right.

This was a gift from the outsider to assist in the stabilization efforts of the holder. But it seems to serve another purpose entirely and it's hard to say if it was a gift or a curse in the long run. The magical energies that come from these rings seem to protect the head region of the wearer as long as they themselves are not damaged. Though damaging this barrier also seems to damage the rings so it's hard to say...


Requirements: None.

  • +40 Speed


  • Otherworldly Chrasima: You receive an additional 20% experience when completing quests.
  • Golden Oppurtunity: You receive an additional 20% jewels when completing quests.
  • A Steady Hand: You receive a reduction of 10% to training a specific type of weapon. [Spears]

Points Breakdown

Please list Forge Points gained and lost for a faster approval process.
  • Rarity: Legendary [45]
  • Item Type: Armor/Medium
  • Medium Armor
  • Effects: Level 4 exp boost[20], level 4 jewel boost[20], level 1 weapon training boost.[5]
  • Using Legendary Custom SL ticket

Total points Acquired: 45
Total Points Spent: 45

IV. Rings of Saturn 8ElCWz0
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IV. Rings of Saturn Empty Sun Jan 15, 2023 12:18 am

Toge Liso
@Lucretia Wolfenstein has used their Legendary Custom SL ticket.

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