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Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games]

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#1Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Sat Nov 19, 2022 1:07 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito walked into the city and he saw lines for games and he wondered if Yuurei would be showing up to have some fun as well as he got into a line that was for bobbing for apples as he figured it would be easy enough to do plus a game he doesn't think would look very flattering to Yuurei to see him do if Yuurei was to show up and join him here. Kaito gets to the front of the line and he watched as the people ahead of him seemed to not really be very good at it but watching them will teach him what not to do at least for when he steps up and goes to do it.

Kaito's turn comes up. he moves his mask to the back of his head and he makes sure to target the easier to grab apples before moving to the bigger ones as he puts his face into the cold water that was holding the apples and the person running the game just kind of looks at him and is surprised that he was that good at it and she hands him his prize and he moved off to the side.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Mon Nov 21, 2022 11:10 am

Yuurei had made his way to the city. He was meeting up with Kaito as they were going to hang out and play some games around the place together. He would spot Kaito on a line and when he looked at where the line headed, it would seem like it was to try and catch an apple in water with your mouth alone. He had approached his friend who was on the line. When the Nephilim got there, Kaito was in the front and the others were surprised that he had cut the line.

Still, they said nothing as Kaito had gone ahead and once he was done it was his turn. He would walk over to another barrel with water and apples. He would put his hand on his back and the man would start the timer. Yuurei looked at the apples, and he was choosing which one he would go for. It was then he would slam his face into the water and attack the apples in there. He would be quick to grab the one he was aiming for.

His mouth was wide open, as he took a bit out of it and picked it up. He had to be happy that he learned how to hunt growing up and be precise with his actions. He would look at the woman as she would hand him a prize.

“Interesting game, where are we going next?” He asked Kaito.

#3Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:24 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito hears the man speak to him and he looks around thinking might be a good one that would maybe fit as an adult okay game and not too kiddy of a game cause Yuurei is a manly man and he wouldn't want to bring him down and he throws a finger up as he points to the ring toss then he starts walking there and he gets in the line and he knows how these work and he knows what he has to do to win as well as these are a basic principal and he has decent hand eye so he will see what he can try to win here and do before he loses sight of what he is doing.

The rings seem to be super close fitting and the last ring he is handed was slightly smaller than the other three he was handed so he puts his fingers in the last ring making it stretch a bit causing the smaller ring to be more toward normal size and he throws all four at once and they land on the targets hooking around them perfectly, he guess the throwing weapon challenges his master made him do came in handy. He collects his rewards from the dumb founded woman running the game.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 10:57 am

Yuurei would look at Kaito as he had pointed at a game. He looked over at it and he had a smirk on his face as the two of them would walk to the line for it. They were going to be throwing rings onto bottles. He had remembered this game from Hosenka back in the day. Now that he thought about it, playing games and such was how he had met Kaito.

He watched Kaito go first, and he would see that he would be able to place all the rings on the bottle without a problem. That was awesome and he would be the next one to go. He would be given the rings next and he would look at the bottles. It was then that he would start tossing the rings one by one and landing the rings onto the bottles. The woman taking care of this game was surprised about this as she looked at Yuurei and Kaito and thought they were cheating.

She would give him his reward and tell them not to come back. Yuurei would laugh a bit as he looked at Kaito.

“This reminds us of how we first met.” He said with a smile on his face as they head to the next game.

#5Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 12:05 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito looks at the woman at the booth that said not to come back and he wonders what they had done wrong to get that kind of treatment as she was the one doing the shady stuff with the shrinking rings that were not the right size for a fair game. He walks toward the booth with the giant whack-a-face sign with flashing lights and a small crowd as it was a dual booth for people to go head to head at it and try to get the better score and he readied up and he starts hammering on the faces that pop up and down from the machine in front of him aiming to get as many as he can so that he doesn't lose or doesn't lose by very much if he does lose. He keeps going till the game was over and he had gained his reward from the machine and he smiles and looks toward Yuurei to see what he had scored.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 12:25 pm

Yuurei would move on to the next game they were going to play next. This one was a game to play against each other. Still, it seemed like they were going to get a prize no matter what. That was good as it would seem like they would be smacking faces that came out of a hole. This was interesting and he would take the fluffy hammer and wait for the game to start.

When it did start, he would look at the faces that came out and with his speed and usage of his hand, he would start clobbering anything that had appeared. He was quick with his hands and all people could hear were the constant beeps coming from the points he was earning. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see the score he had gotten and he was impressed with it. People were just shocked to see the score and wonder how he had cheated.

Yuurei would get his reward and he would smile at Kaito as he was cool with more games to play.

#7Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 2:02 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito of course lost in score to Yuurei and he laughs softly as this was all in good fun so it didn't bother him and he looks around as he leads Yuurei to the next game which looked like it was throwing a ball and dunking someone into water he wonders why someone would want that but he guessed that he would try this with Yuurei and get as much as they can done as there was not a lot of other games seem like they would interest them very much.

Kaito gets into the line and he watches the people in front of him miss and he sees one hit but the dunking didn't happen and the guy that hit it losing his mind and they just tell him that he didn't hit it hard enough which tells Kaito that he needs to throw the ball harder than he thinks that he needs to do. when he gets to the front and he throws the ball as hard as he can and he hits it dead center and there is a loud cracking noise as they had rigged it not to be able to dunk them but when Kaito hit it, they broke the thing they used to rig it and the person got dunked in the water and they give him his reward and kicks him out of the booth even though he has two more throws at it.

He walks out of the way so he isn't gonna see Yuurei take his turn this time around.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 2:45 pm

Yuurei would follow Kaito and soon enough they would get to the front of the line. It would be Kaito who would go first between them. He would watch everyone else, and he would see what he needed to do when it was his turn. He would see what Kaito did, and soon enough it was his turn. It would seem like they rushed Kaito out of here, and it would seem like they didn’t want him back here.

It was Yuurei’s turn, and it would seem like they would switch the dumping mechanism. A new guy would sit down dry as he could be, and they would give Yuurei the balls for him to throw. He would take it and he would give it everything he had when he threw it. It would fly straight to the bullseye without a problem. The thing is it would continue as it would pierce through the bullseye and the man would fall into the water.

Yuurei would smile as they were upset with him, and they would hand him his reward and push him out of there.

“It seems like they don’t like us here.”] He said to Kaito as he was laughing as they would go to the next game.

#9Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 5:45 pm

Kaito Todaro
"I think we are a bit stronger opponents than they were ready for them." He wonders what game could even be next for them to do and he watches a man spin three cups around and has people trying to guess which one had the item under it and which ones were empty and they win prizes and he wonders if he has even seen one person win this game as of yet but he knows that he will give it a try to see if he can find the connections and he will go and find out what he can as he gets into line and he sees that the person has them touch the gold to see that it is real and not fake and he has a plan so he taps the side of his head and he uses his mana vision and when it is his turn.

Kaito walks up and when the man hands him the gold he puts a small amount of his mana on the item and he hands it back and when the man starts shuffling he sees the gold get pulled to the top of the cup and he picks the one with the gold in it and the man shows he is wrong but Kaito makes him tip the cup and there was the gold the man gives Kaito his prize and he moves on to the side to wait for Yuurei.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:43 am

Yuurei would hear Kaito and he would laugh as if he wasn’t wrong about that. They were trying to figure out what game they were going to play next, and soon Kaito would get on the line. He would be right behind him, and the two of them would watch people play the game. They would watch them lose over and over again and people getting on the line to see if they could win. The first to go was Kaito and he would find a method that would expose the man. It would seem like the man was going to change his method now that the people knew what he was doing.

Yuurei would watch him as he shows him that the gold was real and he would put it in ac up. The Nephilim would look at the cup and he would start watching it moving as the pacing picked up. It was then that it would stop and Yuurei wouldn’t pick any of the cups, but the man’s hand. The man would chuckle as he would reveal the gold in his hand and he would shake his head as he would hand Yuurei his reward so he could leave.

#11Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 10:37 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito heads to the next booth with Yuurei and they hand them paint ball guns and go over rules with them and send them through a portal to have their paint war vs what look like zombie actors, it seemed like they were going to have to keep going and trying to get to the exit and firing balls of paint at them to earn their way through the area and gain the prizes at the end for making it through and Kaito uses his battle field skills to dodge, dive, duck, dip, and dodge. He keeps on his toes as he lets the actors feel the paint hit them and he is enjoying himself as this was a bit different than the other things that he had done normally.

He can see the exit as he keeps fighting through them and he wonders if there was a trap or anything that could cost him anything as he ran for the exit of the place claiming his rewards as he hands his gun over and he looks around waiting for Yuurei, if he had beat Kaito through or if he was just barely behind him or not.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 10:53 am

Yuurei had made it to the next booth and there they would be given paintball guns. This was interesting and it would seem like they were going to play a game to survive until they got to the exit. He was fine with that and he would enter the portal shortly after Kaito did. When he got there, he would see people acting like zombies throughout the area. This was good as he didn’t want to get bit by any of them. He would move around the area as he was avoiding the zombies.

When he got a sight of one, he would shoot at them and they would feel it. He saw their arm raise into the air, and he would keep pushing through the area. He would run from the zombies that saw him and he would shoot at them when he got the chance. He would keep doing this until he got to the end of it, and he saw Kaito waiting for him.

He would wave at his friend as he finished the paintball war.

#13Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 2:19 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito sees the next closer booth is a puzzle one it seemed from a far as it seems that it is timed and if you don't solve it in time to you lose but Kaito was going to do his best not to be one of the ones that fails the game, either way you get the prize but he didn't want to be one that failed the task and he was going to come out on top for them if he can get that lucky. He gets into the line and he wonders if the lock puzzle changes every time or if it will be the same one every time rather it gets solved or not. He waits his turn then he walks up and he starts working out the puzzle lock and he keeps working as well as he can to get through it as he was not going to give up and he ended up solving the lock and getting the reward and a hand shake then stands to the side.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 3:26 pm

Yuurei had moved through the area with Kaito, and they were on the line for what was a lock puzzle. He wouldn’t be able to see the people work it through, but he had an idea of what to do. The Nephilim had gone on a lot of adventures, and he had solved a lot of puzzles, this wouldn’t be any different from them. He could also seem like Kaito was also determined as well, and he had a smile on his face when he saw that.

It would seem like they were going to be able to take this on without a problem. His friend would go first, and he would be out within a few minutes.

Yuurei would go next and he would be given a new lock and he would start going through the puzzle. While he was going through it, he would hit some dead ends, but he was able to figure it out before the timer ran out. Once he was done he was given a prize, and he would meet up with Kaito to continue on with the next game.

#15Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 5:44 pm

Kaito Todaro
The next booth he walks towards has a giant wheel that they spin and then bring out the random food item that the wheel lands on and the person has to eat or drink the item and see if they can keep it down and not upchuck the thing that the wheel said that they had to consume and Kaito is not so sure about this as his luck is kind of bad as he was not one for doing such things as just eating random crap off of a wheel.

Kaito gets to the front of the line soon enough and then he spins the wheel and it spins and spins then it stops on some odd mixture of things like dried bugs and other things, it looked horrible on the plate and Kaito just eats it and tries to keep it down as it wasn't really that bad tasting it just looked bad but wasn't really bad so that made it easier for Kaito to keep down because it wasn't horrible tasting.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 6:56 pm

The next game was a spin wheel, and it would seem like they would spin and whatever food they landed on they would have to eat it. This should be an easy game as Yuurei knew if it was made well, then he would be able to eat it. He was a cook and if he remembered correctly so was Kaito.

It would be Kaito’s turn first and he would get bugs to eat. He would watch the man eat, and he would chuckle when he saw this. It wouldn’t take long, but it would be his turn and he would spin the wheel. It would go around and around and it would soon come to a stop. He would see what it was, and he would shake his head. They had brought out the meal and he would be given a bunch of weird-looking crickets with a weird sauce on them.

He would eat it without a problem as Kailani had served him food far worse than this. When he was done with this he would be given his prize, so they could move on to the next place.

#17Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Thu Nov 24, 2022 4:03 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito looks around and he sees one that leads into a house and he guesses it was time to go and check it out but he had no idea what was going on in there and Kaito thinks that this one might be a more scary one and he wonders if there was something else to it and he gets to the front of the line and he is told the rules and this was a game of bloody Mary and he wonders what that is about. He went in and to the mirror and did as they told him to do and then their was a woman's scream of fear. It seems Kaito had scared the woman behind the mirror playing the part of bloody Mary with his mask as she thought he might be a serial killer and Kaito is escorted out being given his prize and them saying sorry if the woman screaming in fear of him had offended him in any way. Kaito is just left confused and blinking while he waits for Yuurei to have his turn.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Fri Nov 25, 2022 10:02 am

Yuurei would follow Kaito as they were heading to a house. He wasn’t sure if it was a haunted house or anything, but he would find out soon enough. They let people in it one at a time and they explained the rules when they entered the place. The berserker would hear this and he would wait for Kaito to get enjoy his turn. It wouldn’t take long, but it would seem like he got escorted out and it seemed like he did something wrong, which made him laugh.

It would be his turn and he would enter the place. While moving around the place he would get to the mirrors they told him to go to. He would close his eyes and call out Bloody Marry as instructed. When he opened his eyes, he would see the woman and his fist would appear right in front of her face. He didn’t hit her as it stopped right there as he knew she was a good person. She would faint from what he had done, and he would be escorted out as well. They had to stop the game because they needed her to wake up to continue the game.

“Almost hit her.” He said to Kaito as he rubbed the back of his head.

#19Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Sat Nov 26, 2022 2:26 pm

Kaito Todaro
"Probably lucky you hadn't hit her, she just got scared of me." He rubbed the back of his head and he walked toward the next booth it was playing black jack vs a dealer and the loser gets shocked they had to win three hands to win it in total. Kaito gets up to play and he knows his luck about games of chance like that and he hopes that lady luck will smile on him. The first hand goes against Kaito that gets shocked and it felt more than a playful shock for a game. Kaito wonders if this is for real... a death game, Kaito has to play this smartly as this seems it might be more trouble than it is worth, the next hand goes to Kaito and the dealer gets shocked, then Kaito uses a strange token to save himself and wins the third hand, the fourth hand his opponent wins and then the fifth hand came and Kaito wins by one point. He is freed as his opponent goes limp and is switched out.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Sat Nov 26, 2022 2:33 pm

Yuurei would continue rubbing the back of his head as he would chuckle nervously as he would hear what happened to Kaito. He would look around as he was walking with his friend. It would seem like they were looking for another game to play. It wouldn’t take long, but they would find themselves at a blackjack dealer. When Kaito had gone it would seem like the two facing off would go back and forth. In the end, Kaito would win, and the man who lost was replaced.

Yuurei would go next and the next staff member would set down. He would set the game for the two of them, and it would begin. Yuurei would look at his hand and he would call it as if he would win it. He would see the man get shocked and he would look at him as he waited for the next game. He would get another hand and he would smile as if he was truly a lucky man.

Yuurei would win the next two games as he had swept the dealer watching him get shocked each time. He would step away as he would get his prize and he would look at Kaito.

“Did the shock get stronger each time you lose?” He asked curiously.

#21Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Mon Nov 28, 2022 7:43 am

Kaito Todaro
He looks at Yuurei and he nods. "Yes it did and it was not a small jump in shock either." Kaito shutters at the thought of the shock as he wondered if that one was one that had a chance at killing someone. Kaito heads toward the next game which is pin the tail on the donkey which sounds like an easy one to do but he figures that there must be some kind of catch to this game and as he waits in line he wonders what it could be but as he go closer he saw that the board that they are pinning the tail on has moving legs that kick if you miss the spot so that is going to hurt if you miss the spot or the safety area around it.

He steps up and they blind fold him and then spin him around and he relaxes as he walked forward and he pins the tail on nearly perfectly and is give his prize for the game.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Mon Nov 28, 2022 10:41 am

Yuurei felt bad for the guy that he had beaten when he heard Kaito's words. Their next game would pin the tail on the donkey. It was an interesting game as he would watch the people fail, and some that succeeded. He would keep moving on the line with Kaito and it would soon be his friend’s turn. He would wait for him to finish, and he would be able to get the tail where it needed to be. This was good because he didn’t want to know how bad it felt to be kicked by that thing.

It was Yuurei’s turn and they would blind him before spinning him around. Once they were done he would take his time as he was gathering his composure. His cape would tap him on his left, which brought Yuurei to move to his left and his cape would tap both his shoulders to let him know he was going the right way.

It was then Yuurei would put the tail in the right spot and he would take off the blindfold as he had won his prize. He would walk over to Kaito with a smile on his face as that game was not something enjoyed doing so he cheated.

#23Kaito Todaro 

Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Mon Nov 28, 2022 11:35 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito saw that Yuurei nailed it and he clapped then he walked with Yuurei to the last gaming stall that was in the area for the day and he walks up to the line for guessing what they are touching while being blindfolded and he hopes that this one will not be weird or that he will get something strange to touch while he is blindfolded. He is slightly worried about touching something alive without his gloves on his hands but he guessed that he was going to have to do that if that is what they made him do. He is walked over and blindfolded then they brought a box over and sat it in front of her and he put his hands in and felt the creature which was a snake and he said out loud that it is a dead snake, freshly dead at that and the people all look at him and then open the box and see that the very alive snake they put in front of him is in fact dead now and they unblindfold him and hand him his prize and Kaito goes and stands off to the side to wait for Yuurei if he wanted to do something after.


Fun, fear and prizes? (Yuurei) [mini-games] Empty Mon Nov 28, 2022 11:52 am


Yuurei would continue moving with Kaito as it would seem like there was one last game for them to tackle. He would follow him, and they would get on the line. When it was Kaito’s turn he would get everything and in the end, he would guess it right. Of course, it would seem like the guess was right, but the creature wasn’t. He had figured that it had to be Kaito’s curse, which meant that the snake couldn’t handle the power behind it.

It was Yuurei’s turn, and he could see that some of them were sad the snake died. Still, the game must continue. He would be blindfolded, and he would be given a box and he would touch what was inside. He would feel through it, and he would chuckle because of this molded cheese. He would call it out loud and the people there were confused about how he knew what it was.

He would take the blindfold off and he would walk away with his prize. He would move over to Kaito and he would basically lead the way for other things they could do.


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