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Dead by Daylight: Nightmare of the 13th

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Dead by Daylight: Nightmare of the 13th Empty Thu Nov 24, 2022 3:39 pm


Another one of these, mmm? The only difference was she was meeting up with Akio and Ayako. For some reason they were really persistent in coming with her. Once again, she was walking to the game. The portal seemed to be starting to open up and was ready for her to enter inside. The other two were finally coming and decided to walk with her inside the portal. Not many things were said between them yet. Once they were inside of the portal, they were introduced into our dark neighborhood. The buildings were really tall as they were all apartments besides a few of the houses. You do not know what story this was going to be about as she didn't read the dialogues on the papers. Maybe she should have went to the dust to look at the information. Maybe that would have helped. For now, her and the other two started to walk into the street of the night.


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She felt incredibly sleepy for some reason. She looked at the others as they also started to yawn for no reason at all. They started to ask each other if they were OK, but no one could answer as they started to slip down into the ground. Her eyes closed as she then suddenly woke up inside of a room full of trains and fire. They stood on iron platforms that were made of strong metal. Under them was molted lava, as it seemed to be some sort of symbol. She looked around to see if she could find the other two, but so far she could not see either of them. Out of nowhere, she could hear metal gliding against other metal. Her eyes looked up and around to finally see someone standing tall. Their fingernails were claws of metal. Their skin looks like it has been burned. Who was this?


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She started to back away, but he just chuckled darkly. "Where are you going, sweetheart?" He grumbled. His voice may sound grumpy, but his smirk said otherwise. What was he exactly thinking? It obviously wasn't anything good for her. "Oh, you know, finding a way out.". She casually spoke to him. He found it funny and then started to lick his claw. "I wonder if your blood will taste as delicious as you look.", We spoke once more. Great. He was a pervert. She had to find a way out as she looked around. Meanwhile, her two guy friends were nowhere to be seen as they were still in the middle of the street. No, they were now in some part of a facility. Maybe you as part of the same one but in a different area. As both of them woke up, they looked around to see no one there.


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They looked around and saw that there was a man just standing there with a mask on. And his hand was a huge machete. He slowly stomped toward them as both tried to use their magic to defend themselves. Thankfully, it did not take long for them to realize that their magic had no use here. They bolted out of the door as they did not know where they were going. They chose random routes as they then looked to see a map against the wall. They seemed to have time to look at it before the guy caught up to them. They started to run off towards the way Mishiko was unintentional. As they got to, the door opened, and they saw her there. They ran to her and saw a creep walking up to her and talking all perverted-like. That an seemed to like that, as they then noticed the guy with the machete was now behind them.


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The guy with the machete and the guy with the claws looked at each other as if it was the first time they've seen each other. "Well, well, well. What do we have here? Someone to take my kill?", He spoke towards the guy in the hockey mask. Her and the two guys got out of the way as the both of them looked at each other. "I don't know who you are, son, but these guys are mine," He spoke as he played with his claw like fingers. Two of them started to battle it out as the machete clinked against his metal claws. Weren't much words being spoken as they were fighting it. She saw this as a way to get out finally as the two of them got at each other. The three of them bolted out very quietly before watching the final hit of both of them, but still none of them killed each other. The portal opened and they finally got to exit out.


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