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Zombie Shooter [Me, Myself and I]

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Zombie Shooter [Me, Myself and I] Empty Sun Nov 06, 2022 12:53 pm


"So where to next?", Ayako looked at Mishiko with a tough guy look. He side-glanced her and roughed up his own hair to get rid of some of the water. He looked a little handsome like that, but she just coldly looked forward to point towards the large sign. "There's a game over there that seems interesting," she approached the portal and looked at the sign. Akio and Ayako also looked. "Zombie Shooter?", he chuckled. "I'll protect you," he claimed as he approached the portal with her. After they were all there they decided to go inside to witness the area.

Buildings were on fire, cars crashed everywhere as the mana cars and bikes existed in this game. Out of no where there were guns that formed into their hand. Each had a hand gun with a few bullets. Mishiko has never used a gun before, but supposedly now was a good time to try them out.


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She saw npcs of the game being chased by zombies, some killed horribly and the others died quickly. "We better get started then," Akio insisted. Mishiko nodded and walked towards the nearest open building, but then saw Zombies crawl from under the pile of cars. It groaned while reaching out for her leg, but Ayako instantly shot their head. She looked over to see him angry as if this was real. "Ayako...?", she spoke softly in a confused manner. She slowly reached out to him, but looked right at her at that moment. "It's just a game, it's okay..." she was confused as to why he was acting this way.

Her eyes turned over to Akio who seemed to know something she did not. Did it have to do with the conversation from earlier? She sighed and walked on ahead, leaving them behind. She glared the way of the alley with no emotion. "I guess I'll have to go without," she muttered.


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She held onto the gun while moving into the alley. She left the two behind as they were arguing. She felt like that will attract more Zombies so it was safer to get away from them than try to make them quiet. Meanwhile, Akio and Ayako were indeed arguing. "You're going to make it obvious that you regained your memories of your God life," Akio looked the way Mishiko went. "We still don't know how she came back alive as the photos of the body looked real enough. Our Quilla died," he then turned towards the Alley and followed where she went. "You may stay if you like," he offered before going into the dark.

Ayako stood there with the gun still steady in his hand before following up. He couldn't stop thinking about the fact that Quilla was dead and now in front of him was someone who looked like his lover before he died. The one he has been looking for.


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Mishiko was ahead of them as she went inside the first large building. She looked around to see the building was a police station. It wasn't like any police station she has ever seen. Rune Knight's building was a little different. She heard the outside raining hard as the sound of clinking metal was heard. It wasn't the dragging sound as if someone was holding a large weapon.

She instantly turned towards the door as she heard the doors being slammed open and then shut to see Akio and Ayako. Ayako put his hand through his own hair and smiled with relief, "There you are. Wondered if we lost you or...", he frowned at the thought. They instantly approached her and hugged her without much word. Her heart felt strange and shivered. They didn't have long as groans of the undead could be heard behind them. "They're in here too?!", Ayako groaned with before shooting towards their skulls.


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Mishiko felt tired, but she had to help too. Quickly, the woman hid behind the desk to peek and shoot those she had good vision on. The desk was to balance her arms while pointing and shooting. The three worked together well as the horde was slowing wobbling towards them. After a few minutes, it stopped and behind them the door slammed open once more. "Now what..." she muttered and turned to see a giant creature. Their face was oddly shaped, his body looked like it was experimented on. She hurried to get up as the others ran upstairs with her. "STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRS", it yelled as it charged towards them. Anything within its reach was destroyed.

They went to the right and ran into the halls. They got into the office with stuffed animals that were real once till they weren't. Next had a new set of stairs as they went down. suddenly as soon as she turned to look how close it was, the portal pulled them into their reality.


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