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Night Shift [PQ]

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Night Shift [PQ] Empty Mon Nov 14, 2022 7:48 pm


She looked at her slip of information and then back up at the building. This place was hiring for security as it was an infamous pizza place where kids have parties. She was unsure of why it really needed security, but maybe it was a trap in disguise. She had a large jacket on with a black spaghetti-strap shirt under it. She walked into the building and looked around to see all the designs of the pizza place. She saw pictures of the animal electronics. She saw that each one had their own special looks, and it was a different animal. There was a bear, a duck, a fox, and even an alligator. There were a few more, but she had to hurry up and get into the office to prepare for work. She looked inside of the Security Office to see that it was decorated with some pictures. The computer.


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She started a stretch. Both hands went behind her head as she leaned her back into an arch to start popping her neck and back. She felt really tired and suddenly looked at the clock to see that it was already 1:00 o'clock. She had to stay here till 6:00 o'clock as she then started to look at the screen and press the button to switch the camera. Her eyes saw the different Animatronics. So far she has seen everything on the list and nothing was different. Her eyes started to droop as she was getting more tired as the time started to fly by. As she started to click through the cameras once more, she realized one of them were missing. She started to sit up straight and clicked faster to see if she could find where it was and suddenly she saw it and move towards her Or at least towards the office.


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She started a panic because she has never seen an animatronic move on its own. These were supposed to be shut off before the building closed down. Out of nowhere, the radio started to turn on or the phone with the voicemail. This phone was new and came from a country filled with tech. It started to explain that some people have reported the animatronics moving independently. Was this the place she saw in some of the papers in the Samhain area about how some people died in some pizza place? She hurried up and got out of her chair to get a flashlight to see a button with the name light on it. She started to press it to see what was going on and what exactly did it light up. Soon enough, they answered her question in the room in front of her that the mirror from their side was the light turned on.


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As the light turned on, she could see one of the animatronics stand there, gazing right at her. It seemed to be the duck. But she was a little airy about it as it then started to move towards the hallway. They weren't really going very slow, it was more of a normal speed. She saw a little button next to the doors on each side as she decided to press on it. Thankfully it closed the door as she saw it come down the hall and towards the door before it closed. She was wondering how long it would last before it decided to leave, but then when she looked at the camera, she saw another animatronic appear. Quickly, she went to the other door to also close that door as well. The thing she didn't notice is that it was killing electricity. And she still had two more hours to deal with this.


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Within each minute that she kept the door closed, the electricity percentage kept going down by 2%. She checked back at the cameras to see if they were still by the door. The left eye was clear as there was nobody there, so she went over there to press the button and open the door. True, and back to the camera to check on the right door, but the bear was still there. She saw that she had about 50% battery left within the facility. Finally, the bear left, and so she opened both doors. She decided to sit back down as she felt like she had a small amount of time to relax. For a few times she has seen the duck and the bear and even the alligator, who was even slower than the other two. Every time she checked the camera, she could see that the fox was still on their place. That was right next to some red curtains in a stage.


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Some time has already went by as she realized that the bear and the duck and even in the alligator have not even appeared anymore. She was confused but also found out relieving as she wanted to enjoy her last hour here with peace and quiet. Who knew what would happen if they got inside of the security room? They were obviously dangerous. She looked back at the cameras and saw that they were all in their place except for one. She saw that the Fox was missing, so she hurried up and switched through the cameras to see where they were. Quickly the fox started to run and jolt towards the door that was already opened. She hurried up towards the door and pressed the button so the fox didn't have time to come in. Thankfully, she got there in time as the Fox started to pound on the door. She then realized the electricity started to run out as it hit 0% and the doors started to open. Just in time the alarm for 6:00 o'clock went off and she was safe to go home.


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