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Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Melina]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Melina] Empty Tue Nov 15, 2022 6:08 am

Daiko Flayme
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Was it weird to think about how Port Hargeon never really sees snow around? It was starting to get colder up north in Fiore, but Hargeon was always a very sunny climate, an ideal hotspot for summer activities taking place even during winter. Absolutely magical, if you were to ask the Pyromage who knew little about climates and how they functioned. He’d probably explain that the sun was somewhat closer to Hargeon than any other place in Earthland, which just didn’t make that much sense… or did it?

Either way, the Phoenix had actually been tasked with helping out a newer member of Blue Pegasus to get started on their job hunting experience. It was always a very new and mind-blowing step in one’s life when they’d take their first quest ever, for quite a few expectations were to be met by any wizard in Fiore. That was why Daiko had decided to accompany them… but here was the thing-

The new member… Melina… she wasn’t exactly an ordinary wizard… but not in the way that you’d think at first. In all of Daiko’s life, he’d rarely encountered demihumans, and especially not one whose entire lower body was that of an arachnid (Alisa taught him that word, by the way), so despite him being the upperclassman in this quest, he still paled in comparison to her height and stature. He didn’t exactly know what to say to her at first when they met, so he just… stood there. Coda, too, couldn’t help but gawk with her beak wide open.

“… Spider lady?”

The rather hysteric dude behind Daiko – a certain Rune Knight named Collins – wasn’t enough to draw the Fire Mage’s eyes away from the arachnid demi-woman. Well, he himself could grow wings and talons, so he didn’t want to appear frightened or anything… he was far too mature for that. Pft.

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#2Melina Ainsworth 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Melina] Empty Tue Nov 15, 2022 8:35 am

Melina Ainsworth
It’s rude to stare, even if you are my senior.” The Drider’s many eyes met those of Daiko and his bird, a knowing grin plastered across her face. There was a devious look in her gaze, a sign of the deep amusement she felt at her plans. She walked towards Daiko, patting him on the shoulder, before leaning close to mutter into his ear.

I realise my beauty is rather stand out but as a fellow member of Blue Pegasus, do display some decorum. We’re on the clock after all~ Or…does the wonder of my physical form give you such pause?” With her piece said, Melina backed away from the bird man, turning her gaze and attention to the real matter at hand: Collin and his need for some extra hands. Melina stepped to an area where he could definitely see her, waving softly and smiling sweetly, attracting his attention to her and hopefully Daiko as well.

Oh! Hello hello! My apologies. I am a little preoccupied today.” Colin rather briskly walked towards the duo of Melina and Daiko, his features possessed of an excited smile as you would find on a school kid on holiday. It was rather juvenile really but Melina did not find herself minding it. Still, her desire to tease Colin was not her focus for today. She had been hired to do a job after all, as menial as it was going to be.

I have been requested to meet the Lord regarding some matter but we’re short on Pages to patrol the streets today. Would you two mind covering for me? There’s been talk of shady folk around recently. I understand it’s a little short notice but uh, hey that’s what guilds are for right?” Colin made his request and a seemingly simple one it just so happened to be. Keep an eye on the streets and watch out for any of those shady characters. Yeah, that seemed simple enough.

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#3Daiko Flayme 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Melina] Empty Sun Nov 20, 2022 1:04 pm

Daiko Flayme
He knew it was rude to stare, but c’mon, she knew exactly why he was doing what he did! Even that devious look on her face told it all – she was like Alisa! It was a second coming of Alisa all over again…

“…” Daiko’s brows had furrowed into a comical rage montage at her teasing, for he really tried his best to keep his composure, and yet here she was, drawing entertainment from his utter dismay. The nerve of hers fitted right in with Blue Pegasus, and he saw it more fit to just start the mission here and now than keep standing all awkward here. And Colin made it clear to the two Pegasi what the mission was – he needed extra Pages, so they would serve as substitutes for him to patrol the streets of H-

… Wasn’t that already Blue Pegasus’ duty? Their guild hall was located in this town! What was this dude on about? Silly Colin…

Daiko responded with a pair of thumbs up in the air: “Easy peasy.” Since he was still the senior in this pair, he would then take the lead and show Melina around the docks of Hargeon – wooden platforms holding both people and small settlements for fishers and resting places, restaurants and gambling arenas. It was an exotic mess of magic and wonders here in Hargeon.

“How do you like Hargeon, so far? Pretty warm town to live in, and there’s always a ripe time to have a blast with friends over the waters… unless if you’re a pirate,” Daiko would ask the spider lady, not paying that much attention to one of the gambling tables including what would appear to be illegal substances packed tightly in a plastic bag as if it couldn’t have been made more obvious. One of the players on that table also would’ve given Colin a run for his money.

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#4Melina Ainsworth 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Melina] Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 3:14 pm

Melina Ainsworth
Daiko’s silence told Melina all she needed to know. It was either due to him being insulted, shocked or enamoured with her appearance but the Drider could easily tell that she had struck a nerve. That was a little tidbit she’d keep to herself for now. Call her a total sociopath if you will but it was simply in the Drider’s nature to keep track of such things. It was always fun to tease people, especially when they were your senior. Alas, teasing would have to wait. It was mission time after all.

A simple mission it seemed as well. Patrol the streets and keep your eyes open for trouble makers. A simple task indeed, especially for Melina. With eight eyes she had a wider range of vision than the normies around her. Served her well in a lot of things. She waved goodbye to the Rune Knight, flashing him a gentle smile, as Collin darted off on whatever business he had been summoned away to. Didn't even say goodbye either but that was genuinely fine. Why? Simple really, Collin must have been busy as a Rune Knight after all.

So the duo walked off with, unsurprisingly, Daiko taking the lead. He was the senior of the two after all. It was equally of little surprise that he initiated conversation, asking what Melina thought of Hargeon, as if he didn’t realise she spent her entire life here. That was the same assumption that Alisa had made and as it had been back then, the Drider found it equally amusing now.

So far? Dearest Daiko, I have spent my entire life living in Hargeon but yes, it is warm. Outside of winter anyway. My home is rather close to the shoreline. The winter breeze off the ocean chills you to the bone I find.” Melina responded with a tone of relaxed neutrality, neither enthused by the conversation, if you ignored the subtle undertones of mirth that coloured her voice anyway, nor bored by it. Small talk was small talk after all.

Hmmm?~ Not a fan of pirates? Fufu~” She chuckled at that, her lips spreading wide in an amused smile. She took a mental note for Daiko to never hear about the stories of her mother’s youth.

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#5Daiko Flayme 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Melina] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2022 9:07 am

Daiko Flayme
So uh… vapor escaped Daiko’s mouth as he was struck aback by the correction that Melina made – the fact that she had spent her entire life in Hargeon, which he ought to have known given how many years he spent here himself… wait…

Where had she been, then?!

“Huuuuuuuuuuuh… but… but I…” he tried to make sense of things along the wooden path, “I’ve lived here for a long time, too… how come we first meet now? You don’t easily forget spider towers.” There had to be some sort of secret to her absence from Blue Pegasus all this time, otherwise things made no sense at all.

Coda decided to increase her vocabulary and perch on Melina’ shoulder for now, taking in the new experience of a perch view from this height. It absolutely amazed her, with sparkling glitters covering those avian pupils of hers as her birdy head spun in all directions. “How you like the view up there, Coda?” She was clearly having a good time looking above other people’s heads and even some roofs, so as always, Daiko left her to her own humors.

“… Hey, isn’t that the fire guy-“


The frequent, rapid thumping of feet slapping against the wooden bridge followed suit with a few, mumbled words of worry from the pair of men dealing with cards inside one of the booths. Rather out of nowhere, the reaction and all. “Wonder why he ran- wait-“ Daiko’s brain took a second to put the pieces together and figured that they had accidently stumbled upon something worthwhile to investigate as Rune Knights.

“I’ll try and catch him,” Daiko warned his teammate before running off himself, only to be surprised by the sudden fleeing of the second man who was playing cards with the previous one. Turning his head to see the other man run in the opposite direction, he gasped: “Melina! Don’t let him get away!”

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#6Melina Ainsworth 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Melina] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2022 7:24 pm

Melina Ainsworth
Hmmm?~ You’d like an answer to that question?~” Melina’s lips pulled back, her sharpened teeth exposed, and an expression that was a knowing smirk. There was something that she could say here, something rather mean and a little bit undeserved, but….no. The Drider decided to keep her thoughts on this matter to herself for the time being, a rather good idea perhaps given the fact she did have work to do.

Oh? Hello little one.” Melina reached a finger up to the small bird that had now rested upon her shoulder, attempting to gently caress their neck. The small avian did seem to be having a decent time up there. They very much had to be. Why else would they have, of their own accord, chosen to perch upon Melina;s shoulder and then chosen to remain there? Sadly, there was little time to really explore such a thing for…

Daiko had attracted attention. A pair of card playing gents, one of whom just seemed more than a little bit suspicious, who both immediately abandoned their game and decided to run off at the sight of Daiko. Strange…but not exactly illegal. Sure, it may have been suspicious but Melina had never been one to simply assume anything. Ah well, this was Daiko’s mission and that was why, before he had even asked, the Drider was gone.

Oddly, she was not chasing directly after a clean shaven man but instead climbing….up a wall? One that led upwards to a series of houses. Over their rooftops she climbed, keeping pace with the fleeing man not due to being faster but just because she had the shorter paths of a roof. Melina easily managed to get ahead of the fleeing man and, when or if her partner caught up, he would find an amusing sight before him: a truly gigantic web stretched across an alleyway, crafted from thick spiderwebs, and in the very centre of it was Melina…..and the man she had been chasing.

Oh hello there~ Nice of you to catch up~ I caught the guy~” She climbed down from the web and turned to face the man helplessly struggling to escape from the web, trapped like a fly he was.

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