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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Saturn the Sadistic)

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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Saturn the Sadistic) Empty Sat Jan 07, 2023 2:27 pm


Saturn The Sadistic


Race: God/Demigod
Class: Sorcerer
Magic: Galaxy Dragon Slayer
Aura: The Golden Emperor
Modification: Extinctas, Ferion's Hawken Eye [Left], Dhan-Galhoul's White Eye [Right]
Enhancements: Advanced Life Steal, Advanced Mana Burn


Strength: 2,000
Speed: 2,000
Constitution: 2,000
Endurance: 2,000
Intelligence: 2,000
Mana: 150,000


Head: Terminal Abyss
Body: The Abberant
Weapon[Primary]: Rhongomyniad
Weapon[Offhand]: Wretched Totem of the Sanguine Raven
Necklace: The Vehement
Ring: Dimensional Anchor
Relic: Nemisis
Cape: Raegerys' Draconic Cape
Companion: The Grey Tempest


Restriction: X rank

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