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IV. God of Destruction Garb

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Name: God of Destruction Garb

Slot: Armor

Type: Clothing

Class: Legendary [45]

Weight: Medium

Quantity: Custom

Element: Arcane

Durability: 2xS Rank


Description: The god of destruction garb is fairly simple and meant to allow for freeform movement. It's light make and somewhat durable frame is only matched by it's simplicity. A leather magical upper chest armor that hangs loosely off of the shoulders.

It's intricately linked to golden bracers and arm bands that seem to protect vital points while also extending a thin magical barrier to help protect the areas they don't technically cover.

The pants while baggy are affixed with a blue sash that has a tabard that hangs down from it. Golden and black in color with white diamonds trailing down to it's tip. The pants of which are a fairly breezy sort and while they won't protect from the cold seem durable enough to shrug off blows from beasts of all sorts.

This garb was gifted to the holder after services rendered and strangely seems to be ready to serve whatever master that dons it as long as they are ready to accept the consequences...


Requirements: None.

  • +40 Speed


  • Will to Power: You receive an additional 20% experience when completing quests.
  • A Grand Gesture: You receive an additional 20% jewels when completing quests.
  • Learnt Diplomacy: You receive a reduction of 10% to training a specific type of weapon. [Spears]

Points Breakdown

Please list Forge Points gained and lost for a faster approval process.
  • Rarity: Legendary [45]
  • Item Type: Armor/Medium
  • Medium Armor
  • Effects: Will to Power[20], A Grand Gesture[20], Learnt Diplomacy[5]

Total points Acquired: 45
Total Points Spent: 45

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Toge Liso
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