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Deadliest Catch PT. 20 (Neutral)

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Deadliest Catch PT. 20 (Neutral) Empty Sun Nov 13, 2022 11:36 am


Yuurei and Renji were on their next quest. This would bring him back to Luluhawa Island. They were going to go and help the sailors capture a big catch today. It wasn’t going to be as big as what he caught earlier in the week. Still, he figured it would be worth it. He was getting jewels out of it, so that was good. The two of them were walking through the sand as they were heading to the port where the ships were being kept.

“We should move over here. Like, bring the entire guild and the North here.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would laugh when he heard this because he wouldn’t do that.

“Nope, the North is fully protected, and it's hard for those to come to invade us. Those that slip by are strong and enough to grab my and the guild’s attention.” He said to his friend as they kept moving.



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Renji would hear this and he would think about what Yuurei said. That was true, and he didn’t mean it. He enjoyed the cold weather more than this, but the light mage always found himself here, so he figured he wanted to be here.

The two of them would continue walking through the sand but soon would see the port that they were heading to. They would no longer be stepping on the sand as they would be met with a lot of people around here. The two of them would wave at them as the men knew them well. The berserker was moving around as he was looking for a specific ship that he was docked on here.

He would move through the area, looking at the ships, but none of them was the one he was looking for. He knew it was around here, so he kept looking. Renji was also looking and making sure that they didn’t miss it either.



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Yuurei would keep looking for the ship, that they were going to board, and they would find it. They would look up at the ship and they would have a smile on their face.

“Is there anybody on the ship?!” He asked out loud waiting for an answer.

It would be quiet for a few seconds, but then someone would appear at the edge of the ship. They had a smile on their face as they were happy to see people.

“I’m assuming you guys came here because of the job board?!” He asked Yuurei and Renji.

They would look at each other and smile as they looked at the guy talking to them.

“Yes, that is exactly why we’re here!” He would show him the paper.

The man figured as he was glad that someone would answer the request.

“Good to know, you guys can come on board! We’re about to set sail soon!” He said to Yuurei as he would move away from the edge.



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Yuurei and Renji heard this, and they would make their way to the deck of the ship. Once they got on board, they would see that the man they spoke to was ordering people to get things ready. The Nephilim would make his way to their client, and he would stretch his arms into the air. The two of them would look at each other, and he knew who this man was.

“I’m glad the famous Yuurei could join us today. I guess this should be easy for you, which is good. You will get paid once we come back to the ports.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim was fine with that as he would look at him with a smirk on his face.

“Alright I will be at the edge of the ship. I got to make sure we don’t get caught off guard.” He said to the man.



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The man would nod as if he was fine with that. Yuurei and Renji would make their way to the edge of the ship, and they would lean against it. The captain would continue with his orders and soon enough the anchors would be pulled, and the ship would move from the docks. They were moving and sailing away from the ports they were hanging out in. The ship would move quickly, and the Nephilim would keep looking. He had to make sure that nothing would pass him.

Renji would do the same thing as he was trying to figure out what kind of mystery the sea would have for them. It was different every time, but eventually, they found out it didn’t change from everything that they had experienced throughout the sea. It had become a norm with everything they had seen, and they couldn’t wait to see what would happen today.



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Yuurei and Renji would continue looking around the sea as they were sailing. They would see that nothing was out of the ordinary, which was a good thing. They had a smile on their face as it would seem like things would go well today. They kept watching though as the ship and the men working would navigate through the place. It was a nice smooth cruise through the vast sea. He wondered when the damn sea creature was going to show up. He figured that it would show up any time soon. His eyes focused and he had his friend helping him out.

This wasn’t going to be long, and he knew that they would find the creature they were hunting soon enough.

“So, what do you think is going to happen today?” He asked Yuurei.

“I think rain is going to fall down on us when we find the monster, but who knows.” He conversed with his friend.



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Yuurei would say this and soon after he would see a huge silhouette in the sea. His eyes would blink a bit as he was surprised by how big this thing was. He would jump off the ship and the people on board thought he was crazy for doing this. It was then that they would be in awe when they saw him come back with wings on their back. He would move through the air as he had transformed. His eyes look down at the monster. He wasn’t sure how it looked, but he knew he was going to find out. He would move around to see if he could get a look at it. That was when something lunged out of the water and in Yuurei’s direction.

He would dodge the attack, but he was surprised to see what it was. It was an eel-like creature, but it was massive. The electricity that came out of it, brought Yuurei to chuckle.



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Yuurei would see the creature falling back into the water, but what he didn’t expect was for what happened next. The slam of the creature would cause a rouge wave to make its move to the ship. It was huge and it would tilt the ship to the side, which would bring people to fall overboard. This wasn’t good and he would shake his head. He didn’t expect this to happen again, but here he was. Still, he had a solution to this, which was fine.

“Go save those that fell into the water. Make sure everyone is out of the water and then you can come back to me.” He said to his cape.

It understood Yuurei and it would leave its master to rescue the people. Yuurei would look at the monster as it was submerged in the water right now.

He would crack his neck as he knew this was going to be interesting.



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Yuurei would look at Renji from where he was. The Exceed was watching Yuurei this entire time and it would seem like he wanted him to give him his items. This was something that he could do without a problem. He would open his bag, and all the items that were in it would come out and would appear on Yuurei. He would have a smirk on his face as he would lower himself closer to the sea. He was waiting for the monster to lunge at him once again. It seemed like it was looking for something, and he wasn’t sure what it was. He would make himself closer to the sea than he was before and that was when the monster struck at him.

He would see this and he would grab its mouth as it tried to take a bite out of him. Yuurei would hold onto him when he saw this, and it would shock Yuurei soon after.


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Yuurei would feel the electricity going through his armor, and he would shake a bit from the pain he felt. This was interesting and he would have a smile on his face. This was a tough monster, and he would throw it to the side and away from the ship. He didn’t want it near the ship and tried to attack the people that were being rescued by the cape. He would look at it submerging itself into the water once again as it would moving around. The cape had done its job and the people were back on the ship again. it would make its way to Yuurei and it would place itself on his neck. He would crack his neck because it was time to take out the sea monster now.

He would move around the water and soon enough the eel would show itself to Yuurei. It would try to attack him, but he would dodge right on time, and he would punch it with all his might. He would land a hit on the monster. It would fall to the ground as it would shake and electrical charges would be let out as it was dying.



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Yuurei would watch the monster and it would soon calm down in its death. The electrical surges that were moving through the water would stop. He would shake his head as he didn’t want to imagine what would happen if those men were still in the water. He would move to the sea monster, and he would pick it up. He would drag it to the ship, and he would put it down as he landed on the deck of the ship. He would disperse his transformation as he had a smile on his face. He took his helmet off and the men would secure the monster.

Once they had done that, they would turn the ship around and it would sail back to Luluhawa island once again. it wouldn’t take long for them to arrive at their destination and when they did the man would look at Yuurei. He was happy he was able to do this, and he would hand him the jewels that he deserved. Once Yuurei got it he would smile at him, and he would leave the ship to enjoy his day.

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