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A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.)

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A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Fri Dec 02, 2022 12:13 pm

As she generally ends up in some manner Averie showed up in the winter wonder land herself, Most likely with her normal ways of being she was seeing what all she could learn in some manner here and what all it could all entail. Not that she ever intended harm. But she did look in place here despite only just being dressed for winter and that is about it. But there was a calming effect in being in the Ho Ho Cafe.

As it would be a good place to be at while thinking over a few things. Not that Averie at this time had too many expansive thoughts or deep ponders about many things. It was near the end of the year it was cold. for once in her life she was just kind of hoping to not be cold. A standard around here as she learned but an interesting thing to take note of.

#2Kaito Todaro 

A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Fri Dec 02, 2022 1:33 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito is walking around with Revy leading him as she was more use to being around these areas as she was one of Santa's helpers till he set them free to wonder the world and help those in need so she had more of an idea of these areas and the places inside of them. Revy wants to get someone hot coco with lots of marshmallows and a peppermint stick to stir it with to add flavors and Kaito guesses that he would like to try this hot coco with the extra things that Revy had spoke about so they enter the cafe that Revy had pointed to, to see if they could get that order or if it was just something that they could not get.

Kaito's cloak was specially made so that it is self heating with a special creatures hair in it so that Kaito will not get cold while he is out and about in the snow and cold. Kaito had made a special one for all kinds of conditions cause he was a man constantly on the move so he had to be ready for anything and it was much easier to have a nice cloak to keep him warm, dry or cool than it was to run around with a normal one that doesn't keep him safe as well.

He looked around the shop as they are being walked to a table by a woman and he notices Averie so he waves to her figuring that she will probably just ignore him doing that or will not notice him.


A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Sat Dec 03, 2022 2:18 pm

There could always be many things on a persons mind while pondering to herself, Then well she snapped her fingers and summon two very tiny see through orbs, These were spirits that Averie did summon to talk with from time to time. But the Orbs had their own way of acting, They might not be saying something aloud, but that moved around like they were talking and mimicking human motion like when they did speak.

But then Averie seemed to pick up Kaito was there. But she did wave in return, But did not go near him yet. However she would shortly. Averie was not doing anything too horrible in the end but she did seem to get three cups of some kind of hot beverages. Then she would walk over to Kaito to join him.

Rather then passing them over when she was joining, while walking over she passed the drinks off to the spirits she summoned and they would each carry one over to Kaito and Revvy. Almost like they were holding the drinks for them until they took them or not. But she would simply say in Icebergian because it was her typical."It is Apple Cinnamon tea."Why she did this was more likely so they knew what they were getting into and no one would assume she was trying to poison either of them or assume they would try too.

But Averie seemed to be willing to come talk to them and offered drinks she seemed just about as normal as she was just a tiny bit more cold looking the normal, she might have been exploring a bit more the she knew she could handle.

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A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Sat Dec 03, 2022 7:27 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito and Revy Were seated and their orders were taken and they were trying their hot coco in the style that Revy wanted when she joined them and give them tea and they look at each other than takes the tea from the summons and he looks at her. "Thank you and do feel welcome to join us." He says that though she had already rudely welcomed herself to their table but he was not going to say anything about it as she was probably not use to how things like this work as she seemed sheltered the last time he had seen her.

"Decently cold here huh ? You must feel at home here as you are from iceberg right?" He was only assuming that she liked it colder as she was from a very cold place, but he could be wrong of course but he is not one hundred percent sure about if that was right so he slyly had asked to see if he can learn something about the woman as she hadn't really shared much with him and she had hugged him but seemed as if she didn't like that she had hugged him and back off swiftly.


A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Sun Dec 04, 2022 1:24 pm

This would most likely be a bit more interesting, To show a bit more in depth way of being for Averie. When Kaito spoke as he did one of the spirits went over and seeming wiggles around at her. To Averie look at it it seemed like between the two you could sense that the spirit was scolding Averie for not having manners and saying hello."Wait...I missed that?!"Averie said in a panic for a moment it seemed in it's own way for the moment the spirit was telling her what he did wrong and she was trying to correct herself and play it off because it was just her slightly strange nature.

She then reconfigured herself to carry on a conversation after all she was fairly harmless and clueless to social queues."Forgive me for that it seems I missed the lesson." by that she did not have social lessons for a long period of time."Thank you for allowing me to join you, you could have told me to go somewhere else if you really did want too."The side that Averie was use to people just telling her to leave often was showing for the most part was showing but it seemed because she assumed Kaito and or Revvy where not going to shoo her away and no one else was talking to her she would be fine.

It seemed she was actually trying to keep a conversation going in her own way. Thus how she spoke at these times was a bit more in some manner interested and invested in it."I do for the most part feel at home." Then would just mention this part at least maybe to show at times it could be her normal front."Sometimes i can admit i feel cold, But it seems much like how my father is, I do sometimes feel the cold and has it effect me, Even if  i am use to it."Which something just to pick up on maybe she was a bit more covered then in other places because she did feel the cold just not as strongly as the others. Then she took a sip of her drink looking at the two spirits was she had summoned with her seemingly the spirits had stopped yelling at her in which was good at this time. Nonetheless it seemed Averie was in good spirits.

#6Kaito Todaro 

A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Sun Dec 04, 2022 8:17 pm

Kaito Todaro
He tilts his head at her as she said he could have sent her away. "Why would I have sent you away, the more the merrier right? Plus it would be rude to send you away as you are alone so why not allow you to join us?" He knows that she had invited herself but either way he wouldn't have turned her away as she was not a problem to him and he didn't really mind her company to join them.

He hears her say that she gets cold and he thinks he saw her shiver a little and he reaches into a portal and he pulls out a darker blue with black designs on it cloak that looks to be around her size. "Here try this on, I know it probably isn't your color but it will keep you warm I promise and if you rather it in a different color I could try to make one for you later and send it to you." He walked over and he gently placed it around her being careful not to make her spill her drink or to cause her discomfort as he was trying to help and not cause her to freak out or panic cause he had done it. He then returns to his seat as three hot cocoas came to the table as it seemed the staff had seen her join him and they took the liberty to add an extra so she would have one as well.

"Sorry if me doing that caused you any discomfort." He gently bowed his head as he didn't think she would mind but in case he had in fact made sure that he asked her forgiveness. He sips the tea a bit and it thinks it tastes pretty good though he doesn't think he will get hooked on it.


A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Mon Dec 05, 2022 4:51 pm

It seemed she was going to deal with for the most part the opposite of what she expected, At least she was not stuttering when she post when she was some what nervous and or unsure of herself even then she was still a bit not nervous as well."One does get use to being shoo'd away for the most part." She was not going to explain why she was shoo'd away but it might be easy to piece together. "But I am not overly worried about it with it made clear."With that Averie seemed to be fine.

Since she had nothing really to worry about at the time. It seemed the idea of being picky about a colour was rather silly at this time, if anything she was more happy some one else was thinking about her actually feeling something else for once in her life."I have a particular colour I need to match too?"Averie said a bit confused by it, Her social awkwardness yet again showed, but maybe in this case it was more naive then awkward. "But still, Thank you."She seemed to say it with a bit of confidence in the end.

Could see a bit of colour return to Averie's face like the warm feeling and coat offer seemed to almost make her seem a bit more normal the almost porcelain white skin of hers turned a bit more typical in human skin colour. Maybe Averie had just been cold more often then naught and no one realized or she was being stubborn. There was many leads towards how Averie was, But it was making her normal in some way which most likely was healthy for her."I did not know what drink your preferred, I figured tea was just a safe default."

#8Kaito Todaro 

A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Mon Dec 05, 2022 7:23 pm

Kaito Todaro
"I more meant if you want it in a different color sorry if I misspoke and caused a confusion." He rubbed they back of his head and he smiled as he was more looking to say that as she had a choice and he needs to work on himself and talking so he doesn't offend her by making it sound like she would only want it in a color and be super picky or something. He lays his head on the table slightly defended by his inability to speak right.

He hears what she said and he raised his hand and he waved his hand. "Nonono it is fine tea was good, just a bit of a strange taste I was not ready for." He reached over and he gently patted her arm. "Sorry if I seemed ungrateful..." He had not meant to make her think he is ungrateful for her kindness of getting him and Revy drinks to try and enjoy. He looks at her and he wonders if she will forgive him or if he had finally pushed his luck too far and now he was about to get himself in trouble.


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It seemed to have made sense now Averie was learning slowly what could be and needed to be understood from Kaito at least she was able to take this with the good intention that was trying to be expressed."I mean I feel less cold now. So I am far more then delighted with the results."She even tried to laugh about it slightly. It did not sound strange or forced more of just a sound of something trying to enjoy the conversation and finally connecting with in her mind how she could.

But she seemed to continue almost as if nothing was wrong at all and if anything maybe she was internally assuming that her own awkwardness and being strange to most social situations."I would not consider you ungrateful, I am just trying to connect how to understand what you mean for the things you say." Maybe a bit different of a way of dealing with Averie seemed to be taking it in stride and understanding rather then just cold and cut off logic, She was just hoping it was not feeling forced of strained in anyway, Since it would just ruin the entire reason for it.

Nonetheless the spirit that were around Averie as she was around then seemed to disappear."How have things been for you? truly more interesting then hide travelling and reading books to improve the general use of your magic?"She was using herself as an example because it was the only connection she knew of right now.

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Kaito Todaro
He looks up at her with a small smile and a soft laugh. "I am glad that you are feeling better and are warm, sorry I assumed cause you come from a cold country that you were a cold lover." He sits back up straighter and he wonders if he even knows what he is saying and meaning half the time as sometimes he just says things that seem to make sense in the moment but later on he is confused to what he was even meaning by what he had said.

"I think things have been pretty okay besides fighting vampires, and raider from the other world. My magic has changed a bit since we last spoke but I don't think I control it well enough to consider it a boon yet. How about you how have things been? Were those wisps? or more simple spirits?" He was of course interested in her magic as it isn't every day you get to meet someone that can use undead things in their magic or at least for him it was an interesting thing, but he guesses to most others his magic is very interesting as well cause he can use dimensional powers and other things like that. He looked into the woman's eyes and his right eye seemed to be a bit different looking than it had been the last time she had seen him.


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Being treated as a human was interesting for how the manner of life always,But there was some what a peaceful feeling with some one being nice to her. Then again it was also nice to feel warm for once in her life."I have never actually had to take into account weather...I just dealt with it and pressed forward."in which knowing how much Averie travelled she knew it was not safe for healthy to do. Most likely all was just Averie how cover came things just dealt with it and moved on. It was a interesting marvel how she just kept going at times."Maybe I am just use to the cold, never really figured out what kind of weather i actually enjoy the most."She almost laughed about herself. She seemed to actually take it with a bit of self awareness.

With the answer to Kaito questions."Whips would be the correct phrase."it was interesting to Averie to see how Kaito picked up on that."It is a minor form that most people do overlook in being able to control, But they are pretty helpful."Averie was going to go into a bit of details and hopefully not be too boring."A simple spirit, the form is a bit rough to get in place at first, Even then they don't allow much to be done."carrying small things was not considered much to Averie what limits would one have to compare too."I did also alter a few things to find some whips that speak Fiorian or other languages that I don't have to speak in return but I still have to get them to speak for me."So she had been busy practising and working on a new spell, thus these whips.

#12Kaito Todaro 

A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Thu Dec 08, 2022 6:49 pm

Kaito Todaro
He listened to her speak about the weather and her own thing with the cold and he guessed that she hadn't taken it personally what he had said which was good as he hadn't meant to cause her any harm or offense. He hears her say whips instead of wisps and he blinks and he smiles and he wonders if she had just said it too fast and confused the words, he had to admit if he had said it fast he too might have said whips instead of wisps so he wouldn't correct her as he didn't want to embarrass her or make her feel stupid for mixing up words which was harmless as he knew what she had meant.

He speaks in a kind story telling way. "Yeah I know of them as I had seen some and my master told me of them and what they were. I call them ghost lights when I see them in the fog around areas that were battle fields and graveyards. Smart thinking getting some that could help you with over coming the barrier." He smiled at her as she seemed very happy with herself and that he seemed to under stand her and where she was coming from. He was glad that she could talk more openly now than when they had first met and she acted like she was going to get hit at any moment or he would harm her for just being herself.

"But question is how good are they at throwing snow balls to help you?" He was teasing as thank heavens no one here would throw stones at her but if something did get thrown it would probably just be a soft snowball if anything.


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It was an refreshing feeling that some one knew at least one thing of her magic, sure there was a few other things that a person could learn with her magic."This save me explaining something at least."Some what it was a relief that even if she could explain that part she did not need too, Then again she did not realize how much she was messing up her words. Either nerves or just talking a bit too quickly was making her not think about what she was saying entirely."Well I did mostly find them with in that area of mention."Sure it was odd to most people but since Averie and how she was was known it made sense.

But it seemed Averie had not asked about that much about this master, not that she was not trying to learn things it was just how her mind was at the time.'I would assume it would have been nice to have a master. I only had myself to go off of."She was more having an out loud thought about it while  she was coming up with other things to talk about."Well it was smart but it did take a bit of time for me to think up how to go about it either, I needed something not as scary in my normal collection of summons so to say."She did have many ideas most likely never really needing to use most of them. But maybe using them was not her entire point she just wanted to make sure if anything maybe something needed to be there to keep things in line.

Alas there was a new road in front of her."Whatever do you mean? I had not summoned them for that reason, why would they need to do that?"Averie was completely clueless what this tease could mean, Leaving a good wonder if Averie's ever been in a snow ball fight.

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Kaito Todaro
He looks at her and he wonders if it is really cracked up to be all that and he isn't so sure since she has not contacted him since he came to the country and he has not been able to find her since he has come to Fiore so he is unsure if he some how dishonored her or if she was just busy with a super important quest and she couldn't contact him. He wasn't going to say his doubts as there isn't a point in complaining to this woman about it as she didn't need to know about it. "I guess that just depends the kind of teacher you would have gotten, I figured you were more book smart and your family to relay on." He has no idea if he is right or if he was off base with that comment as he was just assuming from how she seemed that she was very smart just awkward.

He rubbed the back of his head as he had said something stupid to the woman and now he needs to try to dig himself back out. "I was meaning that they could help defend you, to keep you safer and help you fight back to keep your life." Kaito smiles nervously at her as he knows that, that probably sounded super stupid and he probably failed to get himself out of the hole he had been standing in.


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It was a pretty good guess she had not really needed to think about it that way."My parents did not really guide me in the way of nercomancey either if I am honest."Not much just given her books, but it was a sign they where some what still around and watching over Averie, what all her parents could do power wise was never really mentioned by her, only what her brother and sister could do."But many the book smart was the best way to think of it."She did agree at that part at least because she could honest about it. Then again it was most likely hard for over all to lie. Even more then likely was to mess it up.

This part Averie simply said."If I needed to summon something to defend me, I could summon a few other things...."Averie would quickly just continue her talking point before ever considering summon anything else."Maybe I alter their summon spell for such a reason later, After all they don't need to defend me from anything right now."Hiding the fact that with Averie's brain she was about to summon something that was easy to control that could defend her.

#16Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
"I didn't think they did lead you too it but they probably were not against you blooming in your own way." He smiles at her and he wonders what her parents had really wanted for her as she seemed like she might be pretty strong willed if she was able to pick to raise the dead as her magic. "Nothing wrong with being book smart a good strong brain is a beautiful thing to some men that is a major plus others just find it annoying to have a woman smarter than they are." He wondered what she would say to that probably just simply go red or wave off the comment like it was never made toward her.

He wondered what else the woman could summon that could help her out in the instance of there being an attack on her. "I guess once you are done drinking we can go outside and test this idea of yours. I will promise not to throw the snowballs too hard at you."He smiles at her as he really wanted to see but he figures this request will be denied as he finished his cocoa and puts the rest of the stick in the corn of his mouth slightly discoloring the corner and  that side of his lips a greenish color.

Revy looked at the two as she kept drinking her cocoa which was warm instead of hot like it once had been and she smiles as this seemed like the first time she had seen this woman seem to react to anything really and not just be a flat reply that felt soulless.


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Almost like it made her some what curious she had to answer Kaito."And which one do you fit into such matter? do you find smart women annoying or not?"She posed it just in general to hopefully not make it seem like it was some kind of loaded gun that would fire at him if he answered it just seemed he actually wondered. From the view of barely socializing as a person, these questions would be helpful for Averie. Since well she trying to understand social norms of these lands even if she barely understood her own lands way of socializing at the time.

But it seemed like a good idea to test it, so much so Averie finished her drink quickly for such a thing there was a bit of excitement about what was going to happen."Oh you would help me test?!"She seemed if anything else rushing out the door for such a situation."come come! give me at least a few minutes to see if I can later the spell for protection against thrown objects."Kaito got some exicited energy out of Averie, something that was a bit different and almost unseen by her at this time.

#18Kaito Todaro 

A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Wed Dec 14, 2022 10:57 am

Kaito Todaro
He hears her ask him that question and he wondered what he really did think on that as
he himself had not thought about if he liked brainy girls or not. "That is a question I am unsure I have an answer too as I don't really think that I stop to think about such things. I think i see more of person that I do their looks so maybe?" He feels bad that he doesn't have an answer but he doesn't think about things like that just knows that he hears people speak about it as such, he also isn't always the brightest tool in the shed he just gets lucky most times.

He see the woman being very excited and ready to go that very second and he wonders why that had gotten her so excited was she was already on her feet and moving and he follows after her as he had said once she had been finished and he left the money for the drinks on the table after he had left it and he goes outside following her to where she would like to do this test and he started to make snowballs that he was about to throw at the woman he was going to keep his aim at the cloak he gave her and try onto to hit her in the head or face on accident.


A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Thu Dec 15, 2022 6:31 pm

It was either an interesting or strange new light to see. But Averie was really excited as for the answer to her question since there was no wrong answer Averie seemed some what happy."Keep in mind I was not meaning for it to could kind of horrible thing, Just merely curious."Averie seemed content and happy over all so it seemed she might be pretty settle over all about it. Over all fairly happy about what she heard from him.

But Averie seemed to have ended up taking a bit longer than maybe she expected too for planning and experimenting, as when she was trying to think of how to alter the spell, she was no longer paying attention to Kaito or if a snow ball was coming at her, Thus if Kaito did throw it would hit her with out any problem. Not that it would hurt her all that much.

#20Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito not realizing she is not paying attention made a snowball and he brought his arm back and he threw the snowball decently hard but not hard enough to hurt her but to probably scare her if she was not paying attention and Revy looks at Kaito as he threw the snowball at Averie.

Revy can't believe this man just threw the snowball before she was to say she was ready but she guessed in a way it was true to life as you never know where or when you might get hit with something but this seemed to be something that could have and should have been better talked over if they were going to be throwing things at the other like Kaito had just done as that was not a good idea to do cause if he hurts her she may never trust him again and that would be a waste.

Kaito sees the snowball hit Averie and explode into nothing pretty much as the cloak kept her warm and repelled the water from the snowball so she didn't have snow hanging off her or anything.


A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Fri Dec 16, 2022 6:00 pm

It would all most likely settle to something rather good soon. The moment that just happen would take a moment to set in. after all Averie was not hurt in anyway in which was the a good part she was just not rushing to get this part done. In front she seemed to be trying to think on the spot how to alter the summon when it was thrown. Averie's face almost seemed like a computer had been frozen with trying to figure it out because the notes where not in front of her to help her figure out how to make the alterations to it and to record it for later.

But when the snow ball hit it seemed to snap Averie back to reality, She had the look of be surprised slightly but not shocked or offended. Then with in a second of being hit after that look was gone Averie seemed to laugh. Kaito most likely would not have to worry now."Oh I was that slow."And she had continued to laugh about it because well she realized her own failures in a time of not being in danger, she let her guard down and seemed to realize it was okay.

Then she thought for a moment again."aha! I think i got it now."she mentioned for a moment, thought up about seeing how it could work then it seemed with in a minute at least two wisps showed up seeming the same as the previous three but still they had shown up when summoned. Maybe there was still some flaws that needed to be worked on with them.

Then Averie just said."Alright try again."she said with a bit of a smile on her face about what happen to her so far.

#22Kaito Todaro 

A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Fri Dec 16, 2022 7:02 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy hears the woman start laughing and it unnerves her a little as she has never seen this woman laugh or really make a smile in the times they had met her so she is wondering if this woman might not just be losing her mind and Kaito is not really helping her by throwing things at her or saying that her summons might be able to help with such a thing if it had been thrown at her.

Kaito hears the woman say she is ready for him to throw more snowballs at her so he makes a few more then throws them one at a time at the woman trying not to throw them too hard or too fast to make sure that the woman will have time to try and react with her summons and try and make protections for herself with them. Kaito hopes maybe this will help the woman find her footing and maybe some belief in herself as she has seemed shaky at best about all of this but he hopes that she will keep growing and so he was going to help her.


A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Tue Dec 20, 2022 11:13 am

It might have been funny at first to see Averie this way, but she seemed like she was just managing and trying a good amount of being normal in some manner rather then just hiding away emotions she did not know express after many years. Then again when you lower your guard enough i some manner interesting things might be bound to happen.

But not too long after she seemed to be planning and and was ready for three slightly larger but still some what tiny wisps showed up around Averie, This time they were slightly different in colour. if anything more solid and less see through in terms of colour but still white."Good good they summoned with out problem."She mentioned. As this was all coming together in what she considered perfectly. But Averie was not the best planner either, only what seemed to make sense logically for her ideas was just more of how she worked.

They where a bit slow when they start reacting but she more nudge the snowballs just barely out of the path of Averie. Thus the entirely matter of how Averie's spells worked might seemed to be apparent, she took time and made slight adjustments to them mostly to work on and refine them to work and be summoned with our problem."Huh...works, just not as quickly as I intend."she remarked about the first block slowly a few other did do the same. They were all a bit slow but showed the right idea.

#24Kaito Todaro 

A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Tue Dec 20, 2022 12:48 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito seeing her hard word as going to test her and her new attempts at this and he makes three snowballs and he takes aim in three different ways he lobs one snowball high so that it will strike from above but is slower and he then throws two other snow balls one that is wide and curving in at an angle to her side and the third he throw right down the heart straight at her chest if he had done this right all three snowballs should hit her all at around the same time and he wondered how she would handle this.

Revy watched as Kaito had clearly gotten a bit carried away while he was helping her and she wondered if this was so he could test her skills or if it was just simple and flat that he had stopped thinking and was getting carried away with it as she had only just started to understand this power but Revy was ready to begin to scold Kaito for getting carried away with this little fun exercise that they should have just been having fun with and not Kaito losing control and getting carried away by over taxing the poor girl.


A Snow's Day Peace.(Social/Open.) Empty Wed Dec 21, 2022 8:54 pm

If Averie was not distracted by the fact she was enjoying the results of her test and how some of them seem to be only some what good at blocking. But she also was kind of forgetting in her enjoyment of the time and enjoying herself that she did in fact need to control them still to do these things they where meant to do, It was not quiet the stage of auto pilot yet it would not take much work for that to happen but it was not time yet.

But it would not be until the first one hit Averie in which she realized she needed to go continue to control them to block in which they did not too long after for the remaining two."Oh right, I still do need to block."She could laugh at herself about it because it was true."these ones dont right away block."She would mention that she was able to make them able too.

But she would still say."This was useful still, Thank you."As if she was still not matter how much the out come was, in the end happy. But just for fun Averie made a snowball and threw it at him.

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