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Who would lead[private]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Who would lead[private] Empty Sat Nov 05, 2022 3:32 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He return to the Cliffside where he met with The Winds of the world again.  It was at this place, that he got the answers to the past and now he would see even more clearly.  There could be no mistaking the images shown to him because they were history told by The Whispers In The Wind

he called upon his companion once again merge with the Wind.  Ventos' body dissipated in the air and formed a story that spoke to the wind mage.  Kazimir called out to the history of the world asking it About the man who would have protected it.

He saw the image of a man standing before I ship.  I was a weapon made for Dangerous intent.  It was the same man he saw live and escape from the vision before. the man that was given the final task of protecting the land. And that is what he did.  Gave his life to protect people from invasion. Kaz could see clearly now.  The path that history took.  He saw the story of a final order of a man put in charge who didn't live long enough to see his true duties through.  So who is it that they had now? The wind vanished, leaving the mage alone once more with his companion. He stood up, for the first time beginning to see the world closer to its true fate. He couldn't share it with anyone. But he knew. And he would be watching. For now...this was good enough.

"So how do you fit into things then? But at least that answers one question. if ti could happen once though...it could happen again." he packed up once more and left the small contemplative shack he made for himself.

Actions: Use of Whispers in the Wind. The Sun

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