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Feed the Fish [D Rank - Good]

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Feed the Fish [D Rank - Good] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 7:48 am

Eteri smiled softly to herself as she fondly remembered the last quest she completed for Raina Burke. The marine biologist was obviously enthusiastic about her job and passion about aquatic life. It reminded her of her love for the forest and there was a small ping of longing for nature. The young elf loved exploring new areas, but her love lied with the deep, windy forests with the sounds of the creatures and leaves filling her ears.

She visibly shook her head and banished the thoughts from her mind. The young sorcerer took a deep breath and refocused on the quest at hand. She needs to go to the warehouse and pick up the fish food for Raina. In efforts to make of the lost time, Eteri set her a jogging pace to the warehouse, found the warehouse with ease, picked up the bag of fish food, and jogged back to the shoreline.

Taking a moment to breath, Eteri glanced around the beach and quickly spotted Raina boat as well as recognizing Raina's hair color. Quickly, she pulled her hair up into a ponytail, slipped her shoes in her bag, and briskly walked over to Raina who was fighting the current to keep the boat near the shoreline. The young elf grabbed a hold of the boat while sinking her feet into the sand to help her anchor the boat.

"Good morning Raina! I'll hold the boat for you to get in." Eteri spoke with a cheerful voice and gestured with a simple head nod for her to get in. "Morning Eteri, I didn't know you'd be coming today. Do you got the food bag?" Raina asked politely as she threw her bag into the boat and climbed in without a problem. Eteri slipped the food bag off her wrist and tossed it into the boat. "Of course! We can't feed the fish without it!" The elf exclaimed with excitement.

Knowing Raina is securely in the boat, the young woman began to furrow her brow in concentration as she started to push the boat further into the water. Her feet fought against the gravity of the water and continued to shove the boat forward until she was waist deep in the water. With one last thrust, she used the momentum to push herself up and swing her feet over the edge of the row boat.

"And we are off!" Eteri said as she handed Raina the feed bag and then picked up the oar to row the boat. She stood up in the back, with water dripping from bottom of her dress and feet slightly dusted in wet sand., and began pushing the oar gentle into the water. "Be careful not to stir up the water too much. It might scare the fish away." Mrs. Burke asked politely as she started to open up the bag of fish food.

As the elf gentle pushed the boat into the canal, she engaged in casual conversation with Raina asking about the different variety of fish in the canal, what they like to eat, how they live, and the aquatic relationships. As Raina started to feed the fish, Eteri started in amazement as fish of all different colors, sizes, and shapes began to show up. Her voice began quiet as she rapidly starting as questions. The overwhelming enthusiasm made Raina laugh out loud and she tried to answer as many questions as possible.

Eteri blushed slightly as she felt like she overwhelmed Raina, but expressed her gratitude for the opportunity.  The marine biologist smiled and replied, "I'm happy to show my knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen." The elf nodded and went back to asking more questions. As soon as the bag of fish food was gone, Eteri began to row them back to the shoreline. She hopped out of the boat as they got close and pulled it to the shore. The elf offered her hand to the biologist and helped her out.

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