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What do we do with a drunken sailor (Alisa)

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#1Ichika Harukatsu 

What do we do with a drunken sailor (Alisa) Empty Sun Dec 25, 2022 10:36 am

Ichika Harukatsu
You new to Hargeon? How ‘bout and my lads show you ‘round these ‘ere parts?” The crooked tooth, booze breath, scruffily dressed, shirt wearing unshaven sailors had the audacity to dare approach Ichika and even speak to her. They had the audacity to not give her gifts. They had the audacity to approach without proper reverence. They had the audacity to defy the rules of engagement, a grave and intolerable breach of social conduct. Why had they done such a thing to a stranger fresh off the boat, having only disembarked mere moments ago? Easy: the lecherous gaze in their eyes revealed such an answer.

I have no desire to be in the company of such ugly, ill-dressed, ill-mannered and foul smelling creatures such as yourself. Begone from my sight.” Ichika’s response was curt, delivered with a dripping tone of venom and disgust only those truly offended and disgusted in equal measure could muster. The sailors, all three of them, clearly did not appreciate such an unwarranted response to what they had considered a gesture of kindness. They stepped in, approaching Ichika and growing closer. They were close enough to be uncomfortably, forcing Ichika into a corner, stuck between the three sailors and a wall behind her.

Oi. Listen ‘ere you jumped up snake. Me and my lads just wanna help you out and that be how ye talk to us? You better make this right you hear!” The sailor’s reply, delivered with spittle that splattered the Lamia’s face and anger that only further worsened her mood, made clear what his intentions were: He wanted something from Ichika. He may have presented it as simply expecting an apology or some other form of compensation for perceived offence on Ichika’s part but clearly, it had always been the plan.


What do we do with a drunken sailor (Alisa) Empty Mon Dec 26, 2022 4:15 pm


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Though a far cry from the sunlit summer days, Alisa found these dark a dreary days had a charm of their own... As the rain poured down overhead, the tall woman casually strolled under the overhangs, enjoying the quiet peace that came from having the entire city all to herself... Few market stalls were open with no shopkeepers to sell to, and many shops had likewise closed up for the holidays. Without even a single ray of light peering down from above, she had nobody but the dark gray clouds to keep her company. And save for the odd passerby smiling back at her, she didn't run into anybody for the majority of her trip. It was only until she reached the docks that the setting changed somewhat:

"My my~... You people clearly haven't been in Hargeon very long.", perhaps emboldened by the absence of citizens or guards to put them in their place, she found a freshly arrived crew of brigands harassing a rather striking young woman with the lower body of a snake. My, demi humans really come in all shapes and sizes huh?

She arrived just in time to catch one of the men's wrists just as he raised his hand at the mysterious woman.

"And where the devils did ye come from?!"

And as one of his mates turned his attention to her, rushing down at the mysterious woman with dark hair that dared lay hand on one of his companions, Alisa retaliated on reflex, raising on leg up and off the ground and mercilessly driving it into the man's gut with a brutal front kick that sent him flying, kicking him off the pier and into the water with an audible splash:

"Fufu~... Never thought I'd find anything this green on such a stormy day~", she replied at last, flipping her hair behind her, the rainwater washing off her brown trench coat as it rippled behind her with the ferocity of her kick, her choice of short skirt and unbuttoned white blouse feeling awfully fresh for such weather.

The city without crime they called it... Alisa knew that to be an exaggeration, but even then... Not awfully far from the truth. Between the longtime presence of Blue Pegasus in the city with the clear lack of Dark Guilds in any of the surrounding areas, there wasn't much that could seriously threaten Hargeon. Maybe that would change with the war looming on the horizon, but for now... Anybody in this city best be on their best behavior, lest they learn exactly the same lesson that rude sailor just learned.

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What do we do with a drunken sailor (Alisa) CyhFjWA

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