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Pest Control PT. 24 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 24 (Neutral)  Empty Sat Nov 19, 2022 12:12 am


Yuurei and Renji were thinking about what to do as they were in the office right now. Yuurei was basically done with his work, and he figured that he would try and get more jewels for themselves in the future. He wasn’t sure what the future held, so he had to make sure that they were prepared for it.

The Nephilim was thinking about what to do, and soon enough a knock on the door would occur. He would look at it, and he would smile because it would seem like there was going to work for him to do after all.

“Come on in.” He said to the door and it would open.

He would look at the man who had shown himself and he would hand him a letter, which Yuurei would gladly take without a problem. He would dismiss the man and he would leave without a problem.



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Yuurei would open the letter and he would look through it. It would seem like his work was going to take him to Orchidia. This was cool in his eyes, and he figured that he would handle it without a problem. He would look at his close friend and it would seem like he was going to wake him up. He would get up from his seat and he would open the window. It was then he would look at his friend with a smirk on his face.

“We have a job to do Renji. We got some rats to kill today and hopefully tomorrow we will do something else.” He said to his friend wondering what he would do.

Renji would hear this and he would open his eyes as he would get up from the couch. He would rub his eyes and he would yawn a bit as he looked at Yuurei.



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He would start walking to Yuurei as it would seem like they were going to take to the air. That was not something he was expecting from his friend.

“Man another day where we have to take out rats. That’s fucking great, but whatever pays the bills I guess.” He said to his friend.

When he got to Yuurei he would climb on his friend’s shoulder, and he would shake his head because he had to make sure that he didn’t go to sleep on their flight there.

“Ready whenever you are Yuu.” He said to his friend as he waited for him to do something.

Yuurei would hear this and he chuckle as he was glad to hear that Renji was ready. He would make his way to the window, and he would open it. There, he would climb the window and he would grow his wings as he was getting out of it. Before he left, he would close the window and he would start soaring through the air.



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Yuurei would fly through the sky and toward Orchidia. It was an enjoyable time in the air and one that he had found gave him tranquility. He kept moving through the air as Renji held on to him as tight as he could. It was funny to see that his friend could never get used to the air. Still, he wasn’t sure how long he would be able to keep this ability. He hoped it would be for a while, but he would never know. He knew that he was running on borrowed time. He had tried to make the power become his own, but how long was that going to last?

He didn’t think about it too hard as he could see that they were approaching the city. This was good and he would soar by the entrance as he was looking for the market area. He was making sure to make this quick if he could.



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Yuurei would start his descending to the ground and when he got close, he would disperse his wings. He would look around to see the people that were looking at him. He would smile at them as he would just wave at them. When they saw this, they would wave back at him as if they were happy to see him.

He would start moving through the street now as he knew where he had to go. He would open and unfold the paper in his hand, and he would start making his move. He moved through the streets as he would looking down at the paper. While he was doing that he would constantly look up into the air as he was trying to see if he would see somebody waiting in front of a door.

The Nephilim would continue moving and soon enough he would see his potential client in front of what looked like an abandoned building.



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Yuurei would approach the person and he would wave at them as he was getting close to them. When he got close enough, he would come to a stop. The client would see someone waving at him and he would look at them. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see that it was someone he knew. Well, he didn’t know him, but he knew who he was. He would walk over to Yuurei and when he got close to him, he would smile at him.

“It’s nice to finally meet you in person Yuurei. I was wondering how you would be in person. I need your help with the shop behind me. I need it to be cleared from the infestation that is in there. Do you think you can handle that?” He asked Yuurei even though he had known everything about him.

Yuurei would smile at him though as he was glad he had asked him.



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“Of course, I can help you with that. There is no problem at all.” He paused as Renji climbed down onto the floor.

Once he had done that, Yuurei would walk over to the door, and he would look at his client right then and there.

“Oh yeah I forgot. I need you to get two certain kinds of people before I’m done with the job. I need you to get someone who can clear the rats from the building, getting rid of their dead bodies. The second person I need you to get is someone who can fill holes as they are coming from somewhere.” He said to the client.

He would hear Yuurei and he would nod as he understood what the man wanted from him. He would give him a thumbs up and Yuurei would smile at him. He would enter the shop with Renji soon after that.



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Yuurei and Renji would look around and the one thing that will never change here is the stench. He would look around the place as he was trying to figure out where he was going to start heading. It wouldn’t take long for him to figure it out. The vibration from the east part of the shop was enough to let him know where to go. The Nephilim would start heading over to the area and he knew how many rats he was going to have to take out. There were no hidden rats in the area as he was moving to them.

Renji knew to stay behind as he had known now that Yuurei could sense them because of that necklace, which was a good thing. He didn’t enjoy being caught by surprise when they had attacked him in the past. When he got to the room, he could see all the rats that had gathered in one spot.



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Yuurei would crack his knuckles as he saw them, and they would all turn to him. This was great as this wasn’t going to be hard at all. The rats started running to Yuurei they screeched at him. He would see them coming to him and he would look at Renji before looking back at them. His Exceed would open his bag and he would give Yuurei his equipment. The Nephilim would move forward to the rats as he was avoiding their attacks and then counter-attacking with one of his own. They would fall to the ground as he was enjoying the thrill of this.

They were attacking him all at the same time, which was the best thing to do. He would dodge their attacks and they didn’t give him time to attack. That was smart, and he would keep dodging as he was trying to figure out a chance when to attack.



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Yuurei would keep moving around and he would use his right arm and extend it to the rats when he lunged back to avoid them. He would take out a huge number of them like this. This was good as he was taking out their numbers faster than before. He would have more room to fight now with the numbers that were left. He would run straight to them and he would land another punch to a rat as he would kick the other rat that was near them.

Renji just watched his friend take them out without hesitating and soon enough the rats wouldn’t be moving anymore in this room. That was good, and Yuurei would smile at Renji, he would close his eyes for a second and he wouldn’t feel any more rats around the place. They were done with them and now they had to find the hole that was somewhere in this place.



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Yuurei and Renji were moving around the shop now as they were looking for the hole. While they were doing this, Renji was finding things that might be worth value. He would put it in his bag as he would hand it to their client when they got out. The two would continue to look around the entire place, and Renji found all that he could hear.

It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would find the hole that they had come from. He would cover it with something heavy, so they wouldn’t be able to come in. Once he was done with that, the two of them would move to the exit of the shop. When they got out of the place, they would see that their client was with two people. This was good and he would tell them where all the rats were. He had also told the man where he could find the hole as well.

When they heard what they needed, they would enter the place. He would look at his client and Renji would hand over the values that he found inside. Their client was impressed with the extra work that he had done, and he would hand him the jewels that he was waiting for. Yuurei would take the jewels and he would be on his way to the guild.

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