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Helping the Retired Settlement (Ashley)

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Helping the Retired Settlement (Ashley) Empty Mon Jan 09, 2023 6:10 pm

A beautiful day in the North. The cold wind makes its way throughout the area of the forest, causing the trees to move in a certain direction before returning back to their normal position. It was something that Yuurei had gotten used to, but not something he hoped would be forever within the world.

Yuurei was away from the guild with Renji by his side, their plans today were simple. They were on their way to see how the settlement within the Worth Woodsea was doing. They had been victims of the attack from the war with Ansem and him. It was not something he wanted to happen, but it did. Still, his master was there, and he figured that he would go see if the people there needed anything from him. He had brought various things in his school bag and Renji’s bag as well.

Traveling through the forest was easy and without a problem. The tree knew him, so they guided him to his destination. It was a good way to do this whenever they weren’t bombarded with the fierce wind around them.

When he got to the settlement the guards there would look at him before allowing him to enter the place. He would smile at them as he would hand them some food from the guild hall, and they would gladly accept it.

“Do you think the bandits from the area are trying to take advantage of the settlement?” He asked Yuurei.

The Nephilim would look at him and then he would look at the people around the area.

“If they are, then they must have found a way around the trees. There is no way the trees would allow them to harm these kind people.” He said to Renji.


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Since coming to Fiore, Ashley had mostly travelled alongside their sister, Lotus, but in the last few days, they'd stepped away, wanting time to themselves, away from the brat. It was far easier to work alone than beside her sister when it came to connection-making and intel-gathering. The rumours she'd heard from small, local townships outside the forests of Worth Woodsea, had led her to find an escort into a settlement in the woods. There she had spent the last day, learning of some of the more recent events that had affected the people living there.

A name mentioned frequently kept popping up 'Yuurei'. One she recognised immediately, anyone that didn't would have had to live under a rock for the past few years. The mage was basically godlike in power, one that had once been a rookie that skyrocketed through the ranks in mere months. At first, they'd ignored his name popping up, assuming people had assumed incorrectly, however, it soon became clear that it had not been an innocent bystander's misinterpretation of events, but rather the truth.

A fight between the godly mage and a fierce opponent had left them caught in the middle. Unfortunate for them, but not so much for her, as she could easily make a few extra jewels here and there by helping the townsfolk. It was while she was busy helping an elderly elven woman cart some fruit around that she paused, instantly recognising a very famous face as they passed by the guards.

"Well, well, well, it seems my choosing to stick around is already paying off." They mused to themselves as their plum eyes locked onto their target, arms still full with a basket of apples.


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Yuurei moved around the area as he could see the concerns of the locals here. He would smile as he would march over to the center of the village. When he got there, he would stop right then and there. He would wave at everyone. Renji would open his bag and a huge table would appear from it. It wasn’t just that, but Yuurei would open his school bag and a bunch of food would come out of it as well.

Renji would do the same thing and more food would occupy the table. He looked at everyone as their eyes widen. They were surprised that he had done that.

“I know this must not be enough, but I’m here to help you guys out. If you guys can get on line, there is enough food for everyone. I will be serving you all, so don’t worry about it.” He said this as the villagers were getting on the line.

Yuurei would start serving them one by one. They would show him what he wanted and he would give them a huge plate. He would move onto the next as they were being fed.

Renji would be on guard as he was making sure nobody would try to get food twice. Yuurei did noticed that there was someone in the village that was out of place. They didn’t wear the same outfit as the locals, or anybody from the North that was for sure.


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Finishing up helping the elderly woman back with the bushel of apples, Ashley was quick to return to the centre of town, eyes searching for the one that had piqued their interest. It didn't take long for them to find what they had been scanning for, the famous mage standing out quite significantly compared to the rest as he handed out food to the locals, an act that earnt a small snicker from the feline.

"Never thought someone with that much money and power would bother with such menial tasks themselves." They mused to themselves as they watched from the sidelines. Unlike the rest of the village, she did not require anyone's goodwill in order for her to thrive, let alone survive. While she had been learning of their struggles, these were not things she shared in common with the locals.

Instead, she'd wait, sitting on the sidelines whilst making her presence very obvious, not bothering to try to blend in. After all, she wanted to garner his attention, so hiding in the shadows didn't make sense. If everything went to plan, once he was done being charitable he would come to her, either through curiosity or annoyance, either worked for them.


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Yuurei was handing out the meals to the locals that were here. They were much appreciated with what he had done for them. He would go through the whole village and soon enough he would have finished up. It would seem like they had wiped him out with a probably two or three things remaining. He would wrap things up and Renji was staring at the person that was not too far from them. He would help Yuurei out, but kept his eyes on them as well. He didn’t want to lose them.

When Yuurei was done putting things away, he would smile as he would make his way to the person that Renji was looking at. He had noticed them since he set up his stationed. The Nephilim would see them looking at him and he figured he would introduce themselves.

“Ah, so you see them too.” Renji simply said as he saw Yuurei was approaching them.

The two of them would walk to the stranger and Yuurei would smile at them.

“What brings you to this settlement? I don’t usually see many outsiders hanging around here. My name is Yuurei, what’s yours?” He said to them waiting for an answer.


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Their lips curled ever so slightly as the guild master of Paradise Dawn approached. Their eyes glistened with anticipation, but their face quickly masked to that of simple pleasantries, a kind smile. His introduction was simple and straight to the point, far blunter than they would have appreciated.

"I wish I could say I was surprised you noticed me, but I suppose I do look quite a bit out of place here." Ashley mused, tucking their hair behind their ear before taking a deep, gentlemanly bow, "Ashley of Collective Mind at your service. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Yuurei Starlight." She rose from her courteous position, straitening their back as they placed both hands on their umbrella, resting on it like a cane in front of themselves.

"Words and whispers." Their smile widened, "That's why I'm here, but how about you? It is not every day someone like yourself is seen frolicking with people the likes of me."


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Yuurei would look at them as they would get up from where they were and would introduced themselves as they bow. He had nodded as he was surprised. He didn’t know anybody from that guild. It wasn’t just that, but he didn’t think they would show themselves in the North. It was interesting to meet someone from there. The big names there, weren’t people he thought he would ever interact with.

It would seem like she knew about him as she had said his last name without him mentioning it.

“It’s nice to meet you Ashley.” He said as they would finish talking.

When they were done he would chuckle at her words. He figured thought because of who and what he was that he wouldn’t help out or show himself to the people of a small village.

Still, he knew that how he was as a person wasn’t something that not a lot people knew about.

“Well, I came to visit the people here and help them out. A war happened not too long ago and these people got in the middle of it. I wanted to help them out a bit and also see my mentor who lives here. I’m always open to help those around me, it is what I do.” He said to Ashley.

He would rub his chin at her words as he figured he would ask.

“What kind of whispers brought you here?” He asked them.

Renji would put his guard down now as it would seem like whoever this was, was harmless. He would walk up to them both and he would puff his chest out.

“He didn’t introduce me, but the name is Renji, nice to meet ya Ashley.” He said to them as he was thinking about asking his question.


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Ashley contemplated the man's words, they matched with those she'd heard spoken around town, clearly not all rumours. They opened their mouth to reply but a voice piped up from below before they had the opportunity.  Their eyes darted down to the sound of the voice, their face turning from confusion to a soft, warm, smile at the sight of the orange creature. Shifting, Ash knelt down to match the exceed's height a little better.

"A pleasure to meet you Renji." They offered a hand for a quick, firm shake, they weren't a strong person, and even if she were to put all her strength into it, she doubted she could harm the fellow feline. Once they were done, they'd stand up straight once more, returning to the previous conversation that had been pleasantly interrupted long enough for them to gather their thoughts.

"Mostly rumours of the war you mentioned. Although, my job was to discover the truth in them. Pick out how much was embellished and what was completely false." They stated, not bothering to hide their intentions in gathering information. It was what their guild was known for, joining such a guild had been a calculated move to ease their work.


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Renji would smile at them as they kneel to meet him eye to eye before being happy to meet him. He would shake their hand without hesitating. He had a smile on his face as he looked over to Yuurei as he walked over to his partner. Yuurei would hear Ashley’s words and it would seem like they were trying to discover the truth about the war. He would look around as he figured he could answer questions if they wanted to truly know.

“I see. I mean I don’t blame you about that, I would be curious too. Hell, I’m usually am curious about the world around me.” He said this as if things had gone the right way, he would have been a part of the Collective Mind.

He would look around and he would see that people were enjoying their daily lives. They didn’t bother Yuurei or look into his business as they figured he would be fine without all of that.

“So what do you want to know Ashley?” He said with a smile on his face.


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Ashley's smiled softly, they hadn't expected things to go this smoothly. His willingness to be open and honest with them was a nice change of pace from their usual contacts.

"Oh well, if you're happy to disclose that information to me, perhaps we should find somewhere more comfortable to sit and chat?" They offered, figuring it could be a bit of a long tale and standing here would be rather tiring, at least for her body. While they weren't in necessarily bad shape, endurance wasn't really their thing.

"I'm afraid I don't know this place as well as you, do you have somewhere you would suggest?" They'd ask, not overly fussy of the location, just being able to sit would be more than enough for them. Then they would be able to focus all their attention completely on listening and memorising his story, rather than having to worry about their legs nagging them that they needed to rest.


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Yuurei would hear them as it would seem like they were very curious about what had happened here. He had a smirk on his face and he was fine with that. He was about to suggest they follow him, but she beat him.

“Sure, I have somewhere we can go, follow me.” He said to Ashley.

He would start walking off in a direction. Renji would look at the two of them and he would just follow them. He was fine with this and he wondered where they were going.

He moved around, people watched them, but did nothing but smile and waved at him. He would do the same thing. It wouldn’t take long for them to reach the destination, which was at the edge of the settlement. It was beautiful and the view of the lakes and the mountains kept them hidden. He would side down as he would lean a bit back and he would look at it all.

“Here should be fine, you can ask away.” He said to her.

Renji would find a spot, so he could nap as he didn’t know how long this would take.


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"Splendid." They grinned from ear to ear, happy to follow the requip mage, noting down the positive reactions people had of him as they travelled beside him. He really was doing all he could to help them then? Truly a remarkable person.

When they arrived at the destination Yuurei had in mind it made Ashley chuckle. It wasn't entirely what they had in mind, but the scene before them was breathtakingly beautiful. Taking a seat a little way off from him, they'd sit, one knee up, the other down, gently placing their umbrella to rest on the ground beside them. There was no risk here, at least none they could foresee whilst seated next to the mage beside them.

"Well... I suppose I would like to get the truth of the matter. What exactly happened for these people to be living the way they are? Why do you feel the need to be their saving grace?" They raised a brow at him, curious as to what his answers would be. How much detail he'd go into, how much he'd skirt around telling the whole truth.


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Yuurei was glad that she had sat down, which meant she was calm with him. He would look ahead of him as he was waiting for them to say something. When they spoke, he would look over at Ashley and he would listen to her words. He would look up to the sky when he heard her words and he didn’t enjoy thinking about what happened to the people here in the past.

“Well, there was a fight that broke out here. A bunch of vampires came to this specific settlement and were causing trouble. The calm druids and retired folks of Erwyr fought back after their plead for them to leave. I didn’t come in time and a bunch of the people here had been killed here. I did get rid of the vampires here, but not without the loss of some of the people here.” He said to them as he would shake his head.

“Now all I can do is make sure that everybody is doing fine here, and get back on their feet. They do live a secluded life from the world of Fiore, so outsiders don’t come to help.” He said to them waiting to see what else they wanted to know.


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"I see..." They noted down everything he said in their mental notebook as they gazed out towards the view. Vampires were not something they had any experience themselves with personally, but they had studied them in their younger years as part of their education. Bradley had mentioned it being so that they could properly identify and defend themselves against them should the need arise. They had thus far not required said knowledge. Fortunate.

"Understandable, I can see why now it took me a lot of convincing for them to trust me enough to let me come here." Their tail twitched as the feline reminisced over how much of a struggle it had been to persuade them even with their charismatic talents. Naturally, they'd be even warier of outsiders after such an ordeal. Luckily for Ashley, they had managed to prove themselves a non-threat, eventually garnering an invite into their secluded little village. Their eyes meandered away from the scenery and back to the mage.

"Recovering after such an attack is definitely no easy feat for anyone, let alone those without proper assistance. Is there anything I could do to help out? So far I've just been running little errands for them in return for gossip." They chuckled a bit at their own words, but their sincerity was there. Their compassionate self felt they should do more for them.


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Yuurei would hear their words and thought that they were going to be quiet for a long time. Of course, that changed, and he looked at them. He listened to their words, and he would chuckle when he heard what they said. He would think about what they could do, and he would tap his finger on his chin.

“Well, I guess you can continue helping out as you’ve been before. I did hear rumors that there might be some bandits roaming around the forest. It seems like they are looking for a chance to attack this place.” He said to Ashley as he wasn’t sure if they wanted to fight or just spectate.

He would sigh and then look at Ashley as he could tell they were part feline now that he got a better look at them.

“You can come with me and spectate the battle, or join up to you.” He said to them as he knew these bandits weren’t going to just let things go.


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Ashley nodded, well if that was all, they could continue to handle that much for a day or two before having to return to Lotus in Orchidia. They didn't want to be away from their sister for too long. Who knew what ridiculous shenanigans the little blonde kitty might find herself in if she continued to follow Dex around without her there to guide them down the right path? It wasn't worth risking for too long.

At the mention of bandits, their ears perked up. Curious. Combat wasn't exactly their forte, they tended to run from danger rather than charge into battle. This was, however, an opportunity. One they didn't want to let slip through their fingers. To see this man fight firsthand would be a spectacle they were confident wouldn't be disappointing. Unless the bandits weren't up to scuff. Then it would just be a pummelling. Still enjoyable either way, one was just more flashy than the other.

"I think I may take you up on that offer. I can at least defend myself enough should any of them attempt to stray from the pack and aim for the weaker-looking opponent." They puffed their chest out proudly, they were skilled enough to keep a bandit or two at bay long enough for him to assist should it come down to it. Sure they may be a little arrogant, but they knew their skillset well and could utilise it effectively.


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Yuurei would get up from the ground that he was sitting on and found him stretching his arms into the air. He would look at them and it would seem like they wanted to come and help out or at least check things out.

“That’s good to hear. Yeah, I will be able to take on these guys without a problem, and I figured you want to see how I truly fight.” He said to them.

Renji would get up from the ground as well he would climb onto Yuurei’s shoulder, and he would wait for him to make his way to the forest.

“Alright, let’s be on our way. The faster Yuurei gets things done, then the faster the people in the village could feel at ease.” He said to them.

Yuurei would hear this and he would start heading to where the bandits had been sighted last in the forest.


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"Yes, that would be splendid. It's not every day I get an offer to watch a master of their work in action." Their features softened into a sincere smile. as they praised him. A small grunt escaped them as they hoisted themselves up, clearly not overly accustomed to sitting on the ground and having to get up in such a manner. They took a moment to dust themselves off of the dirt and grass that had attached themselves to their clothing.

"The sooner the better, indeed." Ashley nodded in Renji's direction, agreeing with the exceed that it would be best to locate and dispose of the threat in a timely manner. They were by no means slow, and they passed a natural feline grace that kept them easily balanced However, compared to Yuurei, their movements through the forest seemed far more sluggish.

It didn't help that the forest was not particularly a terrain they found effortless to navigate, quite the contrary. She much preferred the city streets, the winding paths and alleyways, and the buildings they could scale with relative ease. Having to duck under branches and jump over shrubbery was definitely a much more difficult task, but they did their best to keep up and not slow down the mage too much. They didn't wish to be a hindrance to this escapade.


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Yuuriei would smile when he heard those words. It was surely a way to praise him and boast him up. The two of them would walk through the forest as Yuurei was looking around. He was trying to see if there were any signs of the bandits anywhere. They couldn’t be too far, and he was sure the forest was doing their best to keep them away from the druids here.

It wouldn’t take long for him to find something out of the ordinary.

“It seems that there might be something this way.” He said as he pointed in the direction he would start walking in.

He would move around the forest without a problem but made sure that Ashley didn’t fall behind. It wouldn’t take them a while, but they would see that there was a small campfire not too far from them and a tent put it. He would look around and he figured he would show himself to the group of bandits.

His appearance would startle them as they didn’t think they would see Yuurei hear. He had a smile on his face, and he would look at them all.

“What are you guys doing here?” He asked them waiting for an answer.


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Footprints. Broken branches. Hidden pathways. All the signs that pointed to humanoid movement rather than creatures native to the forest. It appeared Yuurei had a similarly keen eye to themselves, able to track, locate, and hunt. Although, they tended not to undertake the latter. Investigation work tended not to lead directly into assaults unless you were particularly unprepared and careless... Or with Lotus.

Ashley was by no means an exceptionally careful person, often taking risks they didn't need to, but even they thought that the seraphim was going give them a rundown consisting of a plan he'd formulated prior to arrival. Nope. He charged head first, like a stubborn bull seeing nothing but red. The feline's tail twitched, their lips curving upwards unable to contain themselves as they started to chuckle, shaking their head at the hilarity of it all. Of course, someone of his power didn't need a plan.

They'd glance around, spotting a nice vantage point on a tree that seemed relatively easy to climb, with plenty of thick branches. Clipping their umbrella to their waist they pulled themselves up, perching on a branch a few meters up so that they would have a good view of the oncoming onslaught.


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The bandits would gather their composure. They would get up from where they were sitting as they tilted their head at Yuurei. Why was he asking them questions they were just hanging out right?

“Why do you want to know what we’re doing here/” He asked Yuurei.

The Seraphim would hear his words and he would chuckle because it was something he didn’t expect to be asked.

“I mean I have a reason why I asked you that question, I would like you to answer my question. It is either that or I can just beat you all up.” He said to them as he waited to see what they would say to him now.

When they heard him threaten them, they would move forward a bit, and Yuurei would see this. He would shake his head as he would pull out a gun and he would shoot out a light bullet at the closest one in front of him.

It would sent him flying and he would just glare at them.

“I guess fighting it is.” He said as they started rushing to him.

Renji would look at Ashley and he would just smile at them.

“You thought Yuurei was going to capture them or find out more on why they were in the forest, didn’t you?” He chuckled as he could see that Yuurei had surprised them.


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"I may have expected a little more thought to the process, yes." Ashley admitted, a small nervous chuckle, afraid the exceed may believe their words to be insulting, "Of course, I'm sure this will be just as fun to see." They clarified quickly, trying to ease any tension their words may have caused.

Their words were not meant to upset, simply an observation. They were well aware that not everyone was a strategist like them. For some simply having the ability to sling around raw power was more than enough to get the job done and it seemed Yuurei fell into the latter category. Much like their little sister.

"Does he normally give people a chance to explain themselves?" They asked Renji, curiously. It was rather... righteous wasn't quite the right word... Virtuous of them? Yes, that would be it. Giving those he was already prepared to condemn a chance to clarify their intentions would allow him the opportunity to avoid unnecessary conflict and instead find a more diplomatic solution. Rather wise of him.

Although, he did seem to change his tune and switch to violence a little too quickly in their opinion. They shuffled themselves, folding their legs on the branch they'd settled on, their tail swinging below. It didn't seem like the bandits were even aware of her or the orange cat, all their focus currently affixed to the mage.


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Renji would laugh a bit when he heard their words. It was not like Yuurei to think things through. He had power like had never. He figured that he could handle any situation before things got too out of hand.

“Nah, it’s okay, Yuu hasn’t thought much on what to do since his best friend died.” He said to Ashley.

“Well, he does if he doesn’t know your true intentions. If he knows you did something wrong, then he doesn’t feel like he needs you to explain. Like the raiders who came to this world to make it their own and steal the mana from here.” He said to Ashley.

Yuurei watched the bandits make their move and they would rush to Yuurei. There were others who would stay behind and those would be the ones to let out magic. He would see this, and he would have a smirk on his face as he would bring out a spear in the shape of a fork and he would consume the magic that had been shot at him. He would gulp the magic and sigh as that tasted delightful. The ones that got close would swing at him and he would dodge the attacks of the ones that closed the distances between them.

He would dance around the bandits, and he would move his gun to one of them and he would let out another bullet come out and it would be another strong shot as it would send that man flying through the field. Another bandit would swing at him, but Yuurei would dodge the attack before striking the man down with his spear. He would shake his head as it would seem like these guys didn’t understand that this was a losing battle.

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