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Deadliest Catch PT. 22 (Neutral)

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Deadliest Catch PT. 22 (Neutral) Empty Sun Dec 04, 2022 1:46 am


Yuurei and Renji had decided to take a break from all the rat killing and mining for the week. They decided to do something else, and it was catching some fish for the people on Luluhawa island. They were nice people here and he figured that getting this done for them wouldn’t be a bad problem. He would look at everyone that was staring at him as if they were surprised that someone had taken the job. He would just smile at everyone as he would be off and heading to the port where his client would be waiting for him. He would leave and walk through the sand with Renji by his side. The two of them would move around as they were enjoying the weather around them.

Renji wondered why Yuurei was always doing the same odd jobs, but he figured it was because he was comfortable with them and could do them in his sleep. 



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Yuurei would walk through the place, and he didn’t think anything would happen today. The weather was amazing, and it didn’t look like it would change or so he thought. He kept moving as his partner would looked at him and smile.
“Whenever I find my strength to help you in the future, Yuurei what would you be doing?” He asked him waiting to see what he would say.
Yuurei looked at him and he would sigh with disappointment.
“I thought we spoke about this before Renji. I will protect the North and make sure that nobody could harm it in any way. If I see any dark guild get out of hand then I will make sure to stop them as well.” He said to him as he would continue moving.

Renji was cool with this idea and he couldn’t wait to see how it would all turn out in the end. 



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It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei and Renji would finally make it to the port. When they got there, they would finally be off the sand and onto the wooden boards that made this place. They would walk it proudly as they would wave at the people who saw them. They were excited to see the two back here, which meant that they were going to be helping the fishermen here today. He was glad to see that the people here were excited today. He would look around as he was looking for the ship that they were going to get on board.

They were both on the lookout because they didn’t want to overlook anything that was around here. The two would keep searching with good intentions. Still, they wouldn’t be able to find the ship right away because for some reason it was at the end of the port.



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Yuurei and Renji would find the ship at the end of it all, and it was something he started to realize was the trend. He wasn’t going to look for the ships he was supposed to get on anymore. He figured that they were all waiting for him at the end of the port. Still, the thing was a beauty, and he would just admire it for a bit before he decided to say something.
When he was ready he would clear his throat and he would take a big deep breath before letting it all out.
“I’m here to help out with your catch today guys, but I need to make sure that you guys are there, so I can get on board.” He said out loud hoping that someone would hear him.

He was waiting for someone to show up so he knew that he was in the clear to get on board. It wouldn’t take long, but someone would show up at the edge of the ship. 



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Yuurei would look up at them and they would smile at him. It would seem like they had someone who would take on the beast of the sea. They would wave at each other for a bit and then he would speak.
“You guys should come up here if you want to help out. We will be leaving soon since you guys arrive.” He said to the two of them.
Yuurei and Renji would hear this and he would smile at his friend. The two of them would make their way to the deck of the ship and they would see that the men here were working hard. It would seem like things were going to start soon and he would walk over to the client. He was going to say something, but the man would interrupt him instead.

“Yes, I know you’re Yuurei, and I’m glad you’re here to help. I expect this to go smoothly with you here.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would chuckle when he heard this because he didn’t have to waste any time with the introduction. The Nephilim would look around as the client would go back to work and he was giving out orders to his men. It was then that he heard to pull up the anchor. This was the cue that their journey would start soon. He would move over to the edge of the ship, and he would look out to the sea. Renji would walk over to him when he saw this and he would join him in the sightseeing. They would look at it all and be enjoying the calm waters that were in front of them.
“What do you think we’re going to go through this time around?” He asked Yuurei.

“I have no idea what to expect, but we going to complete this job either way. I just hope nobody gets thrown overboard.” He said to Renji as they continued to look at the sea. 



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Yuurei was hearing people shouting as they were moving around and adjusting everything, they could in the journey in front of them. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but then he would look up to see that the clouds were moving around them. It would seem like the weather was going to change quickly for them, which was a bad thing. He didn’t like this, and he would shake his head. It was then the rain would start pouring down and it would affect the water they were sailing in.

The crew was swift with it though as they had made sure that their ship didn’t tilt over or have anybody suffer from it. The rain would just go everywhere, and he would feel it on him. Renji would run away as he would take cover and he would be on the lookout from here. Yuurei would just crack his neck as he was still making sure that the sea creature didn’t surprise them.



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There was a lot of rocking on the ship though as things were getting annoying. Yuurei would make sure that he kept himself steady as everyone was doing their job. He would soon see something in the distance, and he squint his eyes to make sure he wasn’t just seeing things. It would be soon that his sight would be correct on what he saw. He would hear the sea creature screech from where they were. It was to show that this was the monster they were going to catch today.

He would see that they were getting closer, but the sea creature would look in their direction. It was then he would sprout wings from his back and 8he would fly off the ship this would confuse a lot of people on what he had done as they didn’t think he could do that. The Nephilim would fly to the monster, so they didn’t have to get close to it.



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Yuurei would make his way to the sea creature who was moving to the ship. It would stop when it saw a small creature flying toward it. It was then it would lunge its face at Yuurei and try to take a bite of the man. The Nephilim would dodge the attack without a problem as he would chuckle as the creature was quick to attack him. He would crack his neck and his knuckles as he would teleport his stuff onto his body. He would wait for the creature to turn around and it would try to attack him again. He would dodge the attack and he would sense the second attack coming.

That was interesting and he would see that the sea creature was using his tail to fight as well. He would dodge that attack as well as he was actually happy, he could maneuver in the air. 



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Yuurei would see what it would do next, and it would raise its body up and it would try to swipe at Yuurei. He was surprised that it had two arms as well and he would dodge the attacks without a problem. He would back away from the sea creature as it would fall into the water again. it would look at him and he would stare at it. He wondered what else it was planning on doing now. He would prepare himself for what was to come next.

The sea monster would move quickly, and it would attack Yuurei again. It would seem like it wasn’t going to let up on its attack. The berserker would block the attack and then when he saw it was going to try and bite him again. He would catch it as he stopped the creature from fully closing its mouth and from moving as well.



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Yuurei would smile when he looked at the creature and he figured he would give the monster a welcoming punch for attacking him so quickly. He would move his leg up and the momentum would allow him to kick the sea monster away from him. The monster would scream from the pain, but it wouldn’t fall as it would shake its head and look over at Yuurei.
The light mage would see this, and he would chuckle because he didn’t expect it to be still standing after that.
“So, you’re as tough as you look. This should be fun then. Come at me again and see what you can do.” He said to the sea monster.

It would roar and everyone on the ship would hear it from the distance they were sailing. One of the sailors would be next to Renji and they would ask if Yuurei was okay. Renji would puff his chest and he would say that they had nothing to worry about. 



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Yuurei would see the sea monster moving toward him and it would go in for a barrage of attacks. The Nephilim would dodge them without a problem. He would see that it wasn’t happy with what Yuurei had done to him. He would dodge everything, and he would see what it was capable of doing before he could make his final move. It was then he would sense multiple attacks from the monster, and he would just block it as he was sent flying back. He would hear it roar again, which would make him chuckle because he didn’t understand that Yuurei was testing the water.

He would shake himself as he looked at the monster and it was moving toward him again. It would attack him again, but Yuurei would dodge it again as he was enjoying this. The people on the ship thought he was having a hard time, but they didn’t know Yuurei’s true capabilities. 



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Yuurei would continue to move around the sea monster as he was looking at how threatening it looked. He could tell that this creature was an apex predator, and it owned this part of the sea. This was a bad thing for the people who were sailing around. He figured he would put a stop to all of this. He was fine with the hunt going this way and he would just continue his dodging spree. The sea monster was getting frustrated because it couldn’t land anything on Yuurei anymore. It was then that it would slip with what it was doing.

The Nephilim would see this as an opportunity, and he would strike a blow with his right hand onto the creature. It would scream and roar from the pain as it would start falling into the water. It would hit the surface of the sea, and it would just stay there as it was no longer moving.



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Yuurei would see that the fight was over now, and he would shake his head. It was only two hits that took to finish the sea monster. He would descend to the dead sea monster, and he would grip it. Once he had done this, he would pull the sea monster to the ship. They were surprised that he could do that, but at this point,  they shouldn’t be. He could fly and he took the creature out on his own. The Nephilim would land on the deck, and he would disperse his wings.
He would smile at everyone as they would secure the creature next to the ship. Once they were done with that the entire crew would turn around and return to port. When they docked the ship, Yuurei’s client would hand him his reward for his hard work. He was glad that this man had shown up to take on the job. It made things easier for them and they didn’t lose anybody in the process. He would have wondered what would have happened if Yuurei weren’t here.

Yuurei would leave the ship with Renji by his side as it continued to pour.

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