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I Need Booze! [D-Rank]

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I Need Booze! [D-Rank] Empty Thu Nov 17, 2022 1:37 pm

Giving Batra a double thumbs up before heading out the door, Chie made her way down the street with Prin-Prin in tow. Today she was doing another job for Batra. Something simple which was nice. She didn’t really see herself having any trouble grabbing a shipment. Technically Batra was supposed to have it yesterday, but he’d forgotten he even ordered the beverages. Unfortunately for him, tonight was a busy night, hence his need for someone like her. And judging from how filled the inn was getting, Batra might just need the shipment he’d forgotten.

It was currently late evening, so daylight was fading every second. If Chie didn’t want to be delivering at night, she’d need to keep her current pace. She was naturally a fast walker, plus she had Prin-Prin to help, so she doubted she’d run out of time. Nodding her head in satisfaction, the Page continued on her journey to the market. She had some beverages to grab!

Arriving at the market a few minutes later, Chie pulled out the delivery note. According to the directions, the merchant she needed to meet was somewhere in the east. He was the second shop past a red flag. Turning to look behind her, Chie scratched her head. “Hey Prin-Prin, what direction are we currently facing now? We need to head eastwards to find our guy.”

Scratching her head in exasperation, Prin-Prin held out one of her flippers for the note. Smacking it down with a grin, Chie waited silently while her companion read the note. Handing it back with an eye roll, Prin-Prin tilted her head to the left. “Eastwards is that way. Didn’t I teach you already how to tell what direction you’re moving in?” Humming to herself and intentionally ignoring her companion’s words, Chie began walking down the street to her left. Now all she had to do was find the red flag.

Stopping in front of what she was pretty sure was the right merchant, Chie handed the man Batra’s note. With his initials on the paper, she’d be able to grab his beverages without any hassle. After reading the note to himself, the merchant nodded before showing the woman where the drinks were. Squirting at the two large wooden boxes in front of her, Chie narrowed her eyes. This might be a little more difficult than she thought.

Normally she’d have to make two trips, but thanks to Prin-Prin she’d be able to make it in one. At least that was the initial plan. She had full confidence in her companion’s strength. Prin-Prin was quite strong. She was too, but the awkwardness of carrying the box might hold her back just a bit. Either way, she’d find out if she could handle it. Time was ticking, and she needed to get this done.

“Hyyahhhh.” Crouching low to the ground and lifting up the box with a shout, Chie began her journey back to the inn. As she ignored the burning in her arms, she watched Prin-Prin carry her own box with ease. Must be nice.

Once she made her way back, Batra greeted her with enthusiasm before giving her the jewels she earned. Taking them with a tired smile, Chie headed back home to rest her arms. Maybe next time she’d have Prin-Prin carry both boxes?


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