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Six Liters Under [Kaiser]

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Six Liters Under [Kaiser] Empty Thu Nov 10, 2022 5:48 am

Maël sighed in a ridiculously over-the-top sad fashion, burying himself in the cup he had just received. A little bit confused, the proprietor of the fine establishment took his best guess as to the root cause of the pitiful sound. "Heart broken?" The elderly man inquired, most likely having seen thousands of scenes just like this one. "No, no. Not really..." Maël responded once he had finished his sip, the aftertaste of the rather strong Boscosi ale still lingering in his mouth. "Have you ever had a hypothesis - one you were so certain to be true - only to find you were mistaken about everything? That all your plans were doomed to fail?" He asked, glancing over towards the owner of the bar. The old man cocked his eyebrow at both Maël's more academic choice of words and his Minstrel accent. "So...it's not a woman, but a failed science experiment?" It was a stab in the dark to be sure, but arguable the most normal interpretation to Maël's words.

Maël let out a second sigh, this time much more aggravated in tone. "No, of course it was about a woman! It's jus- you know what..." Realizing that he was about to lose his cool (a rare occurrence) Maël stopped his sentence in its tracks. "Never mind. Thank you for the drink." Deciding to just leave it at that, the owner slowly walked away from Maël, trying not to think too hard about his earlier choice of words Maël embraced the inside of his cup once again, thinking back to just half an hour earlier. He was so certain that he had her all figured out... was he wrong about people? Was he not as charming as he thought he was? Maybe he was horrible at reading women? A cultural thing, perhaps? Questions, all of which with no definitive answers, rushed through his mind. His pride had been a little bit broken tonight - he wasn't even upset about not visiting that woman's bed - he was upset about the fact he was wrong to think that's what she wanted. Slamming his cup down on the hard wood in front of him, Maël rested his face into his arms. "I'm a failure as a scientist." He openly exclaimed, not even caring if others around his heard his words - this was a Boscosi bar anyways, half of them probably didn't even speak Fiorian.

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