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Rosaria Gracefell

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#1Rosaria Gracefell 

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Rosaria Gracefell


Name: Rosaria Gracefell [Santa Muerte]

Age: 01/30/X469

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Paladin

Race: Vampire

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Collective Mind

Tattoo: Right Shoulder

Face: Specter - Arknights


Height: 5'7" / 170.18 cm

Weight: 121 lbs / 54.8 kg
Hair: White

Eyes: Blood Red

Overall: Rosaria's appearance is that of a young woman in her early 20's, she stands about 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her lengthy hair is snow white and is often tied into a long braid. Her skin complexion is deathly pale and her eyes are crimson red. She has a good figure however it is hidden underneath her black robes that resemble the garbs of a nun. Her clothes have accents of whites and dark blues that match well with her overall reserved dark color scheme. She does not wear any make up, however her finger nails are painted with black nail polish.

Extra: Rosaria has fangs and sharper canine teeth. Rosaria can also be seen carrying a black coffin perfect for her size, inside said coffin is her personal items, weapons, and other nicknacks.


Personality: Rosaria presents herself to be a calm and collected individual. She never raises her voice and always speaks at her own pace, her tone always gentle and polite. A warm smile can almost always be seen on her face. Rosaria is well mannered and polite, she holds herself with utmost class and nobility. Most people who become acquaintances with Rosaria view her as a kind and professional young woman. She usually keeps to herself but when she is interacting with others she presents herself as a stoic older sister figure.   Rosaria is a pious woman, however, even though she is devoted to her faith she is not dogmatic by any means. On the contrary, she is incredibly open minded, and though she may disagree on someone's beliefs or religion she will not persecute nor discriminate against anyone in any way. In her spare time she was observed to assist and help in nonprofit organizations, charities and orphanages. As a result many people around her gravitate towards her kindness and warm personality. Although Rosaria can easily win the hearts of those around her there are seldom few that have managed to attain her full trust. Though she is likable, Rosaria it has been observed that Rosaria maintains emotional distance from others, it is very rare for Rosaria to allow people to truly get to know her and her past. Above all personality traits, Rosaria displays unyielding loyalty and this loyalty encompasses her faith and those whom she personally has decided to protect and has taken a personal liking to.

Although Rosaria does not actively initiate conflict or start fights, she will not hesitate to take arms and engage in battle. Combat is part of Rosaria's religion, she is a hunter of dark evil creatures. In combat Rosaria does not care if she needs to spill blood. In fact, Natalia thrives on the battlefield. In battle Rosaria is remorseful and ruthless. Rosaria's fighting style is brutal, she prefers to destroy her opponents with overwhelming force and power. She does not play with her opponent, she never underestimates her enemies. She does her best to obtain victory as quickly as possible. Rosaria will continue her assault until her victory is undisputed. In a team environment, Rosaria will follow whoever is her leader. She presents herself as loyal and humble. She will do whatever is needed to fulfill her mission. She will often act as a support and lend assistance to her allies. She presents herself as a caring comrade who will stop at nothing to keep her allies safe.

  • Cooking & Baking: Rosaria has been noted to be talented in culinary arts
  • Prayer:  Rosaria is consistent in her prayers to her God. Though it is noted she does not force anyone to follow her beliefs, in fact she has shown her self to be quite open minded despite her dedication and faith in her religious beliefs.
  • Singing:  Singing: Another interesting trait observed in Rosaria, she seems to have a habit of singing.

  • Slavery: Rosaria has shown herself to dislike slavery and has been noted to go out of her way to free slaves from slave trades.
  • Corruption: Corruption rots great cities and kingdoms, it causes much suffering, because of this Rosaria despises it.
  • Monsters: Rosaria believes dark creatures of the night, cryptids, and demons should be vanquished.

  • Death: Rosaria wishes to die a peaceful death, or die an honorably.
  • Cure: She wishes to find a way to become human again.
  • Relic Recovery:Rosaria wishes to recover and destroy dangerous relics that lead to her civilizations destruction.

  • Relics of The Past: Rosaria Fears, that the relics of old willl be discovered and used to harm innocent people.
  • Losing Control: Rosaria fears that one day she will lose herself her vampire tendencies and become a monster just like the monsters she swore to destroy.
  • Losing People She Cares about: Rosaria is the last of her clan, the last of her forgotten civilizations, her whole life has been nothing but loss, she does not want to lose any more people she cares about.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 7

Speed: 5

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 2


Magic Name: Crimson Rites

Magic Element: Blood

Magic Enhancement: Life Steal

Magic Description: The Crimson Rites was an forgotten magic of a small sect of hunters and inquisitors from one organization known as the church of blood. This magic focuses on the manipulation and control over blood of the users and the blood spilt upon the battlefield. The user is able to use blood as a medium to enhance their battle prowess, create shapes and structures out of blood, and even use it for healing properties.


History: Rosaria Gracefell was born in R'lyeh, an secret underground city. She was the youngest daughter of the Gracefell family. Rosaria’s family were renowned hunters and huntresses, individuals who braved the dark and hunted creatures of the night. However due to a tragedy known as the night of the scourge, the Gracefell clan had been nearly wiped out. Rosaria and her two older sisters had survived the onslaught. Thus Rosaria and her sisters were taken in by the Church of Blood. There Rosaria learned the dark secrets of the city of R’lyeh, she discovered the city was built to guard the corpse of an old god.

Rosaria’s sisters eventually grew up and became huntresses for the church, while Rosaria became an inquisitor. She learned the Crimson Rites and became an asset to the Church of Blood. For her remaining years as a human, she performed her duties as an inquisitor, and earned herself the title of Santa Meurte. However during one of her missions, she was gravely injured by a cryptid which was being hidden by a cultist. In order to save Rosaria’s life the deacon of the Church of Blood performed a procedure in which the blood of the old god was put into Rosaria’s body by means of transfusion. Due to receiving the old blood, Rosaria was transformed into an imperfect vampire. Unlike other vampires, she could not consume blood as a way to sustain herself. Instead, she relied upon blood transfusions, by the means of doses of blood injected into her body through the means of blood vials.

Despite her severely objected to turning into a vampire, she used her cursed body as a tool to hunt down the creatures of the night. The rest of Rosaria’s history remains unknown, her memories fragmented and hazy. She had awoken in a tomb after 273 years had passed. The City of R’lyeh had been destroyed and buried, forgotten by the world's history. Now she roams in this new world, completely lost in a new era, her body weakened by the many years of her long sleep. Though she cannot fully recall the details which led to the destruction of R’lyeh she knows it had something to do with the old relics that the church had kept hidden. It is her current mission to find said relics, destroy them, and recover her memories in regards to what had happened in the past.

Reference: None


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This character is approved for roleplay!

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