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Temporary Aquarist [Rank D - Good]

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Temporary Aquarist [Rank D - Good] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 7:20 pm

Eteri walked along the empty sidewalk. The gravel crunched beneath her feet as she reached her arms out for a quick stretch. Her shoulders shuffled beneath the straps of her backpack to find a comfortable position. Her cream hair gently blowing behind her as the salty breeze hit her. The sunlight brightening up her copper eyes as she path toward Raina Burke's laboratory. Squinting her eyes, she moved her hand onto her forehead to block the sun rays. The young elf recognized the laboratory just a few blocks in front of her.

The building clearly stood out from other buildings in the area. There were large panels of class, several floors, and distinct size difference. The young elf quickly made up the distance difference between her and the building. Standing in front of the large, wooden double doors, she raised her hand to knock but hesitated for a moment. Previous in her other quests, Raina Burke had guided her and lead the quests. Today, she was going to be in charge of the lab for an entire day.

Gathering a handful of courage, she knocked on the door gently and heard a muffled yell come from the inside. The young woman waited patiently before seeing the door knob turn and she was greeted with a quick smile from Raina. "Eteri, perfect! You are just in time. I'm running late and need to head out. There is a list on the table of tasks to complete today." Ms. Burke said hurriedly as she ushered Eteri inside and showed her the list at the table. The marine biologist grabbed her bag and rushed out the door. "I'll be back later!" With a wave, Raina yelled as she rushed out the door.

The young elf watched the door slowly close behind Raina as she ran out. Letting out a sigh of anxiousness, she turned her attention to the list before her.

It read:
1. Feed the fish
2. Observe the fish for 5-10 minutes and take notes
3. Sweep the floors
4. Test the pH of the water and write it down
5. Clean the tanks in the storage room.

Eteri nodded as she was going down the list. "Okay, I can do this!" She exclaimed to herself as she set her backpack down on the floor and took off her armor for a more comfortable outfit. Taking off her gloves, she got to work. She walked through the first floor of the building and located the office, feed room, bathroom, and storage room.

First task was feeding the fish and observing them. She gathered all the feed and one by one, she began to feed them. While the fish are feeding, she wrote down notes and observed their movements, feeding habits, and how they interacted with each other. After watching the fish for a couple hours, she got up to stretch and decided to sweep the floors. Grabbing a broom out of the storage closet, she swept the entire fish floor and threw the pile into the garbage. Next, she grabbed a test bin that contained all the supplies for pH testing. Meticulously, she tested the pH of each fish tank, wrote down the numbers, and doubled checked they were at the correct levels.

Checking the time, the young elf realized she had skipped lunch, so she stopped for a break and ate a quick sandwich she had packed this morning. Lastly, as temporary Aquarist, she took the 3 stored tanks from the storage room, grabbed cleaning supplies, and cleaned them thoroughly. As she was setting the tanks on the table, the sun was starting to fall and the door moved open.

"Raina! Welcome back!" Eteri said with an excited voice. She was eager to show her all the tasks she had completed. "Eteri, did you complete all the tasks? And do you have some notes for me?" Raina asked politely as she took a glance around the lab while setting her stuff down on a nearby table. "Yes and yes." The sorcerer said as she pulled up her notes and sat down to report her day to the biologist.

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