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Deadliest Catch PT. 19 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were out on Luluhawa Island, and the reason behind this was simple. They were going to go for a huge catch today. This catch would be bigger than their usual things. It was fine and he was looking forward to it. He had found a job request on the board on the island. It would seem like the guys there, were planning on catching one of the biggest sea monsters that were around the island. He was fine with this, and he was going to help them. He just needed to get there all.

He was with Renji who was walking by his side and the two of them would walk through the sand to get to their destination They would enjoy the sun beaming down on them as this island seemed to have not gotten that colder than the other places within Fiore.

That was good because when he came here he knew what to wear without a problem.



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“How does it feel to be somewhat like a god, Yuu?” Renji asked him waiting for an answer.

Yuurei kept moving and he wondered what his friend meant when he said that.

“What do you mean by that Renji? I’m just me and nothing else.” He said to Renji as he kept moving to the pier.

Renji would laugh when he heard that and he would rub the back of his head.

“Yes, you’re you, but that doesn’t mean people don’t fear you. You are someone, that if you turned evil, the world around you would tremble.” He said to his friend.

“Well, then thank god that won’t happen.” He said to Renji.

Renji would shake his head as he would always be by Yuurei’s side no matter what path he took. The two of them would make it to the pier and they would start walking around the area as they were looking for the ship that they were going to get on.



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While they were doing that, they would see people waving at them, and he would do the same thing as he had a smile on his face. They were looking around the place as there were many different ships of all sizes there. His eyes never falter as he was looking for the one that he had to get on. They were looking for a teal ship that was docked around here. He would continue to look around for it because he couldn’t find it. Still, he figured that if a crew was trying to do something this big, then they would be away from everyone. It brought him to move to the edge of the port.

He figured that he would find them there as he would make his way there. He would continue his greetings as he kept moving around. He didn’t want to be rude to anybody here.



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It wouldn’t take long though, but he would find the ship that they were looking for. It would be exactly where he knew it would b, but from his experience in the past, it made sense for it to be there. He would look at the beauty that was in front of him. He was in an auction for a ship and he didn’t get it. Instead, he had been gifted with a bike. He enjoyed that too, but he had always wanted a ship. The Nephilim would look up to the top of the ship and he would ready himself.

“Is anybody on board?! We’re here for the job you placed on the boards!” He shouted, hoping someone would hear him.

It wouldn’t take long, but someone would approach the edge of the ship. They would look to see Yuurei and Renji standing there.

“You sure? You don’t seem so tough to help us.” He said to Yuurei as he couldn’t get a good view of him.



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Yuurei would laugh a bit as he would look at the man.

“I’m pretty sure I’m enough for this job. If you let me on board and get a clear view of who I am, you will understand.” He said to the man.

The man heard Yuurei and would scratch his head and figured he would give the boy a shot.

“Alright get on board, and I’ll check you.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would hear this and he would chuckle as he would climb on board the ship. When he got to the deck he would see people working on the mast and checking to see if the sails were fine. He would look at the captain and he would approach him.

He assumed this was the guy due to how he spoke to him earlier.

“My name is Yuurei Starlight. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” He said to the man as he was waiting for a response.



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The man would look at him and he would take a step back as he was looking at him. When he got a good look at him, he could tell that he wasn’t lying about who he was. This was the guy that the entire world knew about. If you didn’t know who he was, then you were living under a rock.

“Ah, you’re him. I couldn’t see clearly from where I was. I’m glad you’re here that means we should be fine with our latest catch. We plan on catching one of the biggest Loch Ness monsters that roam the sea. We heard it’s tough as they could be, so please be ready for anything.” he said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would hear this and he would have a smile on his face. He was fine with the challenge, and he would crack his neck as he was excited to hear that they were going after something tough.



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The captain would see this, and he knew that Yuurei was excited, and he figured he would get everything going. He would look at everyone on his ship and he would have a smirk on his face.

“Alright everybody let's set sail! We are going to capture the next big thing! We going to have the strongest man in the world help us do it!” He shouted.

Everybody would hear their captain and they would shout as they were excited about what he had said. They would pull the anchor up and they would let go of the sails. The ship would start moving away from the port and they were finally at sea.

Yuurei would see this, and he would walk to the edge of the ship as he would lean against the rail. Renji would join him, and they would look to see if they could find anything before the crew could.



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While they were traveling through the water, something happened. Rain would start pouring down on the ship. It was nice weather, but the drops were cold as could be. It was coming down hard, and the crew was working around the clock to make sure that the ship didn’t mess up in any particular way. Yuurei would just stay where he was and Renji would lower himself as he would take cover by being under and in front of Yuurei.

The Nephilim would look around as he couldn’t believe that this would happen so suddenly. Still, this was something to expect and it didn’t stop him from what he was going to do. He would continue to be on the lookout as it made it harder for everybody to scout. He would continue to do this without a problem though as he wasn’t going to allow the sea monster to land a surprise attack on them.



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Yuurei would soon see a flashing light from the distance. It was lightning and it would reveal the shadow of something not too far from them. He would look back at everybody and he would worry for them.

“Move to the left, it’s here!” He shouted as he would jump onto the rails.

He would sprout his wings and he would take a deep breath before he flew off the ship. He would go straight to where he had seen the shadow. When he got close to it, the loch ness monster would lunge out of the water as it had felt threatened by Yuurei’s presence.

The Nephilim would see it coming straight to him and he would smirk as he wanted everyone to see the creature, so they knew to avoid it. Renji knew what he had to do, and he would open his bag as his friend was going into battle right now.



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Yuurei would find himself fully equipped as he would dodge the attack of the beast. The people on the ship would all be surprised by what they saw, but then they felt their ship moving to the side. They had to focus on making sure their ship didn’t capsize. They would move around the area as they made wide turns. They didn’t know how big this creature was, but it was now out in the open. This was good and they would watch the battle with the person they hired to handle this. Yuurei would look at the creature as it would swim around and he could see that it was looking at Yuurei.

It was then a beam of water would come out and straight for him. He would dodge the attack as he could sense how dangerous that was, and he would shake his head as he wasn’t expecting it to do that.



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Yuurei would impress, but now he knew what to expect. The Loch ness monster would shoot out more beams of water straight to Yuurei. He would start dodging the attacks from the monster, and for those that got too close, he would punch them and dispel the spells without a problem. Those that were watching the fight were in awe of what was happening. They didn’t think there was anybody in this world that could fight like that, but they were watching it now.

The Nephilim was planning on one-shotting it or at least seeing if it could handle his punch. He would move around the air as he was trying to get close to the beast that kept shooting beams of water at him. When he got close to the monster, he would notice that a tail would come his way. It was moving fast and from his side. He would turn his body and he would punch the tail with everything he had.



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Yuurei would see that the tail was cladded with some type of armor, but it wasn’t enough to take the creature out. He would look at the monster and it would look at Yuurei. It would shoot more beams of water at the Nephilim, but he would continue to dodge the attacks as he would get close to it again. He found it interesting that it didn’t run away from him, which he found it interesting. He would make his way to the Loch Ness monster and he would swing at it with his left arm. He would hit the creature and the monster would roar from the pain and a beam would appear from where it had been hit.

The berserker would see this and he would be shot by the attack it would send him flying. He would stop himself from falling into the water as he would look at the creature with a smirk on his face.



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“You are worthy of me going all out.” He said to the monster.

He would grow a second pair of wings when he said this and he would look at the creature as he was getting ready to do what he must. The monster would see this and it would shoot a bunch of beams of water at Yuurei. It didn’t run, but he could see that it was nervous to fight him. That was fine and he would show it why. He would move around the air dodging the attacks and hitting the spells that got too close to him. It wouldn’t take long, but he would end up swinging his right arm when he got close enough.

His arm would stretch straight to the Loch Ness Monster’s chest and a wave would come out from its back. It would roar one last time before it would hit the water from the blow.



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Yuurei would look at the monster and it would close its eyes for a second and nod. He was a strong creature, and he wouldn’t forget about it that easily. He would move to it, and he would pick it up as he was flying to the ship. When he got close to the ship, Yuurei would put the loch ness monster on the water next to the ship. The crew would see this, and they knew what they had to do. They would get the nets and they would cover their catch. Once they did that, they would secure it on the side of the ship.

The Nephilim would and on the deck of the ship and would disperse his transformation. Once he had done that, he would see that they were ready to get back to the ports. He would lean on the rail of the ship, and he would wait for that to happen. When they were coming close the rain would stop and the sky would clear up. It would seem like everything went well. When they got to the ports, Yuurei would get paid and he would be on his way.

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