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Akuko's Sheet

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Akuko's Sheet Empty Thu Nov 10, 2022 8:15 pm


Name: Akuko Hisako
Age: 15 April x759
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Joyan
Class: SpellHowler
Race: Daemon
Guild: Utopian Demise
Tattoo: Palm of her left hand, light pink
Relationship: Ragnar

Guild & Race Benefits;
  • 10% jewels from completing Bad and Neutral quests.
  • 30% jewels from completing quests.
  • 20% word count reduction on completing Bad and Neutral quests.
  • 30% additional experience when completing Quests
  • Users with a bounty instead have the effects of their reputation reduced by three tiers

Akuko's Sheet Heres11


Weapon: -
Head: -
Armor: -
Necklace: Moneybag's Necklace
Ring: Ring of MuuRelic: -
Relic: Lazy Coin


20% WCR
40% Jewels Boost

Total boosts: 40% WCR,30% EXP Boost, 80% Jewels


Elements: Darkness

Description: As the name of the magic entails, Akuko walks within and through the shadows of people, objects and buildings and beings. Being able to reach through them and uses them to extend her reach of places, objects and travel. Leaving her stuck in a person or object shadow when using magic, This magic renders her invisible while in a shadow unable to be felt unless touching the shadow she is hiding in. Can be seen in any reflecting surfaces or mirrors, If user of this magic attempt to reach anything outside of the shadow that is not the person themselves the parts that touch light are revealed and able to be touched,seen and act to interact with everything around it leaving it able to brush against walls, people or objects thought it.

Walking between shadows returns the user back to normal completely with distance between them. If any parts of the user of this magic are seen and touched, they can be removed from the shadow. During evening and night times, an outline of the person is seen if the magic is used rather than not seen at all while attempting to hide in a shadow during night time. This magic has no Healing capabilities thus users can not make healing spells,This magic has no defensive capabilities either making user unable to make defensive spells. Sources of light that are consider high levels will reveal whatever parts of her is touched.

Akuko's Sheet Heres11



Akuko's Sheet Heres11

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