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It's a Trap

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It's a Trap Empty Tue Nov 15, 2022 9:47 pm

The mission was a bit more complicated this time. Cain had sent a letter early in the morning to the void mage still living in the shack outside of Baska town with all the details and instructions. It looked fairly straightforward. She was to sabotage another raid, this time she could even take their life, but the whole process would undoubtedly would be much more difficult as this one required her to disguise herself as one of them. Kali was not still too sure of why Cain wanted such things done, like what he was trying to keep the world from finding out. No, despite doing all the dirty work for the giant human yet not human and his “associate”, Kali still did not have a clue as to what exactly they were up to.

And that is how Kali found herself in the midst of these four rather powerful looking mages. Unlike the earlier group of adventurers who were recruiting others for the raid, the actual raid team was made up of some incredible powerhouses. Although interacting with them for a few minutes immediately let her know how dim-witted they were, their auras still caused some cold sweat to rise on Kali. She gauged them as they went about preparing for the raid. On and one on one, she could probably take them out, but if even two of them got together in order to deal with her, then Kali would have a very difficult time even coming out of it alive.

The letter sent by Cain had indicated the locations of all sorts of traps in the tomb and how to trigger them. And while one part of her brain wondered how Cain knew all of this in such detail, another part of her brain began thinking of all the ways she could trigger them without their knowledge and sabotage the entire team. A much darker and insidious part of her urged her on to kill them without a thought. Mostly because all these mages made her feel somewhat threatened. She could feel the murderous intent rising from somewhere within her. Kali had to suppress them before anyone found out, however, and she did so by masking it all with a seemingly harmless smile.

She helped them out with whatever preparation was left and set out into the tomb. They went down a narrow tunnel for what seemed like a long time until the place came where Cain told her. The road split in two directions at this point which would force the raid team to split, and Kali was told that this would be her only chance. Going further in from this place, she would have to be careful where she stepped or placed her hands. Kali had to keep a mental image of all the traps and triggers Cain drew out in the letter as she followed one group of them down the left path. She was accompanying a fairly strong nature mage and wind mage. It was time to start.


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It's a Trap Empty Tue Nov 15, 2022 9:47 pm

Honestly, it was at times like these that Kali was reminded of just how useful some of her specs as a vampire was. Sure, she had to dress up from head to toe to cover up some very obvious features on an ordinary day but the perks that came with it were still very much worth it. Just like now, Kali was able to follow the party with almost no sound, and making almost no sound added with the feature of being to see clear as the day in darkness, Kali had a huge advantage in seeing what even the raid team missed. This made it easier for her to trigger the trap.

The first one came up only a couple of meters down the narrow path. Kali placed a hand conveniently somewhere on the wall and she saw the arrows fall heavily down on the two adventurers. Unfortunately, however, one of them noticed the arrows and in an act of heroic bravery and sacrifice -which Kali scoffed at as being stupid- pushed the other out of the way only to get impaled in all sorts of vital places from the rain of arrows. At that point, Kali had pretended to be surprised herself and threw herself at the remaining mage, holding him as if she was genuinely scared and anxious.

Though clearly shaken from what just happened right in front of his eyes, the mage still remained strong. Perhaps this was not the first time he saw a comrade die in front of his eyes, so he was the first to shake it off and drag Kali away, telling her to remain careful down the road. Too bad, though, because Kali had already found the trigger to the next trap and stepped on it. She only had to give him a push, acting unaware to send him down into the ground that suddenly opened up. Kali guessed that the pocket of ground that opened up to gobble him would keep him there until the mage died slowly. The tombs were not normal and it seemed that their magic would not work as well as they wanted down here. So leaving the two to death’s arms, Kali turned around to turn the other two over to the same hands.

She caught up to them without them realizing it, watched them from a bit far and just as they passed by what looked like a bridge, threw a small rock at a specific place just beside them. Suddenly, as if swept up by a storm, the two mages found their center of gravity reversed and they flew up as if falling down to the top of the path spotted with sharp spear like projections. Blood trickled down drop by drop as the mages got impaled on them and as if Kali had nothing to do with it, she walked forward with an indifferent expression.

By the end of the path, kali found a rather strange looking maid that stood as if she was waiting for her. She handed over a small bag full of money over before disappearing without a word, and so did Kali.


It's a Trap YJbUk0F

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