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Entertaining Kuri

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How was she going to entertain a Goddess of Time? She had a few ideas as the woman looked through her keys, weapon, and well, not magic since she really could not get it to work correctly. She had control of darkness, but no actual spells. She sighed softly as she went up the stairs and inside of the building. The doors automatically opened for her as they were high tall doors. In front of her was the throne that was covered with a curtain of light pink and with designs of gold. The fabric was lease as you can see by seeing through it, but not enough to see their face. Surely, she could see everything from her side. She took out a key and started to summon a few servants as each of them stood next to her, two on each side. Only there were instruments that were being summoned out as she was going to sing and play instruments for her.


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Once the instruments were placed perfectly, she went by the Koto. Slowly she kneeled as her knees were against the soft flooring. Her eyes noticed the finger pieces sliding on her tips before the servants got on to their places. Suddenly, she summoned a few more as there were the max amount out. She took a deep breath to relax herself as they got to their position. They all started to play their respective instruments as Mishiko's voice started to sing in Joyan. The melody was bopping and a little relaxing besides a few parts. The drums were perfectly loud, one of the servants was getting really into it as they happily cheered while slamming on their drums. The girls danced with their instruments as they played them, the wooden flutes beautifully making their sound. Mishiko was giving Kuri a free concert as she sang and played her Koto. Was it enough?


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"Once long ago a man traveled within the blizzarding snow. From afar he searched for his family. A family in which he so wished to have," Mishiko started to speak a story while music was being played by the servants and herself with the Koto. "The winter was cold, but the man gazed at the sky and gave himself hope by the dreams he had in his mind," she continued as the area started to falsely snow to make the scene more theater-like. The trees were dead, the ground was all snowed in as they continued to go. "He met a demoness of winter who devoured the dreams and hopes of people before killing them. He wasn't afraid as he could still feel the warmth inside him, that was his golden heart and pure dreams. The demoness started to devour his dreams, his hopes and suddenly she could see all of it for herself," Mishiko looked up.


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"The Demoness felt the warmth, hopes and his dreams. She found it so beautiful and pure that suddenly the Winter Demoness started to melt and became a beautiful woman. Around her, the world of snow became a field of flowers as the trees grew into sakura and wisteria trees," she continued on as the scene that was once snow and destroyed ugly trees were now melting, now growing into a beautiful scene as petals of Sakura blossoms flowed in the wind. "The man and demoness fell in love as they now travel together to find a perfect place to create a town, a village to share a beautiful pure dream of peace, love, and harmony,", Mishiko continued on and then finished the song and mini story of a story she heard once. The story had different versions, but this one was beautiful to her as she felt like if the man had altered thoughts, it would have ended badly.


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Mishiko was done as the servants disappeared instantly. She stood up and bowed her head in respect as the curtains then opened to reveal Kuri. Mishiko was a demigod for sure, but in the Dark universe, Kuri was an actual God of Time. There was no way she could compete with that, even if her mother was the Goddess of Creation. Kuri's servants arrived to take away the instruments, disappearing soon after. Her black eyes looked around and then back at the woman who sat there silently. She could see Kuri's red-black eyes look right back into her own black-red eyes. They had the same color of eyes, just in a different pattern. "The story... was interesting. Beautiful even," she gave a light smile as Kuri was probably a lover of music and culture. Surely. She seemed to have gotten the approval as Kuri walked up to her and gave her the pops that was needed, before leaving.


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