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Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight) Empty Sat Nov 19, 2022 12:59 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito after crossing through the gates of the last found himself in what looked like a run down western town that seemed out of place and he realized that he must not have actually escaped but ended up running into a new game of cat and mouse that he would have to survive if he wanted to see the sun light of tomorrow as the sun had disappeared again as he hears the sounds of someone walking in what sounded like boots and he thinks he hears the slight jingle of someone with loose spurs.

He stays low and behind a barrel that he found in a side alley way as he peeps around the side of the barrel a gun was pointed right at him. A harpoon shot from the end of it and it just barely misses hitting Kaito in the face and Kaito takes off running as this one seemed to have some range and he was not looking to be caught on the end of a harpoon shot from that gun.


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Yuurei had made his way into another portal. The rewards enticed him to enter the place, and this time he was in another weird-looking place. This time it was a place with many two-story houses everywhere. He felt as if the place was sandy all around, but this was indeed a small town. He knew what this meant since the last game and he was to make sure that he didn’t get caught. He would hide behind something as he wasn’t sure who was here with him.

He moved around the place and soon enough he would hear a shot not too far off. Yuurei thought he was here by himself, but there might be someone else there. He needed to go see if he could find them. He would move around the place as he was hoping to bump into them. He didn’t want to bump into the guy who shot the gun though.

It wouldn’t take long but he would see Kaito and he would shake his head as he didn’t think he would be there. He would run to him as he wondered if he was okay.

#3Kaito Todaro 

Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight) Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:32 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito ducked into a building with saloon written on it and he sees Yuurei get closer to him and he says a single line. "Watch out for the harpoons." Kaito gets a mirror shard off of the floor and he finds some loose string and a broken bar stool leg and he attached the mirror to it so he can see around walls before he goes around them as that harpoon flew fast and it would do a ton of damage as well as it seemed the man could reel them in with the gun so he was not going to risk being the one on the end of the harpoon like a fish being pulled out of the water.

The sounds of a man walking around on the entrance of the saloon and the jingling of the spurs and the mans other hanging metal objects had let them know he was close and Kaito looks around from the floor behind the bar around to the door way where he can see the man with the gun walking around looking like he is looking around in side for anything that is disturbed.


Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight) Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 10:38 am

Yuurei would hear him as he was running away. The words that he had said to him resonated throughout his ears. Still, he wasn’t sure what he meant by that as he would keep running to Kaito. It was then that he would see someone moving in the direction of Kaito. He didn’t run or anything like that, but this man was moving fast. What was going on here? He was about to find out. The man would look at Yuurei and he would shoot at Yuurei.

It caught him by surprise as he didn’t see it coming. His necklace didn’t work here, and the harpoon would pierce right through his arm. Yuurei was struggling as he was being pulled by the man in front of him. Yuurei would do his best and he would bring the harpoon to be removed from his pierced shoulder, and he would run away from the area but stood close to see if he would bump into Kaito.

#5Kaito Todaro 

Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight) Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 1:06 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito sighed as he clearly hadn't properly warned Yuurei and that was why Yuurei had gotten hit and Kaito throws the chair leg with the mirror shard on it to the other side of the building and Kaito runs out the side door as the leg hits the wall shattering the mirror shard and making the sound to attract the man that was rushing around with his gun and that damned harpoon that it shot, Kaito wasn't going to risk getting hit by that thing and becoming a hinderance to the survival of Yuurei or himself.

Kaito hurries for the edge of town to try and find an exit or like in the last one a switch that opened a way out for them to escape from if they can get to it and get it open as he was not seeing much of any other way to survive here as this guy seemed super hard to shake and he seemed like a hunter.


Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight) Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 1:52 pm

Yuurei was holding his arm as he was running for his life. He didn’t like the fact that he was powerless against this thing. It wasn't very pleasant, but they were trying their best to live. He hoped that nothing bad happened to Kaito and that he was safe.

The Nephilim would make his way to a corner, and he would crouch as he would take his sleeve he would rip it off his clothes and he would start wrapping it around his wound. He would make sure that it was nice and tight, and the blood had stopped coming out as the quantity it was coming out and he would be ready to move. He was looking for a way to get out of there.

Yuurei was also trying to make sure that he and Kaito were together, but he wasn’t sure that was the best idea. He would look around though as he was hoping that they would escape soon.

#7Kaito Todaro 

Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight) Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 4:34 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito hears the man fire off the harpoon again as Kaito went to turn a corner and he stopped himself as the harpoon flies past in front of him Kaito feels like this man is some how doing something like he can see Kaito through the buildings but Kaito is sure that he hadn't made any noise but it looks like he might have as this man seemed to be all over him like a fly on shit and Kaito is unsure what he can even do about it but he was going to have to do something soon or he was going to get himself harpooned.

Kaito hopes that Yuurei is okay and not dead and hanging from a tree somewhere by a harpoon, but Yuurei was smarter than that to get hit or shot so Kaito knows that it should be fine as there was no need to worry about Yuurei he guessed as he ran away from the harpoon firing man as he weaves through buildings


Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight) Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:29 am

Yuurei was ready to go fine Kaito now. He had to make sure that his friend wasn’t dying or anything. He knew firsthand how much that harpoon hurt. It was something that he was going to avoid from now on as he was moving around the area. He was moving through buildings and making sure that he didn’t get taken by surprise. It was then that he would see Kaito running around, and it would seem like the man who shot him was chasing him.

Of course, things would change, the moment Yuurei had shown up. He would make sure to stick around where Kaito was, but it would confuse the man as he was now focusing on Yuurei for the time being. He would turn to Yuurei and he would shoot at the man without hesitating. The Nephilim would turn to the left and it would hit the house instead. He would stop running as he was crouching away from him now that he had missed his attack.

#9Kaito Todaro 

Wile Western Billy (Dead by Daylight) Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 10:25 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito keeps on the move and he looks for some way out and he thinks he sees the lever and he hurries over there and he starts pulling on the lever and the sound of the door being booted up and the door opening sets off and alarm and he runs away from it as that was probably not a smart move on his part as that was probably him setting him self up to die and get himself out of the way and out of sight was just the smartest idea and he wonders if that man is heading his way or not or if he was not going to fall for it and will ignore it to think it is a trap to make him lose the other person he could be chasing here as Kaito keeps going as he has a lot that he has to do and he wants.

Kaito keeps his eyes peeled looking around as this was probably close to being over as the night has started to lighten up and he hope the light will greet them with favor. He finds a hatch and he opens it with a strange key he had found in the saloon and he whistles to try and let Yuurei know where he had went out at then he jumps down into it.



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Yuurei would keep running now as he wasn’t going to get hit by the harpoon once again. He made sure that he didn’t go in a straight line either. He could tell that this man or killer had good aim with that thing. He moved around and he was heading to where he heard the whistle. He wasn’t the only one who was moving in that direction either. He looked back and he could see the man with the harpoon was chasing him, but also moving to see who had whistled.

Yuurei could see that the sun was rising and that was good, but he had also seen a hatch. He was hoping that Kaito had taken it, which would allow him to take it as well. He would run straight to it and, when the killer so this he would shoot out his harpoon one last time. Yuurei would dodge the harpoon he would jump into the hatch and escape with his friend.


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