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Cue the music:


The winds rattled against the canopy of a thick tent that was hastily built into the side of an overhanging cliff. The tent's position itself was not too far up the mountainside of the Oddr Mountains. Just a mile or so below in the icy tundra plains was a trail of bodies. bandits and warriors alike, all glory crazed or with little inhibition. the trail of bodies slowly staggered upwards and directly to the current inhabitant of the tent. 

The sole survivor of the battle in the tundra was none other than the queen of nightmares herself, Nana. Although she was the guild master of Eternal Nightmares, most of her reputation actually came from her position. Her teacher Erebus had splendidly outshone her at everything and it wasn't until his sudden disappearance, that Nana was forced to pick up his mantle. In a way, his existence as a walking calamity served to protect his guild. Now that he was gone, it was Nana to fill that role.

Part of Nana could just walk away from it all. The inner part of her didn't really care for anything and ignored constraints placed by society. Such as morality and the very laws themselves. In fact, most laws were meant to punish the poor. the rich cared little for laws, as they had the wealth to ignore or circumvent punitive actions.

The other part of Nana wished to respect her late teacher's ideals and ambitions. That was why she was in this very remote and inhospitable place. On the surface, the trail of bodies that led straight to Nana, looked like a simple massacre. Reality was largely different. Sure the bodies of these men had been raiders and warriors, but most of them had been paid henchmen for a wealthy tycoon that Nana was currently hunting. Nana's resources had tied the man to several shady dealings across Fiore but the Rune Kngights did nothing. Their hands were legally tied, so it was the perfect opportunity for Eternal Nightmare's ethos to stand firm.

She had ambushed the men, but her target had escaped. he fled in terror at the sight of her, running foolishly up into the Oddr Mountains. After dealing with his thugs, Nana too had begun her ascension of the mountain. That was when a sudden harsh blizzard had taken root of the mountain and forced Nana to seek self-preservation. Fortunately she had prepared for this eventuality and hastily placed her tent on the underside of a jutting cliff edge. This served as both a wind break, as well as an avalanche break. 

She doubted her target would survive in the mountain, but she had placed her tent near the closest trail. A single lit glass enclosed lantern hung on the entrance of the tent's door flap. It served the purpose as a moth to the flame. If the rich bastard was still alive and saw the single dancing light int he icy winds of the blizzard, he would be forced to die cold and alone, or take his chances with the crazy woman who had slaughtered his entourage of guards.

Nana's little companion Spur hugged her weight for warmth. She too had dressed more warmly this time. Only a fool ignored the dangerous elements. Instead of her customary dress, she wore a skirt and blouse. Both of which were layered over by simple armor, as well as her arms and feet. Over this was a large and thick fur coat. All of it matching her typical theme of black and purple. She had not yet transformed, so her physical appearance was all human, including her blonde hair and golden eyes.
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