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Shopping Crisis [Akuko]

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Her and Akuko were hanging out more than usual as Mishiko tries to take her on missions to get stronger, even if it was something simple like helping people with their shop. How did that make someone stronger? Maybe it was the people they met on the way. She yawned softly as she rocked in a chair boredly. She was waiting on Akuko as they were going to grab something to eat on the street, maybe on the way if they found something to do that will benefit them both.

Her eyes watched people move forward with their life as all she could think about was how each one of them will die and how they will die. Her eyes saw the souls of every one of them, good and evil. Her little mumbled quiet things that no one else could hear. Slowly, she snuggled against her coat that was large and hid her body entirely.



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It must be nice to care about looking forward toward a goal you would be doing that day, Akuko just got told to meet people to do something and did not either listen to anything beyond that or read anything beyond that. By the time Akuko arrived she let out a bit of a yawn. Almost like between the time here and when she learned she was working on this ended up napping way longer then she assumed then again she would.

One was sitting in a rocking chair as while Akuko was just stretching out."I guess, It is about that time isn't?"Akuko sounded like she had just woke up from sleeping for 12 hours and did not do anything else at all yet she was just there and thinking about how to exist today. It was pretty good to see they both were equally tired at this time.


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She could just sit on her chair and gaze at the mortals all day. Knowing how one will die, each of them not knowing it till it is too late. Her eyes slowly gazed up at Akuko from the corner of her eyes, "It is..." she yawned in the middle of her sentence, "It is time it seems..." she slowly rocked herself back and forth to finally get herself up. Mishiko itched the back of her head, "Ohta, let's go," she coldly summoned with a little softness in it. Ohta floated on a cloud and swarmed around her. "We going to do more things?!" it spoke excitedly.

"We are," she simply said as she walked downwards. They'd start to walk together as they will be looking around. Her facial expression looked tired and annoyed, so many just stayed away from them. "I hate morning..." she muttered as she then saw someone running towards them with some paper in their hand. "What now...".



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With the mention of hating morning Akuko had to laugh. after all she might hate mornings, She in fact enjoyed them even more. Even then Akuko would remark."Yes yes..you know who hate mornings more? Me who only slept for three hours."Akuko said as she just kind of walked over and found a place to next to Mishiko then sat upside down in a chair next to her. She was still some what sleepy.

Then she kind of what asked about it."What's on the plan today then?"Akuko said waiting to hear what the plan was after all she was wanting to work but at the same time she also wanted to nap. You could hear her nap and at times you had to wonder if Akuko was still awake or not since she was generally a bit more tame rather then trying to brother some one.


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She hissed a yawn as it was large and tiresome. Her eyes watered after the yawn. She slowly walked towards the mail boy who handed her the letter. She tore it open easily and looked at it. She frowned which the boy became curious, but left on that note. Mishiko wasn't known nor feared yet to the public. Thankfully, no one knows her name by history, not even Joya since her name was banned to be used without explanation. "Blah, blah blah..." she muttered and crunched the letter in annoyance.

"We are apparently helping some black-market shop. They need a couple of people to watch within the darkness and protect their shop. Maybe we should watch within the shadows of the people that are threatening this shop? Grab perhaps things to drink and eat on the way," her eyes rolled and face became doll-like as she whistled for Ohta. They flew on their cloud towards her and into her arms. She turned away finally and walked down the street.



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help in blackmarket shopping she had to ponder if that was entirely what a person. Then again Akuko did not mind after all she then now had to ask just to be sure."Alright how long to we have to get ready then?"She asked just to be sure after all it would be good to at least maybe get a shower in or something to drink that might not be booze."For once maybe water will do, Or a shower..."She yawned slightly again because well it was just how she was feeling.

But she was still listening. Walking into another room to get something to drink. The sound of running water just showed it was actually what she was implying she was getting a glass of water"But I suppose if we're being asked to do this....it is a job to do.."Akuko said while drinking her glass of water.



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She nodded silently as they went towards the dark path of the Black Market. It was more hidden in the daytime so getting there will be tricky itself. She will have to attempt to get something that will help her out with it. She walked alongside Akuko as they went more down the street, away from the more expensive part of town. Her eyes tiredly looked around and saw a stall that was selling water, juices and handheld food. She walked to it and stood in front of the sign to look at what they had. She did not want to get anything too sugary.

Her eyes wandered the pictures and names and then looked at somethings. "I will have 3 Tripas with some goat cheese on top. Some Salsa in a cup as well. For my drink, I'll have some manga pineapple ice-smoothie," she ordered. She let Akuko order and then once that was done, she grabbed her bag and started to walk after Akuko got hers.



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It did feel like a bit of a drag but she would put on her pink sun glasses, in her normal bright and slightly out there pink and gold attire was just her normal but she was carrying a glass of water with a straw casually sipping away at it while they walked it was pretty simple of a day and while they seemed to just there at this time. In some manner she had to ponder if going to the market with two dark mages was entirely worth it. Not that she minded it was just how Akuko thought of it.

After all she did not fear shopping alone in these parts but she herself also would not be scared of breaking some one skull if they tried anything she was her brand of interesting. She would learn over and whisper into Mishiko's ear."Are we really here to just watch them shop?..."She did not sound like she was judging anyone for it but she did feel like she could have gone and slept longer at this rate.


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She listened to Akuko talk about watching them shop. She chuckled quietly, "For now, but we do have to wait to see who comes in to cause issues. Who to expect at night when we strike," she explained casually. She started to sip on her mango pineapple smoothie that tasted really refreshing and good. She really wanted another one and had never had one before till someone from another City recommended it. She wondered what the other fruits tasted like in it.

As they watched and sipped on their drinks, she finally saw some shady looking crooks in hoodies. They went to the shop owner and pointed some knife out. One was stupid enough to pull down their hood and threaten the shop owner. Probably about some payment. Soon enough they left and the owner hurried to close down their shop, sneaking a key under the flower pot. Now all they had to do was wait till night time.




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It seems Akuko was caught a bit off guard with what her friend was drinking after all she did not realize she had one in her hand and was drinking. After thinking on it a bit more she could not help but wonder. where did she get that, as well secondly where the heck was her smoothie?It almost offended her in some manner because she would have totally make her one if it was turned to her being the one to have one to start with. Nonetheless she suppose she should to ask now because she was curious about it.

"Oh so you get one and not me?" She did not seem jealous she just pose it to wonder to see why that was the case."Seems a bit rude to only make one when you know were working you know."She now waited to see what would happen here.



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She was concentrating on the subject on hand, but Akuko was complaining about one key. Or so she thought. Either way, both of the options were stupid to be jealous of. Her eyes rolled and sighed, looking over to Akuko, "What owner carries two keys on them for the same door?...", she questioned in a whisper while sounding annoying. Her black eyes glared at the woman and then back to see that he was now gone. Everyone was gone as soon as it started to hit night.

Mishiko got up and walked quietly over to the store as they picked up the key to open the door. She rather have it unlocked than locked due to the fact that they'd just break a window or something to get inside anyways. Might as well make less damage. She looked around for a hiding spot and saw the counter was probably the best answer, but really, it was the office. It was where the safe was located. "I'll be going to the office to hide and surprise them. Come with if you wish," she swayed her hand and went inside with Ohta.




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It seemed Mishiko was really in a stage of being sleepy and tired thus Akuko would feel the need to correct what she meant."Wait....you think I meant the key?..."She for the sake of actually working avoided laughing out loud as loud as she could do as a person."I'm a daemon who moves around through shadows....I can sneak in to most places with out a key at the right time of day."Sadly her pointing that out would now make Mishiko have to deal with the always existing Akuko sass.

"I meant a smoothie....Jeez I might be a pain in the butt, But I would at least make you a really good smoothie."Yes it was entirely about a smoothie, it was a minor thing really but it she might have needed it to deal with her hang over."You thought it was the key? Mishiko dear...you and I need to go sleep more after this if you think that."She then patted her dearest friend on the shoulder.

But they were going to play the hiding game, they where now in Akuko's element."Oh hiding are we?"Then well as her skin turned light blue, the answer of what she felt she wanted to was easily picked up."I will hide."Where she went to hide was a good question but most likely anywhere there was a strong build up of shadow, After all it was a best spot for a shadow daemon to hide. Knowing Akuko would be make the best of it anyway.



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"Fine! I'll get you one after this," she gritted her teeth in annoyance. She listened about sleep and that was really a huge truth due to the fact that she has not gone to sleep since she died as Quilla. That was what, two to three months ago? She lost track of it all. Soon enough after Akuko was hiding she could hear some jangling from the front, assuming it was them opening the door and finding out that it was just wide open for them. "Isn't is suspicious, boss that the door was open?", a grunt spoke as she could hear them due to the walls being so thin. They obviously didn't find Akuko since she heard nothing yet.

"Stay out here and watch, imma go find the office," she heard a gruffy voice that was obviously the boss. From under the desk, she heard the door open and large feet came in. Ohta felt ruffled and now it was time to strike.



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In some manner this was useful for Akuko to know, For her annoyance showed she was reaching a limit, As well as seeing the state of mind her friend was in. After all one did need to learn their limits then figure out where the plan after wards would go, But Akuko did not stop."Nah here is a better idea, I will make both one after this, you can settle in and maybe attempt to take a nap and I can go for a walk with Suza."She said that because it might make sense for them. Or Akuko could go sleep off the hang over as well both where options.

But Akuko would do as she was told too even patting her friend on the shoulder."Alright, I will go there and wait, I doubt i will need to do much that I need to take things into my own hands."Which was true Akuko was doubting she needed to scare some one or take something but that was just her assuming it.



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Mishiko saw the man come in and started to mess with things. Was this man so daft that he couldn't hear her small movements? She knew she wasn't that silent. As her scythe started to form, she slowly crouched out of the desk, away from being under and stood up slowly as the lights started to blink several times. "What in the hell?!", he saw her and wasn't sure if to be scared or aroused. Scaroused in his case. Her scythe's blade butt went against their neck. "You've made enemies with the wrong crowd..." she glared and then saw his eyes scan her.

"Not sure. I'd say with the right crowd," he smirked and started to slowly walk sideways with his hands up. She glared at him and shoved her scythe through his throat before watching his head go rolling out of the doorway and into the main area. "Disgusting..." she spat in annoyance. Once Akuko was done with her stuff, or if she had Mishiko scare them with their Boss's beheaded head, they went to collect their reward.




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It would be a few minutes but Akuko would return, not that she was doing anything too serious. Then again looking out at things around you was not all that hard. But she for the most part was not seeing all that much but it was just how lazy Akuko was being about it. Making sure while she yawned she did not let out any sound that she was around. in some manner she could have forgotten that she was on the job and could have napped. But since nothing was happening Akuko figured it was time to return now.

So eventually Akuko did just pop back up again just as the conversation was at near it's end just before some one lost their head. Just as the slice happen she chuckled a bit since she caught the tail end of it."I guess ones we see in passing always have their eyes on a deadly prize that will never get huh?"It was suppose to be a joke but Akuko seemed to mention it in more of a deadpan almost like she was disappointed by the reality of it happening.

But looking at the head she simply look and ponder for a moment who was carrying the head, her or Mishiko? Akuko would just because she did not mind having blood on her. But they collected their things from doing this job. Then most likely a nap time. Or well Akuko would do the nicer thing of actually making a smoothie for Mishiko as she said she would. almost like she had been intending to do that the entire time. Yet it was only for Mishiko and Suza who got one, Then Akuko was actually napping on couch.




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