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Basic Duties [Rank D - Good]

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Basic Duties [Rank D - Good] Empty Wed Jan 11, 2023 5:27 pm

Eteri looked up at the police station and then back down at the sheet of parchment in her hand. For the wood elf, this wasn't a normal job for her. "Scaring a few punks huh.." She muttered to herself as she scratched the back of her head. There wasn't a quest Eteri couldn't accomplish, but this is something she might have difficulty with. She would be the first one to recognize that she looking younger than her age and isn't a person who would be classified as "scary."

The sorcerer sighed and put the paper back into her backpack. First off, she has to be able to find the kids who are vandalizing. 'I'll have time to think while searching for them...' The young lady thought to herself as she headed to the busy downtown streets of Hargeon. The soft crunch of the gravel and rock beneath her feet filled her ears as her own thoughts consumed her mind.

As she continued down the streets, the roads began busier as local shops were coming closer. A nervous bubble appear in her chest as quest thoughts vanished from her mind and were replaced with crowd anxiety. Quickly, Eteri started looking around for an alleyway. Spotting one across the street, she maneuvered through the crowd, ran across the street, and into the alleyway. Even though it was mid-morning, the alley was darkened with tall buildings on each side and railing from each rooms on the sides. She quickly took a glance up before stretching her arms and legs out. "It's just like the trees from home.." The elf muttered under her breath as she took a step back, and then ran directly towards the wall. Using the short momentum, she jumped onto the wall and launched herself onto on of the side railings. She grabbed the black metal just in time to pull herself up and began to climb up the ladder quickly to the top of the building.

Eteri gripped the top of the roof and hoisted herself up. The sun blinded her momentarily, but then a view came into vision. Hargeon was gorgeous from a roof top view as she stared out towards the beach, which looked like a small yellow line in the distance.

"Hey! Stop those kids!" A voice shouted from below the young elf as she was admiring the view. Her head whipped around and she ran to the other side of the roof. She managed to catch a glimpse of colors dripping off the side of a business's wall with an angry man shaking his fist at the kids. She waited for a moment to see where the kids are running, which happened to be a few buildings in front of her.

Her body reacted on it's own, as if she was back home hunting a wild animal, and she started to dead sprint across the roof. Her footsteps light and quick as she jumped across the roof, perfectly landing on her feet, and then jumping another roof. With a few quick breaths, she slowed down, crouched, and peered over the edge.

"...-geezer! He couldn't catch us even if he tried." One of the boys said as they flipped a spray paint can in their hand. There were 3 boys all around the ages of 14 to 18. Not much older than Eteri. She still hadn't formulated a plan yet, and started to panic as the boys started to move out of the alley.

Moving without thinking, she jumped off the roof. She grabbed a railing, swung herself onto the wall, and pushed herself off. Her leg slide to the side and her hand steadied her position as she landed right in front of the boys. Standing at 5'5" and 140 lbs, Eteri wasn't much of a threat.

"Who the hell are you?" One of the taller boys asked aggressively as he stepped forward. "I'm kindly asking you to stop vandalizing the neighborhood or else I'll have to do something." Eteri threatened politely as she stood up and fixed her posture. Diplomacy has always been important to her, so asking before taking action is a must. The boys started laughing and the taller one tried to step past her while mocking her "or else."

Her eyes flashed red for a second, purely from the reflection of light, and her leg swung up. Her feet was mere centimeter from the tall boys face and a gust of wind blew into his face from the force of the kick. His eyes widened and he stumbled backwards, dropping the spray can in his hand from shock. "W-Who are you?!" He said with a slight tremor from fear.

Eteri leaned down to pick up the can. She tightened her grip around the can before speaking. "I'm just trying to do the right thing. Hand over the cans and no one gets hurt." The two boys behind the tall one scuffed, which gave the tall boy confidence. "Not a chance shorty!" He said with renewed pride.

In an instant, the young wood elf sprayed the paint at the boys, blocking their vision temporary, as she burst forward. She put her hands out and pushed the taller boy into the other two, using speed and momentum as her strength. As the boys tumbled back into each other, she dropped to the ground and swiped her feet behind their legs making them fall onto the ground.

The groans of the boys filled the air as the dust began to settle. The slew of spray paint cans had spilled from one of the boys bags. Eteri walked over to pick one of them up and smiled softly. "Let's see how you like it." she said with a sarcastic tone as she started to spray paint the boys clothes.

Afterwards, she collected the bag of paints and left them in the alleyway. 'Those boys were just liked my brother back at home. All talk but nothing to show for it. Maybe I can be scary..' She thought with a satisfied scuff. Happy with her method of punishment, the young lady was certain they wouldn't try painting anytime soon. Eteri made her way to the police station and asked to see Officer Kenji with spray paint cans in hand.

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